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Sunday, 13 July 2008

Location: Canberra, Australia

after a very long flight home we arrived back in Sydney Friday night. Our last few days in Prague were nice and relaxing. The weather was not what we were expecting, it turned out pretty cold and we didn't really have the clothes with us for cold weather. It was still a nice ending to our holiday.

We ended up doing another of the city sightseeing tours to see as much as we could in the short time we were there. Prague's old town area is a beatiful area, I didn't think I would ever get to see it again.. it was a very strange feeling being back there for the second time.

Our flight home took a full 24 hours, about 21 hours actual flying time. Lids got in a fair amount of sleep but I wasn't able to sleep so it was a very long day for me. I was very happy to see Sydney! Not so happy about the cold I have brought home wih me though. We stayed in Sydney Friday night and then caught a flight to Canberra Saturday.

All up we had an awesome time with no major dramas. All the planning paid off and made for a stress free and safe holiday.

Thanks to Janine for our fun time in Singapore and also a big thanks To Lids for all the fun, laughs and lack of sleep. A few things spring to mind when I think of memories of you from the trip:

-Who am I going to let in 6am in the morning now?
- I still don't know how someone so little can have a massive cough like that.
-chicken, chicken and more chicken
-how many drinks are you having tonight? are you having a big night?
-your amazing ability of sleeping on all modes of transport
-Karma (we shouldn't bag out our hostels)
-why are people staring at us?

Thanks again, I had a ball.

Now, the big question is... where to next ??? Stay tuned

Tuesday, 08 July 2008

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

well we are in our final did this come around so quick!!!!

We had a lovely last night in Milan with Lid's relos. It was take away pizza this time for dinner which we were sooo happy about. It was very sad for Lids to say goodbye.

Italy is an awesome country..did I mention the food before now?Anyone who knows me well knows I love my pasta, and what better place for me to be in than Italy..most meals apart from breakfast consisted of some type of pasta for me and pizza for Lids. Spaghetti Bol and lasagne !!! tried it at a few different places and it was always superb. I am going to miss Italy!

We are now in Prague, which is known for meat and potato..lunch today was...meat and potato...i'm sure dinner tonight will be...meat and potato.

Our hostel here..we had rave reviews about it but we think it's pretty crap. We asked to change our dorm room to a twin share when we checked in last night and OMG, such a drama for them, they were pretty rude..and we had spent the day travelling so were pretty tired..we ended up with a double bed in our own room, which they then couldn't change for us, then they only have single bed sheets for their double beds ??? and they only have a card system to pay for things with at the hostel so you have to keep topping it annoying. And during all this happening they tell us that they had to cancel our third nights accomm so we only have 2 nights booked, telling us to check today to see what else might be available. I think I have said enough about this place.

Other than that Prague is lovely, even though this is the second time here for me. The weather is crazy, goes from cloudy to sunny to freezing all in a matter of a few hours.

Took Lids to see the Charles Bridge and have a look around the town today and we will go see the castle tomorrow. Tomorrow night is our last night in europe. Not sure when I will log in again but will be adding more photos and a final blog when I get home.

Friday, 04 July 2008

Location: Ios, Greece

Santorini was lovely..we had a nice sunset picnic on our final night to watch the sunset. a massive amount of people go to this particular spot to watch the sun go down, then everyone claps and cheers when it goes down..bit strange but we joined in.

We finally had a chance to do some more shopping as well. Have a nice painting I purchased I have to try and carry around safely for the next is rolled up but still a bit hard with a backpack only.

we are on our final Island of this tour...this one is called Ios and we are staying at a cool place called the far out village..we have a great spot across from the beach with a nice pool (first pool we have had on this tour). Yesterday was pretty quiet..another ferry to get here and then a lazy day..dinner was by the pool and then drinks out in the town. All the islands have been very different and we like each one for different reasons, I don't think I have a favourite out of the 4. Tonight is our last night on tour, i'm sure everyone will make the most of it! I'm glad we are moving on again..everyone on the tour just wants to get drunk every night..their conversations consist mainly of "are you having a big night"'s pretty funny once you realise all the conversations are the same. They are all pretty young though.

