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Hi all! Welcome to our new life in Europe. We hope you are well and enjoy reading about some of our adventures. For more details, please don't be shy and drop us a line!

Carey's number in London: +447966460829
Kelly's number in London:
Flat Number: +442079850361

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Diary Entries

Monday, 17 April 2006

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Go mbeannaí Dia dhuit from Ireland!

Another great time in this, the first half of 2006. Upon arriving in Dublin, Kelly and I were greeted by my Dad and Kevin. They drove us to Clontarf Castle where we were staying and there we met up with Mum, Sinead (Kev's fiance), Niamh and the Scaysbrooks. As we hadn't seen them since leaving Australia in January, the welcome hugs were extra good.

Highlights from this Easter trip include:
- Literary pub crawl through Dublin, learning about the literature legends of Ireland, drinking lots of guiness and being treated to a great display of live music at the Oliver St John!
- Easter celebrations at Sinead's parent's place with exceptional karaoke performances by Dad and Billy (Sinead's Dad).
- Day trip to Howth, a harbour with nice markets and a few very friendly and playful seals.
- Day trip to New Grange (a megalithic passage tomb built circ 3200BC). Very cool.
- A trundle around the garderns and hiking paths at Power's Court and seeing a pretty cool cemetary, spire and very old house at Glendalough Gardens
- Easter Egg hunt with Jack, Michael and Adele!!!

We hope you are well and are eagerly awaiting our next installment.

Love Carey and Kelly xoxo

Saturday, 08 April 2006

Location: Marrakech, Morocco


Marrakech was amazing! We stayed in a beautful riad (villa) in the Medina (Old City) called Riad Monika. Between checking out our photos and having a look at it on the net, you'll get some understanding of what a treasure this place is. Kel and I were lucky enough to have been invited to rest at this gorgeous abode for a week by my aunt and uncle, Kathryn and David.

The crew that "Rocked the Riad" was:
- David & Kathryn (uncle and aunty)
- Jack, Michael and Adele (cousins)
- Carey & Mark (uncle and partner)
- Niamh (sister)
- Kelly and I

Kel and I arrived a little late at night and apart from the others so when a dodgy taxi driver picked us up at the airport and took us through a maze of winding roads/alleyways where at the end we were met by one of his friends and told we had to walk from this point for another 10 minutes along a narrow, high-walled, unkept and mostly dirt-path/alley which was littered with garbage, waste (animal and human) and strange people openly staring at us with bugger all street lighting, well, I thought that was the end of us! After walking for about 15 minutes, we eventually arrived at a totally non-descript door without any number, name or street sign to be found close by and were told we were there. "Holy sh*t! This REALLY is the end, we're going to die! I love you Kelly!" But when the door opened, WOW! Only one word to describe the riad, "oasis." The place was beautifully finished and had the most friendly and accommodating staff I have experienced (thank-you Zouhai - our host for the week). On top of that, our room/apartment was fantastic and the hustle and bustle of outside could not be heard inside the walls, creating a tranquil get away in the heart of the Medina. Words won't do it justice so you'll all have to go and see it for yourselves!

In order for you readers to get some comprehension of what a wonderful trip this was, I would need to write a novel! As such, you will have to make do with a simple summary of the highlights. Combined with the photos, you'll get a general idea of what it was like.

Highlights included:
- The Souks: semi-open air markets trading all manner of goods and which were a total buzz of pressed humanity, light, colours and of course, scotch, I mean, action! In this ramshackle maze of stalls we got lost many a time throughout the week but had a great time doing so as we frequently wandered off the main route which was packed with tourists into pretty much 'locals-only' areas where leather auctions and weird smells were common-place. At this point, friendly children, keen to earn a bit of pocket money, always seemed to pop up and offer their tour-guide services to get you back to a main landmark - or just disappear around a corner where you'd be ambushed by their friends, hoping to cash-in on your helplessness!
Despite knowing that we were also being ripped off by the silk merchants, jewellers and other store owners, the relative price of goods was too good to resist and we all came back with beautiful homewares, quirky souvenirs and more than one pair of traditional morrocan slippers - available in an unbelievably kalaedescopic array of styles and colours!
Whilst very nervous initially, Kelly definitely developed a knack for bargaining and often got upset with me for not squeezing every last dirham (currency) from the vendor.

