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Hey Guys, welcome to our travel page. Check out our photo's and leave us a message if you like! Enjoy xxx

Photos - Click Below



We had two weeks in the state and hit LA, Vegas and San Francisco.



First couple of photos are us at the pancake rocks, south island and then onto Rotoura in North Island. Its here where all the volcanic activity is taking place. In the photos we are at a thermal valley where there are geysers, bubbling mud, steaming ground and volcanic craters.



South Island: Skiing and Glacier Walk.....oh and we saw some penguins..


Great Barrier Reef Dive

We dived on Eddy reef off mission beach...once again amazing sea life...



we did a 3 night sailing trip of the Whitsunday Islands on a really old tall ship called the Solway was beautiful


oz- Fraser Island

We did a self drive tour of fraser island where we where given a 4 wheel drive, a map and 4 strangers..oh and a tent and a good luck!




More cambodia



Cambodia - angkor Wha?

Angkor is the religious remains of a series of cities, built by a succession of kings from around the 7th to the 13th centuries. Angkor Wat is the most famous of all.


Cambodia - phnom Penh

From 1975-1979 roughly 20,000 Cambodians were executed by the Khmer Rouge at S-21 Prison in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Seven prisoners survived. S-21 is now the Tuol Sleng Museum of Genocide.
We also visited the killing fields where more than 17,000 civilians were killed and buried in mass graves; many of them transported here after detention and torture in S21 prison.


Southern Laos- Don Det

Pure Chillout! Eating, Drinking, lying around...that is Don Det!

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Recent Messages

From toireasa
wel wdc how da hols goin lukin forward to comin up granny n granda up im showin dem da pics xox miss u
From Laura
Hey, I'm keeping an eye out for your NZ photos, when you gona put some up?! Have to show me some snowboard pics and get me all excited about my trip! Where are yis now? Keep on having fun!
Response: gonna put some up afraid no photos of snowboarding..i was lame..tried it 4 one day and then did skiing instead..much easier and not as many bruises..didnt take the camera on first day so none of snowboarding:-(, promise more pics soon!!when you leave for new zealand???
From Doozie
Well Emma, like the hair ; ) Looks great, you are both lookin well and all holidayed up. Love the car too. Hope you're well. will e mail properly soon. big hugs and kisses. can't wait to see you..
From Jessie
Hi again, thanks for the photos of Oz. Michelle is also in oz at the moment and i'm so jealous of all of you! although the weather here is very hot and has been for weeks which makes a lovely change. Looking forward to you coming back, you will have to come stay in my latest pad in london and we'll all ghetto it up or something like that :-) Hope you're having a fantastic time you travel junkies, see you soon i hope, Love jess nash xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Guy
G'day Sheila's!

Thank you for the photo updates, what an incredible bunch of pics.
As usual, tres jealous, but can't wait to have you back in the UK, it seems so long we were in Parsons Green surrouded by all your emergency travels knickers and whatnot!
Second year of uni over and done with, I didn't fail, which was nice. So looking forward to our catch up chats over a nice shandy-bass... lots of love to you both, and see you soon! Want to come to the airport to throw stuff at you when u get off the plane. xxxx
From Yvonne
Hi Emma & Kate, photos are fab, Great to see ye are doing well...

From chuckie
hiya girlies! just spent the last half hour of this miserable, wet sunday looking at your pics and f*"k me am i jealous! you both look like yer havin a ball! im seriously thinkin bout venturin out there this summer. take care ye hear n keep the contact up! chucks xxx
From Claire
Hi Girls,
The photos just keep getting better & better!!! I have booked a litlle trip myself head to thailand for 2 wks at start of aug, and then on to OZ for a year or however long I like it....... so cant wait but dont think its sunk in yet probably wont unitl I'm on the plane!!
Anyway be good and keep the photos coming!!
From Mel
Hi Kate, and Em.
Looks like you're having a great time - you're pics really make me wanna just finish uni and see the world! Only 5 weeks to go tho - and counting!
When are you coming back? Or are you planning on never coming back - wouldn't blame you.
Keep havin loadsa fun.
Luv Mel x
Response: still having a great time, hope revision and coursework isnt getting to stressful!!! coming back friday the 13th oct!!!!!!!
From matt
hey kate n em great photos, specially that handsome boy on the rock!!! just got back to london after 3 week eastern europe trip, i'll write yous a longer email, hav fun... matt
From Guy
Hi Kate and Em!