Our accom is really nice here..we are staying in one of the typical Greek white buildings with the blue door. very cool.

anyway not much else to report today. Will probably check in again when we get to Prague in a few days.

Tuesday, 01 July 2008

Location: Santorini, Greece

Have added some photos

Tuesday, 01 July 2008

Location: Santorini, Greece

hi all...we are now at our third Island out of the 4 islands we are visiting on our tour..We spent 2 nights in Mykonos then caught a ferry to Paros. Paros was a lot quieter than Mykonos but had some amazing views. Today we caught another ferry to Santorini.This is ths place I have always wanted to come to..the town itself is spread out over the cliff tops and is just beautiful, everything I imagined it to be. We have 2 nights here starting tonight with a quick tour of the town and then a dinner overlooking the ocean..sounds perfect ! Our accomm has been interesting on this tour, Mykonos...we were in this room that they called a bungalow..and the bathroom..well it had a toilet and sink in the ensuite which was cool, and we think they may have originally forgotten about the shower because it was stuck on the wall above the toilet and sink..hhmmmm...and no hot water. Lucky it's so hot over here you can actually make do with a cold shower..very hard to shower over the toilet though!

In paros we had this awesome place that we all was run by this Irish lady who added the work fu#k to every sentence..she was so funny..she has been there for 27 years and still had an amazing sense of humour when she had to deal with the drunks coming home at all hours. I had a good chat to her this morning and she told me about her sick husband who is in Athens hospital, has cancer and all sorts of things going on..very sad.

Forgot to mention our boat trip was an all day tour on our own boat including lunch and was one of those ones that stops in nice locations so you can have a quick swim and then jump back on..anyway we had to stop for lunch at a beach which meant you had to actually walk in the water for a bit from the boat to the beach..Lids has been sick so she wasn't getting in the she says nah it's ok I'll stay on the boat while you guys have lunch..noone was going to let that happen so 4 guys carried her from the boat to the funny..she was like queen Lidia! then they had to carry her back on after lunch..we have to get hold of the photos of that one..the lunch was really nice, salads and kebabs..and of course ouzo..they try and make you drink it everywhere in this place..aww it's awful stuff... after lunch the guides washed the plates in the ocean, packed everything back up and off we went..they actually leave everything they need on the beach for the next time (apart from the food and drinks). It was an awesome day..everyone had a ball. Scary ride back to Pros though..the waves were massive and everyone had to go to the back of the boat with their bags because it was so wild.

Last night it was drinks on the beachfront to watch the sun go down..this is the life!

we can't believe we only have about 9 days left is going so quickly now...our next island to visit is Ios and then we catch the ferry back to Athens.

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Location: Mykonos, Greece

well Cinque terre was a lovely's made up of of 5 small towns and we stayed in the end one called Riomaggiore.. Our hostel was at the top of the town of course so we had to carry our backpacks up a steep hill then up another heap of stairs in the midday heat..average temp has been around 36 degrees wherever we have's nice but not when you are walking aroung with the pack.

We only had 2 nights there, it was more of a relaxing place than anything..very cute old town.

We then moved onto Milan which we really enjoyed..caught up with Lidia's cousin's and had an interesting home cooked meal..they eat raw mince.. and we joined them..felt bad saying no...not something either of us will be repeating but we will be catching up with them again in a week, hopefully not at dinner time!

We only had a short time to look around Milan but we did see the street that housed all the major fashion stores which was pretty cool.

We then caught a flight to Athens and met up with our Greek Island's tour group. It's another Busabout group going to 4 iskands...Mykonos, Paros,Santorini and Ios. We had a 5 hour feery ride to get to the first island which was fun for about 30 minutes.. I am currently in an internet cafe in Mykonos..this place is awesome..we have already had our cocktail on the beach today and are just taking the time to relax.
The group we are with seems really nice again..more Canberra people on the tour as well..we are meeting canberrans everywhere on this trip.

