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Welcome to Kaz and Rob's Travel Page. Please feel free to leave comments, news etc to keep us infomred of all of your happenings!!

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Location: Australia

Hi from Oz,
We are excited to be back at home and enjoying the hot Aussie summer. It was getting a little chilly for us in London.
We are looking forward to sharing Kate and Paul's wedding this weekend. Good luck!
We are still unsure of any future plans to return to the U.K yet. If we end up not returning then this will probably be our last hoo.
Hope all is well. Wishing all a merry Christams and a happy New Year!
Love Rob and Kaz.

Sunday, 26 November 2006

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

Road trip to Scotland...
Just thought I might bring you some news from Scotland as it will be our last trip before we come home next week.
We left London 3am Sat morning (too early!) and after driving 7 1/2 hours we arrvived in The North. The trip was good for me, but for Rob I am sure that it will be a different story, as he had to drive all the way.
As soon as we got here we had to quickly find accomodation (and that isn't easy when you have know idea what you are doing). With accodomation found at a hostel called The Cowgate, it was a quick change and off to the the rugby match: Scotland v's Australia at ..... Stadium.
My first international match and it was great to be at in a stadium seating 64,000 people. When the Scots sang their national anthem you could feel that they really meant it. Ha ha they lost anyway. Many of the blokes wore kilts and it was bloody freezing.
Today, we are up and about early so we can see some sights. Rob wants to see the William Wallace sword and I want to check out the castle. It looks so amazing. It sits proudly on top of a huge rock. Ediburgh is a beautiful city. If I was to live in the U.K again, I think I would move here. Bloody cold though. We better be off. Lots to do and see aswell as the drive home.

Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Location: UK

Hi everybody,

Hi we have been busy and doing this and that and getting ready for travelling etc.

We are looking forward to our trip to Ireland this weekend. I am going to the rugby and Kaz is trouping about the countryside with some friends culminating in a hoe-down in Dublin on Sunday.

We will be coming home for a time soon, and will land on 1st December in Sydney. Not sure of the time yet as just finalising the flights this week.
We are both looking forward to seeing everyone over christmas/new years, let us know where you all will be so we can catch up.

Catch ya's

Tuesday, 17 October 2006

Location: UK

Hi Everyone,

Excellent news today that Karen's sister Michelle has today delivered a new bouncing baby boy - Connor Michael. Karen is very excited and we both hope Michelle and bub are well. Congratulations to Michelle, Josh, Mason and Abi!

We have a few things planned before we head home on 1st/2nd December so will keep you updated. We fly into Sydney/Melbourne or both and hope that we can catch up with everyone over the Christmas/New Year period.

We should have some more photos up by the end of the week.

Bye for now

Friday, 06 October 2006

Hi everyone,

Back in London now and trying to get ourselves organised. I have been looking for a new job and found out yesterday that I start on Monday at the United Reform Church Trusts Department, doing property law stuff again which is good and should tide me over for a while. Karen has been teaching again and has had some good schools of late.

I played in a sevens tournament on the weekend just gone for the work team where I was working before. It was a pretty miserable day weather wise but the footy was good, we won 2 and lost 2, very muddy and wet. Karen and Pish came and watched although I dont know if they were supporting me or the free buffet lunch and cheese platters?? We did get some photos of that day so will put them up one day.

Spain was good - a rundown of which appears below:

We had a 7.30am flight from London Stansted which we missed by 5 minutes which wasnt an ideal start to the day but we recovered well and got the next flight to another city (Murcia) in Spain that we vaguely knew where it was on the map but other than that no ideas. I lay blame for missing the flight squarely on the shoulders of the fat controller bus driver who took us from the car parking spot to the airport, besides waiting around and generally being englishly inefficient we wasted further time when the back of the shuttle bus flew open en route and the Ukranian guy in the back dived over the seat and grabbed our bag before it fell out and then slammed the door shut - respect to the ukraine.

