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Katy's Trip To AussieLand!!!

Well, I am finally living out one of my many dreams to start travelling the world, and what better place to start than Australia!
Welcome to Katy's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels of Aussieland for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Friday, 12 May 2006

Location: Coral Bay, Australia

At 6:00, Tammy woke me up to go and experience an amazing sunset on the beach! It was spectacular! Not a cloud in the sky and so quite on the water, it was just like glass! Took some amazing pictures and then it was time to go and see the Dolphin feeding down at the other end of the beach. Our group walked down to the area where the dolphins were gathering, and stood around listening to the trainer/bioligist talk about how these dolphins were wild, but still enjoyed people and being fed free food! haha. It was really interesting to see, and so cute to see the dolphins up close! Then, it was feeding time and they randomly pulled people out of the audience to feed them. After that, i went and had a shower, and all of the rest of the group went back for the second feeding, where they all got to feed the dolphins! i was so jealous, but oh well. Once the dolphin feeding was finished, we went to Shell Beach, which was COVERED in little pearly shells. All I could think of when I was there collecting shells was the song that Rowan and Sarah (my little cousins) sing about Pearly Shells along the ocean! It was so funny, because I only knew those 2 phrases, and couldn't remember the rest; but i still sang it when i was on the beach! So funny! Once Shell Beach was finished, we went to Telegraph Station and learnt all about the Stromatolites, which are fossils that show the live cycles of cyanobacteria (blue-green algae). Quite interesting. Then, we had lunch and were back on the road to go to Coral Bay. The whole group stayed in the same room, so that was alot of fun; and went out that night to the only pub in Coral Bay. It just happened to be inhabited by a huge biker gang, which made all the girls a little bit nervous, but was fun all the same! We ended up wondering back to the Coral Beach and just talking about our travels with all the other people in the group! A great bonding experience!
Love Katy xxx

Thursday, 11 May 2006

Location: Monkey Mia, Australia

This morning's wake-up call was harsh! I didn't think that I was actually going to wake-up! The night before, we had argued (nicely) with Simon about how he knew that we would need an hour to get ready in the morning! And how we needed to leave by 6:30 and rah rah rah. We (all the girls and Tammy and I)believed that we didn't need an hour to get ready and would be able to leave by 6:30 the next morning no problem! Especially is we got up at 6, instead of 5:30! But I guess he has more experience than we do in this area, and was very right about needing that much time to be ready for our departure at 6:30am. It is incredible how slowly you move at that time in the morning! haha.
Anyways... once onto the bus, everyone slept until we got to our first scenic area, the Costal Gorges! They were absolutely amazing, but it was so cold that morning that everyone just took random pictures and ran back onto the warm bus. The water was a clear, dark blue and the cliffs jutting out of the water were all kinds of reds and oranges! Breathtaking if you were warm enough to stay and look! We then drove to Kalberrie National Park and did a little walk to Natures Window, an amazing hold in a huge rock worn away by wind and rain. It is amazing what mother nature is capable of! Anyways, we took some pictures there and then were off to the Z-Bend. Once we had walked around at Z Bend, We had lunch at Billabong Roadhouse, and then were on the road to Eagles Bluff. It was a look out over a huge reef, where Reef Sharks enjoyed hanging out and were very easily spotted! We also saw a pod of dolphins swimming around the reef, and some funky fish! The sharks were so odd to watch, because we were so far away from ua in the water (about 2 km's away), they looked tiny! Once Eagles Bluff was done, we jetted out to Monkey Mia to catch the sunset on the beach. Absolutely beaufitul, amazing colours; and Tammy and I took some pretty cool pictures of us holding the sun.
Once the sun had gone down, it was time to make supper, another BBQ, but this time it was made by Simon, and was amazing! We had chicken and potatoes and salad and carrots, and... so many things were on the table! YUMMY!!! Then, it was time to hit the Goon (VERY cheap and bad tasting wine) for some fun drinking games te get to know eachother. We also had to try out the natural hot-springed hot tub; which was halarious!
Then, it was off to bed, since tomorrow morning's wake-up call was at 6:30am.
Love Katy xxx

