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Hey everyone! Glad you stopped by! I'll be posting journal entries and pictures as often as possible (only the PG ones), about my life and times on my first cruise ship! Check whenever you wish, and make sure you e-mail me or leave messages because I want to know everything about your lives as well! I'll forever be a Saskatchewan girl!

Diary Entries

Saturday, 24 June 2006

Location: Cococay, Bahamas, North America

What a B-E-A-Utiful day it was in Cococay! I officially love my job after i spent the entire day on Royal Caribbean's private island! But before i get into that, i can explain some other things that have been happening! Our two shows, Viva and Boogie Wonderland, are both installed and we've received high ratings! On our opening night of Boggie Wonderland, we received standing ovations for both shows we did. How it works so far with our shows is we do two nights of Viva each week, as well as two nights of Boogie Wonderland and each night there are two shows: one at 7:15, and the next at 9:00. We usually have about 15 minutes after our first show to head to the crew mess and have something to drink or snack on (i usually snack on the soft ice cream). Crew food hasn't been as terrible as people say, because there's always many choices to choose from so you're bound to enjoy something on the menu for that night. The only thing that sucks is they have specified hours for eating and i've never made it for breakfast yet since it's over at 8:30am. My room is as tiny as can be, and i share with my roomie, Sophie. It's fun since you always have someone to talk to, and Sophie and I have the same habits and things when it comes to our room. The walls are all magnetic, so we have smiley face magnets hanging up on our wall, but i haven't had the chance to go out and buy things to make the room feel more like home like a comforter/pillow or picture frames. Crew parties seem to happen every single night, and somehow our cast is always dragged up to them. It doesn't help that all alcoholic beverages are dirt cheap in the crew area. I haven't been in the passenger area much except for a few nights in the disco. They have a few cruise staff guys do a village people routine with the YMCA and costumes. It's fun to watch and it's nice to just hit up the dance floor. AS for today, it was the best day i've had yet! It started off a little shaky since it was raining and me and 3 other girls were pumped up to get a tan, but after about 20 miunutes, the sun greeted us and it was amazing. Cococay is a private beach that has beautiful white sand and crystal clear waters. They have fun stuff to do such as canoeing, snorkling, wave running, boat tours, watersliding, rock climbing in the ocean, tons of beach bars and food areas and beach chairs and hammocks. We were in heaven because Berni, one of the beach bar crew members, decided to keep us "hydrated" with coronas all morning, then we had amazing food, slept out on the water on floaties, went watersliding and got a private wave runner tour with one of the guys we know. So i got a tan and had an amazing time! But i got to jet, hope to let you know more exciting things that happen!

Monday, 05 June 2006

Location: Hollywood, USA

Hi everyone! I'm sincerely sorry it's taken so long for another entry to be put up. I've been having such trouble with batteries dying and the wireless connection cutting out as i'm about to send or post things. I'm working on pictures, but it kicks me out everytime i do it. But anyways, i'm on my last week of rehearsals! It's sooooo exciting! There have been a few crazy things happen, including a run in with the Hollywood police, termites taking over mine and sophie's room, and a tipsy night at a drag show. We were told that dancers in our apartment building had an agreement with the grocery store, Publix, about taking carts and bringing them back. Well, Alissa and I were on our way home when we were pulled over and just about ticketed for stealing property. If he would've given me a ticket, i would'be been sent home. Thank god he was a little nice. Now, my second week here i hardly slept in my own bedroom. One night, after is had rained cats and dogs, hundreds of flying ants decided to take over my pillow and sheets. We later found out they were termites and we needed to have the exterminator come. well, we played phone tag with the main office of our building, when they finally let us know nothing would be done about our problem for an entire week. I slept on two chairs pushed together in the living room. I was not happy, but it has finally been taken care off. Now, Saturday nights are a big night for performers here since we have Sunday off. Michael, our boy 2 singer was turning 26, so we all had to go out and have a few celebration drinks. His club of choice was Trixies, a drag show club. After a few drinks, he was on stage being stripped by a man in drag singing Tina Turner, and we were having fun on the elevated stage with a pole in the corner. We were all in bed by 12:30 and had quite the hangover as we headed to South Beach the next day. South Beach was very exciting, with tons of pretty people and good food. I had a nice tan, but it's already disappeared because i haven't seen the sun in a couple weeks. Yesterday I was in Disney World! I felt like I was 10 years old all over again! We weree only there for the day so I hit the hot spots like space mountain, splash mountain, it's a small world, tower of terror, and their new roller coaster Everest. A little expensive, but totally worth it. Now, for the dancing. I have bruises all over my body from being tossed around and dropped on the floor. Both our shows are tons of partner work, and as hard as it is to believe, i'm considered one of the small girls out of the 4 of us. So lucky me, i get thrown around and spun the most. We had a run for another Majesty of the Seas cast, which is the cast we're replacing, and i was dropped in the middle of our number. We get so sweaty during the show that it's hard to hold on to each other during lifts. I have a bruise the size of a fist on my hip after a death spiral gone wrong, and was left with a huge headache. My feet are scraped and raw from wearing heels all the time. I feel like I know the shows until I put those stupid heels on. I'm an entirely different dancers with them. But i'll be dancing with them for the next 6 months almost every night, so i'll have to get used to it. But hope everything is great back home! I'll try and keep fewer gaps between these little blogs. And hopefully pictures will come soon!