Anyway we are now en route to Murcia and after waiting around for ages to get the flight I forgot to change some pounds into euros so we didnt have any local currency when we landed in Murcia airport which turned out to be just like the rest of the east coast of Spain - under construction. Dubbo airport before the multi-million dollar revamp would have been better... Anyway arrived there about 2pm and waited around for the bus. Getting used to the Spanish way of life by now we realised that it was siesta time and the bus wouldnt be coming until 6pm - excellent news, not knowing the market for bus fares in Murcia, Spain we were hoping Karen's birthday Euros would be enough to get us into the town of Murcia where we had to get another bus to Alicante Airport in order to get a taxi to Gran Alacant where our beachside villa was. We arrived in Murcia town at the bus station and decided to lug a 20kg back pack around town looking for a bureau de change to get some euros, after banging down several bank looking type doors we returned defeated and ready to spend the night in the bus stop, Kaz - bless her - decided to check the bus fares anyway to see if we could do it - Eureka!! only 10 euros, now only a 2 hour wait to get the bus to the airport to get a taxi to the villa. The bus being due at 9pm - we were actually heading to the town of Alicante instead of just the airport when we received a text from Amy via Pish as the bus pulled up and Kaz was able to rush and change the ticket to the airport and even get some change back! beauty our troubles were over and we were on the way, we could start to relax. So we arrived at the airport and were able to make a purchase of some much needed food and drink with pounds and get some euros in return, which was just as well because the cabbie we got was a so and so - I thought Kaz was going to belt him around the ears. Anyway he delivered us to around about the right place and we walked the rest of the way and found our villa and it was group hugs all round with Pish who had been there most of the day wondering if we were going to show up at all.

Right off to bed and up and at em in the morning, the next 3 days involved beach, beer, eating, beer/sangria/vodka, t-bone, beach, swim, beer not necessarily in that order. Amy, Jade and Sophie also joined the group and wasnt I the pimp of the beach with 4 lovelies to escort... we all had a really good time in Gran Alacant but it was all too soon before everyone had to head off, Kaz and I stayed one more night and had to finish off all the beer and sangria left in the fridge - no mean feat - and left for Valencia the next morning.

This was a much smoother journey except for one incident and the bus stop in Alicante where we had to change busses to get to Valencia. No one speaking English (as you would expect in a non english speaking country) and we missed the bus by 5 minutes again so we had to wait another 2 hours for the next one, during which time some dodgy locals decided we looked like easy targets and decided to make off with our hand luggage containing wallets, passports and other necessary items. This happened while Kaz was checking one of the buses and I was minding the bags, albeit not very well. Old mate tapped me on the shoulder and distracted me while his buddy grabbed them and they legged it, I turned back around and realised something was amiss so gave chase in my pluggers, luckily they were the lazy type of robbers and thought they could just walk away, throwing caution to the wind I grabbed old mate and got the first bag back, and gave a hearty 'OI' to the other bloke who miraculously dropped the other bag and made off with his partner in crime. Crisis averted and bags now superglued to our arms!

Anyway we arrived in Valencia and made our way to the hostel which was easy compared to the rest of the journey and settled in before heading to the beach where I still had a close watch on the bags, I think I actually laid on top of it half buried under my towel, you cant be too careful.

The next day we walked around Valencia and through the park which is actually an old dried up river bed running through the middle of the city, beautiful park with lots of greenery (der) and lots of water featuires Jamie Dury would be proud of. More beach in the afternoon before heading off for a seafood Paella (national dish) that evening, which was fine but at about the same time the dreaded Dehli Belly struck me down in myfood eating prime. Was quite crook and had to go lie down between bouts of... well you know what happens with dehli belly.

Karen's uncle Steve is visiting this weekend which will be good.

On Saturday Steve arrived very early in the morning. I started off by being the bestest host ever by slepping through Steves arrival, on account of thinking that Steve's complimentary spa at the airport would go for much longer...sorry! It was then cuppa's straight up, followed by a brisk walk down Portebello rd to Nottinghill Gate and then to Tom's for a coffee. The morning was lovely and fresh, so on the way back we decided to indulge in the best red velvet cupcakes ever. So yummy!!!!!

We then caught a cab, I suggested we bus it but apparently you can not rock up to the Savoy by bus. I have so much to learn. Steve checked-in and we were once again off to see some sights by the thames. On our walk we past a good looking bar and decided to stop for beers, Magners and a platter of nibbles. On Sunday, we looked around Sloanne Sq. and enjoyed a couple of beers at a couple of pubs or was that a beer at a couple of pubs?

Steve then headed to Vienna for a couple of days and we returned to work. Steve returned to London on Thursday bearing deliciuos chocies... yummo!

In the next couple of months we will be travelling to Ireland and Scotland, which we are looking forward to. In the next few days I will also be an aunty for the third time! How exciting. Good luck Shelly!

Love to all,
Kaz and Rob.

Tuesday, 19 September 2006

Location: Valencia, Spain

Hi Everbody,

Still based in London, enjoying the mild Autumn weather at the moment. Rob has been busy with work, whilst I have been on schools holidays, with a few weeks of temp. office work thrown in. I have started teaching again as of last Friday with a new teaching agency run by some Dubbo boys...

