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Rick & Joys trip around the Australian Block

Welcome to Rick & Joy's Travel Page. Here is where we will be keeping a record of our travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for us. If we have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people we will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Left Dubbo on Monday and spent the night on roadside stop just out of West Wyalong. Today we traveled to Hay roads just like being in the back of outback Queensland a real roller coaster. From here we are heading to Pinaroo to check out the work situation.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Location: Australia

Catch up time again. From Charleville we travelled to Morven where we stayed couple nights at rec centre (free power and hot showers) rain came down in buckets had about 3inchs outside van door so we waited it out. Fronm Morven went to Michell where we caught up with Owen and Betty (from cherries) which was really nice. Went to hot artisian pools but bit of rip of at $11 for the two of us that is concession (over 50 card really comes in handy). From Michell we headed to Roma then onto Wallumbilla another nice free camp with power and Water caught up with all the washing was nice stay except for the axeman who was a bit of nut disconecting our water taps while we where in Roma shopping.
From there travelled to Miles then down to Goondiwindi to free stop just outside.
Next day headed south to Moree and caravan park for couple of nights to soak in hot pools really nice place stayed there last time we where through there. Caught up on chineese fix really nice but bit expensive.
from Moree Crossed border lost an hour (daylight saving) and onto Gunnedah to catch up with Joan (From Mackay) was great to see her again miss her company. Went to pub for lunch $5 smoked samon patties and vegs for me and chicken for rick really nice and cheap.
stayed at the show grounds which was good as only the two vans in whole place so dogs had good run.
Left this morning and arrived in Dubbo lunch time nice place beside the river will stay couple of nights have had a bit of thunder but only spot of rain so far.
Monday will split from Trish and Carl (has been great company) they of to Gosford and we heading to Pinnaroo just over the south australian border then most likely into Melbourne in time for cherries (but things could change)

Friday, 15 October 2010

Well finally back on line after much to do with telstra first usb was getting over heated took all this time for them to finally get a replacement to me was surpose to be at Emerald last tuesday week but was not rang them again had to cancel the order and redo to send to Longreach lucky they had a week to get it there was waiting when we arrived.
Any way what has happened since we left Mackay due to the heavy rain washing out the cane for weeks could not afford to just sit around as they where putting up the rent by $40 a week.
We headed of with Carl and Trish to Bedford Weir just out of Blackwater for 4 nights much needed rest then onto Saphire for couple of nights had a bit of luck with getting gems will be sending them to Thailand to get cut as much cheaper than here.
From Saphire we headed west to Barcaldine where we stayed at the Lloyd Jones weir where the locals where catching yellow belly just using a hand net would of stayed longer but the weather was looking bad so headed of to Longreach where we stayed at the Apex free camp by the river was really nice until the storm hit and water was lying everywhere. Visited the stockmans hall of fame bit disapointed not much on the stockman themselves and the lightening was not good made reading the info to hard. Drove down to the pub for lunch which was really nice for $10 special came out and car would not start. After getting it towed 4hrs latter the boys got it going did not no what they had done. Next morning drove to postoffice and it stopped again. Ended up Rick had two car keys on same ring and they where shorting themselves out. Touch would is going ok now.
From Longreach could not go to Isisford as the road was blocked to Blackwater by flooding so we spent our first night in caravan park in Infracombe where we lay in the hot artisian pool. Rick and I went back in morning before we left. from there headed back to Barcaldine then down to Blackall was very boggy so kept going after look around to small town called Tambo where we stayed at the council paddock down by river was boggy really nice quite night with horses coming to door of course Lilly won'ted to play with them. From there we Drove to Charleville then onto Morven where we are sitting out the rain at the rec centre with power and water hot showers all for a donation could think of worse places to be.
Well waiting for morning tea Trish is a good cook and making honey roll yum don't no how boys will get on without there apple turnovers thing they are trying to find the best in australia. We must go for now just heard from Betty ond Owen and we may be able to catch up with them over weekend or early next week for day which will be good.