- Food: tagines and tangines (slow-cooked 'caserole' type dishes of mainly lamb and vegetables with delicious infused spices), mmmmmm.... Can't say much else other than bloody awesome (and very tender, hahaha!)!

- Riad Monika: the oasis. See photos and website.

- Mederssa Ben Youssef: this Islamic/Koranic college was founded in the 14th century (closed down in the 60's) and could house up to about 900 students in approximately 130 "cells" with the highest achievers getting rooms with a view over the central courtyard and fountain and the worst getting dark, dingy and very out-of-the-way accommodations. Very decorative externally with ornate timber and masonary work and walls of elaborate tiling, whilst the "cells" were extremely plain (I'm guessing to provide little distraction from studies).

- Day Trip: After having spent five days amongst the crazy goings-on of the Medina, we decided a day-trip to more remote and laid back environs was in order. So we all piled into a people mover and headed out towards the Atlas Mountains. On the way we saw mini-trucks piled high with goods, families of three or four packed onto a single scooter, ladies carrying heavy loads on their backs, donkeys, camels, remote villages, tourist trap Berber souvenir shops (which we of course stopped at!) and always, the distant snow-capped mountains drawing closer and closer through the haze of the lowlands. We passed a Coca-Cola sponsored cafe and stopped by the rapids to commence our trek into the Atlas Mountains. Our guide for the trek was a local man who had learned some English from spending a little while in the Medina. After a brilliant start, rock-jumping across the river and then beginning what was expected to be at least an hour's climb through a bit of the mountains, it was slightly disappointing when we turned back after only 20 minutes. However, this allowed us to witness the daily chores of the local villagers and we were pleasantly entertained when a group of initially very shy young girls accosted my Uncle Carey and didn't leave him alone until he gave them all of his money! I think they'd had visitors before. After about an hour of walking a short climb before traipsing through the outskirts of a village, it was time to head back into town. I am extremely glad we took this trip as it was a great contrast to the busy, cramped and pungent aura of the Medina, being fantastically desolate, barren and beautiful.

- Antique hunting: A fabulous day of fun-filled excitement! After visiting a locals-only bakery, the maintenance area of a tradtional Hamman (baths/spa) and having a traditional lunch at a rug shop with our local guide for the day, it was time for some serious shopping for antiques. After only 20 minutes in the first shop, Hafid quickly realised we were a ruthless bunch of spenders and decided more up-market and genuine boutiques would be well-received. True to his perceptions and mainly thanks to the unrelenting spending of Kathryn and David, we were then led to the back rooms of a number of shops where treasures of astonishing beauty and craftsmanship were obviously reserved for serious bidders. In these back rooms, precious Berber Silver and Blue-man desert pieces (integrated gold, silver and copper works of amazing design), along with traditional teasets, boxes, pieces of art and massive be-jewled chests were laid about like a veritable Alladin's Cave! It was in one of these rooms I spied Kelly eyeing off a gorgeous silver box. Seeing as though we had decided to postpone her birthday present-giving, this presented a perfect opportunity for a truly memorable gift. Along with a ring to match a newly purchased necklace, this present ensured I was again The Man!

- Karen's Party: a good friend of my grandparent's, Karen Day, held her 50th birthday party at a beautiful estate on the outskirts of the city. An ecclectic group of guests (scientists, artists, us...), quirky entertainment and mouth-watering traditional food (fruits, meats, vegetables and lots of spices) made for a wonderful evening which was capped off by a couple of belly dancers (obviously influenced by ABBA) who put on such a good show that everybody was up and dancing with them!

- Golf: David and I played a round at Amelkis golf resort. Whilst the golf wasn't pretty, the scenery was great! It was quite awesome driving down a lush fairway when surrounding the course was a combination of desert and slums and then pitching onto the green with the snow-capped peaks of the Atlas Mountains as a back-drop. After catching a 20 minute cab-ride back into town, we showered and then headed out to the Aman Resort which ended up adjoining the golf course! We had thought it was a gated community within the boundary of the golf course and slapped ourselves for not checking its location beforehand!

