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Welcome to my travel page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Leave me a message to let me know what you think!

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 26 September 2006

Location: Our final stop, USA

Our last 2 weeks of freedom and thats it! Boo!!!!

We arrived in LA on the wednesday afternoon and we were all absolutely knackered needless to say. More so because the flight was the most boring 12 hours of my life! Instead of having individual screens like most planes, we had one big screen at the front which i couldnt see as i had someones fat head in the way!! Then we had to stop in Tahiti for an hour and half and i got biten by more mossies! Like i didnt have enough already!

Didnt really do much in LA. Went on a little sight seeing tour and went to the cinema and that was about it! However, we went to see pirates of the carribean at the El Capitan which is an old theatre in Hollywood which is now a cinema which shows disney films. It was all decorated in the pirate theme and there was an organist playing disney tunes before the start! Then they did a draw for Disneyland tickets and our becks won!! We were also so excited!

We went to Universal studios the next day which was awesome (didnt see anyone famous tho, rubbish!) and drove down the aneheim the day after to go to disneyland. I absolutely loved it there! I just love being childish and going on all the rides. The worst bit was the heat! It was ridiculous! It was so bad that we had to pop back to the hotel for an hour! As i had left my stuff in the car, it had melted my shower gel bottle and my shampoo went all watery!

Next stop was San Francisco. Beautiful city. Got to see the golden gate bridge (well, kind of as it was covered in fog!), Alcatraz, the windiest street in the world and Castro (the gay district!). Would have loved to have spent more time there but time was running out.

Yosemite national park was next. We stayed in a little hostel just outside the park. Was quite cute but no air conditioning!! We went white water rafting the next day which was really fun. It was mainly quite chilled tho and just awesome to keep jumping in the water and getting soaked by the rapids as it was still so hot! After the rafting, we set off for Vegas. We drove through the park first which took us about 4 hours! Worth it tho as the views were stunning. Not so great, when driving down a hill and the car shudders violently everytime you brake!!! It was another 8 hours to Vegas and the quickest route was through death valley! Possibly not the best route to take but didnt wanna get there any later! It was so scary! I had to go quite slow down the hills beause of the brakes and we saw about 5 cars in 2 hours. The next thing we saw was a guy flashing us loads and telling us to stop. Of course we didnt but then i saw his reverse lights go on the mirror and we thought he was gonna chase us! I was absolutely shitting myself and we were still 3 hours from Vegas!

Obviously we made it there alive and arrived at our hotel Excalibar on the strip. It was so cool! Our room was massive and it was so cheap! A buffet lunch cost us $12 and was great! I felt pretty fat after leaving which is good enough for me! We managed to take a look around the shops, see a few of the hotels, went to the jousting banquet which was quite fun and see the bellagio water fountain show and the treasure island show. I loved Vegas and wish i could have stayed longer. I would never go back in the summer tho! The heat was horrendous! I think it was around 105f at night! Way too hot. Stayed outside for an hour and was so dehydrated. It was horrible!

We couldnt get this far and not see the Grand Caynon so we took the 5 hour drive over to the park. Was quite a stunning view but was a bit hazy! And thats pretty much all we did there! We stayed in the park and me and Sarah got up at 5 to see the sunrise! Thought i had to see something special there if i wasnt seeing much! And then it was back to vegas to catch a plane to NYC.

The flight was pretty scary as there was a lot of lightening! We got to our hostel about 1am only to be told by the guys that own it that we were staying in reception with a curtain around the beds! It was so rubbish! A little bit funny tho! In ny, we did the uptown and downtown loop on the open top bus, walked through central park, went to the statue of liberty and saw Mamma Mia on Broadway! We also did A LOT of shopping! Was so good to shop tho. It feels like i havent properly shopped for so long! On the last 2 nights, we went out with Becki's cousin Steve. He showed us some of the cool bars in Manhatten and also a couple of the coyote ugly style bars which was funny! Our last meal was at a restaurant called Smith and Wollenskys. the food was gorgeous and all the waiters were really nice and gave us a bottle of champagne.

And before we knew it, it was our last day of travelling!! Didnt do much as New York was just too hot! There was a massive heatwave there and you couldnt walk 3 blocks without wanting to pass out!

I dont think it really hit us until we landed in Heathrow. Although we were looking forward to seeing everyone, it was so sad to think it was all over. I had the most amazing time ever! I have so many good memories of my trip and im glad i share them all with my friends. Words cant describe how good it was.

And now im back. Whoppee!? Im working again full time in an office and at the moment, it isnt that bad but i know when i start thinking "this time last year", its gonna suck!

Thanks for reading my diary. Hope i havent bored everyone too much!