Unfortunalty, our lovely camera that we purchased in Thailand has broken, so apologies for not having any new photos for you to look at...bugger, I know it's the best part.

We will give a rundown on what has been happening since our last entry a couple of months ago.

During the sunny and quite pleasant weather at the end of July we decided to go on a road trip to Wales in Pish's new car. Four in the car including Rob and I and Pish and Amy. We headed off early at about 6am and headed on down the highway and it was quite a pleasant country drive until Pish had a road rage incident with a fat old pasty white man who could not park his car, anyway a few heated words later and we grabbed some crisps for breakfast and headed on the way into Wales.

We headed west towards Fishguard where we stopped for sprinting race on the beach which Rob won in a hail of glory. Then we went onto ST Davids where we scouted about for a camping site and visited a Cathedral there whic was in the process of being restored and had a massive pipe organ in the middle if the altar. We looked around there for a while and then went to book into the camp site where the first welsh cakes were spotted and devoured, the first of many on the trip... So we set up camp (some alot quicker than others..) and headed on down to the beach near St Davids where Rob and Pisch went for a cold dip. We new that they were in trouble when we saw that they had wetsuits for hire at the beach. It was a nice beach except for the wind. Rob said the water was very cold. Camping was fun although it drizzled for most of the night then next day we packed up and went to Cardiff for Rob and I to get the bus to London whereas Pisch and Amy had another couple of days on the road.

We have also been going to a few gigs in London, Robs workmate sings and plays the guitar all over town so we have jumped on the groupie band wagon and have been going to some if not all of these gigs... They are good fun and she is a good singer - Rob also catches up with his workmates at these do´s. We will bring home some samples of her music. Her name is Zena - aptly dubbed the warrior princess by her aus/nz fans!

Speaking of music we also attended the Notting Hill Music festival a few weeks ago, wow what a massive street party. Race weekend in Bathurst times by about 10000 and you might get a small idea. They close of all the streets around North Kensington. Our street is right on the edge of where the party goes on so we didnt have far to walk. They seal of all the roads and heaps of heavy rigids do laps of the whole area. The back of the trucks are wall to wall speakers. Each truck has a theme and a troup of dancers that follow it and they get judged and win stuff. Kaz won a tshirt by pretending she was at 4 in the lineout and reached up and grabbed it just before someone else, very impressive. We walked around for a while and met up with Jades brazilian troup and Robs workmate before having some beers etc. Rookie error by me buying Kaz and Pisch a red stripe whistle when i went to the bar - as if there werent enough already!

Am actually wirting this at the moment in Valencia, Spain - we are heading home tomorrow but have been on the beack in Gran Alacant for the last 3 days, we arrived in Valencia yesterday and walked around looking at the city and going to the beach. Will give a more detailed account of the Spain trip when we get back to London, we should also have some photos from the others cameras to put on as well. We recommend you dont buy a fuji camera!!!

Thats all for now folks.
Missing you all
Love Rob and Kaz

Tuesday, 27 June 2006

Hi Everyone,

We were very happy to hear the good news that brother Paul and Kate are engaged to be married as of last Wednesday. We are very happy for you both.

Hope you enjoy these photos. There will be more to come proably tomorrow.