Friday, 08 October 2010

Location: Barcaldine

Just a quick note to let you all no we are on the road again but having trouble with internet and telstra.
Left Mackay last Friday and spent 4 nights at Bedford Weir just out of Blackwater roads over dam where closed due to all the rain that they had but could see the river going down each day.
Travelling with Carl and Trish at the moment boys caught fish at dam so where happy. Left there for Emerald where I was surpose to pick up my new usb internet stick but had not even been sent did Telstra get a blast you bet. Hopefully it will be in Longreach when we get there in few days.
After Emerald spend couple of nights in Saphire got a couple of nice stones each so was pleased. Lilly got a bit sick there think she eat some cow poo as we where camping out bt seems to be fine now.
Called into Jerico to camp but there where to many sandflies they could carry you away so ended up here in Balcaldine on the banks of the river lovely spot.
Trying to find vet to get Lilly's stitchs out but will have to wait until Longreach she won't hold still long enough for me to get at them
Well as i have borrowed computer had better sign of for now and hopefully can load new photos next week

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Still raining in Mackay mossies and sandflies really bad will be glad to be leaving next week.
Went to the mackay homeshow yesterday got really wet getting from car not bad brought couple of things for van. Picked up a ecopot so will be able to get replace a few of my now unrequired items lightening the load.
Lilly has her operation in the morning so hopefully she will be ok was hoping to take her to beach today to have her last rain but it will need to clear up.
Hopefully next time I update we will be on road

Monday, 20 September 2010

The wet season has hit continuous rain since 11pm last night have had over 200m of rain. Cane will be of for awhile will have to see how long as if it is going to be to long we will move on as rent is going up at caravan park by $40 a week.
Looking forward to hitting the road again get to use to having shops handy so spend to much money.
Sand flies and mossies are out and will only get worse with this weather. Lots of flooding around.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Location: Mackay

Still here rain has not hit us here only need about 100ml to finish the season then we will be on the move again. Rain has been above us and below us we seem to be missing it all. Has been getting hotter by the day air con is doing a good job but wish it would cool down at night.
Snakes are hanging around park up till now I have not seen them but Julie next door has had them hanging around her van. Hopefully when we leave Lilly outside they don't come as she would won't to play with them.
Lilly had another hair cut yesterday so is starting to look more like poodle all the time. She has real long legs and is very fast heat was getting to her with all the fur.
Happy hours are still going well group getting bigger all the time.
Last night had fresh prawns of the boat for tea big ones with salad was really nice Rick had steak as he cannot eat them so more for me.
Really enjoying talking to everyone that has contacted me on Skype great way to keep in touch and is really nice to see the kids up to there tricks. So any others out there get on Skype and give us a call

Wednesday, 08 September 2010

Nice day today had a bit of drizzle yesterday but did not stop the work. Derailment on Monday so Rick had a early pass but had to work today to catch up so only one day of this week.
Have got onto skype so if anyone is out there call me.
Insects have been biting will have to get something to stop the itch as driving me crazy.
Not much else happening at the moment have got my new computer so just getting use to different software and transfering files over from old computer. Rick is going to use it for internet saves using mine will see how it goes.

Monday, 06 September 2010

Finally got awning and window fixed total of 3 weeks lucky no rain.
Had skin cancer removed from back of leg couple weeks ago just hoping that it will clear up better than it looks at the moment.
Looking for new computer as this one is on the go slow think I have used up all the memory. Won't to get one with web cam so I can put skype on. If anyone has any ideas let me no. At the moment I am heading towards Asus notebook K52f has 500GB Hard Drive.
Lilly is doing fine is starting to behave herself but loves to spend her time tormenting poor Jessie they will miss each other when we move on.
Cane is still being cut looks like we will be here until end of October will have to move on then as we won't to take time to get to Melbourne Zealand
Happy hours are going strong start 4pm to 6pm all welcome started with only 4 most nights now have much larger group depends on new intakes at park.

