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Welcome to Kayo`s travel page!!
I`ve really felt travelling is a part of my life. It makes me so happy.How about you?

Diary Entries

Sunday, 03 February 2008

Location: Madrid, Spain

I looked forward to going this place,it is flea market in Madrid.It might be not really special for local people.
I `m always interested in something very local whenever I travel somewhere oversea and of course inseide Japan,too.

And then Prado art museum is fantastic.How I can explain about that,so difficult.

Tomorrow I`m learving Madrid,it`s not enough,isn`t it? I have to come here again,oneday.

Saturday, 02 February 2008

Location: Avila and Segovia, Spain

I joined the day tour of Julia travel from Madrid to Avila and Segovia.It`s in English and Spanish and takes for around 10hours.

Friday, 01 February 2008

Location: Madrid, Spain

I`ve been in Madrid ,got here last night. There is a fantastic festival.I`m lucky.

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Location: Ubud, Indonesia

I`ve been in Ubud for 3days.It`s good for relaxing to everyone,I think.
Quite different here and Kuta area.Not much fun at night,like night club or bars.Usually after pm6:00 is getting quiet ,and shops close,of course not all of them.
I don`t need to be scared too much.Because here is not a big city.

Saturday, 21 April 2007

Location: Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia

I`ve just come back from Nusa Lembongan which is between Bali and Lombok and one of three islands just off the southern coast of East Bali.It was secound time for me to stay there.Jungubatu beach in northwest in Lembongan has many accomodations for budget travellers.

It has a local population of about 7000 people,mostly living in two snall villages,Jungutbatu and Lembongan.Many of the Locals are involved in the seaweed industry and tourism is a secoundary source o income.

I rent a motor bike for 2days in 120,000RP ,actually from 19th of Apr untill mornig 21th before the boat leaving.I think it`s good price in this island.In other shop it costs around 150,000RP. So I went around by it for 2days.That was so comfortable! I could get anywhere by myself.There are not transportation.Only taxi bike or your foot!!

I stayed at Bunga Bangallow with a restaurant which is nearly in the end of Jungubatu beach,the owner is a French ,so nice service and good food.The double room which I stayed is 120,000RP per day including nice breakfast.The restaurant is full from people who stay at other accomodations at night. I really recommend it.

Thursday, 12 April 2007

Location: Bali, Indonesia

Today was a so relaxing day to me.
I had a nice meal for lunch at Colonial living for vegitalian that has got good atmosphere.
Set lunch of 350Rp which has soup,salad,tofu with tomatoes and some bread like a pizza. Staffs are friendly and nice.

I think Bali is one of beautiful paradaises.
Good weather whole year,nice food not only Indonesia and lots and lots more good things.

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Location: Bali, Indonesia

Hi,everyone.How was your day?
I got Bali last night. This is third time to come to here. The time when I last came here was 1 and a half year ago.
My friend picked me up at Denpasar airport. Heavy rainy night!! But it was ok.
I`m coming here for my holiday and business.So I had an appointment to meet some people who help me.
I`ve designed textile,bags,accesorries and clothing,etc..
In this time I ordered bags for lap top computer that I designed the bag and textile for it.
There are lots of factories and people who can make something.

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Location: Changi airport, Singapore

I took a free bus which is called "Uniquely Singapore Transit Adventure" and went around the city in Singapore.
There is a FREE SINGAPORE TOUR,too.I didn`t join it in this time.I just wanted to spend time by myself.
But I recommend this tour if you have enough time to join it.
t`s gonna take you to Little India,Suntec and Bugis st for 2hours.
That`s amazing,isn`t it?

I had a really good company who was from LA and had to wait connecting flight by evening.I met her on the bus.
The destination was Suntec that`s a large department and has a huge artistic fountain.
We looked around and had some nice chinese soup and fried noudle at SOUP RESTAURANT.Taste so nice!!
After that we walked around and she got a beautiful chinese pot which is made from glass and green tea with flower.
I couldn`t believe we jus got together only for a couple of hours.She gave me such a great time,Thanks,Indra.

I tried walking to little India after I saw her off at the bus station.
I came around some local market and shops,so I don`t know exactly how long it took.
It might be around 20 minutes if you go strait.
And I can say Little india is really really like India!!!wow
Most of them who were in the area were Indian.Lots of Indian stuffs.I guess 99%Indian style.
I did wanted to try having some food,unfortunately I was already full and also didn`t have enough time to do it.
I`m sure,I`ll have some next time.
I took train from Gugis st to Airport that it costs 1.5s$.That was fun.

I got little luxuary!!after I went through the bording pass area.
I took a shower and I`m sitting pool side with an apple juice right now.
I can tell you it costs 8.5 S$.If you pay more,you can swim here,too.

I`ve really enjoied in Singapore.

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Location: airport, Singapore


I'm in Singapore on a way from Tokyo to Denpasar-Bali for transit.I have to stay here for 15hours.It looks so long...

I've got a free ticket to come to Bali because of enough mileage of North west airline that I had got.Do you save it? This is 20,000 miles of it from Japan to Bali. I've been to Australia twice and used the credit card which I can save the points as mileage.That's it!! Everyone has got the same opportunity if you registrate it.It's free to do it. I guess around 20 airlines are in a group of the system.It means you can save the mileages through the airlines.

Anyway it's a free flight for me.And I don't feel any problem,do you know why? There are heaps of things to do in this airport.
I'll write a diary about Changi air port,singapore,soon.

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