Wednesday, 10 May 2006

Location: Kalberrie, Australia

The beginning of our next planned trip began today! And how exciting was it, absolutely amazing! Tammy and I both loved all the sights and the people whom we met along the way!
This morning, at 6:45am, was our pickup by our driver, Simon! He introduced himself and loaded us onto the bus where 3 other people were awaiting our arrival. We did introductions, and found out that 2 of them were from England (surprise surprise) and ones for the upcomming events which were before us. Once back at the bus, we went to Hangover Bay for lunch. It was quite a nice bay, with FREEZING cold water, but an amazing lunch all the same! Once lunch was done, we went out to the sand doons and had our try at SandBoarding at Sandy Cape! It was absolutely halarious, and alot of work. First, we had to walk up a vertical hill of sand with this board attatched to our backs. Once at the top, we then had to sit onto the board, and fly down the hill, trying to steer with our fingers in the sand back behind us. At the botttom on the doon, there just happened to be a bunch of bunps and ramps which all of us managed to hit, and would go FLYING and then land in the sand... which would go EVERYWHERE! into our mouths, into our hair, into our togs.... haha. Tammy and I have it on video... so you can all laugh at us and watch us make fools of ourselves. haha. Tammy and I also believed that it was alot like snowboarding, so we had our try at standing up and trying to make it down to the bottom. Lets just say that we spent more time on our bottoms than standing up, going down the hill! hehe Once SandBoarding was finished, we went and tried to get the sand out of all the nooks and crannies of ourselves in the freezing cold oceanic water! BURR!!!! Once back of them was frin Canada. Quite Ironic! hehe. Anyways, we then went and picked up the other 5 people. On the bus, is contained many different ages, naitonalities, and personalities, but we all seemed to mesh quite well! The 2 English girls were named Louise, who was 28, and Louisa, who was 22. Ian, the Canadian, was 23, and the only other guy on the trip was an Australian named Frank, who turned out to be 45 in the end, which NONE of us expected! There was also a German girl named Katia, and 2 dutch people, one named Genaveve, who was 24, and her Mum, who we have no idea how old she was because she couldn't spreak English very well at all! It was quite a mix of people, but we found out how to all bind together to make the most of our trip.
The first stop on our trip was breakfast stop at Cataby RoadHouse. A little shack on the side of the road which didn't look very promising, so Tammy and I decided to have the yoghurt that we brought instead! Then, it was onto the PInnacles - an absolutely amazing area of calcified sandstone and limestone. These stoned were so varried in size, some only sticking out of the sand a couple of inches to ones around 8 feet tall! Amazing. We went for a walk all around the amazing creations and took many landscape shots of the beautiful sights! At the end of the walk, we all stopped and Simon said that he liked to have a couple minutes of peace at this spot to just enjoy life. We all st down and just engulfed the sights infront of us and perpared ourselvin the bus, we drove along the Ocean Road, where I sat up with Simon and chatted about what we would be doing and seeing on our trip! Quite interesting. We eventually ended up in Kalberrie at a hostel. An amazing BBQ was made for us, and then it was straight to bed because the wake-up call for tomorrow morning wat 5:30am.
All I have to say is that I'm glad I had earplugs! haha
Love Katy xxx

