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The plan is SE Asia, Oz, NZ, Cook Islands, US and Canada. Will try to bring you the highlights..

Diary Entries

Thursday, 29 September 2005

Location: New York, New York, USA

I'm having a great time in NYC.. I've:
-seen the bright lights of Times Square
-walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and back again
-seen guys having a dance off in a subway station
-sat in the General Assembly Hall in the UN
-fallen asleep in Central Park
-seen a bird's eye view of the city from the top of the Empire State
-been asked out to dinner while crossing the street
-eaten bagels and drunk Cosmopolitans
-walked around Greenwich Village pretending to be Carrie Bradshaw.
An absolutely amazing city. Quite overwhelming, but fantastic! I just love the way each district is so different. I'll be coming back in a few years when I have a bit more money to see the Broadway shows and do some hard core shopping!

I'm going to the airport tomorrow. I just can't believe it! I have been away for what feels like so long, but it has passed in a flash! I've had so many fantastic times over the last 6 months I couldn't possible pick a favourite. The whole thing has just been the most amazing learning experience, and I've had so much fun a long the way! See you all very soon..
Katherine xxxx
P.S. Will put Canada and NYC photos up at the weekend.

Sunday, 25 September 2005

Location: New York City baby :), USA

Wow I finally here! My last stop. New York City is amazing! So busy and colourful and awsome. I've just been walking around for the last few days, bumping into people because I'm looking up at all the skyscapers. The Staton Island Ferry was great - a view of the whole Island including Ellis Is and the Statue of Liberty. Seen Times Sq, Central Park, Empire State, Grand Central Station, Bloomingdales ;) So much do see, so little time. Sometimes I feel like I'm in a movie set, it just seems so familiar!

Thursday, 22 September 2005

Location: Niagara Falls, Canada

The Trans Canadain Railway was quite an experience, boarding in Jasper in the west and disembarking in Toronto in the East. It started well with a champange reception served as we pulled out of Jasper St (yes, we went first class!) We were able to see the wonderful views of the Rockies through the class-topped carriage. Amazing! The food was wonderful. Breakfast lunch and dinner every day (yes, the journey took 2.5days). However by the end of the first evening I realised that everyone on board was over the age of 70 or a train geek (my dad in the latter catagory). After the Rockies we passed through the Canadain Plains. Grass. Trees. Grass. Lake. Trees. Hmmm. 2.5 days. Lets just say I got through a lot of gin and tonics!
Toronto was fantastic. We went up the CN Tower (tallest in the world) and had lunch at the top while being spun around. Very la de da. Loving being a tourist instead of a traveller for a while!
Drove the hire car down to Niagara falls. Did very well, although nearly put it into the central reservation when I looked over and saw the falls 100m away! They are just amazing! Did all the tourist stuff like going in a boat underneath them and getting soaked etc.
Said goodbye to Dad and Maureen this afternoon. It has been wonderful being with them for 2 weeks. I sent them off with a suitcase full of my stuff, to free up space in my back pack for NY purchases!! :)

Saturday, 17 September 2005

Location: Jasper, Canada

I have been caught up in Dad and Maureen's whirlwind holiday. The last few days have been non-stop! From Vancouver we did a trip through the Rocky Mountains which are just amazing. Comparatively young mountains so very jagged and capped in snow. Just want to get up there on a snow board! Stopped at lovely mountain towns along the way and did walks through the woodlands and experienced the local cuisine. Seen gorgeous turquise lakes and rivers, and scenery is just stunning! Keeping my eyes out for wildlife.. Seen Elk, Deer and Coyotes so far but no sign of those Grizzlies!

Sunday, 11 September 2005

Location: Victoria, Canada

I met Dad and Maureen on Wednesday, who have flown across to Canada to see me/for a holiday. Really great to see them both, and funny to see familiar faces again! They've taken me to some nice restaurants where I have shamelessly eaten like a starved backpacker!
We set off on Thursday for a whirlwind tour of Vancouver, seeing Stanley Park again and the totems poles there. We walked across a suspension bridge spanning a river valley and rode a gondola up Grouse Mountain. From the top we could see right across the city. Beautiful weather and stunning views. There are grizzly bears living on the mountain but they hid from us, so had cheesy photos taken with a bear statue!
On Friday we got the ferry to Vancouver island to the city of Victoria which is just wonderful! A place I could really see myself living in! We went Whale watching and saw lots of Orcas (killer whales) and explored the city which is very quaint - beautiful old buildings and lovely harbour. Really enjoyed my stay and didn't want to leave. Off on a tour of the Rockies tomorrow. Finding it very strange being able to relax and leave all the organisation to dad! :)

