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Hey everyone,
Just thought I'd start up one of these web pages to keep you up to date with where I'm at. Don't forget to email me - I have no idea whats going on at home!! Seeya.

Photos - Click Below


Pipe Masters Hawaii

Hey everyone, just a quick one to say hope you all had a nice christmas and hope u have an even better New Years!! These are just a few pics to show u what its like here...I LOVE IT!! See you soon!


European Wonder (Tour)

I went on a 14 day 'Top Deck' tour round Europe - kinda the same thing as Contiki...these are just a few of the photos I took!


Last night in Leeds.

Was an awesome night out....but we all drank a little bit much! Didnt finish up til 8am! Oh well...


Last shift at Walkabout!!!

Loved working here...but was very glad to leave!! Made some really good friends tho!


I LOVE Peta, Cummo & Pivot!!

Normally I dont like getting woken up by the postman...but when he has a parcel like this for me - he can wake me up wheneva he wants!! THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU!!! haha.


Night out after the Footy

Went to watch Bradford Bulls vs. Hull FC on Friday night - awesome game Bulls won 49-6. Les Vainikolo scored 6 tries! Not bad. This is us after we'd been out. (I forgot to take my camera to the game!)



This is the place where I work...and live upstairs. Sorry the photos aren't very clear but you get the idea.


The Ashes - Manchester

Ok everyone knows how much I hate cricket - but a few drinks and our over night camp out made it a bit more interesting!



Not many interesting photos in this one - but oh well...


Bit of Everywhere

Sorry my photos are a bit all over the place and not in order - I'll get better at this one day!!

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Recent Messages

From Liz, Scotty & Boys
Wow - how much fun are you having, you go girl.
Our lives seem so boring so I won't bother to go into detail, other than all the boys are fighting fit and Jedd is still waiting for you to come over.
Look after yourself and see you in 2006.
Love Liz
Response: Hey Liz!
Sooo good to hear from u! Will have more photos on here from europe and scotland asap!! Will email u properly when I get back to england. Going to the Tri Nations grand final on 26th so will hopefully get some good pics there too! Tell scotty and all ur boys I said hello and tell Jedd I'll see him in February!! Seeya, take care, Luv Karina.
From Jenna
Hey Kreena! Saw this address pinned up in Kristen's room so I decided to have a look. Glad I did, there is some good photos and stuff! Looks like u r having an awesome time... I am so so so jealous! So keep living it up over there... Talk 2 u soon! Luv Jenna xoxoxoxoxo
Response: Hey Mini Pix!
Thanks for the message! Hope u had an awesome birhday (11/11) and had a drink...or two for me! See you soon, luv kreena.
From Louise
Hi had a quick look will come and have a better look when i have time hope ur having a great time over there. Love Louise
Response: Hey Louise!!
Ive been tryin to email u but it keeps coming back saying - posting failure. dont no what it means but its shittin me coz i wrote u some really big ones!! Its happenin to all bigpond addresses tho. Hope ur well - totally forgot that livvy had moved out!! howd that go? how is work and how is your man goin? Still goin to albury every 2nd weekend? Promise to get more exciting photos on soon!! Seeya missin ya lots luv kreena. Oh and absolutely LOVE london, u should really come over one day if you can!!
From Livvy!!
hey! im missin u so much! lol! hope ur havin a ball by the looks of the fotos looks like u r! mum nd curtis r fine! except curtis split his head opend last wk! i dno how junee is goin! im pretty sure its goin great! um mi bdays in 8 days! yay cnt wait! lol! im gettin a new fone nd mi belly button pierced! :-)!! im at skool at the moment! sport got called off! shit kreeny im turnin in 2 u! lol! in a good way! ive startd wlkin every arvo 4 an hour! ive lost 3 kilos! all mi new friends at skool r awsum! i went 2 the moviez last saturday wid 1 of mi new friends nd went nd watchd monster in law! is was awsum nd funi! neway i betta go cuz the teachers cumin! shit!! cya luv ya heaps nd heapz kreeny mwa!! :-) mum says hey!! nd we r all missin ya heapz its just not the same wid out u! :'( luv ya x0x0
Hey livvy!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! hope you have a good one! Seeya luv kreen. xoxo.