Friday, 27 August 2010

The awning situation is not getting any better. They finally came out yesterday to put it up and guess what it did not fit they had ordered the wrong one was not impressed as was due to rain. They have had to reorder and will now be next wednesday before it gets done. I will believe it when it happens. Poor Lilly had to go out in the rain to loo.
Rick started work late today as was raining last night we had just got to the shop when the contractor rang to say starting in hour well it takes us 30min to get back so he could get ready so no shopping.
Had skin cancer cut out of leg on Wednesday and it is extreamly sore right on my calf had been putting it off. Get stitches out next week on Friday.
We are all fine and well enjoying the beach Lilly loves to go play in sand chasing Jessie they are so funny to watch.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Exciting day for Rick yesterday when he was attacked by a Taipan Snake. He had just put his bag down by the truck in the dark when he saw it raise its head to strick he thinks it hit his bag. The snake tried again but he managed to get out of his way. You no what happened to that Snake. Poor bugger was thinking about what would of happened as there was no one else around. He said he has seen lots of snakes over the last few days I guess with the heat they are coming out.
Well still waiting for awning was surpose to be monday then tuesday this morning it was surpose to have arrived then he rang at lunch time to say it was here and he would be out this afternoon well it is now 3.30 and still not here so am not holding my breath as will be happy hour soon.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Location: Mackay

Still waiting for awning really feeling the heat lucky for air conditioning.
Everyone is well Lilly causing havoc with all the dogs in park she is the boss.
Lilly loves the beach she goes with her 2 friends Jessie and Buttons the other day they chased her instead of her jumping all over them was really warn out by time they finished.
We spent yeaterday building her a large playpen just had to get some mesh to cover under the caravan she loves it has also got the hang of getting into caravan.
Snakes are waking up one was on the caravan next door you guessed it I was in the middle of the road surpose to be a tree snake but I did not care. Hopefully will keep away from us as we don't have anything lying around outside.
Rick is still driving has gone in this morning for a few hours surpose to be his day of but boss ordered bins without asking most important people if they could work the drivers. Looks like they will be working 7 on 1 off now to catch up from bad weather.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Location: Mackay

Well still waiting for info regarding the storm damage to van it is very hot without awning. Have had a really lovely week Rick had of as paddocks where to wet but has gone back today.
Lilly had a run around the beach the other day chasing Jessie so had to have a big bath as you can see in the pictures. At least this tired her out. Yesterday was a big day for her getting her first haircut, micro chipped and injections slept all day but decided at 2am it was time for play (thats what she thought)
Trish and Carl arrived yesterday will be great catching up (met in Tassie) they are going to be here for the week.
Rang the insurance company about claim (I guess you have to keep ring to get anywhere) they are suppost to ring me back. Well they did ring me but am still no the wiser the girl at insurance had to pass it onto someone else to look at it so maybe tomorrow so another day out in the sun (oh so hard) will keep you posted.
Expecting Rick home soon them I guess it will be happy hour

Sunday, 08 August 2010

Location: Australia

Just a quick note to let you no I have uploaded a couple of photo pages for you to check out.
Rick has had the last two days of so have done some site seeing and today visited the troppo markets.
Lilly is doing well going having a sleep at moment after big long walk.
Her and jessie went to beach the other day really had fun. Lilly is a bit of a bossy boots.
Well season is half over looking forward to Carl and Trish (met on boat to Tassie) visiting us next week will make us won't to hit road again.

Saturday, 31 July 2010

Location: Buscasia, Australia

Had a lovely morning out at the harbour took Lilly and her friend Jessie for a walk at the marina.
It is heating up here have had the air con on at night and left it on while out today. Got back to van and the fog has come in over the ocean not sure what that is all about but all along the coast on drive back we could see it thought it was smoke.
Rick had short week this week as the paddocks where quite wet with the little rain we have had but should be back to normal this week.
Rick still thinks cane is a mugs game where they are havesting it is on the hill sides we though the paddocks where flat so he has been slidding around got stuck a couple of times but thankfully has been safe. Looks like the season is due to finish early October so will be looking forward to moving to cooler weather by then.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Location: Bucasia, Australia