Bye for now!
Rob and Kaz

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From dorns
Hey guys nick and i are still living in the gong if you feel like dropping in on your way home
Response: will see if we can get there at some stage, will be in touch after we land mate
From Alice
Hey Karen & Rob,
Looks like your both having a great time, you web page is great and very interesting.
Keep well regards Alice
Response: Thanks Alice, hope you guys are well too. R & K
From Wisey
Would have been a 'mad earn' for locals, good to hear it doesnt just happen in Dubbo. Nice work sorting them out Lumby. keep on keeping on.
Response: true that wisey. i imagine it is starting to warm up in the top end? from 30 degrees to 40?? caught any more barra yet? hope to catch up with you over chrissy/new year.
From Jake
Hey brother,
Nice to see I wasn't the only one who was unimpressed with the work ethic of some bus drivers heading out to Stansted. Everything is good with me. Give Kaz and Pish a big kiss from me.
Response: hey snake,
there is no 'hail to the bus driver' over here thats for sure. hope to catch up with you over chrissy/new year.
From Anfernee
Hi team! Have sent an electronic mail device to Rob. You guys keep having fun and stay safe.
Response: thanks at, got your emd. am currently putting some email camera photos on the site.
remember to RICE your ankle dough boy. you stay safish as well
From roberry
rup - have you given in to the unrelenting pressures of british conformity and got yourself a beckham mullet?
you can take the boy out of st johns......
Response: Even though the mull-hawk is a local favourite and sure to enhance my london life I have so far been able to resist the temptation, although if I lived SOUTH of the river it might have been a different story...
From rastus and Mark
well Kaz and the Ginga Ninga, looks as though you have been slacking off with your news... We still got to catch up on some good new photos though. Got homebake and falls tickets. Should be good
Response: nice one dumb and dumber. Yes have been slack and camera broken so gone back to film style at the moment. Currently working on a textual update. Got tickets for wallabies v scotland and ireland as well should be neat. congrats on the gf win mark. say howdy to all other dubbo folk for us.
From ange
just got the postcard rob and kaz thanks, love it and the pig on it.
wish id kept a list of the qu's as most of it means nothing- except the buff part.
like your new cut rob very trendy, to bad you havnt decided to be as trendy as the pig, would suit you.
kaz im working on something so keep your eye out for the posty
Response: Hiya Ange!
Rob said that you were working on something but he wasn't allowed to tell me. How exciting! I love receiving mail...especially when it's a surprise and from Pat. Yes, Rob's cut very trendy. It is straight from the Soho/ Londoner top fashion scences. xxxooo
From Louise
Hi Rob and Kaz,
Nice to see yo both looking well and happy in the photos, I think you should get fellow tourists to take some photos of you together! glad to hear you are now working hard Rob.
Miss you xo
Response: Thanks Weezie,
Both going well and having a heat wave at the moment (28 degrees), hope the top end is treating you well. miss you too.
Rob and Kaz
From benny
80c king browns! sounds like genuine 1950's prices...

im still in bungendore teaching. about to spend the school hols in jindabyne & thredbo skiing again.

keep it real bro. talk later
Response: cheap at twice the price. nice one on the works. katya
From Wisey
hey team.

Cheers for the update. Give those poms heaps after we belt them in the ruggers tonight. Alls well in the top end.
Response: Cheers mate,
Good win from the lads, strangely no one seems to care about rugby over here at the moment.

From Kid
Hey guys! looks and sounds like you're having a great time. Must've been hard to leave all those beautiful beaches in the photos of Thailand, especially now that you're in England!
Take care.
Kid :)
Response: Cheers Kid,
The weather has improved over here in the last week and we have actually seen the sun! How long till you tie the knot??
All the best
Rup and Kaz
From benny
hey bob, nice pics bro! i especially like the one with you kayaking up the crik? whats that hanging over shorts? been eating too many pies and drinking many pints, porky? you and bollocks will be looking like twins soon ;-) peace out cuz.
Response: Hey ?Benny,
I choose to employ the pot/kettle theory but lay blame on the 80cent king browns.
Where are you at the moment?

From Priya
Hey Kids

Hows it all going?
When are you going to update and tell us more stories?
Hope that all is well.

luv Priya.
Response: Hi Priya,
We have been slack on the forum but it should take a while to read the most recent entry! Photos to follow soon...
Hope all is well there also
From Dorney
Hey guys

Looks like you are having a lot of fun. Sounds like you need your old treking buddy mike on the trip with you bob. Have fun, thinking of you while im 500m underground. If you get to portugal head to sagres and the algarve surf school. Great people, good times.

Ps do you have grubbys email
Response: Hello Matt
thanks for your message, grubs email is We met Bocca from portugal who you guys apparently worked with, he seems like a well grounded individual. Glad you are enjoying digging more holes.
take it easy
bob and kaz
From rastus
Hello there intrepid travellers. I am very impressed with the photos. You are right the Beach was a crap movie. this planet ranger business is excellent. will give you a ring soon. have to work out the best time to call. maths is not my strong point.
Response: I am glad we have a mutual dislike of leonardo and his acting (dis)abilities. We work the time diff out by taking off 3 hours and changing from am to pm or vice versa.
take it easy
bob and kaz
From Mason
Dear Kaz & Rob,
How did Rob save you when you just about fell off the raft in the river?
The snake farm looked like lots of fun was it scary? What sort of snakes did they have?
Did the elephant slip when he was pulling out the trees?
How may leeches were on Robs back?
Did you have fun with Rob Kaz?
Knock knock,....... Who,.........,I did not know you were an owl
Love from Mason
Response: Hi Swettie,
Wow, I love all your great questions. You have really thought about them.
1. With Rob's strong muscles and wonderful balancing skills he was able to steer us safely through the tricky part of the river.
2.I was really scared of the Python because it was so huge but the Snake man keep saying 'Don't worry we can control'.
3. No, the Elephant did not slip but I thought he was going to so I screamed. Silly me.
4. There were lots of tiny little black leeches. Too many to count.
5. Yes Rob and I have had lots of fun together. I still miss you and Ab to the moon and back.
P.S I love the knock knock joke. I told it to a year 1 class...they laughed alot.
P.S.S I heard you ran a really good cross country run. Look out Robert De dastella
Bye bye

