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Welcome to MY Tour Page. You can keep track of the sold out venue's I'm playing at, Countless stories and the number of hotel rooms I have trashed. Keep in touch and let me know how my fan base in Australia is going. If I get a chance between drinking sessions and sleeping I will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Thursday, 09 August 2007

Location: Melbourne, Australia

All good things must come to an end. My trip home wasn’t to bad. I didn’t miss my connecting flight and they didn’t lose my bags. The only trouble I had was I got seated next to this BIG FAT guy (yes bigger then me) and I didn’t get to sleep much. I couldn’t even move seats as the flight was fully booked. Lucky for me he got off in Singapore and I managed to sleep after that. I had a stopover in Singapore for about an hour and a half. So what better time to go sink some more beers and a bit of grab at the Qantas Club in Singapore. It’s a big club and very classy well done Qantas. So after 22 hours in the air I finally arrived in Melbourne.

I want to thank everyone for their hospitality while I stayed with them or in their country, means a lot to me and made things so much easier. If you guys are ever in Australia please let me know and return the hospitality.

As much as I don’t want to be here I'm back home now (for how long we will see) So feel free to call, email or come around. It will be great to catch up with a lot of you guys and tell some more stories.

Friday, 03 August 2007

Location: London, UK

So its coming toward the end of my trip but I still have a couple more place to hit. From Malta it was off to London to get a connecting flight to Amsterdam. Like the theme of my trip we had more drama's at the airport. The plane docked in a different terminal to the one we were meant too so we had to rush from the North terminal to the South terminal and collect out bags in between. We come up with a plan were I would collect the bags and steve would run to the check in counter. Our plan seem to be going well until we found out we had to catch a train from the North terminal to the South terminal. Steve got to the gate first but we were too late they had closed and despite our claims they wouldn’t let us check in. That’s what happens when you fly with a discount carrier. Yep there is another connecting flight we have missed!! I have been having the worse luck with all my flights and baggage. The airline offered us the next flight but we had to pay just as much as we did for the first flight.
We had to decide what we wanted to do. Our accommodation in Amsterdam was going to be with friends but something came up and they were no longer going to be in town. So this was the position we were left in. We missed our first flight, had to pay for the next flight (and this flight wouldn’t get us to Amsterdam until about 11pm) and had no accommodation but we already had paid for out return flight. After discussions we thought we would be better to just stay in London.
So my last few days were spent in London. We were staying with Steve's cousin Sash right in the heart of London. London is pretty kool, its clean, good transport and the people are pretty nice. Spend the next few days seen the sights and sounds of London and of course all the tourist things. For those who don’t know this is Steve's last stop, he is staying in London for about a year on a working Visa. I could really see myself living and working here as well. I'm actually really thinking about it, so don’t be surprised if I don’t come back or only come back from my things.
Well my trip has now come to an end its gone all to quick and time to go home. Lets hope I don’t miss any connecting flights or fingers crossed they don’t loss my bag again.

Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Location: Malta, Malta

Well we had so much drama's getting to Malta. Our flight out of Barcelona to Milan was delayed by an hour and a half. By the time we got to Milan we missed our connecting flight to Malta buy only 5mins!! To make things worse there was no more flights to Malta that day. The airline staff wanted us to stay the night and get the next flight the following day. We didn’t want to spend the night and didn’t have enough time to do it, so after a lot of stuffing around we got put on a flight from Milan to Brussels and then from Brussels to Malta. We got into Malta about 11pm, 8 hours after we were meant to be there. Lets not forget we have not slept as we went out in Ibiza the night before and then spent the whole day from flight to flight. Just to add to it all and make things worse they lost our bags!! Yep that's three times in the whole trip so far they have lost my bags.
So we finally arrived in Malta and after the day we had we needed a drink. Let me tell you I was surprised by the night life in Malta. Its one party island. A lot of people come to Malta for there summer holiday and just go off. After the day we had it was great to get back into the party atmosphere and they know how to party. I guess they have nothing better to do. Malta like Ireland all the bars and clubs are in the one area. Its so easy to bar hope from one to the other. The other great thing about Malta is that you don’t have to pay to get into any bars or clubs and they are open until late. Drinks are fairly cheap but there are two down sides to Malta. One is most bars and clubs are 16+ Not that you see that many young ones anyway. And the second and most important is that they server their sprits in 15mls and not 30mls. So yea the drinks are cheap but they are weak. That’s why we moved to shots by the dozen.
The weather was great 30-35 degrees and the hotel we stayed at was five stars. The rooms were huge with two balconies. All up our stay in Malta was a big surprise and lots of fun. Malta is one place I'm coming back too.

