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Kep's Mad Adventures

Hey this is my new travel page. I am pretty slack at keeping in contact with everyone but I will do my best to keep this page updated! Please leave a comment as I would love to hear from u! xx

Photos - Click Below


Around the Isle of Arran

Mum as promised....some pictures of where I live. Stacey and I both got the day off the other day so we borrowed the van and went for a drive right round the island..... it was a stunning day and it the island absolutely beautiful.....


When the lads came to visit

This was a really funny night...... I got a phone call from Rick, one of my mates from Edinburgh on Wednesday night to say that he may be coming to visit with a few friends.....him and 5 New Zealand guys. I didn't think he would acutally come, but the next day at work he rocks in.... smile from ear to ear. Him and the others had been drinking on the journey across and were smashed. I was pretty worried, as I was new on the island and didn't know these guys from a bar of soap.... but as it turns out they went from bearly standing to sobering up and it turned out to be a great night..... I laughed harder than I ever have... Jarod the painted, masked vaccum cleaner dude was so incredibly funny... seriously one of the funniest guys I have meet......


Edinburgh Festival August 2006

This was a bloody incredible and extremely random couple of weeks. Did some amazing things and meet some great people!The festival went for about 3 weeks and on the Royal Mile there were street performers everywhere. I don't think I missed a day of pacing up and down it.


Edinburgh Festival

Holy Shite... just filling this page in and got a message from Carla to say steve irwin has died..... shite.... shite.... shite....






Our trip to Stirling.June 06

Stirling is about an hour train ride away... we left after I finished work on Saturday @ one and headed straight there for a mini holiday, I thought I had the next day off, but....... on the train trip home I got a call ' Celeste where are you, you are meant to be working' so day of relaxation I was hoping for was cut short..... I had been working for 21days straight and was sure I had the day off..... oops!


Around Edinburgh + KIMMY june

It was absolutely wonderful to have Miss Kim Brown and Lise from Norway come visit..... we had many good times, but the visit was entirely too brief for my liking.


spot and kep

This is Spot and I b4 our travellling adventures began @ Carla and Michaels wedding in Yamba.....


The start of the sick trip!

Most of these pics are before I set off on my journey with Spotta!

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Recent Messages

From Romahni

Hi lest I am on school holiday
at lennox head talk 2 u later

Response: Hello there my gorgeous little angel....... it is very lovely to get a message from you. I hope you are having lots of fun at Rhosie Be Bears!!! Give everyone a big hug and kiss from me. Love you and miss you lots. Love Aunty Lest
From Rhose
hello kep ! just want to good-day how are u and spot ? i just want to let u know that i have a good day today at the shop 'coz'll be jealous i saw Jack Johnson and ask for an autograph and while his writing it i was standing next to him oooh his a spunk and a good smile. Heh! Heh! while i'm standing next to him ooh don't know what to say but, he put a smile on me on that minute.
Well i better go and i let u know if i see him again maybe with Ben Harper will be good, i should pretend to faint next time so they can catch me.
Enjoy n take care, all photos are very good...i want more.
luv ya,
rosie bear
Response: Hello Rosie B Bear..... yes I am very jealous. I think fainting would be a good option!!!! mmmmm!!! I hope you had a good time in Tamworth. Things are going great here. I went and saw Gomez the other night.... they were brilliant... he has an amazing voice. Hope you are going well.... missing you heaps. Luv kep
From Bobatheena
Checked out all of your great holiday snaps from around the countryside. But, "have you ever been to sandon"? Overseas has nothing compared to it. Happy to see you have not lost your demented sense of humour and enjoying life and all that is has to offer. Give me a call when back in Aus. Take care, Bob xoxo.
From Nick & Shell
Hope you had/are having a fabulous day! Nick & I will try and call you tonight. Thank you for my birthday text!
Love ya, N&Sx
Response: Hello Nick and Shelly..... So sorry I have been a slack little munchins... sorry I have missed your calls, it seems I am always working when you call. It is great to hear the messages though and know you are thinking of me. Hope you are both going well, things for me are great and I am still loving every minute of Edinburgh. I will call you both soon. I am going to see Xavier agin in August, should be good. I miss out on tickets for a big festival they have here called t in the park. Ben Harper, Chilli Peppers and heaps of others are playing. Talk to you soon.... miss you both, luv kep xxxx
From Penni
Hi Pookie!
Looks like you're still enjoying yourself in the "mother country". How come we never got to see Captain Prayingmantis when you worked with us??? Could have been interesting. Also I haven't seen or heard from the bear for some time. Is he OK? Send pictures soon (or a ransom note) just something so I know he's still alive. Looks a little chilly over there so I probably shouldn't tell you it has been beautiful back home of late.
Heard you are living somewhere permanent now. How about sending us the address so I can send you some goodies for your birthday. If I don't get to catch up with you beforehand have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY POOKIE!
Luv you, miss you etc etc