From the hand of Kelly...
This was definitley one of my favourite holidays. The dichotomy of wealth and poverty, modern and traditional, and the fascinating merging of western and arab cultures made for an unforgettable experience. In the narrow, dirt alleyways with high, ochre-rendered walls, where men and donkeys pulled carts ladened with traditional produce and children played with toys of sticks and string, it was easy to imagine Moses walking around the corner at any second. 50 metres later howerver, there's a man wearing a 350-quid smock and others selling suitcases and car parts...Fantastic! A definite must-see for everyone!

Saturday, 11 March 2006

Location: Croyde, UK

Surf Trip to Croyde.

Tour Members:
- Blighty
- Mado (Junior)
- Cezza
- Doodle

- Depart London 0600h Arrive Croyde 1130h
- Surf 45 mins
- Lunch 1330h
- Depart Croyde 1400h Arrive London via Stone Henge 1930h

Having left my driver's licence at Wimbledon when Tim and I were collecting the hire car, poor Timmy was left as the sole driver for the whole trip! He's a good lad and safe driver though so it was probably in everyone's best interest that this happened!

Fully kitted out in tracksuits, beanies and uggies, we left London whilst still dark with the hope of tucking into a couple of pits five or so hours down the track. A quick toilet and snack stop about halfway down left us feeling refreshed and starting to wake up. Even though Tom-Tom navigated us down some dodgy-looking back country lanes, we safely arrived in Croyde chomping at the bit to get amongst it. We headed straight to the headland where some great lines were coming through. You beauty! Swell! Next stop - surf shop to get the rubber on.

After the four of us were all geared up for the 7 degree water (full steamers, booties, gloves and hood) and ready to walk to the beach, Nick realised he had hired two left hand gloves - can't take him anywhere. He and Timmy drove back through the town in their rubber and met Benny and I down at the beach, this time with the 'right' gear. Tim and I had our own boards but Nick and Ben had hired a couple of very, very short (under 5ft) foam boards. I was a little concerned for them as the surf was a decent size and quite powerful (we had decided to hit the open beach as it looked to be barrelling and only had a few people out). Well, I needn't have worried, as the foam-boys beat us out the back! Poor old Timmy got hammered by a freak number of sets in a row and didn't make it out (bloody tiring with all that gear on and getting an ice-cream headache each time you duck-dive!). After what would have been at least 15 minutes paddling, Nick, Ben and I were sitting out the back re-gathering our breath when a bomb appeared from nowhere. Barely getting under it, Nick and I breathed a sigh of relief, only to find no Ben! The poor fella was only a couple of metres behind us but copped the lip and got dragged right back into shore!

With only two of us left, Nick and I gave the surf our best shot but the waves were really full before they jacked up on a bank and were quite difficult to catch. So much so that Nick and I both fell on our first waves and then only caaught one more each as it was impossible to make it back out! What a successful session! With a starting group of four, one didn't make it out, one got pumped duck diving and didn't catch a wave and two only successfully caught one wave each! Just as well we didn't tell anyone we grew up on the Gold Coast and have been surfing for years!

Exhausted and very cold but totally thrilled with having had my first cold water surfing experience, we bundled ourselves back into the car (after Nick had made sure his hair looked pretty - see photos), grabbed some lunch and left for the big trip back to sunny London. We did make a detour on the way back though and stopped to have a look at Stone Henge which was pretty impressive.

All in all, a great day out with the boys but the fun didn't stop there, it was off to Sophie's Steak House to meet the girls for dinner (mmmm...steak) and drinks as soon as we hit London!

Speak soon,


Thursday, 02 March 2006

Location: Venezia, Italy

Buongiorno di Venezia!

Wow! What an amazing place! The final leg of our first trip to Europe together was spent enjoying the festivities of the last few days of Carnivale in Venice and what a fantastic atmosphere the island had!