Tuesday, 18 July 2006

Location: Time travelling!!, Cook Islands

What i loved about flying to the cook islands is that we left on saturday 15th july at 6pm from fiji and arrived in rarotonga at 11.30pm on the 14th of july!! It was a little bit confusing at the time but good to gain an extra day!

As you've probably already guessed, we didnt really do much on cook islands either!! The first night, we stayed in a dorm in rarotonga backpackers but got woken up by some annoying girls so got our own beachside apartment instead!! It was gorgeous! The view was amazing and it was good to have all our own facilities! However, by having a kitchen, we thought we would save money by cooking our own food which didnt really happen as it was so expensive! They have all their food inported from nz so milk cost $11 which is about 4 pounds!!

The weather wasnt to great in the cook islands and we did get pretty soaked a couple of times when we were out!! Although we didn spend some time on the beach and chilling out on our balcony. To save money, on the evenings, we just watched films on our dvd player as there was one in our room.

I did enjoy chilling out on the cook islands but im really glad we only spent a few days there as i would have gone crazy!!

Saturday, 15 July 2006

Location: Fiji

Hello everyone

Just a quick update on fiji as i didnt really do anything!!

I got to fiji on the 8th of july. We got there quite late so went straight to our hostel and pretty much straight to bed. It was good not to wear about 5 layers of clothes anymore!!

Our first island was Malolo and walu beach. We had a boat ride over which took about half hour. The resort looked fairly nice on the way in. We were shown to our dorm which was a 6 bed dorm. However, it was a building with 10 other rooms with no ceilings so it was pretty much a 60 bed dorm. The next few days werent that special. The beach wasnt that great, the food was ok but it was included in the price and one day we had curry twice and there was a group of young american kids who just annoyed the hell out of everyone! We also (suprisingly enough!!) got bored of lazing around so we changed our flight in cook islands so we only stayed 4 days instead of 10!

After 3 days, we finally got to move on to beachcomber island. Now this was more like it!! A small island that took about 5 mins to walk around and a room that was just a 4 bed dorm with our own bathroom! I cant believe how excited we were about it! We were lucky tho as the main dorm had 100 beds!! The island was so much more friendlier! There was music at lunch and dinner with entertainment on the night and the bula dance!! (its just a macarana style dance and bula means welcome!) met some girls there who we met at walu beach and got a few people to play a few drinking games which ended up with us all being pretty drunk!! Rules included silly camera poses, dancemaster and running to the dance floor to dance like your parents!!

I like fiji a lot better after going to beachcomber and enjoyed a lot more although a think a week was enough as we just wanted to do stuff in the day. Especially when it rained for a day!

And that was fiji!! Drinking, lazing around doing nothing and sleeping!!

Friday, 07 July 2006

Location: South Island, New Zealand

The time has come again (and way too fast for my liking!) to another update on New Zealand before heading off to warm myself back up again on Fiji. Its been an awesome 2 weeks and one that has tested my braveness to the full!!

We got the ferry to picton 2 weeks ago. The weather was pretty rubbish so i had to lie down for most of the time to stop myself being sick!! In picton, we stayed in a hostel called the villa. I absolutely loved it there as it was so homely and we had free apple pie and ice cream for dessert! Bonus!!

Our next stop was nelson briefly then Motueka. Here we had chocolate muffins for free! I love this place!! Thsi was our base so we could go to Abel Tasmin national park the next day. Unfortunately, due to us being complete spam heads, we couldnt do the 3 1/2 hour walk as we missed the ferry so we did a 1 1/2 instead to appletree bay. The walk was pretty good and scenery was stunning as it was along the coast. To get a head start on the next days drive, we drove to a place called Murchison and we stayed in a hostel called lazy cow (quite aptly named for me!!). It was walking into like someones house!! There was no one there and the sign just told us to pick a bed and someone will come see us later! It was really strange! The guy who owned it came back after he had finished work and we decided to stay! I think its one of my favourite hostels so far as there were only a few people there and everyone was really friendly. I definately prefer the smaller hostels than the big hotel like ones!

Next was Franz Josef to see a bloody great glacier to meet up with our boys, Matt and Dan, who just cant seem to stay away!! To celebrate the arrival of the boys, we all decided to go to the spa. Seems nice enough but it was in a wooden hut out in the car park so we had to go out in the freezing cold in our swim stuff to get in it!! Was good fun tho and gave us something to do as the town was pretty much empty!! We saw the glacier in the morning which was pretty impressive then headed to fox glacier to we could do the hike there as it was cheaper! On a whim, me, becks and dan decided to go on a helicopter ride around the mountains. We booked a 20 minute for $175 but as there were 2 people on a flight for 40 mintutes for $345, we got put on with them instead!! How lucky are we?! The flight was awesome and views were out of this world. We flew around mount cook which is in the fellowship of the ring. We also landed on snow which is possibly the most the exciting thing ever!! We were jumping up and down like children of course! The hike later on the day was amazing too. It was so good to be on the ice and walking on it was quite fun too.

