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Kevin's down under

Welcome to my travel page. I'm going to try to keep this updated during my trip to Australia to visit Carley. I hope everyone enjoys it.


Diary Entries

Saturday, 04 April 2009

Location: Rye, USA


Friday, 03 April 2009

Location: Newcastle, Australia

This has been my last day/night in Australia. It was another beautiful day. I just went to the beach mid morning, the waves were big so I went out on the rocks for a bit and took some pictures of the surfers. You can get a better idea on the size and the power of the waves when you’re next to them looking out…it was actually pretty cool. Met Carley later in the day and we spent the afternoon together. Early in the evening I met her and a couple of her friends for dinner. Heading home in the late morning…Carley is going to meet me at the ferry dock to say goodbye. :)

This has been a great vacation spending time with Carley so far away from home.

Again thanks to everyone for checking out my page and leaving your comments. I feel like you were all here with me (unfortunately I'm the one coming back with a tan)

Thursday, 02 April 2009

Location: Newcastle/Stockton

One more full day tomorrow which is Friday for me. It was supposed to be rainy today…there were some bad storms while I was in Melbourne. Some of the beach was eroded away right near my cabin and the beach was actually closed. It turned out nice in late morning so I took the ferry over to Newcastle and went to the beach over there. The ferry only takes 5 minutes and is actually pretty convenient. I took the rental car to the return office in Newcastle. Another white knuckle drive…I decided that I would turn the car in here instead of endangering my life and the lives of others and take the train to the Sydney airport on Saturday. Carley and I are going to spend the afternoon together tomorrow…there’s a small wildlife preserve nearby and we might go check it out.

I hope everyone is well and thanks for looking at my page. I appreciate the comments.


Tuesday, 31 March 2009

I’ve put up some more Great Ocean Road pics.


Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Location: Great Ocean Road, Australia

A long day but very much worth it. Went on a tour of the Great Ocean Road along Australia’s south coast. The ride itself was spectacular…winding in and out of the cliffs. Spent time in a rain forest and saw some of the biggest trees I’ve ever seen. We also stopped in this one area when we spotted some Koala Bears. They must be teenagers because they sleep about 22 hours a day.
The highlight of the day was a helicopter ride out over the cliffs and going over the 12 Apostles rock formations...simply an unbelievable experience…especially since it was my first time in a helicopter.
I’ve put a few pictures up and tomorrow when I get back to Newcastle I’ll put up more.


Monday, 30 March 2009

Location: Melbourne, Australia

I’m now in Melbourne. Landed today about mid-afternoon after having coffee with Carley. As luck would have it the clouds were coming in just as I was leaving Newcastle. For $5 I took a bus to the Newcastle airport (beat that price back home). Melbourne seems to be a really nice city but different than Sydney. This city is centered around the Yara River as opposed to Sydney which is surrounding a harbor. It’s a bit cooler (70) than Newcastle/Sydney. I’m at the Crowne Plaza which is right on the river and right across from a casino. I took a walk over after dinner to see what it was like. I found out it was just like home…you lose your money playing the slot just as fast. Tomorrow (Tuesday for me) I get picked up @ 8:00 am for my trip along the Great Ocean Road and hopefully if the weather is good my helicopter flight above the coast and the 12 apostles.

That’s all for now


Sunday, 29 March 2009

Location: Stockton/Newcastle

Decided to lay low a bit today and recharge the batteries (kind of what Tom and Gerry do every day). Another beautiful day...started the day with a run....then went to Stockton Beach which is about 50 feet from my cabin. The water was warm but the sharks weren't feeding so it was OK to swim. Late in the afternoon took the ferry to Newcastle and spent the rest of the afternoon exploring a bit. There's an area called "Bather's Way" which is a series of man made pools cut out of the rock and beaches.
I then went back to Stockton and took the "Shipwreck Walk" which is a walk along an area where there were several shipwrecks. The one that has the most still remaining is the Adolphe a 300 ft ship which wrecked in 1905.
Tomorrow I'll be meeting Carley for coffee in the morning and the flying to Melbourne.

I've added a few more pics to the Sydney 3/28 page

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Location: Sydney

Back from Sydney. A great two days for Carley and I. The weather turned out to be perfect and the bridge climb was awesome. Carley said it was one of the greatest things she’s ever done and I have to agree. The whole experience took about 3-1/2 hours but it didn’t seem that long. We weaved in and out of the bridge on our way to the top all time clipped to a cable…it was pretty cool. When we finally reached the top we were about 450 feet above the water. The bridge is massive…so much bigger when you’re on it than it looks in pictures from a distance. We couldn’t bring our camera but they took pictures, which were conveniently displayed for our purchase at the end of the climb

Friday, 27 March 2009

Location: Sydney, Australia

Carley and I just spent the last few hours walking around the Sydney Harbor. The opera house is really cool looking...especially all lit up. The weather is beautiful and there are people everywhere. We had dinner outside on the harbor ( to the harbor). The bridge looks awesome...there are people up there who look like little dots. Tomorrow that will be us. I took lots of pics and I'll put some up when we get back to Newcastle.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Carley told me about a Gloria Jean's over in Newcastle. Went there this morning after my run for an actual ICED COFFEE (first real one I've had). Life is good.
Went to Newcastle Beach at about noon. I decided to go there after I as told there were reports of a few “baby great whites” at Stockton beach (where my cabin is). Another awesome day. The beach is really nice. Not very crowded until mid afternoon when the kids started getting out of classes…still wasn’t bad…it’s just the norm for them…go to school, then hit the beach. Some guys were playing American Football right next to some playing Australian Football. You could tell that one group wasn’t quite sure what the other was doing.
Went for a walk on Stockton Beach at about 5:00…there are concrete “Tank Traps” still on the beach from WWII (the big one). I guess they were put there to prevent Japanese tanks from landing.
Also some guys were “Board Sailing” could not believe how fast they were moving. Apparently faster than the great whites (just don’t fall).