Well back in sunny QLD. Enjoyed catching up with Perth friends while there and spending much loved time with the family.
News - While in Perth I picked up a puppy (Lilly) or as the kids call her Lilly diamond Princess sparkle. She is a toy poodle x shit zu and is now 3 months old. Forgot the sleepless nights but hopefully that will pass soon. She has settled well into caravan life and is the bully of the park.
Rick is still working hard with the cane harvest which will be another couple of months then we will head down south again for awhile.
Well not much news with me I am hopefully over the flu that I got while in Perth and am enjoying taking Lilly for walks. She loves the beach but not to keen on the burrs in the grass had to take her to the vet first day as got one just under her eye and I could not get it out now I keep her to the foot paths. It is very dry here birds are all breeding and opossums playing up at night.
Will post photos of Lilly once I can get her to keep still. She is asleep at the moment so little piece and I may be able to get to finish my book.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Location: Bucasia

Well we are still at Mackay Rick working hard me shopping. Have made some lovely friends in the park nice to have company.
Had a lovely visit from Helen and Vanessa last weekend took them driving around Mackay sites sway cane being cut and taken by train.
Had to pick up Rick from work last night in dark as they had a few drinks. He did not realise how far away they where lucky Joan came with me as was in the country on dark roads. Ended up missing the turn of to farm and travelling an extra 20k over the mountain towards Seaforth (so much for GPS) but eventually we got there.
Have had the afternoon out in Mackay with Joan shopping there are big bargins on at the moment.
Only another 3 sleeps till I am on my way back to Perth for holiday from Holiday (what again). Really looking forward to seeing everyone. Had my hair done yesterday so feel human nice to be pampered and did not even have to travel as the manager from caravan park is a hair dresser.
Well had better put on some tea as Rick will be hungrey when he gets home.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

How do you like your sugar? with or without snakes and cane toads. Now I no why I don't have sugar on my food.
These aimals get cut up with the cane I no that the cane is boiled but I guess a little bit of extra meat wont hurt you.
Rick had a good day yesterday 12 hours work and back up again at 4.30 this morning. He tipped over a train wagon with load, the cane was a bit compacted and came out to fast.
Day for me went fast until dark by the time I do the housework (ha ha) the washing and think about tea talk a lot Rick is getting home.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Location: Bucasia

Rick back to work today up at 4.30am so got to watch Aussie get crushed in world cup. Guess he will be very tied tonight.
Rick had his hair washed by a possum last night what a smell just coming back from shower as well.
Weather is fine although can be cold in morning and evening.
Went to the tropper markets yesterday with one of the ladies from park only brought a candle so did well.
Have lots of birds aroung here nesting so will post some photos of the latter.
Well not much on at the moment time does seem to pass quickly though looking forward to catching up with Helen and Vanessa when they get up here (kiwi girls from cherries) as well as everyone when I get back to Perth at end of month.

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From Lyndie
That is gross...and I was just about to have a nice coffee with SUGAR!!!
Response: told you it was not good for you
From Tel & Maz
Hi Guys,
been following your posts, good luck to you both keep on having the best time, looking back at the cherries we did have a good time.
We hope to move off in about three weeks, How are you finding work it seems a bit patchy ?