Wednesday, 07 September 2005

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Wow, I've been very successful in staying outside of the US! In Vancouver now - beautiful city with great night life! Staying at a little backpacker place in the heart of downtown so everything is on my door step. I've been shopping and sunbathing - taking it easy over the last few days though - recovering from Mexico and waiting for Dad and Maureen to arrive. They decided to come and join me for 2.5 weeks (think they must have been missing me terribly!) It will be really nice because dad is Mr Organised, so I can just sit back for a couple of weeks and enjoy the holiday!

Monday, 29 August 2005

Location: Creel, Mexico

Wow, I´m having an amazing time in Mexico. Apart from a small incident where a boy threw up on my bag on the bus it has been great fun! The people are wonderful and I was delighted to find that most of the men actually wear cowboy hats and boots with jeans and chequered shirt! I did the train ride along the Barranca del Cobre (Copper Canyon) yesterday which was just fantastic. And the first train I´ve been on with armed guards! We passed through lots of little dusty towns and saw indigenous people with their amazing brightly coloured clothing. Stopped for the night in the little town of Creel where I´ve met lots of other travellers, and glad to find that their Spanish is as terrible as mine! We all went out to a bar last night and listened to the guitarists while drinking beer and tequila - true Mexican style. Today we went on a 4h horse ride to the edge of the canyon and around to a waterfall. I´m very sore now but the experience was amazing. Really pleased I did this little detour to Mexico!

Wednesday, 24 August 2005

Location: Ensenada, Mexico

The Lonely Planet guide to Mexico caught my eye in the Bookshop. Why not eh? Armed with my guidebook, and wedding ring and a big floppy hat, I jumped on a Greyhound in San Diego and headed south to the town of Ensenada. This was a little more traumatic than planned because while I was going to Mexico the bus company managed to leave my luggage in San Diego!
The country is fantastic though! Full of activity and colour! You can buy anything and everything here! All the locals are very patient with me and my lack of Spanish, although I am trying very hard! I'm planning on getting buses down Baja California and jumping off at the interesting towns. Should be fun! ;)

Saturday, 20 August 2005

Location: Santa Monica, LA, USA

Well I've arrived in the land where soft drinks cost less than water and cars are the size of tanks. Within 2 hours of arriving in LA, I'd been asked if I was Australian twice, seen a car accident, been asked for money, seen a guy shouting about Jesus, seen a woman dancing to busking, seen a girl walking down the street holding her dog Paris Hilton Style and been called a 'cute British Chick'. This country really is crazy, and it's quite a shock coming from an uninhabited island to a huge city! Trying desperately not to get caught up in the consumerism, but there are such lovely clothes here and so cheap! Planning on getting out of this crazy place pretty soon, but not sure where to go. Think I'll go and sit in Borders and browse through the travel section.. :)

Thursday, 18 August 2005

Location: Rarotonga, Cook Islands

I am hot, tired, and covered in bites and scratches, but just had the most amazing week! I noticed a poster in the hostel in Rarotonga advertising for people to work on a clam farm in Aitutaki (northern island) in return for bed & breakfast. I promptly booked some flights with some others in the hostel and went over to the beautiful island. Mike was lovely - we worked for 3h each day at the clam farm, which involved a lot of wading around in the sea. Such fun! Then spend the rest of the day sunbathing on the beach. A few days later he asked if he could take us to his family's island (Tekopua) which is completely deserted, in order for us to help clear it. The next day I was on the most idyllic island with 10 other people. We literally made the first footsteps in the sand. It was just fantastic, and completely surreal. We worked for a few hours each morning and spent the afternoons attempting to swim to other neighbouring deserted islands! Each night we cooked on the fire and slept under the millions of stars. It was just the most amazing experience. It still hasn't sunk in! Lots of fantastic photos to show you all.. :)

Tuesday, 09 August 2005

Location: Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Ooh, this really is a tropical paradise! Spending the days lying on the beach with the occasional dip in the sea :)
The only way to get around is by motorbike. However, in order to hire one I had to take a motorcycle test! Sitting in the Police station and waiting for the policeman to take me out and assess my driving skills- I was so nervous! Never thought I'd had to go through it all again! I'm now the proud owner of a Cook Island Motorcycle License :)
Planning on doing a bit of Island hopping next week. So lovely to relax and do nothing for a few days..