My time is just about up on this pc and I have a beach to get back again soon

Monday, 23 June 2008

Location: Cinque Terre, Italy

we had an awesome time in Rome..the sights are amazing..we took the city sightseeing bus around and I saw most of the main really is an amazing city with such old buildings right beside new ones. I loved it. we ended up doing the Colosseum pub crawl..we met the group at a mtro stop near the colosseum and had drinks on a balcony whilst the sun went down..with the collosseum right in front of us..we got some great pics..the night was a lot of fun..bit of a late one again and we made some new friends..actually a guy from Canberra was working as one of the hosts on the crawl...small world

We then went o to do our busabout tour of the Amalfi Coast..we started from Rome and then went onto Pompei for a guided tour of the city...what an amazing place that is..then we stayed at Sorrento in a small was at a camping ground but it had the best views from the restaurant..the whole area is just stunning..we also took a ferry out to capri hoping to see someone famous but no luck..the bus ride ws so know the steep cliffs and tiny winding roads you see pictures of or see in the movies..we that's how you have to get to these places..Busabaout only hire local drivers for these tours beacuse they have better knowledge of the roads, we were all a bit happier after hearing that..the driver's deserve a medal for getting the bus up and back down the cliff!

Busabout were fantastic..anyone wanting to travel but don't want to do contiki should consider them.

We have now moved onto Cinque Terre in Italy..we love it already.will update you again soon

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Location: rome, Italy

Hi Everone, its Lids

hope you are all well. Just want to get something straight with you all, I didnt let Kel go to the beach party cause i was just looking out for her. I was told by a local who we became friends with that its probably not the party we want to go to cause its abit dodgy and not the best place for 2 aussie girls to be going. We parties elsewhere instead with the locals.....Hopefully that clears that bit up for everyone..hehehe. We are still going out and having fun though. And for the detective thing, yes Ive been pretty careful with everything here and I have eyes at the back of my head cause there are so many pick pockets here and dodgy people here! So im just taking care of my friend as friends should..hehe. We are having a fantastic time though, meeting great people, seeing great things and most of all enjoying ourselves and the lovely weather we are having over here.

Well thats if ffom me for now, take care and im sure i will do another update along the way!


Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Location: Rome, Italy

had a lovely time in Madrid.Lids got to see the soccer and the Italians win..we will actually be in Italy for their next game which is cool.

We loved Madrid..we didn't hear anything too positive about it from people who had already visited there but we really enjoyed it. I think the fact that we met some great people in the hostel made it a lot of fun as well.

We took a bus ride out to Toled, about an hour from was really hard trying to find anyone who spoke English at Toldedo who could help us find the bus that toured the actual town itself we ended up on a local bus that took us to the top of a street,at the top of the town, and then told us to get off because it was the end of the line... basically and we had to find our way back to the bus station to get back to was all pretty funny..luckily it is a pretty small place. It was a nice place to visit however the old style of the place is ruined by cars..It's a bit of the old ruined by the new I think.

Things we noticed about park on corners, there is no distance from the corner rule like we have, traffic lights sound like a bird whistling so you don't know when you can walk or not and the road rage is crazy..all you here are car horns, and they just go on and on.

Oh and Lids has turned into a detective over here..she doesn't miss a thing..she does have me a bit paranoid though..I think that everyone I walk past is going to steal my bag!

We had to check out of our hostel at 4 am this morning to catch our flight to Rome at 630am on easyjet..suprisingly easyjet have been on time with both flights so far..we have a few more flights wih them so I hope it stays that way.

Rome today was hot as..and we couldn't check in until 330 this afternoon so we went out sightseeing...going to do a tour of all the famous sights tomorrow on one of those hop on hop off buses.

Drivers in Rome are crazy..pedestrian crossings may as well not exist becaue they don't take any notice of them ..they pretend they can't see you..we sat down today and watched the traffic at a round about and the amount of people that were almost run over was massive. Cars park anywhere they want on the streets, it's 2 deep in most places. Most people get around on scooters, it does seem like the easier option.