Our hotel was in a great location just near Teatro alla Fenice in between Piazza di San Marco and the Rialto Bridge. On arrival, we were pleasantly surprised to find we had been upgraded to the "Theatre Room" which has the description, "Imagined to let you feel on a stage, where frames and fabrics will be your side-scene". Classic!

Highlights from Venice included:
- not being able to find the entrance to the airport when leaving for London and also missing our flight!
- afternoon tea at Cafe Florian on Piazza di San Marco
- a fantastic meal in a beautifully fitted out restaurant directly opposite our hotel. Dinner served on bread/cutting boards (did you say steak...) and tons of memorabilia and old pots and pans hanging from the walls and exposed beams
- buying masks and wearing them around on the final day of Carnivale including to the official closing concert in Piazzo di San Marco and the following fireworks display
- Not being able to find the restaurant for Kelly's birthday, walking in to a random one and having a fantastic meal and service (including free starters and dessert)!
- eating copious amounts of pizza by the Rialto Bridge
- getting extremely lost on many occasions but loving it!
- seeing most of the major sites (Accademia Bridge, Rialto Bridge, Piazzo San Marco - bell tower/Doge's Palace and the church) as well as the infamous gondolas
- Witnessing this wonderful city sinking first-hand

Well we had a truly amazing trip and have lots and lots of memories for our troubles! We hope to be able to share some of them in more detail with anyone who is still checking this site!

Next adventure, London City!

Peace out,
Cez & Kel xoxo

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From Nick
Hey guys,
Looking forward to next update, gimme something to read at work PLEASE! Anyways hope all is well and look forward to seeing you both at christmas.
Enjoy the travels and speak soon, Nick.
Response: Hey buddy!
What's happening down under? The Marrakech commentary is finished and the Dublin well under way, however, sifting through our thousands of photos from the NW African nation has been a little time consuming (like 6 months). We have done the photos for a number of other places so once M'kech is done, it should all roll out reasonably smoothly (hopefully). Where are your updates??? Getting really excited about xmas and catching up with you and Kym. Stay cool, Cezza.
P.S. Tim has improved heaps at squash so you'd better not challenge him unless you want to be the new CB!
From Drew
just wanted to let you no cez that your yr 2 portrait shot cracks me up! was getting concerned you hadn't done anything to completely embarrass Kel. more of that please!
Hey mate!
I've been trying my best more often than not but she's starting to develop a pretty tough shell! Have a few shots that might make the cut (if I get permission) that should make you smile - at my expense of course. Good chatting to you the other day mate and look forward to Xmas!
From Tanya
Just a quick hello to you both. Yes, you can guess - I'm procrastinating from doing my uni assignments Kelly! Hope you are both well - thinking of you.....
I'm going to be really annoying and ask - where are the photos from Morocco?! Just teasing! - catch ya later Kelly - you know I'm missing you. Love Tanya.
Response: Hi sweetie!
I'm so unbelievably sorry I haven't replied sooner but have had a pretty interesting time of it lately (have explained in my emails)! We have now posted the photos from our major trip but won't be uploading anymore until we have finished the dialogue! This should be soon as we are finally becoming more organised. Anyway, it is great to hear from you and I look forward to more messages ; )

Love Carey.
HEY HEY, you guys take some of the best photo's. MODELS !
It's a delight to read your messages, it’s quite similar to watching (Getaway) travel program, the ins and outs of the location.