Wednesday, 03 August 2005

Location: Kaikoura, New Zealand

Vicky recommended I come to Kaikoura, 3h North of Chrsitchurch, so I hopped on the train yesterday morning. It is said to be one of the most picturesque train journeys in the world, so what did I do? I nodded off! D'oh!
The town is on the East Coast - the snow capped mountains on one side and the Pacific on the other. I did the cliff top walk yesterday around the coast line, looking down on the seal colonies. Climbing the hills, the sun shining, I felt like Maria Von Trapp and was just about the burst into song when I took a wrong turn and ended up in a muddy field full of moody looking cows!
Delighted to see clear blue skies when I opened the curtains this morning because at 10.30am, I was up in the sky flying a plane over the coastline! Yup, I did one of those Pilot-a-Plane courses. It was of course dual control, but I actually got to steer it along the coastline and up over the mountains. Fantastic! At one point the (Co-?) Pilot asked if I liked roller coasters! Well of course!! :) He did a few fast turns etc Top Gun stylee :) Think I've found my calling in life :)
Getting the train back to Christchurch at 4pm and determined to stay awake this time!!

Sunday, 31 July 2005

Location: Christchurch, New Zealand

I got quite settled in Queenstown, staying for over a week with a lovely group of people so was quite sad to leave! Next was Dunedin which is such a studenty city. I went for a walk around the beautiful University grounds. The streets surrounding the campus are lined with crumbling houses with sofas in the front gardens and beer bottles lying around. Ah, I miss those student days :)
Lake Tekapo was amazing. We arrived late afternoon so I had to march up Mt John in order to get back down before dark. A beautiful part of NZ - right in the centre of the South Island surrounded by The Southern Alps. When I opened the curtains the following morning there was the most stunning sunrise behind the mountains - the sky light up a beautiful shade of pink. Grabbed my camera and ran down to the lake front in my PJs!
Now in Christchurch and plan to have a good explore of the city before my flight to the Cook Islands of Friday..

Saturday, 23 July 2005

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

Well I've been working my way down the west coast of New Zealand. Just beautiful! Have to keep myself awake on the journeys because I just can't miss any of the amazing scenery!
Stopped at Franz Josef on Monday for a half day glacier hike. It was fantastic! Huge hiking boots fitted with talons to grip the ice, and then straight up the vertical face of the glacier. A lot of hard work but so surreal and amazing. We had a very enthusiastic kiwi guide who decided to see how far he could take us before it started getting too late. Went a lot further than planned, crossing bridges over deep ice canyons and walking through ice crevasses - just fantastic!
From Franz, the next stop was Queenstown - ski city. Undeterred by others telling me that learning to snowboard is very painful, I decided to try it as I'm trying new and exciting things at the moment. A friend of mine took me out to The Remarkables, strapped a board to my feet and preceded to teach me on the baby slope. I spent the first half hour trying to stand up which is a lot harder than you would think! Once on my feet, I actually managed to pick it up quite well. Very off putting when little children sailed passed me looking like pros though! After lunch he thought I was ready to go onto the green run. Ahh! Trusted his judgement and hopped onto the ski lift. I can't say I made it down the run particularly gracefully, but at least I didn't break any bones! Went home feeling very pleased with myself. However, the following day I couldn't move! Every muscle in my body was aching and my bum severely bruised! I've now had two days off and heading back up onto the slopes tomorrow. It is so much fun, and I'm determined to get good at it! I'll be on the black runs in no time at all :)

Thursday, 14 July 2005

Location: Nelson, New Zealand

Back in Taupo for a few days, I went for a rather long hike with a lovely girl -Katie who was staying in my hostel. We walked a few ks to Huka falls and what we though would be a few more ks to some amazing mud pools. It took hours! And when we got there, it started teeming with rain! After meeting many travellers and heard tales of hitchhiking, we decided to try it. We stood, sodden on the side of the road and stuck out thumbs out at the first car to go by, and she stopped! Lovely kiwi lady insisted on taking us all the way back to our hostel! :)
Christchurch was amazing- so busy and vibrant, in complete contrast to the sleepy towns I've been staying in. Watched the 3rd Test (All Blacks vs British & Irish Lions, for those who aren't rugby fans) in a lovely little Welsh pub with 2 Welsh guys from my dorm. Had such a great time! The following night two of the All Blacks came into the hostel bar! Couldn't believe it!
I got the ferry from the North to the South Island, which was wonderful as it went right through the Marlborough Sounds. Just beautiful! Currently in Nelson and planning to do a lot more hiking (or tramping as they call it over here) putting my walking boots to good use!