Our hostel is in a great location..right outside the terminal for metro, buses and trains.

We have 2 nights here then we are off on a tour of the Amalfi coast for a few days. I think another pub crawl is on the agenda for tomorrow night..hopefully no Salsa this time!

Have tried to add photos to my page but the internet connections are pretty slow..will let you know if I can add anything tonight..

Monday, 16 June 2008

Location: Madrid, Spain

well we survived the Madrid pub was so much fun..we paid 10 euro and have a free shot and entry into 4 different clubs around Madrid..we even had tour guides who looked after us during the night which was good because we had no idea where we were half the time..we climbed into bed at about 6am this morning after lots of dancing and Salsa..I tried the Salsa again but the way they do it here is different to the way I was taught so it would have been pretty amusing to watch! Lids has it mastered though..I had forgotten how yuck it is to have people smoking in bars and clubs..we come home smelling of smoke all the time..not nice at all..

it ended up raining today in the afternoon today so it was a good opportunity to go and have some washing done at the local laundromatte..yay! we have clean clothes again..very exciting.. always a challenge to work out how the washing machines work in these places but we sorted it out.very boring sitting there waiting for the wash and dry process to complete though.

managed to get in some shopping time this morning as well.

tonight we watched Germany and Austria play in the Euro 2008 comp in the local´s nice to be able to watch the game at a normal time..Italy are playing tomorrow night so Lids is very excited about that..she is already planning where the best place to watch the game will be... as you can imagine people here are very passionate about their soccer! we have been in Portugal and Spain when their teams have won a game which has been pretty cool..lots of celebrating going would have been great to go to an actual game.

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From Janine
I swear the guy in your pic from the bar at Lagos was the same one from when I was there!!
Response: really?
From Ral
Hello Kel (and Lids)

Loved the stories - and knowing that you are now in Prague with days to kick back really makes me want to be there with you - and hear all these stories again first hand!

New job's going well ...just grasping it day by glad to be outta that other area...everyone speaks french ..and I make their ears bleed each day with my rendition of it!

Keep safe girls

love Ral
Response: thanks Ral..we so don't want to leave..not ready yet..I have been trying to convince Lids to stay because she really doesn't have to get back to work, maybe you could try? Glad the job is going well for you xx
From Frostie
Hi Kel
It sounds like your trip is awesome. Love the pictures of Joes Garage. Memories! Looking forward to seeing all your photos and hearing all your stories. Hi to Lids.
Response: joes garage was crazy..thanks for the tip on that one..see you soon
From Frostie
Hi Kel,
Your adventure sounds awesome. Can't wait to hear all about it on our 'girls night out' when you get back. Miss you.
Response: i can't believe I will be back soon..can't wait to catch up though. We need to set the date for our night out
From Karenza
Hey Kel (& Lids)
I remember being given shots of Ouzo for breakfast when we arrived on the isle of Corfu many moons ago. Michael doesn't like it, but I do, so I got to have 2......yep for breaky. Stay Safe Girls. xoxo
Response: for breakfast?? no thanks
From Cathy
Have a beach to get back to?
Sitting at my desk right now, a statement like that really bites! Hi Kelly I'm really enjoying reading up on your travels, thanks for the link and continue to enjoy.
Response: haha sorry about that..the beach at mykonos was soooo nice..our tans are coming along nice as well :)
From Julia
Hey Kel,
Take advantage of the hot weather and the beach now because it is starting to get pretty chilly here!
I do agree with Em though, how are the men over there??
Take care
Response: oh god...every now and then we think about how cold it must be getting at home...not looking forward to coming back at all..Lids notices the men more than I do ! I'm having too much fun to bother with them :)
From Tina

I love it. Sounds like you are having a classic time!!!

Lid's how are you thongs going. heheheh

Can't wait to see some photo's.

Have a big drink for me to.....god you girls wont ever be sober at this rate.

Look after each other.