Response: Hey Tys!
You're too kind. Kel makes me look much better than I really am! Just started a job which is pretty cool and will be updating the site ever so slowly (as if we were racing along anyway!). Love to Tara and I'll give you a cal soon.
From Viv
Hi Kelly and Carey!
... wow I had a look at your web site and you guys look like you are having an AWESOME time - good on you both! So jealous.
Luckily I bumped into Tanya S on the bus one day and she said she would email the link through to your travel diary... and of course she did :o)
Kelly I meant to thank you soooooo much for the card and letter you sent me - I realy appreciated the support!!! Was devastated and took me a while to get myself sorted out. All getting better now, but off to Europe next week as taking my brothers ashes to Germany to rest beside my Grandfather - it all sounds weird, but it all makes sense to what my bro would have wanted...
Anyways I hope you are both having a great time... where are you off to next? I will be in Germany for 2 weeks, if i have the chance might be able to catch up? See what happens :o) Take Care! Viv
Response: Hi Viv,
So glad you logged onto our page, have been thinking about you! Yes, we've had some amazing adventures and are currently trying to update this page with the rest of them. I'm guessing you're in Gremany right now, and I'm sorry to say I can't come visit - I've been wanting to go see my family there for a while, but definitely need a job first! Let me know if you're coming to London at all, would love to see you. Hope all goes well in Deutchland, take care and write again,
Love Kelly
From Tyson
Hey big sis and cezza, seems like you guys are having the time of your lives. i just read the kemmi blog and although it took like 20 minutes to read it was worth it. thankyou for taking the time to write such a long essay. everthing is great in t'bar except even though its nearly 1 month since getting my wisdom teeth out, im still bruised!!!well im off, i hope you guys continue to have a ball in London even though you have to work.
Love Tyson
Response: TYSON!! I'm so sorry I'm so terribly slack, I just realised you wrote this message almost a month ago! Glad you're enjoying the travel page though(even if it's in need of some serious attention), and thankyou for persisting with the Kemi entry - it was the most amazing part of our trip and I really wanted to share that. How's the wisdom teeth bruising going? Poor thing, I hated getting mine out. Just get mum to dig up the photos of me looking like a chipmunk and you'll feel instantly better! Heard you have stacks of schoolwork at the moment - term 3 in grade 12 is a killer! Just keep your head down and bum up and it'll be all over before you know it! Then you'll be finished highschool and off to see the world - your sister in London included! (When you get time, write me an email so we can sort stuff out). Good luck with everything, hope to talk to you soon.
Lots of love and best wishes to my big little brother,
Kelly xoxox
From kelly's mum
I've just read the last bit of the Kemi "epic" and loved it all.You've really had some amazing experiences. Anyway, keep the diary entries coming and good luck with the job hunt. Nanna is having words with all the angels she can find! Talk to you soon.
Love, mum
Response: Hi Mum!
FINALLY answering your message; have been neglecting our planet ranger for a little while now - the old job search is a bit more pressing! So glad you enjoyed the Kemi essay - yes, it took me forever to write, but i knew you'd want ALL the details! We promise to update the page with exciting stories from Austria, Morroco and Dublin within the next two weeks so stay tuned! Will hopefully have some exciting job news by then too (keep those angels and good vibes coming). Love you lots and speak to you VERY soon!
BIG Hugs and Kisses to everyone, Kelly xoxo
From sinead
hey guys, great seeing you both last wknd! all your trips are over now :( so no excuses, in between looking for jobs u ca get your Morocco pics up! dying to see them! ryan air are doing pretty cheap flights to venice around the time we'l be there if you wanna check them out!
Response: Hiya Sinead! We had a fabulous weekend too! Thank-you to you and kev for being such great hosts and to your wonderful family for their generosity! Trip details and photos WILL be happening soon! Keen to come back very soon!
Love Carey.
From Jackie & Bill
Looks like you are having a ball, even though it was so cold. Will log on again to keep up to date with what you are doing and where you are. Take Care and enjoy every minute.
Jackie & Bill
Response: Hi Jackie and Bill
So great to hear feom you! I HAVE actually sent you a number of postcards from some of our more unusual destinations, so I hope they arrive soon. If you can spare a couple of hours, have a read of the Kemi diary enrty - it's ridiculously long but I think it was the most fascinating part of out trip. Anyway, I've been very busy since then - went to marrakech for a week, which was amazing, and also went to Dublin for the long Easter weekend. So now I am cracking down on the job hunt and will hopefully find something fabulous soon!
Keep on touch,
Lots of love
From George Butler
Hey guys!!

How are you both?!

Wow popped onto your little sight to check it out! Looks as though you had an awesome time!

Anyway more to the point KELLY we are both in London so get your butt into gear and contact me!! I'm leaving at the end of June and would love to have some London memories together!

