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Diary Entries

Wednesday, 07 August 2013

Location: Canada

Made it home :):):)

Tuesday, 06 August 2013

Location: Canada

Vancouver :):):) back in Canada!!!!! Fly out to Winnipeg at 1 :):)

Tuesday, 06 August 2013

In china now :):):) just waiting till 1 and I leave for Vancouver :)

Monday, 05 August 2013

Location: Cambodia

Had a good last day today :)
This morning woke up and had breakfast at 7 with a girl I met there that is staying for 14 more weeks at a university placement, then at around 830 me and another girl I met there went to see the landmine museum, it was really interesting to go there and to hear about that because land mines are a big thing in Cambodia in the past but also very recently and currently as well. There was a guy who is from the states that works there and helps clear landmines, and he gave us a tour which was really interesting to hear all he had to say. Then we went to a butterfly farm for a little bit and saw lots of butterflies, flowers, caterpillars, and stick bugs :) it was really pretty there and I am glad we did those things this morning :)
Then we went and met one of the girls again for lunch at a fried rice place!! It was really good :):)
Then we went back in a tuk tuk that we rock paper scissored for again and won!! it was funny! :) then when we got back we packed up a little bit because the girl I went in the morning with was also leaving tonight to go back home! Then we were going to go out but then were told that we needed to get out of our rooms so we had to pack up and get ready really fast! After we were done that, we sat at Bou Savy for a bit then went to globalteer to give some things :)
Then we went back and just hungout until the rest of the volunteers got back :):) visited with them and then at 530 said bye to a really good friend that was also leaving tonight, was hard but so glad to have met her :)
Then I said bye to the rest of the volunteers before they went out for supper and then I had supper with of the other girls I had met. That was hard too :p
But it was so great to meet people this trip :):) was one of the best parts of the trip I think!
Now I am just waiting in the siem reap airport for my plane :):)
Soon on my way to Shanghai :)

Monday, 05 August 2013

Leave for the airport in 2 1/2 hours.....

Sunday, 04 August 2013

Woke up this morning at 4 and left to see some temples at around 430 :) saw the sunset a little bit so that was really great because last time it was cloudy! So it was good to see it this time after waking up so early :)
After the sun came up and we looked around Angkor Watt for a bit, we got back in our tuk tuk and came back to Bou Savy :) After we had breakfast, our tuk tuk room us back to see some of the other temples around Angkor Watt :) we got to see more temples and my favourite one was where we got to climb up to the top and there was a bunch of different faces carved into the tops! It was really cool to see and a really nice one :) there was also a cool one where some trees have grown into the temples along the rocks :) they were so neat to see and it was fun! :)
Then we got back to Bou Savy around 330, so it was a long day since we got up so early :)
Then we got ready and met up with some of the other volunteers, had a fruit shake :) then went to the markets again for a little while :)
Then we went for supper and I had fried rice :):):)
Then me and two other girls came back and hungout, we shared each other pictures from the time because both me and one other girl are both leaving tomorrow :)
Wow....I can't believe that I am coming home :)
I have really enjoyed being here! At first it was hard....but now I can hardly believe it is over, and that I am actually leaving tomorrow!! But I am excited to come home :)
Tomorrow morning me and the one girl who is leaving tomorrow also, are going to a butterfly garden, then to a land mine museum, and then to meet with one other girl for lunch :) then ill pack up in the afternoon, go out for supper and then go to the airport for my flight :)

Saturday, 03 August 2013

Went to a cooking class this morning:):)
It was so good! We got picked up in a tuk tuk and drove a little bit to a nearby village :)
First we went to one of the people who lives in the village, their house, which was really neat! Saw their kitchen and what they use to cook and also so many different fruit trees :)
Then we went back to the main place and started to cook! We made fish amok which is a Cambodian curry, a mango salad and our dessert was rice powder with palm sugar rolled in balls with coconut :)
After we finished we got to eat what we had made for lunch!!
Then we came back to Bou Savy and I slept for a little bit :)
Then we were planning to go to the temple for sunset but it was cloudy so we will go tomorrow morning at 430 to try and see the sunrise :) and then see some of the other temples again after that :)
Went out to a made in Cambodia market which was cool and the circus I had gone to see was also doing a performance there so that was awesome to see a bit of that again :)
Then we went and are supper :) had fried rice again, and everyone was making fun of me for how much rice I eat! :p
For our way back we tried to get a tuk tuk for a dollar but he wanted 2, so one girl and the driver did rock paper scissors and she won so it was a dollar fifty! It was funny :)
Going to bed soon :):)

Saturday, 03 August 2013

Last day at KKO today.......was a good day but I am really going to miss it there....the teachers, the kids, just everything :):)
Today we had a lunch with the teachers, me and one other volunteer, it was really fun :)
Hungout with some of the little kids during the last class and they were so cute and it was a really great way to end :)
The bike ride back was kind of sad...realizing after biking that everyday for the last while, that was my last time, but I enjoyed biking! :)
After I went to the blue pumpkin for ice cream with 2 of the teachers and the other volunteer. It was really fun :)
Then came back to Bou Savy and then left a bit later to go for supper and stuff :)
Going to a cooking class tomorrow morning so that should be cool!! :):)