Queenstown was next. Supposidly the party town but we are getting a bit lame and only managed it out twice!! The main things i did in queenstown was the nevis bunjy, snowboarding and the shotover jet. Firstly, the bunjy! At 134 metres, its the highest bunjy in nz and possibly the scariest thing ive ever done in my life!! You get taken out to a little pod in the middle of a valley, strapped up and then expected to jump on your own!! I honestly dont know how i did it and i still dont think i know!! I was so unbelievably scared, sky diving is so much easier!! Pretty proud of myself tho! The boys did it with me too and we def a lot braver than me or maybe they just werent showing it?! Snowboarding was brilliant and i will def consider going on a holiday to do it now! I admit it, i wasnt that great but i had muchos fun! So did everyone else except for the fact becki torn a ligment in her thumb by standing up then falling back down and Matt got hit in the head with a snowboard! ouch!! Was a fun day tho and i love just sitting in snow! Im weird i know!! Shotover jet was good too. Its like a turbo engine jet that goes over the shotover river quite fast and ridiculously close to the rocks! Was good fun altho i dont think i could actually feel my face after coz it was so god damn cold!!

Milford sound was our next port of call. The drive there was pretty amazing altho a little scary coz of the snow and ice on the road! We made it there safely tho and stayed in a hostel nearby which shut off its power at 11pm! We went on a milford sound boat cruise the next day which was stunning.

Dunedin was kinda of a stopover on the way up to christchurch. Was still enjoyable tho as it had a cadbury world!! Wohoo!! We had a tour around the factory and the smell was the best ever!! We got some free bars of chocolate and saw a ton of chocolate fall in a waterfall. The highlight at the end was colouring in a hat and me and sarah wearing it for the rest of the day but i dont think anyone was to impressed!! I also got to walk up the steepest street in the world which nearly killed me!! God, id hate to live on it!!

And then Christchurch! Havent seen much of it as ive been too busy repacking and sending home all my winter clothes which i shouldnt need anymore!! So then its goodbye to the boys (is it like the 4th time now?!) and we fly to fiji tomorrow!!

New Zealand has been absolutely amazing! Its quite hard to describe really. Ive spent an absolute fortune on all the activities ive done but every dollar has been worth it!! Driving her has been awesome too. Its actually quite hard to concentrate on the road as the landscape is truely beautiful. My favourite being the south island with all the snow and snow capped mountains.

And that was another country!! 5 down, 3 to go!! Not long left now and i am scared although looking forward to seeing everyone!! Sorry if ive rambled a little bit!! Speak to you all soon hopefully!

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From Rico
ello darlin!

my god you did the nevis!

well done i shat myself doin the taupo bunjee (and burst a blood vessel in my eye!) The South Island is an absolute stunner isnt it, i cant wait to live there!
cant wait to see you either,
speak soon bebe, Rx
Response: Hey u

You loser!! Ok, i pretty much shit myself!! The scariest thing ive ever done by far!

Im home in like a week and im so looking forward to seeing you!! Lets go out and get boozy!

Love ya and see you soon
From Adam
Glad you enjoyed our little part of the world!!!
besos xxoxo
Response: Yeah it was pretty awesome!! Loved it all and was my favourite place so far!

speak soon
From Becca
hey! sounds like your having the most awesome time! enjoy Fiji, will send you all the gossip soon x

Response: Hey u

Fiji is pretty good but leaving tomorrow. Then 4 days in cook islands then the states!! Going to fast!!

mail me soon!!
From Denise
Hey guess what happened at Coldplay..
I got engaged..
Im still in shock!
Response: Oh my god!!! Congratulations. Im so pleased for you!

Obviously the gig was good then!!

Email me all the gossip soon!!

From Anne - The real Ozzi
Just thought I'd send you a quick Msg to say hello! Miss you already. Sailing the Whitsundays tomorrow. It's strange to think when you were here, I was there where you are! Keep me updated on your extreme sports and other crazy stuff you guys do.

See you not so soon.

Response: Hey u

Saw your message you left in the glow worm cottage today!! It made me chuckle. Might have to sign myself in as a camper tramper as well!!

Will do honey. Speak soon
From denise
Hey kate got to see all your photo's. they are really great. White-heaven, its gorgeous im looking forward to seeing it all myself.
hope all is good with you!
where are you now?
Response: Hey Denise

Yeah im good cheers! Back in Auckland now as watching an all blacks game tonight (dont worry, im supporting the irish!) Just been to waitomo caves for black water rafting. Was awesome!!

Good to hear from you mate. Keep in touch
From Sarah from dancing
love the web site and the fantastic time you are having !!- couldn't resist leaving this message.
Had a great time at Skeggie (although not as exiting as your trips) - did some hip hop !!!! - will email you all the details soon.