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Location: Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is one big crazy party island. I thought Vegas was bad but this place shits all over it. You do NOT sleep on this island. Sleep consist off a series of power naps whenever you can fit it in. Either that our when you pass out on the sun lounge in the middle of the day after drinking a stack of beer. The nights are spent at the clubs (more like rave parties) which don’t open until midnight and don’t start rocking until 3am. Party on until about 7 or 8 am sleep for a couple hours before going back to the pool for tanning and more beers. After the pool, we shower, change, dinner before back on the beers again. Its one big circle.
The hotel we stayed at was the best place. All rooms have a balcony facing the pool and all the food and alcohol was included. Needless to say we didn’t leave the hotel unless we were going to the clubs. There was a lot of German's and Italian's not just at our hotel but on the island. Most people that come to the island come in groups of 5 or 10 people. There are so many people on the island it is so hard to get a taxi at peak times. The solution?? Illegal taxi's. There are people that will drive you around for only a little more then what a taxi would cost. We had a couple different people we could call 24 hours a day if we ever needed a taxi.
We went to all the major clubs Space, Amnesia, Privilege, Pacha. We also manage to go to a private villa party. The villa party was unbelievable tunes rocking, everyone dancing by the pool and people off there nut. Half way through police rock up, the music goes down, people start hiding there gear and the party comes to a stop. It looked like something from a movie. Once the police left the party started back up and everyone starting looking for their gear again. There was even a guy with a torch helping people look for there stuff.
So with no sleep the whole week our time in Ibiza was up. Our last night out we thought it would be a good idea to go out and go straight to the airport after the club. We made it to the airport still drunk when we got in the plane. Let me tell you by the time we got back to Barcelona we were hangover and so tired. Just check out the pics and we still needed to fly to Malta.

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Hi guys,
Sorry i havent had the time to update this page but i have at least managed to upload so pics of Ireland. Im in Barcelona at the moment and leave for Ibiza tomorrow morning. As soon as i get a little more time i will upload the pics from Barcelona and ibiza and update my log. Hopefully within a day or two so keep an eye on this page.

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Location: Barcelona, Spain

So I said good bye to Ireland and off to London for a stopover where I met my mate Steve, before we flew out to Barcelona. Barcelona is unbelievable, they have the best looking women in the world!! Lucky for me I can speak the language. Steve can just watch and try to learn. Haha Well at times I was his translator. The place we were staying at was right next to La Rambles (the main street with cafes and bars)
Beer in Barcelona comes in two sizes. Half a litre or one litre. I was in Heaven, not only do they have good looking women, warm weather, they serve beer by the litre. As you can see by the pics it was pretty dangerous after drinking a few litre's of beer.
Barcelona Football Club is only a stone's throw away. Nou Camp is home to one of the biggest soccer clubs in the world. I could not be in the same city and not take a tour of the stadium. Nou Camp holds about 100,000 people and the grass is that well looked after they have fans all along the ground (not sure why maybe to keep the moisture in the ground) and they have shades to put over the grass if its too hot. I don’t even get treated that well at home!!
Last night out in Barcelona and we thought we would go out early. We ended up at a club and we noticed that there were a lot of young people (under 18) we thought we were at an underage club?? Yet they were serving us alcohol. After speaking to the girl behind the bar in Barcelona underage people can go to a club up until 1am (before they get kicked out) as long as they have an adult to look after them.
It was time to leave the beautiful Barcelona and make our way to the party island of Ibiza.