Thursday, 01 August 2013

Can't believe it is my last day at KKO tomorrow.....really going to miss being there!! I am excited for my last day though because I have enjoyed it there so much and have really had a great time :):)
After school today, we had a globalteer meeting and then all went out for supper! It was good :):)
Then we came back to Bou Savy and are hanging out for a bit before I go to sleep :):)

Thursday, 01 August 2013

At KKO again today and can't believe that I only have one more day there!!!
Really going to miss it there!! But looking forward to my last day because it has been so much fun :): I have really enjoyed it :)
After school, we had a globalteer meeting and then we went out for supper :):)
It was good! Then we walked around the night market and then came back to Bou Savy and hanging out for a bit before I sleep :)

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Today was another good day at KKO :) this morning, instead of classes, I checked over the English for the new website this guy is making for KKO, I checked grammar and to make sure it all made sense :)
Then I did classes and they went well!! :) I'm gonna miss these kids!!
After school I went to a cafe with the new volunteer at KKO, it was nice :)
Then I went back to Bou Savy and we went for supper at dollar tapas, it was really good! :) dollar tapas are when you go to a certain restaurant on a certain night and they have a menu where everything is one dollar! I had bursetta, potato skins and samosa :) I also had a banana and rice dessert :) it was all good! :)
Then came back and will go to bed soon :):)

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Had a good day at KKO today :):) there was new volunteer there, not with globalteer but independently, she was from Belgium. Also some friends of the volunteer that had been working there with me came to see the school and they were from Belgium and china. We all went for lunch and that was fun :)
It rained really hard this afternoon again, and it is starting to be a everyday thing, haha :p
After school, I went to the market and then came back to Bou Savy and met the other volunteers for supper :)
I had pizza and it was really good! One of the waiters sang some songs while we were waiting! It was cool :):)
Now back at Bou Savy, going to sleep soon :)

Monday, 29 July 2013

This morning, since KKO was closed for the day, I went with another girl to another project where we helped make a fish pond :) we had to carry buckets of clay sand stuff and dump it by the pond :) and then we also mixed cement to be used for the walls of the fish pond, it reminded me of when we were in Mexico with school doing cement :) it was hard work especially with it vein warm but it was fun :)
Then we came back and ate lunch and then we hungout for a bit in the afternoon, and I actually fell asleep for a little while :):) then I went for a little bike ride with another girl :)
Then at 430 we went to a pagoda and it was so fun!! A monk talked to us about how to mediate and we got to sit in the pagoda for a bit and then we talked to him a bit more about the school they have at the same place, that is run by monks. It was a really neat experience! The monks were really funny :):) at the start none of us could stop laughing! Me, the other girl or the monks :) and I don't even know why :)
Then afterwards we were going to go to yoga, but the place we went where we thought it was, told us another place, so we went there but it wasn't there so we had to go back to the first place to get our tuk tuk back but then put tuk tuk had gone to pic us up at the other place so we had to wait for him to come back! And it was all so funny because we spent the same amount of time going around trying to find it and figuring out our rides then if we had actually gone to yoga :p it was an adventure :):)
Then we came back here and I hungout and talked with some girls for awhile :) now going to go to bed soon :)
Another day at KKO tomorrow :):)

Monday, 29 July 2013

Had a really great weekend :):) yesterday morning we got up and me and 2 other girls went to see a silk farm :) it was so cool to go there and see then process all the way from the silk worms, to unravelling of the silk, dyeing the silk, weaving the silk and then the finished products!! Everything from wallets, pillow cases, scarfs, ties, and clothes :) it was really neat to see that!! :)
Then after lunch we went to the floating villages....we took about an hour tuk tuk ride out of the town which was nice because it wasn't as busy and we could see more of the countryside :) we stopped at a place to buy our tickets and our tuk tuk driver said only one more km....we started going down the road and it was so bumpy!!! And it was probably more like 5 km which seemed even longer because of the road but we were laughing!! Then we got to a part in the river that had a lot of boats lined up and we got into a boat and it took us down the river and past all the stilted was crazy to see them...really made me think....but even with the conditions that those people live in, there was kids playing in the water and having so much fun!! They were so happy and laughing and yelling hello out to us as we went past :) really amazing that even with the amount they have they are so joyful!!! the boat took us out to the end of the river which opened up into a lake :) it was all really interesting but beautiful to see and a really great experience to have that made me think :):):)
On the way back we could see the sky getting darker and then all of sudden it started raining so hard so we had to close these curtains in the boat so not as much rain could get in...then we got back to where our tuk tuk was and as we got out of the boat and it was still raining so hard so we got soaked in seconds :) I had my shoes in my hand so my shoes wouldn't get stuck, so I was running through the puddles and mud trying to find our tuk tuk. Then the guy yelled out and told us where he was so we went over there and got in but then because of the rain and dirt road, it was mud so we were stuck so we had to get out of the tuk tuk and someone pushed it up on the road :) along the way back, it was so muddy and slippery we had to get out a few times and push the tuk tuk to get it unstuck :) we were all so wet!!! And one of the girls was freaking out the whole time because we were slipping sometimes and she was scared we were going to go off the road! Our tuk tuk driver would sometimes yell back to us, are you okay? and he'd ask, happy happy happy?? and we would say yeaa happy!! :) it was funny :):) But we were laughing so much and I thought it was all so great :)
Then we came back and after went out to an Italian place for supper :) it was good :):) Then came back and hungout and went to sleep :)
Today, got up, had breakfast, bread butter and jam :) and then went to the market for a bit and then to Blue Pumpkin, which is like a cafe ice cream kinda place :) it was so cool there!! There was an air conditioned lounge there with couch seats things along the wall and they were so comfortable :) we had mango shakes and they were really good :) after we just kind of hungout there and I could've fallen asleep on the couch seats it was so good :)
Then we went and booked a cooking class we are going to do next weekend :) then went to the market for a bit more, then went back to Bou Savy.
Then for supper we went to the Khmer house and I had fried rice!! So good :):)
Then some of us came back to Bou Savy, watched and looked up some stuff about the election, but won't find out for a bit, maybe tomorrow :)
Today I am going to a different placement since KKO is closed for the day, we are going to build fish ponds or something, is what I heard :) so that should be interesting!! :):)