Tuesday, 09 May 2006

Location: Perth, Australia

On the first day that we arrived in Perth (Sunday, the 7th), both Tammy and I were dead tired, and Tammy wasn't quite feeling up to the weather to go sight seeing, so it was basically a write off.
On the second day that we arrived, Tammy was feeling alot better, so we decided to test the waters in Perth and see what it had to offer, and we were NOT disappointed! It was gorgeous! We walked down Barraks Street to see the infamous Swan Bells. They were amazing. It was this enormous swan like looking structure, that played music unheard of! As we entered the bells tower, we were awe-struken by the beauty and the magnitude that it had to offer. we then stopped on one of the levels to see what the bells instrumentalists looked like. We were shocked to see that they were old people all holding onto ropes in an enclosed room. Once they were signaled, they would all pull on the ropes and magically the loud booming of the bells would begin. I think that this is why no 2 bell ringings are the same. The first 2 or 3 bell falls would be like a downward scale, but after that, everyone was just kind of doing their own thing and pulling the strings whenever they felt like it. It was quite comical, but also amazing to see that this is the way these emormous bells were being made to ring! After the shock had warn away, we went up another level in the bell tower, and were amazed again to see the actual bells which were making this wonderous noise! To give you a hint of the magnitude of these bells, the smallest bell, the Treble Bell weighs 241 kgs; and the largest bell, the Tenor Bell weighs 1,480 kgs. They were HUGE!!! amazing sight to see when they were being chimed! Once at the top of the Swan Bell Tower, Tammy and i took pictures and then walked down the amazing glass stair case to go onto our next adventure. We were going to go to the well raved about Kings Park. On our meander over to it, we were thrown off by a blockade saying that due to a rock fall in June of 2005, we were not able to use the bridge, but if we walked 475m one way, we would come to Jacobs Ladder and be able to get to the Park from there. Ok, Tammy and i said. So, we walk, what seems alot longer than 500m, and found another couple looking quite lost aswell. Once conversing with them and looking on their map, we all decided that the 800 stairs just down the road was Jacobs Ladder. Well, i do believe that i am deffinately out of shape! Those stairs were a killer, but once at the top, the view was gorgeous!!! We went to the War Memorials, the beautiful Botanic Gardens, and did a very cool Tree-Top walk overtop of the Park and the water. Quite beautiful. Once done that, we headed off to buy food for supper. on our way to the grocers, Tammy said aloud that she was craving cheesecake, and then that got me to thinking that i was craving cheesecake. and then, that got us onto buying a whole cheesecake while shopping for a few things for supper. It was a VERY good cheesecake, if i do say so myself! once home to the hostel for some supper, we cooked, cleaned, and then were off to bed after that long day of gorgeous sight seeing.
Today, we decided to go over to Fremantle, a suburb of Perth. We took the Tram Railway over to "Freo", and hopped of to see what there was to see. We were pleasently surprised! There were gorgeous little shops, cute little cafes, a bunch of pubs, and the amazing Fremantle Prison. We took a tour through the prision, which was a maximum security prison until 1991, and were amazed with what the inmates were put through and were allowed to do! It was a very informative and interesting tour, going all through the prison, and into the cells, and seeing the courtyards, and the gallows (creepy!). it was quite enjoyable. We then stopped at a little gelato store called Armino for some incredibly rich gelato. it was the best treat yet (although the cheesecake was amazing!) Now, i am just finishing off writing to all of you about my journeys! hope you enjoyed reading!
Tomorrow, we are off on our 7day Exmouth return trip. Going to go and visit all the top sights along the way, and i'll tell you all about them when i get home! (of back to the hostel!)
love you!
Katy xxx

Saturday, 06 May 2006

Location: Sydney, Australia

Yesterday morning, we woke up, checked out of WakeUp, and followed Alex to the ferry to Manly. The ferry ride took about 30min, but the views of the city in the morning were spectacular. And with a piping hot mocha in one hand and my camera in the other, i was quite content and excited to be going to another place with something other than a big city feel. It's quite ironic that we are in a big city again! for the past 3 months, we've been little town hopping (aside from Brisbane which we didn't like anyways), and LOVING it!!! But, sydney also feels a little bit like home, it is the place where i began my journey in Australia, and the place that i will be leaving Aunstalia from. It is the first place where i called home, a little bit timid and scared, but so excited that i was half way across the world that it didn't really matter. It was the place where i stayed in my first hostel (although not very nice) and the first place i actually got to see while being here! . ANYWAYS... back to my travels after that little reflection period. Once we arrived in Manly, Alex lead us to the hostel he was staying in and we dropped off our bags and prepared ourselves for some walking. We went to the beach and to the little strip malls and on the sand and down the walks and... it was jsut a nice little place to just look at, with all it's cute little shops and nice little people! the pubs were quite a bit of fun too! After having sushi for supper (YUMM!) we went out to Pooley Pub for a drink. They had live music there, pool tables, and just a really great atmosphere to watch a rugger game - it was supposidly one of the most important games of the season, as i was told many times by many blokes! So funny.
This morning, we woke up, quite tired after our long bus rides and walking around all day yesterday. We went for some Thai food (yumm again!), and then went to check out the MARKET!!! I have decided that i LOVE markets! I bought a cute little necklace and a pendant from this really cute old man who was so nice and charming that i couldn't say now. At least the pendant is nice, haha. We then took the ferry back to Manly; I took some beautiful sunset pictures off of the ferry side, so gorgeous! Once back on Sydney ground, we had to book it back to the WakeUp hostel with our bags on (SO MUCH WORK!!!). It was about a 30min walk on a normal day, but we had to do it in about 20, and try to fight our way through the saturday night crowds. All i can say was it was not fun! And it was alot of work! Once back at WakeUp, we caught the Airport Shuttle just in time, and were off to the airport. It was quite a long flight, Tammy and I didn't really enjoy it, and once we got to Perth, we had no idea how to get to our hostel. Thank god that when we walked out, there was a shuttle just waiting for us to hop on! They took us to the Perth City YHA, where we booked in with one of the slowest reception people i have ever met. I was so tired and grumpy that i believe the only thing stopping me from jumping over the desk and doing it myself was the fact that i had a huge backpack on and that would be near impossible! Once into our room, we literally collapsed! Sleep time, and we slept in HARD the next morning, best sleep ever!
Love you!
Katy xxx