Take care

Maz & Tel

Response: We had not looked until now. Thinking of coming back as well for cherries. So hope to see you there. We caught up with Carl in Tasmania a few times he seeed to be enjoying his blueberry stint. Keep in touch
From Bet & owen
Hi you 2 sorry to hear job fell through hope something turns up soon, I have got a job back with woolworths, so will be staying put here for at least 12mths, house still on market,bus not sold yet but think we have decided what we want to buy when the time comes. take care mate catch up again soon . love Bet & Owen
Response: Thanks Rick is doing his UD drivers course as most jobs in cane harvest require it. Hopefully this will help.
From Donna & Gary
hi sorry we didn\'t get to catch up in Tassie, we are on the Yorke Peninsula SA at the moment having a great time catching crabs & squid. Which way around the block you guys heading?
Response: We are on our way up to Canberra then back into Queensland for the winter.
From Lyndie
You need to upload some new photos for the kids....
Response: OK will get some on soon
From David
Rick and Joy, Great to see you are still enjoying yourselves, so jealous it has to be better than delivering newspapers. Take care of yourselves and keep on truckin.
Response: Thanks David will catch up with you when we get back to Perth
From Fay
happy birthday sis!!!
From Roz & Glen
Hello there, we are tracking you only to find we were in Latrobe on Aust Day too. Sorry we didn''t catch up. We are now in Wynyard and will be heading down to Waratah in a day or two. The Camps 5 download is working a treat, thanks to you Joy. Cheers
Response: We are currently in Hobart will be heading down the Huon valley in a couple of days. Staying at the show grounds.
From Bet & Owen
Well hello there(hope this doesn't come through twice got kicked off net) gald to see travelling overseas didn't upset anyone & happy hour is keeping you busy.we are in grafton at the moment heading back to qld for a while, take care catch you again soon Bet & Owen
Response: Sorry to be so long in replying but have been in Wilderness of Tasmania no phone reception for couple of weeks but will update now we are in Hobart
From Donna & Gary
Sorry to hear about the troubles with your van hope all will be sorted for you soon. We arrived at Eildon caravan park today to spend a few days, we drove down from Echuca through Shepparton, Euroa, Yarck a really nice drive. We are also off to Tassie on the 25th Jan when are you guys going?
Response: We arrived in Tassie yesterday will be here for at least 3 months so give us a call when you get here
From Betty & Owen
hello there just wondering how you are going, and whats happening with van. we are in ballarat, did the great ocean rd and we are heading for tumut monday.catch you again soon safe traveling
Response: Check out up date message regarding van. Hope you enjoyed the great ocean road catch you again soon
From Donna & Gary
Hi Rick & Joy
Its been a while since we meet on the hockey field at Mt Isa, we must have crossed paths...we are in Bathurst at the moment and looks like you were in Dubbo not that long ago, love your photos weird to see some similar to ours re: Daly Waters, Townsville etc etc; we left Townsville and have been traveling down the coast some lovely quiet spots, meet our friends at Evans Head and traveled with them to Coffs Harbour, North Haven, Harrington just beautiful. We came across the Blue Mountains via Putty Rd to Lithgow. Don't know our next move yet. Where are you guys now?
Response: Hi Guys
We are now in Yea until mid January Working in the Cherry packing shed. If you get down this way give us a call. Glad you are having a wonderful time
From Fay
About time you had a job!! Poor old me working my butt off to earn an honest dollar. Real envious of you, will need to find a toy boy so I can do it!
Response: What is stopping you. This is a great life not much housework to do work is easy. Met a couple of kiwis yesterday started at shed for season so can travel a bit further
From Maureen & Bill
Wow, you certainly having a real adventure. Meanwhile where back here wishing we were there. Sorry you didn't get down this far it would have been great to catch up with you. We've been down to Wyong near Sydney for a week, our daughter just had another bub, her 6th, that makes 9 for us. It was great to see the new addition but it was good to leave as well, as you can imagine. Can't wait to hear your next instalment. Happy and safe travels
Response: Hi Maureen and Bill yes we are having fun. I don't seem to have your address. can you please send it to me and hopefully we will be able to catch up when we come back up next year.
From Lyndie
It got to 37 here yesterday!!!!
Response: We have that most days enjoy while you can
From Mike
hey finally got to the website, wow u have done some miles.
i thought u would still be up the top end?
Check out Atherton tablelands south of Cairns its beautiful, heaps of fresh water falls lakes
yep still workin down here in the shitty weather lol
Response: Glad you made it. Yes we have done some travelling but it has been all good. Looking forward to a lot more. Here from you again soon
From Maureen & Bill
Great to hear about your adventures again. We've been home for a week now and we'd love to be on the road again. We both got sick in Bundaberg while staying with our daughter, ended up with bronchitis and we're still suffering. We loved Mataranka as well, swam everyday, sometimes twice a day. Can't wait to hear more of your adventures. Until then travel safe.
Response: This is the life on the road without all the hussle and bussle. Good to hear from you again and hope you can make the road again soon
From Joanne and Merv
Met you at Daly Waters, gave us Planetranger site. Have set ours up, /schwenke, have a look, love it. we ended up going kayaking in Kathrine gorge, are allowed to, just needed a $5.50 permit each, we caravan opposite you with kayaks on black nissan, thanks again jo and merv
Response: glad you are up and running will check it out.
From Maureen & Bill
Hi Rick & Joy, just reading about your little adventure in Kunnunarra. We stayed at the Springvale Homestead while we were in Katherine and loved it. Did the Gorge tour which was great. Bill went on a fishing charter while in Darwin and caught a hugh jew fish which we're still eating. Couldn't wipe the smile off his face for ages. Croc jumping tour on Adelaide River was good also. We're in Longreach at the moment so we're way ahead of you now. We'll be home in a about three weeks. Hope you have safe travels with no probs.
Response: Hi Maureen good to hear from you again Rick and I are in Mataranka for a couple of days then heading for Daly Waters pub then will be on our way across to Queensland. You will be glad to be home for awhile but I guess you will also miss all the adventures you have had
From Maureen & Bill
Just reading about your time in Kununurra. Sounds exactly the same as ours. We had to wait outside the park, we stayed at Kimberleyland which is on the other side of the lake to where you stayed, till they had a spot for us. It was unpowered but we moved into a powered site the next day. Couldn't get into Katherine because of the show so we'll do that on the way out of Darwin tomorrow. Maybe we;ll catch up again somewhere along the road.
Response: Hi Maureen and Bill read on about Kunnunarra could not wait to get out. We are in Katherine until the 28th then heading towards Darwin. Give us a call if you are near. Will be good to catch up again
From Cathy Howson
Hi Joy & Rick
Sounds like you are having "fun". You have got to be crazy swimming with the sharks. Terry say's hello.
Just in case you have not heard (suspect you would of), I will be finishing up at CNG at the end of this month, so who knows we may catch up on the tracks one day.