Check your email I sent you my mobile no.

Hope you guys are sorted on the home/job front!! I know how stressful it can be.

Lots Love
George xo
Response: Hey there!

I know I've spkoen to you since you wrote but i thought I'd reply and tell you how much I'm looking forward to meeting up on Monday. Make sure you bring some photos with you! Chat to you soon to arrange a place and time.
Lots of love
From Matt Thomas
Howdy Carey and Kelly, I was going to say WOW! but Marney beat me to it. It looks like you two are having an amazing holiday. The boat trip in Kemi looked unbelievable - especially swimming in the frozen sea! Wishing you guys all the best and I might see you on my way to NYC in Dec.... will keep you posted. Matt.
Response: Hey Matt!
Great to hear from you mate! We're having a fantastic time over here. Kel and I just got back from 8 days in Marrakech which was amazing (photos and details to come soon)! Would be great to catch up if you do come here before the big apple! Hope all is well mate.
From Marney
Wow- you guys have had such an amazing time! These pics are incredible! Kelly, you wont believe this, but I can't find your email. Could you please post it here so I can email (15ht time lucky!)? Would love to hear how you're going in London. Love Marney x
Response: Hey Marney, Great to hear from you! How's life going in your tropical paradise? London is giving us a great taste of it's fickle weather - it's late March and still under 10 degrees! Have been keeping busy here but not quite organised on the job front yet ; still trying to finish our travel page! Oh, and trying to catch up on all those emails & postcards I have neglected to write, including yours! And YES, I would believe that you've misplaced my email, cos I can't seem to find yours either! We are SO hopeless! But this time there's no excuse! My email address is:
Really looking forward to hearing from you, lots of love from London, Kelly x
From andrew
missing you so much
lots of love and kisses
andrew xxx
p.s please dont forget me
Response: We miss and love you too! How could we ever forget you, especially after ...
Going for a wave with Timmy Blight next weekend and can't wait! Will be soooo good to get wet again! Love to Paula!
From The Levers
Dear carey, we like your beard, you look like jesus.
The levers
Response: Ah, bless your sweet hearts! If only Kelly could see me through your eyes. Ah well, it has now been put away for a while but do not fear, the beard will make another appearance of this I am sure!
Love to all of you,
From sinead
kel, so proud of you!!! looking at your photo's i dont think i'd survive!! congrats!
looking forward to seeing you both soon!!! hope the birthday went well!
Response: Thankyou, I'm very proud of me too! Looking back at the photos I can't really believe I did it all, and that I actually loved it! Can't wait to show you the shots from Lappland - Now THAT was cold!! Thankyou so much for your birthday wishes and the card - definitely looking forward to a summer holiday! Excited about our trip to Ireland at Easter too - your chance to show us your home turf! chat to you soon!
Love Kel
From dallas
mate got your mail and looks like you guys having a ball. where are you now are you still near scandinavia if you are would love to see you, plenty of snow and plenty of waves if your keen to get wet. would be great to see you norway your always welcome give me a bell if you get a chance no.004790168661
Response: S'up Jebus!
Unfortunately, we've left scando country but are dead keen to make it up there (maybe when it gets a little warmer)! Back in London but will call soon. Later skater,
From Tanya
Great to hear from you. Kelly hope you had a lovely birthday in Italy - was thinking of you. Can't wait to hear about your next adventure - setting up a place in London. Take care of yourselves. Missing your visits to Ashgrove Kelly. Email soon! Tanya xox
Response: Well Hello! Back 'Home' in London now and enjoying some sight-seeing free days inside on the couch at Carey's aunt & uncle's home in Wimbledon. Working on the planet ranger site and will email VERY soon to give you a full run-down of the trip!
Missing you,
lots of love, Kelly xoxox
From Terence
cave man & cold chic, looking forward to seeing saint nick and the artic polar bears. looks like you are having a great time...
Response: Ugghh Terence.
mmm aahh grrr tsk tsk. Saint Nick booncastrahget, gglartdru mmm a. llanghrt grrr mmm sta!
Cave Man.

