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Kaths Adventures in Suburbia with the Princesses

Small children, ponies, dogs, scrapbooking and shopping malls - we are doing the lot here in the southern suburbs and arent we having a ball!

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 04 April 2007

Location: Lihue, Kauai, Pacific Ocean

We all had a ball on our jaunt to Hawaii. What was in thought a daunting task with the little people on board became a delightful first family holiday for us. It didnt matter what we threw at Casey and Ash they remained resilient and easy going even when we had the odd hiccup en-route. They just loved being in airports! We soon discovered that cute children along for the ride was a visa all its own with unique benefits - no one could resist them. All interaction started and ended with a smile when the girls were involved.

Kauai is a lovely remote island with lots of natural beauty. The wedding was truly memorable and we all enjoyed that aspect of the trip very much. The Marriott was a lush, sprawling resort in a laidback setting. Aside from the wedding, the highlight here was our heilcopter ride around the island. All the good bits are inaccessible by any other form of transportation. Aside from the motion sickness which seems to plague me constantly these days it was worth the waves of nausea for me. While flying down the NaPali coast our pilot kept spotting whales in the water and proceeded to fly tight circles around them so we could view them - the only trouble was there were so many of them! I turned greener with every whale...We also found a Wal-Mart here and happily surrendered days off of our lives while we were swallowed whole by this retail giant (not really but they say this is what happens when you enter a Wal-Mart) - it had to be done, I do like the choice that a population of 300 million offers an individual...

Waikiki is another destination entirely and not without its beauty although much of it is detracted by the overload the tourism industry has inflicted upon it. How some of those hi rise hotels were allowed to be built on the shore is beyond me. I would love to have seen this location before it reached what appears to be critical mass. Having said that I like a destination with a pulse and I loved the shopping opportunities I was presented with! It was definitely not without its charm and there is only so much serenity a girl can take in a tropical paradise. I am loathe to be too critical of an industry that allowed me to visit anyway! We did the usual, swam in the surf of Waikiki, indulged in shave ices (very sickly), shopped at the ABC stores (you will know what I mean if you have visited here!), drank pretty cocktails and watched the sun set.

Monday, 17 April 2006

Location: Chandlers HIll, Australia

Hi there Tor,

It bothered me that we couldnt get pics of all your favourites here back home and so I decided to look into providing this service for you. It only made sense to use this service as it seems easy and quick - certainly two requirements for the busy traveller whether it be to the salt flats or the change-table - so lets see how we go. We will update you as much as we can on our odyssey of the mundane (though loving it). Any requests by yourself will be taken seriously and all efforts made to fulfill them. Dont worry there will still be normal emails - there are just some things one does not need to share with the world at large!!

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Recent Messages

From Narelle
Hey Kath, you've done a grat job of this site. Who knew suburbia could be so interesting. I will have to take some pics of you so that Tor can see you as well. Can't have you doing all this work and no evidence of your existence.
Response: Am not sure if I need to be in much when the littlest people are so devastatingly cute - still Tor prob would love an update of all of us.
From Jessica
The girls look so gorgeous dressed up in their fairy outfits! I cannot believe how much Ash has grown! Thanks so much for sharing, Kathi :) XOX
Response: No worries: figured they were subjects worth sharing!! :)
From Tori

Love the lot of it.... It´s absolutely fantastic. Books looks quite woolly, just like I´d love to go and give him a hug... Ash is looking more like Casey every day... Jack looks like he is growing up and thinning down in the face, and Rube and particularly Reg are such good sports aren´t they. Love the fairies you found at the bottom of your garden!
Thanks a bunch
Lotsa love,
Tor xxxxxxx
Response: Our complete pleasure - will keep you up to date of our adventures for the next 8 weeks!