Friday, 26 July 2013

What one day looks like at KKO :)
I leave the guesthouse I am staying at around 730 and I get to KKO by 8 :) the first class is 8-9. The next class is from 9-10. Then from 10-11. Then we have a lunch break from 11-1 :) then there is class from 1-2 then a break till 2:15 then class from 215-315. Then a break till 330, and then class till 430 :) I teach with 3 different teachers throughout the day and all of the classes I help with are different ages. The youngest class is 4 and 5 year olds and then the oldest one in a class is 18. And all different classes and ages between that :) and also I helped for a bit this week with a ladies class which is all ladies older than me :) but that class is really fun to teach :)
Then I am done at 430 and bike back to Bou Savy, the guesthouse I'm staying at, and I get here around 5 :):)

Friday, 26 July 2013

Had a good day at KKO today :) it's Friday so it was games and movie day :) we watched Snow White and played UNO :) can't believe I only have 4 more days left there.....
Today at lunch one of the teachers asked me if I wanted to go back to her house to eat lunch wih her and her family :) I got to go on her Moto again and it was so cool to go to see her house!! :) Meet her family and eat with them :):) we had rice, noodles and fish :) it was good :) then after we went upstairs and relaxed on the floor mat things :) it was really neat to experience that :):)
After school we went to the pagoda and it has very nice buildings!! They are so detailed and really neat to look at :) we saw some monks hanging out and while we were there, people started driving by on the roads for the election, so we went out on the sidewalk near the road and watched them all go by! There was so many people :) we were taking pictures and videotaping and we looked over and the monks had their phones out too videotaping! It was funny :)
Tonight were going for supper and then there is a quiz again tonight as a fundraiser so that should be good :)
Planning to go to the silk farm and the floating villages tomorrow :):)

Friday, 26 July 2013

Day yesterday was really good!! :) it seemed to go by so fast and so did the week! I can't believe it is Friday already!!
At lunch time yesterday, the other volunteer and 2 of the teachers and I went out to a market....which we got to go on the teachers motos wih them! That was so fun :) and we went to a market to buy some clothes for the children in the school that we could tell had not was the biggest market in Siem Reap and it was really fun going through the pile of clothes together :) we are going to give the kids the clothes on Tuesday :)
Next Monday, since the election is on Sunday, and some people have to go back to their home villages, the government said that NGO's should be closed, so next week I only work 4 days! My last 4 days at the school, wow!
Last night we went for supper at a Thai Thai place and I had yellow curry, it was good and a fun time :)
Today after school I am planning on going to the pagoda that is just down the street from where I am staying, so that should be neat to see!! :)

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Location: Cambodia

A few new pictures added

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Another good day at KKO today :)
At lunch I brought some bread and biked from KKO to the river in town and say on our bench :) it was really nice! Took some pictures a long the river after I was finished :)
Rained really hard during the last class today but it had pretty much stopped when it was time to leave so that was good! :)
On the way back from the school today learned a few words in Khmer, it was fun! Now I just gotta remember them :)
I think we are going to have supper at our guesthouse and just hangout and relax tonight :)

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From Bonnie
I absolutely LOVE reading your posts ... thanks for sharing this journey with us! Looking forward to hearing more in person :)
Lots of love ...
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Great to hear about your experience. Stay cool.
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Hy Kate I hope our having lots of fun down in Cambodia ! :) I hope you make lots more friends ! Miss talkin' to ya, Jessica
From Ferdi van Dongen
Good to read your report so far Kaitlin. As you will have seen by now it's " not one world" live in.
Be aware that your presence is a great encouragement for the people there.
God bless!
From Karen
Happy to hear you arrived Safe & Had Good flights.

What is the place you're staying like ??? Anyone else there from Can.??

Looking forward to hearing all about it. Take Care !!!
From Bonnie
So exciting to read your updates ... super proud of you!!! Enjoy the adventure.
From Brendan
I hope you have a safe and awesome trip!!