Response: Hello Penni.... it is great to hear from you. Think about you, Loren and the Elkstar alot.... I miss you all and our goodtimes. I certainly am still having a great time. I have got a full time job and have a permanent house.... yippeee- no more wierdos in hostels and shitty showers. My address is 11/1F2 Royal Park Terrace, Meadowbank, Edinburgh, EH8 8JD. Well, the bear has been just chillin by my bedside, I will have to get him out and about again to see some sights, I assure you he is doing extremely well though. Sorry Captain Prayingmantis didn't rare its head at Ed Silk territory, would have been pretty cool to see the Captain with the glasses on!!!! Well enough about me, how on earth are you going? Have you started work as yet? I hope this finds you well and happy in the land of sunshine and warmth. Thanks for the Bday wishes. Lots of Love Celeste
From Toni
Great to see you both arrived safe & well. Looks like you are having a great time!
Take Care
Tons x
Response: Hello Toni.....just saw some pics from the weekend at Rainbow Beach, it looks like you all had a great time. Spot and I were thinking about you all alot. We are having a great time in the uk and we are both working full time which is good, we need the dollars so we can travel so more. I hope everything is going well for you. Luv Kep/ xx
From Bobatheena
Howdy Celeste,

Great too hear from you and to see that you are having so much fun o/s and even better to see that you have not lost that outstandingly crazy sense of humour that I enjoyed so much when working with you at BDHR. Just one question before I go, "have you ever been to sandon?" Would love to catch up with you when you return to Aus and share a drink or ten. Take care, love from your 8.30 workmate, bob.xo
Response: Hello Bob.... so sorry it has taken me forever to write know me, I'm a slack lil' bugger.... I'm at work so can't be long, but just wanted to let you know that I have your emails and it is great to hear from you! I will write again soon......promise. Is Sandon the place where you can watch the turtles ovulate?????? I hear it is nice. Chat soon. Luv Celeste
From Wayne
Hey you,
You go girl, more pics wanted of you adventure. Luv the hair. Oh, and see if you can find a fine Bourbon to have for me, maybe 2....
Response: How lovely to hear from you..... I will try and get some more pictures on here soon. Out of the whole of Edinburgh I can only find one place where I can download my pics and it takes so I will keep an eye out for a fine bourbon for you!!!!! I hope all is well for you in sunny Yamba...... luv Celeste x
From Mick

nice to chat with you, albeit me back when u get the chanceo so i can give you more of a heads up about the land of scots! f me i miss that place....also say a big massive gday to Loren from B-Bay! miss my boxing sessions love? stay in touch why kep?? xx mick
Response: Heyya... it really was great to hear from you pissed or not!! I am really happy things are going well for you. Yep, so far Edinburgh is the bomb!!! I Can see why you liked it so much and still it is only the beginning for me. As I was saying I have work at Ricks which should be sweet and also a couple of shifts this week at the Jam house (a funky restaurant in Queen Street). Thanks for the contacts Damo has been in touch, so we will have to meet up sometime, he said there was a party this weekend and all your mates would be there..... so should be good - no doubt!!!! KEP- well my dad has called me this ever since a was a wee lil one.... it was pretty random, but it has stuck with me for the last 20 yrs or so. Be sure to keep and touch and I will give you a buzz in the near future... sorry the phone cut out yesterday .... no credit... rrrrr! Hope you saw it through to the dawn service....... take care. luv kep xx
From Nick & Shelley
Happy Easter Celeste!

Hope you enjoyed your Scotland tour! Is it cold enough for you up there? What are you up to over Easter? We'll be seeing Xavier, Bob Geldof & others tonight so lookin forward to that.
Miss you. Have fun.
Nick & Shellxx
Response: Hello Hello! Howd you both be? I am having a great time. Spot and I have moved into a flat in Edinburgh... this city is sick!!! We didn't do much over Easter, just sorted accommodation out. HOw was the Blues Fest... I bet it was great! I hope you are both well... chat soon. MIss you both. Love kep. xxx
From Soph
Hey celery!
You look like you're having the greatest time! Keeping up our drinking habits I see! You're already lookin a little whiter what's up with that! Don't they have sunlight over there hehe just kidding. Have you found any irish guys for you so you can show them how we aussies bbq. Hehe anyway hun hope to hear from you soon stay in contact have fun! xx
Response: Hello Petals.... how are you going? What have you been up to? No Irish guys to show how to BBQ aussie style......yet... he he.... I am having a great time over here.... although it is cold and I am very very white now and have put on a few kilos already... its all good, but looking forward to spain or the greek islands soon... mmm sunshine! I am going to Paris for my birthday on the 8th may... can't wait. How's things with your love life? It is great to hear from you. I hope all is good. luv Celeste
From Hollie
Hi Celeste
Loren gave me your web details, sounds like you are having a ball so go girl!!! All really well with me here, wedding was great & all turned out good apart from the rain & it rained for most of our honeymoon but we just drank heaps as there wasnt much else to do! (sounds like you can relate to that) Just Elke & i left at ed's but still catch up with loren & penni for coffee and chats. The photos are great so take care & lots of luv & best wishes from Byron....hols
Response: Hello Hollie...... how wonderful to hear from you!!!! I am having a great time. I have now moved into a flat in Edinburgh with a canadian couple and a south african guy which is a lot of fun already. I have been job searching the last couple of days... I need to start earning some pounds.. it is expensive here! I heard your wedding was beautiful and as expected you were absolutely stunning.... I would love to see some pictures! Say hi to all at Ed Silk and the girls for me and of course Ben.... I hope this finds you happy and well. Miss you... luv Celeste
From Loren
Hey Pookie
Where's the bear :)
Thanks for the updated photos. Looks like plenty of BBQ opportunity over there :) :) I had breakfast with Hollie and Pen on Sat they send their love. Miss U.
Love Loren xx
Response: Hello there Gorgeous one!!! I am still having a great time -the bear is still about.... he is not seeing much though as he is in the bottom of my backpack....I will get him out on adventures again. How's your job going, are you still enjoying it?
I moved into a flat 2 days ago in Edinburgh... it is a very cool city! I am on the search for a job now... there seems to be plenty of work around. I hope you are going good....miss you lots. Say hi to all. Love Celeste. x
From Mum + Pop + Josh
We just checked out the latest photos and we are getting more jealous by the minute.