From Abi
Hello Kaz & Rob,
I hope you enjoyed your trip and had lots of fun!
I think it was scary sitting on Udon while he was ripping out the trees.
The photo's were fun to look at.
Love from Abi
Response: Hello Abi,
Riding Udon was scary for me but Rob wasn't scared, it was much higher up than being on London. Horses are much nicer to ride I think. We are glad you liked the photos. Congratulations on winning best dressed at your school disco!
Love Kaz and Rob.
From galvo
hey splinterdog an kaz photos look tops dont know bout this Utit character wicked doo though an a name that spells trouble. Hope your linning up some festivals for the summer heading to groovin the moo in newy this wkend its all bliss n eso( hoods headlining) cheers
Response: Hey galvo,
Thanks for the message. just got your email RE the moo and sounds like you had a not bad time! dont work too hard...
From nola
i have enjoyed seeing your travel photos you are certainly having a wonderful time. i have just returned from an enjoyable lunch with eliz maria katrina james and gerard for my O B E lots of loven rob & karen noni
Response: Hi Noni,
Hope you are well and that you had a wonderful birthday. Karen and I send our wishes.
Love Rob
From The Ingrams
Hi Guys, Love to hear that your travels are going well and that Thailand was relaxing. I found some photo's of my first trip to Koh samui and I stayed at the same beach. The good thing about arriving in London this time of year is it can only get better with Summer on its way....we have Winter.
The kids are doing great but missed you when you left. Ryan kept wanting to see you off at the airport.
Rob.. I have farewell photo's 4 your mum that I promise will send this week.
Busy at home had three weekends running of visitors, a housewarming party and a 20th Reunion party for Steve's Overland Asia crowd as well as Leisa visiting this coming weekend.
Steve is off to Cape Town South Africa in May.
We have also been hanging pictures, planting out some of the garden, sorting the garage (and other unpacking), and enjoying the spa as much as we can.
How have you gone with accomodation in London? It can be tough to pick between the Savoy and Ritz (go for both I say). Don't forget to catch up with Mark Attard (previous E-mail) - a good guy and can show you the tricks around town. Love alwyas, Maree, Steve, Ryan and Sara.
Response: Hi The Ingrams!!
Sorry have not replied for a while we have been busy! Karen is at work today but I'm sure she sends her love. Hope the house is coming along ok, sounds like you have been busy. Hi to the kids as well.
Bye for now.
From Scott & Doug
Hello Karen & Rob,
Great photos looks like your having a good time.
Bring me home a nice Thai wife. For Doug that is not Scott. Just joking lol.
Hope your enjoying the UK
Love Doug & Scott.
Response: Hey hey! It's nice to hear from you both, and we are glad you liked our photo's. Unfotunatley, we didn't find you a wife suitable this time but... Rob suggests, 'try before you buy!'. Ha ha. Cat ya's!
From Kate Kramer
Hope you two are having fun. kaz, I bet you are glad to be with pish. have heaps and heaps of fun and i look forward to hearing further adventures of your travels..........
Response: Hi Katy,
I have been thinking about you lots since I arrived in London. How are things? We are moving into a flat next week with Pisch and Jade. Very exicted! Bye Bye.
From Glen,Tracey,Holly &
Hi guys,just checking out your travel diary, showing the kids where you are and what you are up to, lots of fun by the looks of it.keep safe and well from the Alpens in Tweed.
Response: Hi Guys good to hear from you. glad to know what the Alpens in Tweed are up to. SAdly we do not share similar weather here in London. Keep in touch
From Grandma (Elliott)
Just been reading of your great trip. You are certainly having a wonderful time! Was the ride on the elephant bumpy? I enjoyed the photos as well. Say hello to Elizabeth for me. Have a very happy Easter. love to you both xoxoxoxo
Response: we are enjoying it thanks grandma. yes pretty bumpy ride, not as bad for the guide who sat on its head. might drop in for a cuppa with liz tomorrow if she is free