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Recent Messages

From Diane Jordan Nee Cha
Dear Katy,
So sorry we didnt meet up.
But glad you have had a great trip. Maybe next time.
lots of love Diane.
Hi Katy,

We can't wait to see you next Wednesday, we will all be there to greet you at the airport.

Love Mum
Response: ok, i'm looking forward to it, and i promise you will be the first to recieve a hug! haha
love you!
Hi My Darling
Just talked to your Mum and she told me that you are complaining that no one writes to you on your blog I have a very good reason---we want you to be so homesick that you will hurry home and never go away again.Love your pictures-----but not the one of the shark!!!!! If I had been there I would have said--"You girls get out of the water right now and I mean it" This is probably why you didn't invite me to go along as your chaperone---right?
Love you
Response: I will be coming home soon enough! promise! and the pictures are GREAT! i think that they're halarious!
love you so much!
love katy xxx
From Pat M
Hi Katy! Loved your pictures, especially the hug. I think that is a happy hug. A little different hug than the ones your Mom and I would share when we were kayaking in Glacier Bay. Take care. Have fun. Love Pat
From Pat
Wow, it's been awhile since this page has been working for me, but finally today, I was able to catch up on your adventures! I know you're having an unbelievable time, and I'm really jealous of all your fun. I miss you tons and can't wait to see you at the airport!
Response: miss you too!!! and i'll see you when i get home... have fun @ ur job, haha. whatever, mullas mulla!
love you!
From Bren the time has flown. You are down to the last month of your adventure. Between Tammy and your updates, the whole picture comes clear and so fun to follow. Today is your mom's big day of you miss her, eh?? To have such a carefree are making the most of a fantastic time. well back to work for me-just catching up over my lunch hour. I even read other people's many people enjoying the world and all it has to are no longer on the top 5...but we love all your stories and Tammy's too...keep us posted and keep ya, sweets...B
Response: HEY Bren!!! ya.. i'm just trying to get caught upon my ranger.. cause it hasn't been working for the past while.. and i promise a new blog soon! love you so much!
Katy xxx
From Diane Jordan Nee Cha
Dear Katy,
I think you might have passed us by, we are not in Sydney, we moved to Queensland. We live on Russell Island off the coast 15minutes from Brisbane area.
Great to see your having a ball.
Lots of love, Diane.
Hi Katy,
how are you ever going to survive coming back to Spruce Grove and living with us ... this is such an adventure, I love your stories and can picture all the adventures.