Take care
Response: That would be great it is a wonderful life you get to met some really nice people. Let us no when you hit the road. Rick spoke to michael a couple weeks ago and he did say you where going.
From Brother
Had a good birthday at the lake allthough the wetest trip ever.19 fish in 3 days not bad.Got stuck inbetween 2 slips on the way home and had to wait for then to clear the road.Another party on saterday just for the friends and rellies. went off very well as i did a camp oven roast dinner.Got another one this weekend that my staff are puting on. Its bloody tireing turning 60.Love readind your reports and photos.At last tight ase Fay cac get them on broard band.Drive safe
Response: Will so glad you had a great birthday you are now really old
From Nick and Bibi
How r u doing?? seems like a age since we met in Karratha
hope all is well with you both
you take care
Nick and Bibi
From Nick and Bibi
Hi you two
We met in Karratha and were next to you in the site. Well we are now back in Pommieland and getting over the dreaded jet lag. Here's hoping all goes well with the rest of your journey. Bibi and I really enjoyed your company even though it was a short one.
Please keep in contact
Best wishes
Nick and Bibi
Response: Hi Nick and Bibi
Rick and I are well we are in Broome now and it is really hot. Have had a wonderful time and yes we must keep in touch.
From Sue & Wayne
Wish we were with you. It's wet, wet, wet down here but that's good cause they have imposed a total sprinkler ban (Bore's as well) so that means the gardens will get a good drink. The poto's are great Joy and it looks like your having a great time.
Catch you on the way round. Wayne might be ready to go sooner rather than later. I hope :)
Response: Having a great time lots of nice people and Rick is getting plenty of fish. Will be moving on soon keep in touch