Tuesday, 05 July 2005

Location: Napier, New Zealand

New Zealand is the most beautiful country! The scenery is so stunning it is hard to take in! From Auckland I've been making my way down south seeing mountains, lakes, waterfalls and mud pools. Tried a few extreme sports - zorbing (which involves rolling down a hill inside a giant plastic ball along with 2 other people a lot of water The 12,000ft sky dive over Lake Taupo was just amazing! The most exciting and exhilarating thing I've ever done, and very keen to try it again!
The Lions are of course on tour here at the moment. I went with a group of guys from my hostel to a local bar to watch the second test. Although it all ended badly, we were in good spirits and received commiserations from the kiwis!
In the town of Napier at present, on the East Coast. It was destroyed during an Earthquake in 1931 and rebuilt Art Deco style. Absolutely amazing! Really enjoying the country and the people here are so friendly! :)

Saturday, 25 June 2005

Location: Sydney, Australia

The flight to Sydney took just over an hour. The plane had just finished it's ascent, when it started it's decent. Very strange!
I'm staying with some family friends in Sydney which is just wonderful. So nice to have the luxury of a home and not be woken up in the middle of the night by snorers!
Had an explore of the city with Elvena and a lovely girl we previously met in Cambodia. Did all the touristy things including the Botanical Gardens, and Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Sat in a cafe opposite the Opera House and drank cappuccino, thinking 'This is so surreal!'. I have to say though, up close the Opera House is a little yellow round the edges- could do with a good scrub down! The city is wonderful - it has an amazing mix of old colonial buildings and parks, dwarfed by glass skyscrapers. It was great just walking around, getting ourselves lost and finding little shops and markets. I can certainly see why so many British come over and settle here! Tempted to do the same myself... :)

We took the (double decker!!) train out to the blue mountains yesterday and had a rather unsuccessful time. The mountains are named after the blue mist that often surrounds them. However, yesterday the mist was so thick it completely obscured them! (Check out the photo!) Managed to catch a glimpse at one of the three sisters and that was about it. Stood at the view points to see a wall of white mist!! I'll just have to come back and see them again in the summer ;)

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From Ringo and Chris
hello *K*! :) we thought we would send you a quick email...chris is taking very good care of me and i am being very well i have spent my time saving all my energy for a marathon meowing session: i had some lovely pilchards for breakfast, which set me up nice for the day, and i preserved my energy by napping on your bed (which was very comfy indeed:) anyway....that enabled me to perform what i imagine was beautiful operatic soprano welcome when chris came to see ive got myself all tired and im going to have to go and have a rest...hope everything is purrrrfect **MEEEEOWWW**
Response: Ah, Ringo, so lovely to hear from you! Do thank Chris for me and continue those beautiful operatic soprano welcomes (although don't scare him!) Hope you like the pic of your distant Mexican relation. He said he was your 2nd cousin twice removed.. :)
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:O LEAVE MY NUTS ALONE!!! I mean OK I could've accepted a bag of nuts, which I feel is in itself a generous sentiment (on my behalf) considering that they were supposed to replace 6 months worth of alcoholic beverages, however I must draw the line at sharing said nuts. And don't go thinking that multiple bags of nuts will resolve this situation, I will own every nut you bring back to this most loathsome cut of English turf.
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Oh ye of most contemptous joy, heed my plea you did not, for it seems the fun I sought to dim has grow-en quite a lot. (I know, I know.. soo much talent, wasted I am.. wasted). Sounding pretty marvellous out there crazy K, a little advice on the Welsh though, avoid them at all costs not a pleasant people, ever so slightly primitive, often cannabalistic. Take care me dear, and keep hold of some cash, you owe us all 6 months worth of drinks!
Response: So very talented, you never fail to impress me Andy ;) I was thinking you would lavish me with alcohol cos you'd be so pleased to see me again! My budget will probably stretch to a bag of peanuts. Will that do? xx
From Chris & Vicky
hey hey miss katherine!