love Mum
Response: Well, i guess i'm going to have to manage!!!
love you so much!
Love Katy
From Rowan
hi katy
happy easter.the easter bunny came to my house with lots of choclate.
Response: wow!!! the easter bunny, are you going to save some chocolate for me???
love you!
hi katy
i love yooooooooooo.
i miss yooooooooooooooooo.
happy easter.
love you
Response: loveyou too sarah!
have a good day and i'll see you soon!
From Rick Matishak
How do you handle the pressure being number '5' on the Travel Ranger website. My guess, to be number 5 you must have between 5-7 Million hits, world wide!! The pressure of continually coming up with amazingly interesting exploits must be very dynamic indeed!!
As you laughed hysterically with Tammy getting thrown off the mechanical bull, I know your compassionate nature would have you run over, dust her off and say 'good job Tammy!!
Love the read,
Response: i did dust her off and tell her to get right back on that bull, but that being said... i was killing myself laughing the WHOLE time! haha it's all in good fun!
Love katy
From Zoe
Hi, now I know I don't exactly know who you are, but I know Tammy and the Matishak clan. I had to check out your webpage, because after updating my own planet ranger page I noticed on the home site that your webpage is #5 for most visits this month. That is quite an impressive feat!!!! So congratulations, and enjoy the rest of your trip!!!!
Response: Thanks, and it's funny how many people have also visited my site just because i'm #5, I think it's mostly because my parents and gramma visit the site 12 times daily, but whatever works. haha,
From raelle
hey babe how yous going?
Man where are you guys i rang you the other nite i saw whats his face and i think he was with the X, it was rough good thing i am tough. Hey im a poet and i didn't even know it. But you know honey i am not in it for the money.
So my plane is booked for the 20th to brisbane. I think that i have also scored a ride in a flash car from brisbane to byron as well. So ring me soon so we can hook up and paint the aussie coast all the colors of the northern lights haha.
Response: Hey sexy thang! We jsut booked our bus for brisbane to byron, and it's on Friday, so hopefully we be able to hook up in Brisbane AND in Byron!
What's his face is a big bum and you can totally do better, right??? he's NOTHIN!!!!!!!
Love yas!!
katy xxx
From Bren
hey kiddo-finally had time to catch up on the reading. what an amazing fun filled riotous time. i can tell you all the partying you are doing is necessary. all the worried parents are just re-living their past and trying to capture that spark of unbridled fun we all had 20 yrs ago. i love that you are making the best memories of your life. go for the gusto. and we all know Tammy is right beside you. her updates fill in the extras but she is loving every minute of the craziness. live & laugh-and bunches of me time truly does fly and you will treasure every moment in time there....this is the best way to remember what you have done after you return. i am sure that both Ricks have amazing memories of all the gardens they visited when they were 20...have them recount THOSE memories when you return. ya to death...B
Response: thanks for keepin in touch! my trip is amazing, i'm not going to lie and i may even brag a little bit, but it's all good. i am totally making so many memories here, and writing everything down in this lttle travel book gramma gave me, so it's all good. im living it up and laughing ALL the time, so thanks for the advice!
love you too!
love Katy
From Coll
It appears you are enjoying yourselves, hm ...lots of partying and games for free beer? I've not heard of such games. All that sun and frivolity makes one a bit thirsty I guess !
I would imagine aspirin comes in handy eh?
Love ya,Collette
Response: partying and games are all in good fun and nature... haha. you haven't heard of any drinking games???? for some strange reason, i don't believe you... i know that you and mum and brenda all went to uni and i know SOME of the stories, and there deffinately were some 'games' involved then!!! haha
and yes... asprin does come in handy, haha
Love katy
From Rick Matishak
Hi Katy,
Yes, Pat and I are wondering what Tammy is doing while you are out partying every night!!
Yes, your dad and I met at the local meeting hole, where all the planning for your combined trip began. We don't feel we set the WHOLE trip up. If we had, you'd only be visiting flower garders, going to the beach on every 2nd Tuesday and staying at bed and breakfasts run by 85 year old ladies.
Beyond that, great work on the 'adventures',
love yeah
Response: Hey, Tammys been out with me all the time!!! she's not a hobbit, you know!!! she's got some moves, haha.
I agree, you didn't set up the whole trip, because we are DEFFINATELY not staying in bed and breakfasts andvisiting flower gardens, although Magnetic island is alot like something that you may have planned (or at least during the day!!! haha)
Thanks so much for keeping in touch, your messages always make Tammy and i giggle when were sitting amoungst 30 other people in the internet cafes! haha
Love Katy
From Dad
Gramma was "researching" and discovered that your site is the #4 most visited site on PlanetRanger!!! I have a celebrity as a daughter!!! Pretty cool!!
