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Hi all, after nearly 6 months on the road we have finally decided to put all our pics together on one web page for you all to enjoy!!!

Photos - Click Below


North island

Well we spent 2 weeks on the norrth island. It was beautiful, lots of thermal pools and mud.


Knife making, Barrytown

We stopped off in Barrytown to spend a day knife making. What a great day. It was hard to believe when he showed us at the start what we would be making the knife out of and what we ended up with at the end of the day.


Fox Glacier

Here are some of the photos we took while climbing the Fox Glacier. What an amazing day!! We spent about an hour walking to the base of the Glacier and then about 5 hours on the ice. Took a bit of getting used to walking on the ice but we soon got used to it.


Zorbing in rotorua

The zorbing was great craic we had to lie in side the zorb and then they put in a bucket of hot water and off we went down the hill.


South Island - New Zealand.

Hi all!! After spending 3 weeks travelling around the South island here are some of the pictures of what we got up to.



WE spent 4 days in Perth. Rented out a car and went down to Albany and up north to the Pinnacles.


Ayers Rock

Ayers Rock. Our three day trip took us to Kings canyon , ayers rock and the Olgas. As you can see from the pictures it was a luxurious tour!!


Kings Canyon red centre

Our trip to kings canyon, on the way to Ayers rock.



Hi everyone, It's been a quite enough 3 months in melbourne. Here's some pics of some of the things we did while there.


East coast

Hi here are some pics from travelling down the east coast.

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Recent Messages

From Debbie
You lucky ducks!O my doesn't it bring back memories. Well by the look of these pictures you seem to be having a ball. You'll never feel it until your back in the real world,I'm still trying to come to terms with it especially when I see pictures like these,I'm green with envy!
It won't be long til we see your bronzed bods back in Belmullet!Take it easy on us now.
Enjoy every minute thats left,
See you soon Deb
Response: Hiya, we are having a great time but time is nearly running out, only 10 days left. In fiji at the moment after spending 2 great weeks out on the islands. We fly to la tonight, supposed to be really hot there so i'll be ably to top up the tan before heading home. See you soon kathy x
From Breeda
Hi Guys,
The pictures are fab, would make anyone jealous especially looking at them here at work!!!
Response: Hiya breeda, you must be busy working away, not long till your trip to New York now though. You will have a great time. Kathy
From Trish
Hi guys, hows it goin? I have just had a look at your new piccies - how exicitng I can't believe you have met Harold Bishop, it looks as though your having a fab time. Keep in touch and let me know everything that your getting up to and keep the piccies coming.

I am hopefully booking Westport in a couple of weeks so will let you know when I do.

Take care, enjoy yourselves

Response: Hi Trish, great to hear from ya. Yea meeting the neighbours cast was great fun. Harold was not what we expected, he was really humurous. Looking forward to seeing you in August.
From sarah and mitch
Wicked photo's, it's amazing how many similar ones we have got although i never managed to snog Harold!!!!
Where to now then?? I bet time has flown ny. Can't believe we've been home nearly 5 months. Keep in touch xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: HI guys, Congrats again on your fantastic news that there will be another addition to the family in January!!!
From Debbie
Hey there!
Glad to see you got some pictures up, finally! The pictures are lovely, especially the ones I graced!!Hope alls going well for you both in Melbourne.Weather has finally picked up here in New Zealand,we could even match your temps in Melbourne.
Keep the pics coming.
Take care,
love Deb
Response: Hi debbie, only getting around to replying now. Not long left, having a ball in New Zealand. See you soon. kathy x