Hi Terence.
Great to hear from you. Saint Nick will be shown soon but unfortunately, no arctic polar bears. Keen to catch up before you leave!
Cave Man.
From jennifer
Hi Kelly, Happy Birthday for the 28th. Will be thinking of you carnivaling!!. Nice exit from Austria!!!! Hope Venice is wonderful much love xxxxxxxx
Response: Thankyou for the birthday wishes and the pressie (bought a bag)! After a long & messy entry into Venice we had a great time. Look forward to going back again - maybe in June?
Love to all at Selkirk,
From Mum (Kelly's)
Loved the Moscow photos, reminded me of our trip long, long ago in 1974! Am really looking forward to seeing more of the trip. So glad that you both survived the cold, seeing that you find Toowoomba cold! Have a great time in Venice. Love, Mum
Response: Thank you for the pressies mum! - didn't find anything else in Venice but enjoyed watching the locals get into the spirit of Carnival. Lots of VERY elaborate costumes, masks and eccentric people. I was even treated to fireworks at midnight (organised by Carey of course).
Safe and sound back at Kathryn and David's now so we'll be udating the travel page every day - keep ckecking for more photos .
Love you, talk soon.
Kelly xoxoxox
From kev
hey cez n kel, finally seen ur pics of russia, bloody awesome! the beard is comin on really well cez, how long is kel gonna let u keep it growing? hope u post up some photos of ur ice breaker. r u both skiing now in austria or u boarding? was talkin 2 blanksby yesterday, says he lookin 4ward 2 a pint at easter as r sinead n i! love 2 u both, kev x
Response: Big Kev!
Good to hear from you mate! Kel is skiing and I am boarding. We just had our last day today (snowed all day) and we're both totally shattered as it's been a busy 7 full days on the slopes. Many more narratives and photos to come so keep checking! Can't wait to hang out with you and Sinead at Easter! I think Tim (Blight) and the crew are heading over for St Pat's Day. How's the footy coming along?
From Samo & Marns
Hi guys,
Moscow looks incredible, wish we were there with you! Where are you now??
Lots of love xxx
Response: Hi Samo & Marns!
In Austria at the moment having a week's skiing/boarding. Been great so far. Would have been awesome to have you both with us on our trip! How are the tans coming along? I'm even whiter than usual!
Carey xxx

hey there! how are you two going? thanks for remembering my email carey, much appreciated. i got a new one for people like you haha. ah well, when in rome i guess! i must get going, but its good to hear you two are having fun! (hey kelley! [notice the magnificant spelling] haha)send me an email. see you at easter, you favourite little sister in the world, laura. ps i go for my p's on wednesday! and if i do really well in all my subjects i get a car!!
Response: Hey slaur!
That's a pretty safe bet from m&d's point of view (just jokes)! How's MSN, sorry, the maths assignment going? haha! Hopefully I'll remember that email but could you please make the next one a little more obvious? Will send an email soonish but will probably see you at Easter before I do. Good luck with the studies and netball! Love youR favourite eldest brother, me.
From kelLY - at least Jennifer can spell my name, I suppose I'm the new laura now and I know Carey only listens because he has too! Good luck for Wednesday and remember that it's your road! Kelly.
From Bushby
Cez'n Kel! Given that photos don't normally do justice, those sights must be truly amazing - great photos! Love the cannon, who said size doesn't matter? Take care (but too much care), have fun (no limit on this) and say hi to those crazy mafia lads for me.
Response: Scravey!
Sorry we missed you while you were in this part of the world. We're in the mountains now but more on that in later updates. Size ALWAYS matters! Mafia everywhere in Moscow! Very easy to spot as well in their fully blacked-out cars with laptops built into the dashboards.
Talk soon and take care,
From sinead
photo's are great! hope your enjoying skiing and last few days of trip!
Response: Hey there sexy chick!
Kelly is on fire with her skiing. Its true, the snow literally melts in her tracks! Having a great time and we're both really looking forward to seeing you and Kev at Easter! Hope the prac is going well and love to Kev,