Response: Hey sarah

Thanks for leaving a message.

Glad skeggie was good. Cant wait to go next year! I would have a loved a hip hop lecture!!

Speak soon

From Luce
Hey Sexual Pickard.
Really loving the pictures on the site - keep up the good work!! Sounds like you're still having a wicked time, extremely jealous still........... Went to Rach's wedding on Saturday, she looked absolutely stunning and it was such a perfect day for her with the weather being so nice!! By the way, got through my exam ok on Friday altho it was bloody difficult - fingers crossed i'll pass......
Speak soon hun XxXxXx
Response: Hey there sweets

Cheers honey. Glad u like them.
I so wish i was there, i cant believe i missed it. Im so glad she had a good day.

Glad your exams went well. Let me know when u get your results.

Speak soon
From Becks
Drunken Pickford. How I wish I was there to see you in action!!!! Girl you make me laugh. (Me:) Chuckle Chuckle (You:) Gawfffull!

Love ya travelling buddie
Response: Hey u

Yeah i know. I think i was the drunkest girl alive! Good times!

Glad you didnt say chortle!

Love you too mate
From pistoil
Hey honey,

Love the poem, thats so cool and something you can keep forever!!I so wish i was there sharing the memories with you!!Notice the name above, don't think im ever going to lose that!!ha ha!! Have fun darling and keep in touch!!We'll have a few drinkies or two when you get back into suuny Bristol!!

Loves you mate,xxx
Response: Hey u

Its brilliant isnt it?! I wish you were here too mate, its so awesome!!

Cant wait to catch up with you when i get home. Ill try not to bore you with all my stories!

Love you sweets and miss you muchly!
From Kate
Yo Pickard,
Don't believe a word Rach says bout their language skills - they were shite! My French friends had never heard anything like it! Only thing missing was you. Gonna go grab some rays on the beach now, love you long time babyxx
Response: Hey honey

Yeah i can imagine! (sorry rach!) I wish i could have been there, im gutted ill never get to see you in french land!

Mail me soon sweets, i wanna hear all the goss!

Love u lots
From Paul Strachann
Hey hows it going! You had a good week? Its half term at college at the mo and im in college doing stupid work that has to be in! Iv got two weeks left until i finnish pressure is on. I Find out next week if im off to Afghan this year will have to go to Germany first for three months tho. Ill miss most of the world cup. Since scotland are sadly not in the world cup due to being cheated im supproting one team and that Englands opposition. Anyway email me back soon as i cant really talk right this second. No rest for the wicked, Paul x
Response: Hey Paul

Im good thanks. Just got back from the whitsunday islands which was amazing.

Let me know if you hear anything about afghan.

England rules anyway!!

Speak soon
From Batesford!
Hey Picks,

I know im with you but thought I'd leave you a little message.

It is very sad that we have left our little Sydney home but i know we're going to have a such a good time over the next few months.

So many more memories to come!!

Love you x x
Response: Well hey there batesford!

Thanks for the message. Its was sad and your too right we will. Had a wicked time just these past few days!

Speak to you in a minute!

Love Picks!
From Blip
Hey kate this site looks great, i hear you are going to give us a run for our money at the snb now you drink beer.

well done on the snake, i would have struggled with that.

Response: Hey Blip

Yeah i am! It might be quite funny getting drunk with you guys on snb when i get home!

Cheers but it wasnt actually as bad as i thought in the end although it was damn heavy!
From Brother Dave
hey chonkelberry finn. nice website- i didnt even know about this!
have you had lots of peas and carrots recently?
over and out.

Response: Hey dave

Of course i have and I told Gran too!!

Glad you liked it smave! Send me a picture of you + mum soon!
From becky
And...what an cool website...I should have got one of these! Phi Phi looks amazing...will def do my best to get there...
Response: Thanks, that was courtesy of Matthew J Willis as it was such a great idea!

You really do have to go. Its awesome!! My favourite place so far.
From becky
hey! So lovely to read your Ayer's Rock was awesome!

take care
becky x
Response: Cheers mate! It still makes me chuckle thinking of the bohemian rapsody video and talking about brad!! Oh yeah, and ayers rock sucked!!
From Rachel
hey, sounds like you're having a wicked time! i think it's almost better travelling by yourself cus you meet so many more people. We had a great time with kate in france, me and luce impressing everyone with our language skills!! didn't make it out later than 4.30 though, think kate was a bit disappointed! anyways, wont make you spend longer in an internet cafe than you have to, loads of love x
Response: Glad to hear you had such a good time mate. I cant believe your gonna get married soon and im gonna miss it!! Let me know how its all going and i will be thinking of you on the day.

Love ya