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Wednesday, 07 November 2007

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Sawadee ka!!!
So we are here and it is hard to believe that it hasn't only been two weeks! Hard to believe because of the crazy amounts of pictures we have taken and the beautiful things we have seen! Things are better than either of us ever thought they could be. It is hard to explain in words so hopefully a few of these pictures will help! We will write again soon!

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Recent Messages

From berna
hey mags,
these are amazing. two friends and i are starting to plan a 2k9 trip, i just got even more exciting stalking, er i mean, looking at your pictures.
Response: hey berna! oooohhh a trip huh? you gotta let me know the plan.. hope you had a good holiday!
From Cindy Knapp
Hi Kelly & Maggie and all,
Your photos are fantastic! Happy New Year!
from all the Knapps
Kelly you are the best, love all the pics. The boys will never win if they don't start putting up some new pics. You go girl snowing again love Barbara
Kelly you are the best, love all the pics. The boys will never win if they don't start putting up some new pics. You go girl snowing again love Barbara
From Mary
I am sooooo jealous....your photos keep getting more amazing each time! Wish I were there! Miss you!
Response: These pictures only scratch the surface of all the great pictures w've taken. I can't wait to show you when I get home!
From Ty
Well since matty and kyle are basically useless I have been following the updates with you guys. It looks incredible. I wish i was there. Stay well
Response: yea we actually have a little competition going with the boys. least hits before new years buys the first 2 rounds.. its crunch time baby!
Love the pics so great to see some new ones, you are all looking mighty fine. XOOO LOve Mom K
Response: well the boys have been slacking so we are the ones posting now! dont worry we got it
From caitlin Delaney
girlsssss--miss you two!! just checked out the pics and you guys look beautiful and happy and healthy--and tan--surprise surprise, my latin chicas. mags, im not gonna lie, im more than a little jealous to be sitting home while you're off doin the damn thing. be safe and will you send an email soon? holla at the boyss for me--miss you and love you!!!
oh and im movin to boston..whoa xoxo
Response: cait! awww i miss you too! Boston? okay i think it might be skype time...
From aunt jeanne
I just wanted to wish you and your friends and Merry Christmas. This is going to be one you will never forget. Just so we don't miss 2007 I"ll send your ornament to NH. But if I were you I'd be shopping for that very, very special ornament that will always remind you of this adventure. HAPPY HOLIDAYS ENJOY AND STAY SAFE. LOVE YOU.
Response: thanks aunt jeanne! i miss you! you are right we will never forget this christmas... :) Merry Christmas!
From aunt jeanne
sounds like you are having a wonderful time. we are all thinking of you. i'll send your ornament to NH so we don't miss a year, but if I were you I'd be shopping for the most unusal over there. keep in touch and have a merry x-mass
love you
hey girls, keep the great photos coming. Love to all be safe love Barbara
Response: thanks barb! yea of coursee... and dont you worry we're watchin out for matty matt matt
From Sherry
Hi Kel~
OK, so we woke up to snow/sleet/rain and I'm huddled in front of the fire trying to stay warm........and YOU?
Response: aww sherry! but have a great white christmas! hope all is well...
From mitch
just saw on mattie and kyles thing you got one of these pages too. love the pics those kids are damn cute. better bust out your pink shirts now that the king wore his out of the hospital. crazy youve been gone already over two months. youre gonna love bali. xoxoxo
From Cousin Chris
WOW Kel, I've been to a lot of places but for some reason my pictures don't have as much color as yours. Very awesome, you'll remember this trip forever...Stay safe and drink bottled water..
From Molly
HI Girls!!!

Looks like you are having an amazing time!!! Miss you two soo much and can't wait to catch up when you get back.
From Timmyk
Hey guys!..hope your trip is goin well and you are havin a good time. Wish you guys the best on your journey's and happy holidays...
Response: thanks timmy!!
From kittisantkelley
Hello kelly,all the pictures are great.You and Maggie are having alot of fun!Did you met up with Matty yet? HAVE FUN. John Kelley
From kelly
hi's auntie Patty!! Omy God...what an experience you are having!! I remember watching bridge over the river Kwai a fillion years ago and to actually see it on the screen was amazing. You really do look like right out of the King and I. I am so proud of you for really making things happen for yourself!1Good for you. Love, auntie Patty
Response: I'm glad you have been keeping up with all the pictures. When I get home hopefully I will be able to share them all with you!
From Dad
Kel keep going it looks fantastic. I can't wait to talk to you to try to comprehend and understand what you have learned.

Love Dad
Response: I know we can't talk about everything now, but I hope the pictures are doing my experience some justice
From Auntie Donna
Happy Thanksgiving, Kelly! Your mom just showed me your pictures. Fantastic! What an adventure! I'm so glad you are keeping a journal. I look forward to a multimedia extravaganza when you come home next spring.

PLEASE send me your link to your picture site.

Keep having a great time. Stay safe.
Love, Donna
Response: Hi Donna
I am experiencing and doing so much, so look foward to some great pictures when I get back!
From aunt jeanne
just wanted to let you know we are thinking of you. sounds like you are having a wonerful time. HAPPY THANKSGIVING.
Response: We definitely are having a great time. For thanksgiving dinner we decided on Indian cusine! Just a little different than turkey
From cara
Hi Kelly,
Your Mom sent me this link. The pictures are amazing and it looks like you are having a great time. ENJOY!
-Cara Collins
From Allie
Hey ladies! Miss you guys, Mags sorry we didnt meet up before you left, it looks like you are having an amazing time....Keep in touch!
<3 ya!
From Sherry
OK Kel,
Your pictures continue to AMAZE! Your kids look awesome and I can only imagine how hard it was to leave them. I was with you all the way through the beautiful flowers....this IS another world.......but you LEFT ME at the "yummyyy frogs on the left, grasshoppers central and then a little larva on the right.. "
I'll have a turkey leg on Thursday while you have something crunchy!