Friday, 20 July 2007

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Ireland is full of pubs, Guinness, ugly women, castle's and national parks as far as the eye can see. After spending the last couple weeks in USA were the weather was over 30 degrees I flew into Dublin were it was cold, wet and a top of 13 degrees!! And this was on a good day. After been asked 50 questions by immigration (don’t know why, who would want to live there. Haha) I was collecting my bag when again I was approached by another person from immigration asking for my passport and checking a couple things. Do I really look like a terrorist? I havent had the best of luck at the airports so far.
First night was in Dublin. It’s a small city compared to the others I have been too but it very nice and clean. The people are friendly but hard to understand. Every second door is a pub and each with its fair amount of people in it. As for bars and clubs they are all in the one area of Temple Bar. The streets in temple bar are crazy at night and even worse after 1am. 1am is the closing time for most pubs/bars and they throw everyone out on the street. So you can only imagine streets full of drunken Irish people with no where better to go. Yet they are still pretty friendly not as violent as I thought they were.
Next day it was a drive around Ireland tour. We drove from Dublin down to Wexford, pass Cork and onto Killarney with plenty of stops along the way. Killarney is like a big country town and like Dublin all the bars and clubs are in the same area (couple streets next to each other) Killarney also has a great national park with beautiful views and waterfalls. As you can see from the photos you can take a ride around the park on a horse and cart.
From Killarney it was off to Cork. Cork is bigger then Killarney but not as big as Dublin. Cork also has castle's, national parks and a stone that every must kiss??? (I guess they don’t know how to pick up in Ireland) Cork has plenty of students and tourist due to the university. It’s a good party town with plenty of people out drinking, doesn’t matter if its Monday night or Friday night. I love this town. My last day in Ireland and guess what it was the first day it didn’t rain and the sun was out.

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Location: Hollywood, USA

Since been back from Vegas the last couple days I have been spending time catching up with family and friends in LA. We had a good old fashion Aussie Barbie (of course I had to show them how it was done) and the whole gang came over. Trying to teach them how to speak Australian is like trying to take blood from a stone, stupid American’s. haha I also ended up going to the Hollywood Hills & also another theme park this time it was Knott’s Berry Farm. Well the time has come to leave the good old United States of America. Tomorrow morning I fly out to Ireland and the first leg of my Europe stops. Wish me the best as I try to represent Australia in beer drinking against the Irish. God only knows I wont lose from lack of trying.

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Location: VEGAS, USA

Well what can I say about Vegas. This place is a non stop party atmosphere and I know why now they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. I consider myself a veteran now as this is the second time I’ve been to Vegas. My cousin’s and I drove from LA to Vegas on Saturday morning, it wasn’t as long as I thought it would be. It only took just under 5 hours. I just checked online and the weather in Melbourne at the moment is around 12-15c, the weather in Vegas is 39-42c!!!! Needless to say I worked on the tan while having a couple drinks at the pool (as you can see in the photos) The heat in Vegas is a really dry heat (well it is in the middle of the desert) so unless you are in the pool you really need to stay indoors under air conditioning.

After walking the strip in the heat & drinking “One Yard Margarita” (coz you can drink in the street) It was time to get some tucker before going back to the hotel and getting some rest before going out. All rested up and ready to go we ended up at Studio 54 at the MGM Grand. It was a pretty good club and the music wasn’t too bad. It always makes me laugh watching American’s “Bump & Grind” For those who don’t know its pretty much having sex on the dance floor with clothes on. So after running up a pretty big tab and walking out well and truly drunk it was time to go home. Walking out of the casino only to realize it was still around 30c at 5am!! The heat just does not stop!!

Day two in Vegas it was recovery sessions in the pool for most of the day. And what better way to recover from a hangover then to start drinking again. Sunday night the strip was a little more quite as most people had gone back home. That night we went to Body English (thanks Bobby that place rocked) We got there about midnight and the line was huge!! After having a couple words with the bouncer and paying him off we cut a 3 hour queue!! My cousin tried to keep up with me drinking and as may of you would know that’s a bad idea especially for a girl!!! Well you can all see the results of that in the pics. My cousin ended up walking out with shoes in one hand and a bottle of water in the other.