Your photos look amazing, tres jealous. Very pleased you're both divers, will look forward to some diving fun in the future!

Hope you're enjoying all the world has to offer, there are lots of people here looking forward to your plane touching down. We have a years worth of catching up to do over a years worth of drinks!

Be safe, and Lots of love.
From Jessie
Just had a good old browse through your pictures! lovin the monkey!!! haha (or was that you kate, thought might be emma takin the pic). The closet i have got to volacanic springs is the local spa at the gym!!! hahaha god im jealous. and wow get this i'll be going all the way to... newquay and brighton for the summer! i'm so exotic!dont be jealous of me now, oh and im doing coursework, dont you wish you were with me?!?! haha x x x
From Dido
Jesus girls it looks fantastic!! Don't worry that the pics aren't doing yer suntans justice - ye look pretty amazing to me...It's last day of March here and at last the weather is picking up - it's sunny and even a lil bit warmer than it had been, so ye haven't missed out on anything. Thanks for the snaps its good to see how many other beautiful places there are to go to!
Take Care,
Dido x
From aunty ali
watcha etak! just seen the photos wonder where you are at this moment. not really jealous! wish i was there. when are you coming home? as long as you're having heaps of fun and not doing anything i wouldn't do. am very jealous really even though my etak is typing this as i wouldn't know about this unless etak had shown me. be good, smell ya old aunty Ali xx
From Joanna
Hey guys!

Kate, I'm sorry I didn't e-mail you before I went to France - you know how disorganised I reputation did not let me down! hehe!

France was great - so beautiful. I have the travel bug even more now, if thats possible!

Glad you are still having an awesome time. Photos still look *amazing*! I am very envious girlie!

Love ya and miss ya loads.
From Mike S (Stretch now)
hey hey katherine and em!
looks too bloody warm out there, i'm still suffering frostbitten toes and frozen faces in Francerland. Loving the monkey loving especially. I can hear the months of travelling stories on your return already.
keep croccin. xx
From Jamie
Hey guys,

Haven't had a chance to look at the photos yet, am on painfully slow dial up right now. The gallery titles look great, can't wait to see them all. Also can't wait to see you guys here in NZ, looking forward to showing you round Auckland area.


From Debbie
Lovely pics. Mum and I will be doing India and Taj Mahal in October and then Thailand in February - trying to get her interested in Malawi next September and Vietnam in 2008. Think of me on the 23 April now running the London marathon....... Seeing your brother on Saturday, he sounds on top form. Keep enjoying yourselves. best wishes from Richard, David and Lucy too.
From Fiona McFarlane
Hey Kate,

Thanks so much for your e-mail updates, it sounds like you are having a really great time and your photos are amazing. We will have to catch up when you get home. Lots of love x
From claire
Hi Girlies, So fecking jealous sitting in work on a horrible monday morning looking at these class pictures....... it just looks great. fair play to yis!
Keep having a ball, 6 months my god!!!
Be good take care
From Beth
Hi kate (and Em)
Believe it or not this is the first time I've looked at your pics. You both look like your having an ace time- i'm so envious!! Glad things are going well. Enjoy!

Love Beth (p.s. the rest of the (welsh) MacKays say hi too!)x
From Doozie
Hi girls,
Looking at the photos on a very wet and cold Monday morning - SO JEALOUS!!!!!! Glad to see you flying the flag on Paddys' Day, although bet the hat wouldn't fit in your rucksack!!!! Take care - xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo Dooz
From Speedy
Yo motherf--kaaaaas! Only me! The lesbian! Glad to see you're still spreading DA WORD and KEEPIN' IT REAL! lol Cardiff's still standing, and I'm still single, so nothing's changed really! Glad to see they celebrated Paddy's day over in Singapore! I had a pint of Guinness down in the Kings Cross myself, not as exciting! Take some pictures of the cars over there 4 me! ;o) Miss ya lots like jelly tots! Take care! xXx
From Robyn (Andy's GF)
I realise we've never met but I thought we (me an Andy) were looking at your pictures and i thought i'd leave you a note just to say-keep up the photo's! Looks like your having a really great time both of you an i'm muchos jealous! Andy just met the parents-Ha Ha, he was so polite but now's searching around my bathroom looking for shampoo to eat!!!! So must go. Hope to speak to you soon. X
From David
really cool pics, so many monkeys and stuff ye ave seen,