Wednesday, 10 May 2006

Location: Hollywood, USA

Hey everyone! It has been an exciting and exhausting first few days! I am now hanging out in Hollywood with a bunch of cast by the pool. Yes, by the pool which is right outside our door! The plane ride was very smooth. I was nervous as hell that my bags wouldn't make it, but everything went great. The only glich was my taxi driver couldn't find my apartment building, so it took a little longer than i thought. I have 5 roomates, including 2 female singers and 3 other dancers. We also have 6 guys in the room across from us, but 2 guy dancers are graduating from school today, so they'll be here tomorrow. I can tell already we are going to be a tight knit group, just like family. Mostly everyone in my cast is a first timer with Royal Caribbean, except for Dannii who's done 7 other cruises with the same company. So we all have the same excitement and gratitude to be where we are and to be doing what we are doing. I'm with the Majesty of the Seas, which everyone can check out at Our shows are Boogie Wonderland and Viva, which are entirely up-beat and sooo much fun! My body has been taking a beating, but i'm more exhausted from sleep deprivation. It's hard getting used to sleeping in the same room with someone you hardly know. My roomie is Sophie and she's from Wales. Mostly everyone is from somewhere in the US other than Rachard (sounded out rishaud) who's from Australia, so we've got an international cast! Fun fun fun! I miss everyone back home, so message me or e-mail with questions or comments! I'll get pictures of everyone up as soon as i can, so hold tight. Kelly Duncalfe from Saskatoon will be here tomorrow night, so i'll have a fellow Saskatchewanian! We've become quite close with Danny who's on the Monarch cast as well. He went to school at Randolf in Toronto, and he's a singer. He knows Faye so we've getting giddy talking about her! Anyways, i have my cell here so feel free to call or text message me because i want to hear everything that goes on back home! Check as often as you'd like, but i'll let you know when there's pictures or a new entry! XOXO

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Recent Messages

From Linda Kerslake
Hi Kaylea,
Loved your latest blog. This is what people want to hear about - the shows, the other the beach at Cococay. I'm so happy that you finally had some down time that was different, relaxing and fun! I'll probably talk to you on the phone before you see this, but keep the blogs coming. Lots of people read it even thought they don't respond.
Love Mom. x0x0x0x0
Response: Miss you mom!
From Karen Strass
Dear Kaylea,

Just wanted to wish you bon voyage as you begin the next adventure. I was glad to see the pictures and read all about the happenings in your life. I was on the Majesty!!! With Wanda, Rosette Valois and Rosetta's sister. It would have been about 7 years ago now. Cruises are great. I know you will be working hard but hopefully on a time out you can enjoy the beautiful sites you will be seeing. You really are living a dream you know! Make sure you savour the moments. Not all will be perfect but together, good and bad they make the memories that we can carry with us for the rest of our lives. I am so pleased to hear about children travelling. It is truely the education that makes the world a better place to live. Hopefully someday you can visit us in Mexico. cheap flights from Florida you know. You can always head there for a break and get your parents to join us all. Better run. you take care. I am really proud of you and have a wondeful experience.


PS I will let Justin know you are on planet ranger!!
Response: That is amazing that you were on the Majesty! Small world. Every day has been amazing in one way or another. Thanks for the message, and i'll be sure to come visit you in Mexico. I want to see as many places as possible!
From Donna Ponath
can I put your travel diary on our bulletin board?

Sounds like you are having fun - miss you!
I'll say hi to the DQ gang for you
Response: Say hi to everyone for me Donna! I really do miss the DQ and i practice pouring ice cream in the crew mess! Everyone says my ice cream cones always look the prettiest! See you at Christmas!
Hey!! Missed having you at the recital. All went well, but it wasn't the same. Talked to your parents, they told me a little. Glad you're loving it and that everything is going well. Hope the bruising isn't too bad. How's the body holding up? Your dad indicated something about "chemistry" and your mom said someone was "hot" so fill me in. What is your schedule like, and what is the time difference. I'll call sometime.
Hugs and Kisses from Cassidy and Shae as well.!!
Response: Miss you tons, Paulette! It's hard not being able to come to classes every week! We're going to start having our own personal ballet classes as a cast, so hopefully i'll keep some of my classical technique! I'll call you soon! I'll tell you all the fun details later!