we love your new photos (especially the Dr Karl Kennedy ones! and toady-how cool is that?!) a bit disapointedf that there wasnt a movie of dr Karl tho....but i expect you were overcome in is presence and didnt havr time to think clearly :), I know I had that problem when i met him :) oooh neighbours everybody needs good neighbours, thats when good neighbours don't build swimming pools next door. lots of love vicky+christopher xx indeed :)
Response: Ah glad you got them ok. They'll be up on my bedroom wall when I get home! :)
From Dermot O'Leary
hello there young fine Katherine, just come across your website and it looks really exciting, would u like to come into the big brother house with me next year? we would have some fun love dermot xxxx
Response: Oh yes please! Just the two of us ;)
From Sarah
Hello. Well this is my very first email i`ve ever sent, and now Phil says its not really an email which has ruined it a bit. Can`t fight technology any longer! Hope you`re having a fantastic time out there and we all miss you in sunny Ipswich. Spent some of this afternoon catching up on what you`re up to, can`t help but feel slightly jealous. Will now have to love you and leave you as I've taken rather a long time to write this and people are getting frustrated. Take care x
Response: Hi Sarah! So nice to hear from you. Very chuffed that I am the first person you've contacted via a computer! Very much looking forward to a cup of tea and a catch up in Berridges when I get back! xx
From Christopher :)
hey *K*
hoping all is well and good and all is generally kiwitastic :)

i know i dont needto tell u, but take pix of all the art deco buildings and street lights and stuff generally-jus cuz it looks cool-wen i was in paris i went to the latin quarter (i think....somewhere anyway...) that was full of art deco buildings and street lights-i can never quite believe my eyes when i see design like that...?!?
i love the sounds of sky diving-funnily enough i been thinkin how cool it would be recently (funny the random thoughts one has eh?....) sent you an email t'other day-jus to let u know....hope your well and safe and having a good time (love the pix by the way!) ok... take care now, young lady xx
Response: Took lots of photos to bore you with when I return - not to worry! You should definately try skydiving - it is the most amazing rush. When your feet hit the ground you just want to go back up again! Got a DVD of the jump for you to see :)
From dad
Where is pic of you and a train? luv dad
Response: Didn't really think everyone wanted to see a pic of me and The Ghan! Will email to you.. xx
From Dan Hale
Loving the new photos. You have a career in writing sharp captons in lad's mags - obv that's what you learned at Emap!!

Response: Yeah, I'm thinking of going for Max Power.. What do you think ;) xx
From Gran
Having a wonderful weekend with Mum and Vicky. I have just been shown a few of your photogaphs - they look wonderful and we are looking forward to seeing you in October. Lots of love from Granxxx
Response: So glad you've had a look! Was great to speak to you the other day, will call again soon. Lots of love xxx
From Celia
Hi Katherine! Have just looked at your photos. Wonderful!! Glad you're having such a great time! Take care xxx
Response: So glad you like the photos. Will let you know when I get some more up!
From vicky
Dan is brilliant, isn't he!?
Response: Yes Dan, you are truely wonderful! :) xx
From vicky
hello, just been 2 c the duke spirit at the astoria, eating spring rolls in the internet cafe, hope u r having fun love vicky xx ps got dad glastonbury tickets !! xx
Response: Mmm, I just fancy some spring rolls with sweet chilli sauce mmmm
From Mister Christopher
Hey K :)
ive seen a few episodes of neighbours recently and im a little concerned for your safety...i dont want to scare you but if you bump into paul robinson-dont trust him! he hasnt changed one bit-damn him and his charm! Now take care and watch out! xx
Response: Not to worry - I'm well aware of his charm! At the mo he only has eyes for Lil so I think I'm safe :) Will stay on my guard though.. xx
From Ellie
hey Katherine,
SE Asia sounds amazing and am thoroughly jealous of your travels!Have been checking your site regularly for your latest adventures in Oz and still no news! Have you been kidnapped by those pesky auzzies and forced to endure endless BBQ's?! Or have you been persuaded to appear in the special 20th aniversary episode of Neighbours?! Hmmm i'm puzzled! Maybe your having such a fantastic time you have forgotten your public that awaits your every word! Do you not realise that revision is driving me CRAZY and that i need 'Katherine breaks' so i can regain my sanity!!!The pictures are really cool by the way! continue to have fun and take care.
xx Ellie xx
Response: Hi Ellie! Ah, really pleased you like the site! Have been away from civilised world for 3 days, so unable to correspond. Not kidnapped by Aussies, but almost taken by Dingoes! I of course made sure I watched the 20th anniversary specials of Neighbours while here, and plan to visit the set while in Melborne (a bit sad I know!) Good luck with revision and take care xxxx
From Vicky
Hi K,
Sorry to hijack your page, but I am going to be running 5km in the Race for Life in Ipswich raising money for Cancer Research, so if anyone fancies sponsering me, even a £1 will do please check out my website:

thankyou! Vicky
Response: Go ahead my darling.. :)
From Susie and Ben
Hi K!!!! Can't believe you are swanning off around the world without a thought for the rest of us in rainy, boring old blighty. All sounds fab - but have to admit to being a little concerned about these needles that everyone keeps refering to?! Can't wait to see all your pics and read the next installment - it has brought us some international cheer on this miserable tuesday evening.
Lots of love and good luck from S & B xxxxxxx
PS Ben is a little too interested to know how foxy the thai women are for my liking!
Response: Hello! Great to hear from you! Yeah, there are loads of gorgeous petite Asian women! I feel like a giant walking around here and I can't buy any clothes because none of them fit me! Chris gave me some clean needles because you are advised to take them to SE Asia, because if you have to go into hosp in some places they use recycled needles. Better to be safe then sorry! Let me know about wedding plans and new house.. xxx
From mister christopher
im in a stuffy english office. i am officially a capatalist pig! so to comfort myself checked out your happenings! Koh Tao sounds like as good place as any to chill for a while-you gotta let us know what the diving and snorkeling courses are like-id think pretty awe inspiring views are to be had!
i have to ask cuz i geeky-but-whats the local music (and scene like?)-id think pretty ecclectic seeing that theres loads of backpackers coming and going.....HEAVEN!

i shall leave you with this image-i am about to sneak out of work early (YAY) to sit in a traffic jam for about 1hr.30 till i sludge back into the poo of ipswich.....big happy face! hehe :)

hope those needles are still unused young lady-keep us poor suffering epsilons informed! take care-
Response: Hello you!
I've been here for 3 weeks, but every Monday morning I still smile at the thought of everyone sitting at their desks! :)
The atmos is really special - chilled out in some bars and parties in others. So good as you can go wherever the mood takes you..
Getting a little sick of Morcheeba and Bob Marley already, but really enjoying
Jack Johnson and Pete Murray - played alot out here. Will send some CDs back to Ipswich... Needles still unused, and I will keep it that way! Loads of love :) xxx
From Phil
Hey You

Well, sounds as if you're having a cracking time young Katherine! Elephant trekking, rafting...makes work feel even more mundane! Just to make me feel really envious, I hope you're taking lots of great pics of all the things you see and do.

Nice work by the way with the cocktail bars...hope a few White Russians were involved!

Stay in touch and keep me posted with all your fun and games you're having you lucky thing...

Love Phil x

ps. You'll be shocked to hear that I'm missing out on photographing Lemar on Wednesday - I'll be in the bright lights of Hamburg on 'business' yuppie does that sound!

Response: Hello! Am taking loads of pics, but I doubt they are up to your standard ;)
'On business' eh? Just make sure you raid the mini bar xxx
From Mum
I am with you every step of the way!!
Mum xxxxxxxx
Response: I really think you are - keep pointing out the different bourgainvilleas to Vena and telling her to smell the Jasmine. She thinks I'm crazy!
From Vicky (your sister)
hello, hope u have had a toast for Charles and Camilla today; hedgehunter won the grand national, mg rover went into administration, hope all is as newsworthy your end, ta ta 4 now Vicky
PS the Popes funeral was great, I'd get more people for mine though!
Response: I did! Sat in a bar and BBC World was on. Saw Trinny and Susannah critique Camilla's dress and had a chuckle at the royal family in a coach! xx
From Dan H

Today I accidentally cut myself using the World's Sharpest Knife.

Response: Lol! I've been sucked into that Debenhams thing too! You'll have to buy a fancy knife rack to avoid further incidents.. ;) Not found any good T-Shirts yet, they'll all surfer, sex and drugs. Will keep looking tho xx
From Michelle
Hello Lovely

Sounds like you are having a fab time. Am very very jealous! Make sure you look after yourself!

Keep smiling and have fun
Response: Hi Michelle - thanks so much for setting me up with this website! It's so good! And thanks for your recommendation to see Angkor Wat - amazing place! Hope all is going well at emap! xx
From Dan H
Looks like you're having a great time. Glad to see that bars and drinking feature in most of your posts ;) $3 for an hour long massage?!
Response: Everything is so very cheap! Will keep an eye out for some nice
T´Shirts for you xx