Response: yeah having a great time Tines...can't beleive it's been 3 weeks already!
From Ral
Great stories girls...keep it up! I am glad to have you over my side of the world.
And Lid's I am so glad you are there keeping Kel on the straight and narrow...cos if I was there you would of had two of us to hold back!
Response: Ral..wish we could see you !!!
From Em
Hi Kel and Lids,
Sounds like you are having a ball, I am envious wish I was with you! No mention of any boys yet? whats going on? take care of each other.

Love Em and Jaden
Response: Hi em..yep we are looking after each other..well trying to anyway ...Lidia is hard to control
From Janine
I'm off to Vietnam. I'll give you call when we both get back to share stories. Enjoy the rest of your trip and don't forget to visit Mama. Love to Lids!
From Kate Heydon
Hey party girl, sounds like you're having an awesome time!! Glad to see you haven't forgotten the most important thing, shopping!! ;-)

Have a few drinks for me!
Response: no way..will always find time for shopping ! ok, will add you to the list of people I have to have a drink for :) ..can always take up that challenge..hope things are going well at ATO!
From Julia
Hey Kel,

Missing you already, sounds like you are having an awesome time, so jealous!! Have a few drinks for me.
Response: yeah it´s been great thanks...will have a drink for you tonight at the pub crawl
From Julia
Hey Kel,

Missing you already, sounds like you are having an awesome time, so jealous!! Have a few drinks for me.
From Janine
Oops - sorry about the adaptors -wasn't trying to kill you... honest!
My flat seemed very empty after you guys left - thanks for visting. Look forward to hearing more about your adventures.
Response: it wasn´t the adaptor it was probably me being stupid..will explain later..thanks for having was a great start to the trip
From Cathy
Hi again Kellie
I just had to tell you that we had Maria's farewell lunch yesterday and i found the perfect farewell card for her. It had party goers on the front, two males and one female and you guessed it, her arms were swinging up in the air. How funny is that?
Response: perfect for her!
From Janelle!
Hi Kell! Opps that was me who left no name earlier :)
Have fun!
Response: haha...I tried to narrow it down as to who it was! ...having a ball thanks!
From Ral
Watching you every step of the way Kel and Lids...

Had a good catch up with the family here in oz and due to fly back on Friday 13th to start new job on Monday...

Hoping for no turbulence!!
Response: thanks Ral..glad you had a nice time in Oz..good luck with the new job
From Cathy
Hi Kellie
You are missed already but we are all hoping your trip is nothing short of exceptional.
Sorry to hear about the scary flight over, * * * * that!
Looking forward to reading your entries as they come in.
Take care. See ya, Cathy
Response: thanks Cath..miss u guys too!
From Pete, Don, Matty & D
Hey Kell

Seems the place we were reading about is the place you will be staying at in Portugal.....Lagos! The resident Aussie there (he runs a vet clinic) recommends a little restaurant called Cazinha do Pesticos. Great local food apparently. Well I hope the trip goes smooth and you are able to enjoy to the max your time in Lagos!

Pete, Don, Matty & DJ :)
Response: cool..we will go check it out and report back
From Pete, Donna, Matty &
Hey Kell

Say hi to Karenza and Janine from all of us! That place we read about in Portugal is called Lagos. Apparently there is a great little restaurant there called Cazinha do Pesticos. Great seafood they say. So if you make it there let us know! Hope the trip goes well and all passports, cards and belongings stay where they are supposed to! ;)

Pete, Don, Matty & DJ :)
Response: tks xx
YAY Kel! Have the BEST time! Make sure you and Janine have a drink for me in Singers!
Response: will do..whoever you are !
From Lids
Yes, we havn't even left yet......Never a dull moment Kel!! :)
From Justin
How's the trip going?? Oh thats right, your still in the office....
Response: funny boy
From Ral
Kellie - I absolutely loved having you here - I can't wait for you to come back - with more time on your side and a suit case with wheels! Surprise in the post for you xx
Response: miss you already ral!!!!