Come Monday it was time for another recovery session, little quick shopping and visiting some more family before driving back to LA. For more detailed stories about Vegas your just going to have to wait until I’m back in the country ; P

Friday, 13 July 2007

Location: LA, USA

Well were to start. I guess first of all sorry it taken so long to update this page. The theme for this trip seems to be dramas but ill get into that later. Let me start at the begin, Melbourne airport was having trouble with the baggage belts so there was big queue’s and everyone rushing to make their flights including myself. Luckily my flight got delayed and I was able to make the flight. The problem was I had a connecting flight in SYD which I was running late for. As I was rushing through security I got stop and my carry on checked. I happen to have a bottle of Jim Beam in there and I got told I could only carry 100mls. WHAT THE?!?! So the guy said to be you may as well have a “FEW” sips of it before we take it off you. Needless to say I skulled as much as I could right there and then. So I’m running late for my connecting flight and now half drunk but I managed to make it on time.

The flight from SYD to San Fran wasn’t too bad. I was sitting next to this old couple. The guy would not shut up even after I put my headphones on. I tried walking off and going to the bathroom but as soon as I get back he would start again. He loved his shares and by the end of the trip I felt like I was a stock broker. After a few drinks and him talking my ear off I passed out. After 13 and a half hour we arrived in San Fran. Only to find out they had lost my bags!!!! So I fill out all the forms and make my way out only to realize there was no one at the airport to pick me up!!! (got to love family) My cousin looked up my flight online and the status was delayed and the arrival time was later then when I got in. so after a few phone calls I had to wait an hour for someone to pick me up.

So the race was on to get my bags before my cousin’s wedding which was in four days time. I got my bagged delivered late the night before!! The wedding was great and all went well. The next couple days I spent with family and friends. We went up to a winery for some taste testing. And later that night I kept with the drinking theme and played my first game of “Beer Pong” (damm American’s and their drinking games. Australians don’t need games to get drunk, we just do it) The next day we went to a theme park with some great roller a coasters but with the hangover I had it wasn’t pretty.

Well that was my time in San Fran, San Jose and American Canyon. It was time to make my way south to LA. Once again I got stopped at the security check point and got searched for everything. Once I got passed that the flight down was just a quick one on the smallest plane I have ever been on. I didn’t think it would get off the ground. So I land in LA and guess what?? That’s right they lost my bag!! Again!! Lucky this time its only one bag and it’s not the one with all my clothes in it. Got to love flying!!

Well this is were I stop. I’m off to Vegas tomorrow morning for the weekend. I’m sure ill have more stories and pictures for you guys then.