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Went for a walk early this morning along the coast. It was about a three mile walk along this paved running/walking path that winds in and out of the cliffs. There were tons of people running and walking along the way. Hit the beach for about an hour and then caught a ride to Sydney to pick up my rental car and head to Newcastle.
Trying to find my way out of Sydney was quite the ordeal. Between crappy directions from Yahoo (they failed to mention a few key things), driving on the wrong side of the road and driving on the wrong side of the car I think I actually cheated death a couple of times. When I finally arrived at my Cabin at about 5:00 I was just glad to get out of the car.
I took the ferry over to see Carley and to see her come running up to me made it worthwhile. We went to dinner and had our first beer together (I am father of the year).

Monday, 23 March 2009

Location: Bondi, Australia

8:30 am. Breakfast at McDonalds. Not my favorite place but they do have iced coffee and WIFI. Yesterday I went to a seaside cafe late in the afternoon and saw iced coffee on the menu. I ordered one and it turned out to be coffee topped with iced cream and whipped cream. It was really good but I'll come back weighing about 300lbs if I have couple of those every day. It was definitely a good idea to spend a couple of days here after the long trip. On to Newcastle/Stockton tomorrow where I'll be bonding with Carley over our first beer together.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Location: Sydney/Bondi Beach, Australia

Well it’s my first day in Australia. After about a 30 hr trip to get over here and amazingly after 4 stops my luggage was right there, the first day made it worthwhile. I arrived in Sydney at about 7:00 AM and by the time I got through customs, picked up a phone to use over here, and took a taxi to Bondi it was around 10:30. I checked into the bed and breakfast (which is really nice…run by a very friendly couple) and hit the beach at 11:30. The B & B is only a block from the beach. After the long trip it felt really good to just put my beach chair (which they gave me) in the sand. Bondi beach is something else. Contrary to what Perry told me at work…topless does NOT mean you don’t need a hat. The weather was beautiful…about 80 with a slight breeze. The water is beautiful. I stayed at the beach until about 2:30 then went and got my camera and went for a walk for about an hour just to get acclimated. I then went back to my room…changed and went for a run

I talked to Carley today and I’m really looking forward to seeing her on Tuesday.

It’s probably because of the language but I was sitting at dinner tonight (outside of course) looking out over the beach, having what might be the best burger I’ve ever had and it just didn’t seem like I was on the other side of the world.

That’s it for now…I have a big day planned of doing not a whole lot tomorrow.


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Recent Messages

From Carley
Thanks so much for coming dad! You left yesterday...didn't think I'd have that hard of a time saying bye to you! I guess I had just gotten used to family not being around so when you came it was so nice having you here that I forgot I'd have to say bye! Miss you tons and I'll see you in a few months! xoxo
Response: I had an awesome time. Going to Sydney with you and doing the Bridge Climb was the best.

Love Dad
From Gerry
Love the pics from the helicopter. Once in a lifetime view. I guess we have to move Austrailia higher up on our list of places to visit.
Response: You would love it.
From karen
Sounds like you are having a great time. Enjoy
Response: Thanks is awesome
From Gerry
Wow, great pics. Really makes me want to go (anywhere). You're missing a great rainy, raw, cold day here today. I'm sure you're jealous.
Response: It rained in Newcastle just as I was heading to the airport (of course it was about 75 at the time)
From Julie and Paul
Looks great there. You look like you are having a great time. Sounds that way too. So happy to see you and Carley together with your beers. Have fun!
Response: Thanks guys...I'm really missing the cold weather. Bridge climb is tomorrow.
From Carley
Hii dad! I just left you at Newcastle Beach & you'll be here in a few...just wanted to say how happy I am that you're finally here :) I love you very much and I'm so glad we can add this to our list of adventures!

PS--Christine's comment made me laugh our loud...atta girl Christine! :)
Response: Christine USED to be my favorite neice.
From Allison
Bob heard there was a big biker fight at the airport in Sydney. People were killed. Were you involved with that? He wants to see pictures from the topless beach.
Response: That happened the day I arrived a couple of hours after I left the arpt. Good thing because I might have had to kick some ass !!!!
From Allison
Topless doesn't mean you don't need a hat? Go figure...
The burger was kangaroo.
Response: Tell Bob if you could blow up one of the pics about 100 times you'd see them. Kangaroo was yummy.
From Gerry
Pictures are great. Love the one of your & Carley. I don't remember what it's like to be that warm - 40 just doesn't do it. It''s suppose to hit the 50's (wow) by Thursday. Bet you wish you were here for that. Talk to you soon. Have fun on the bridge.
Response: Went for an awesome run this morning along a paved causeway that runs for a couple of miles straight out into the harbor.
From Perry
Sorry for the bum information. Hope your having a good time dispite the weather and toplessness. Excellent here...We're expecting highs in the 20's today.
Response: I'll try to persevere. I'm abreast of all the local customs now.
From Gerry & Tommy
You got stuff up quickly. Wish I were there. Bondi looks really nice. It's 80 here today also (not). I'll email you with the hockey stats, although you have probably already looked it up.
Response: Hockey ? What's that ?
From Christine
And what makes you think we want to hear from you? Screw you - we want Carley! :)
Response: I love you too