Great update of the last few days. Rick and I did set all of this up during one of our planning meetings at Earls!!!!! Really!!! I said Hi, whats up, and he said "nothing much" and the rest is history!!!! Thats how the Alaska kayak trip got started!
Did you take any underwater pictures? You and Tammy need to do a few lake dives in Jasper - visibility in the good lakes is like 11 inches.....but no current.
Let us know where you land next.
xx Dad
Response: I know, i'll be giving out autographs at... haha. i think it's based on how many times people visit the site and i'm pretty sure with just you and gramma and mum put together, id beat everyone else! haha.
Tammy and i did take lots of underwater pictures, and hopefully they turned out, i'm not going to develp them quite yet (i'll just send the pics home) so... ya.
Love you!
Katyo xxx
From Duncan
well katy, i was going to not talk ot you for the entire time you were over their, but mom and dad are making me send this, so basically i've been working a lot, doing a lot with youcan, and playing the fiddle, thats about it. Hope your having fun.
Response: hahaha, i could not stop laughing when i read this. it's totally like you! thanks for caring enough to check out my page though! love you
Hi Katy,
So excited to have you back in touch through your diary entries. I just love reading them, I have a big smile the whole time I read them. They are so CRAZY and INSANE and sometimes even SCARY!!! hehehaha Love you Mum
From Diane Jordan Nee Cha
Dear Katy and Tammy,
Well u have been introduced to QLD cyclone season. U are both very welcome to come stay with us. we are adjacent to Stradbroke Island. our PC has been off line for 5 days, dont know why, I have missed so much business. how ever. not to worry. My main grouch is; Katy I have not been able to access internet for days, SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSsooooooooo- oooooooo am sorry if u might have needed Ian & I. Broadband came on again tonight first time in days. But Katy if you need remember u have our phone no 3409 1188 QLD whichis 07 than 3409 1188
Response: thank-you so much for opening up your home to us!!! we totaly appreciate it!!! the cyclones are a little bit scary (and once i found out that they were just a backwards hurricane i was a little more scared) but we've coped and i promise to call you when we get back to sydney or around that area - we're currently in townsville so... ya
thanks so much !
Love Katy
From Patty-Ho
Just wanted to say hi.. I sent a good update email to you, just so everyone you know on here doesn't become too familiar with my love life, and horror stories from universty! (haha) I miss you tons and can't wait to hear from you!
Response: you'd better be home tomorrow, i'm callin you and wishin you a happy birthday!!! hahah!!! loves you too, and i totally got the message too!!! i'll tell you all wats happenin with me later!!! love you!
From Bren&Coll
I was going to have a relaxing lunch hour on Mon & decided to read the news on the internet as I always do & Cairns. My goodness that's where Katy is.I hadn't seen any news the nite before so took me by surprise. Called your ma & she assured us that you were fine & even reading Tammy's synopsis helped ease the fears.Nothing like a bit of extra adventure to experience.Make sure you keep up with the'll want to remember everything when you get back. Keep safe..we love ya kiddo...B
Response: dont worry!!! i'm alive and well. it's just like HOT HOT HOT here, i'm literally dripping sweat!!!
From Diane Jordan Nee Cha
Dear Katy,
Hope u r ok. I know u will be.Its a good time to meet the natives. LOL. Dont worry about the fruit picking theres thousands of miles of fruit all down the coast and inland. The Hunter valley is the wine area some folk have acres of olives dont know if theyre ready yet or not. Advocados and Mangoes should be ready now thou. If it starts u off with other ideas. Check the boards for fruit picking at the youth Hostels ect., Time for another entry in your journel.
Often theres plenty of work on the Islands around the Whitsunday i.e. Hayman island ect., check your maps thats on your way down the coast. love Diane.
From Dad
Was good to hear your voice!! Hope you are feeling better. Are you still planning the wreck dive? The storm would likely cloud the water with sediment for quite some time and it may not be worth the effort.
We got a 15 - 20 cm dump of snow over the weekend. Bid deal eh!! Traffic in Edmonton was pretty much toast but seems to be getting back to normal, at least on the main streets. Snow is, in places, a bit higher than Keely's chest - looks like a snow plow when she runs through the field.
Mom did laundry on the weekend so you don't have to come home early.
What are your plans for the next few days?
XX dad
Response: i have no clue!!! i met up with a girlfriend from the tri!!! ya, what are the odds, but we're stayin for free at her house, so i dunno!!! haha
love katy
From Diane Jordan Nee Cha
Hi Katy,
Once again, another cyclone coming in, in about 4 hours from now, being 650pm monday. Larry hit Mission beach category 5 went down to 4 when it hit. Next cyclone is Wati category 5
Well Katy u did come in the cyclone season enjoy. Lol. If it gets too scary come on down stay with us.
Love Diane.
Response: sounds good.