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From carlos
hey bro how u doing? nice pics of london, foster cans look gud, hey did you get the merchandise haha, i mean the top.
take care bro
Response: Its all good i got it
From Maria J
Kennnny!! Dog! I love the photos - god you make me laugh. What a drinking holiday haha - good on ya dog! Keep the photos coming...looking forward to seeing more of then. Take care of yourself :) and hows shopping going??
Response: Hey dog, im backpacking i dont have that much room for shopping, its more about drinking and partying
From Maria J
Kenny, dog, i love the photos...looks like your having a fantastic time (who wouldnt be true?) Keep them coming! xx
From Anne
K, when are u back in Melb!
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Hey Ken,
Nice pics - looks like you're having a ball and getting up to lots of mischief as expected! I've got some good websites for liver detoxes when you get home!! Take care!
Response: Hey Bec, can you please email me the sites. Its been none stop since a week before i left. Might be a good thing going back to work
hey ken i need your phone number, dont bother texting or calling the other number i wont have it anymore. will need your new one to send you my new number,
love ya.
Response: Hey Jess i have sent you an email with the details.
From Anne
WOW!!! What wa drinkin' holiday!! :) Keep it UP xo
Response: Im doing Australia proud Anne
From Wazza
Nice work mate, you should be a travel journalist not in IT.
GReat shots Vegas looks exactly what i had thought and sounds even better. Hope you don't cvatch anything from kissign the stone. Stil jealous. See you when you back.
Response: Vegas is one thing but you wait till u see and hear about Ibizia. Yea i dont know if im coming back now!! haha
From carlos
hey bro how u doing? I see u have been very busy partying lol, I hope to see pics of the stadiums ay, since you left we have been winning games, gee u must of been our bad luck haha, take care bro, all da guys wish you luck. P.S. geelong have won 11 games straight and kevin sheedy has been sacked.
Response: Mate, Have a look at the photos i went to Nou Camp!! Thats were ill be playing next season. Yea i heard a little bout Sheedy but not a lot.
From Maz
In our defense, lise n' I are very close.... plus with the weather how else can we entertain ourselves!!! (",)
Go MENTAL in ibiza- its what your supposed to do (ya know b4 the mortgage n'all haha!)
Response: I know how close you guys are, i was there!!
From Anne
K, Where are you now!!!! Lost any luggage lately..(contact Veronika at Rel Mktg).Update your journal slacker!!! I hear Europe is on heat and the UK is flooded, either way there will be lots of drinking!!! Keep us posted.... Cheers:)
From Maria
Hey dog, how you going? Love the photos and your stories. Cant wait to hear more and see you around...ohh and dont forget SHOP TILL YOU DROP!! MJ
From Steve
As expected, it sure looks like your having a blast!! have a BUD Light for me mate.
From jessica
From Babe
hey babe those photos look awesome! and your little cousin Ren is soooooo cute! and you look hot! glad you are having an awesome time hope you behaved in vegas we will have to talk about these extra stories you have yet to tell :P love you and miss you lots! MUWAH
From carlos
hey bluddger how you doing? hope your having lots of fun, take care bro
Response: Hey Bro, hows the soccer team doing?? I know you guys arent winning anything coz im not there. Say hi to the team for me
From Rhonda
Hey Kenny
I MISS YOU!!! Wazza and I got another tip closer to you on the weekend... are you interested in another bet Bombers v Hawks? What's another lunch hey :o)
Thanks for sharing your trip, stay safe.
Big kisses mmmwah xx Roda
Response: RHONDA!!! Oh how are you babe?? I miss you too. I cant believe you didnt even say bye when i left!! All i can say to you and Wazza is im still ahead of you guys and im doing my footy tips from overseas!!
From Liza
hey cic,
hope ur luck changes in vegas, can't wait to hear ur stories!
keep on drinking and enjoying yourself!!
love the photos, must say kids really do suit u, haha!
take care
Response: Hey chicky, Vegas was so much fun!! And whats this about kids?? haha Hope all is well back home
From bec
Hello Kenny
I think your stories are hilarious.... he he he
I want to see photos!
From your little friend at work - Bec
Response: Hey Bec, Why arent you working?? haha Is Brad looking after you while im away? There is a photos page so check them out
From Anne
Hey YOU!!
Sound like Rel Mktg are going love your "luggage" saga's.. The pic's are great, keep 'em coming... Miss ya!! Have ball and show them exactly how Aussies Drink! LOL!!
Be Safe xo Anne
Response: Can you please have words with everyone at Qantas and tell them this shit isnt funny anymore and to stop losing my bags!!
From Monica
Hola sweety , great photos looks like your having a great time . have a afew drinks for me alcholico :) happy travels & keep safe .
Response: Thanks girl. I will be stopping in London, so if you are in town let me know
From lilly
hey just checked out your page, i guess my bro got you on to this! just thought you'd like to know the dogs bet the bombers, sorry but we won by 33pts. Ren is a cutie pie!looks like your having a great time, take care : )
Response: Thanks Lilly i looked it up online when i was checking my footy tips. Im sure you guys cheated or we were missing players!! We have to go to the next game (if there is one)
From Nelson
good to see you have a similar experience to me at the Airport. Just wait when you head to Europe and you can't speak the language!
where are the party photos???
Response: Man i hope they dont lose my bags in Europe!! They have akready lost them twice!!! The party photos are from Vegas and are still to come when i hit Ibiza and Barcelona
From Rob
Hey Dude, I hope your having a good time. Where are the emails and pictures??
Response: Hey Rob,
All is going well just hadnt had a chance to update this untill now