Xavier's set looks awesome, cool hair - do too! The close ups are pretty cool.

Miss you
Response: Hello Hello Hello..... I haven't completely finished the photo pages as yet as you probably noticed some didn't have captions. I was just keen to get them on there. I have only done up to the first day of Ireland so I have alot more to put on there.... hopefully soon. Spot are in Scotland at the moment in Skye it is great so far.... Miss you all alot, wish you could be here to see all the wonderful things. Spot and I are heading back to Edinburgh at the end of the week and will get a room in a flat and look for jobs. There are plenty of hotels there (Radisson, Ramada, The Crown etc) so I might try there... not sure yet. Spot and I spent a day in the city and it looks great.. can't wait to live there for a bit and save some cash and travel again. We don't know exactly where we will travel to but some things are for certain....we will go to Paris for my birthday and to the Greek Islands for Spots in August and to October Festival....... so much to look forward to. LOve you all lots. xxxx kep
From Nick & Shell
hi kep!
Just received your text message after you had seen the rud! Reckon that he would have been great, we are going to see him in a couple of weeks at the blues fest.
Just tried to give you a ring but unable to get through - going to have to have a chat to telstra to get that changed.
Look after yourself and have a wonderful time.

Talk soon
Nick & Shell
Response: Hello hello....... Xavier was so much fun, it was the best fun I have had in ages. I got some great photos! I am in Ireland now and loving it....... I went to a pub the other night and got up with the old local Irish folk and joined in on their Irish dancin, I am convinced I have alot of Irish in my blood..... I picked it up real easy and had a great time...... I think I almost drink as much as the Irish too. We are having a great time in Ireland, it really is beautiful. The tour has been alot of fun and the people are great.... some are f--kwits but I I will just poke them in the eye with sticks.... hee hee!! Anyways sorry you couldn't get through on the phone the other night....look forward to talking soon. We head to Scotland on the 10th which should be fun..... Hope the business venture is going well nick and all is well for you both. Miss you and chat soon.,....... lots of love Kepxxxx
From Mandy
Wow, you look fantastic. Awesome to see you and Spot having an amazing time. I am currently experiencing London envy! Please go and see the Arctic Monkeys or Placebo for me and tell them I said Hi! Looking forward to seeing the next installment of Kep & Spot's Mad Adventures! Happy Travelling sweetheart :)
Response: Hello hello..... very lovely to hear from you. We are now in Ireland and getting set to explore Dublin... should be great. Hopefully I can get to a propert computer soon and put some more photos on. I am seeing Xavier Rudd tonight which should be great.... hopefully I can say hi to him. I hope all is well for you. I'll be in contact again soon. Say hi to Andrew. luv Celeste
From Mamma
Glad you are having a good time,keep it up.Got your card
Response: Hello Mamma.... very lovely to hear from you. We are still have a great time and have certainly seen some fantastic places over the last 2 weeks. We are in Dublin tonight and head off on our tour around Ireland tomorrow. I will be in contact again soon and hopefully |I can put some more photos on the internet for you to look at soon. Love you and Miss you lots. Celestexxxx Send my love to everybody.
From Loren
Its about time we heard from you and the bear :).
You look like you are having a great time we miss you.
Look forward to the next update on your webpage. Excellent pictures.
All is well in not so sunny Northern NSW. Talk Soon Love Loren & Jeff & Sabastian xxxx
Response: Hello Loren, Hello Jeff and Woof Woof Sabastian !
Yep we are certainly having a great time. We were pretty exhausted from being in London for the week, but now we are just cruising around southern England it is really pretty. We head to Dublin tomorrow... should be great. Glad to hear all is well for you. Miss you and will be in contact again soon.
From Mum
Pop will be thrilled to know that you can get savlon in London, for all those mosquito bites now that summer is coming on. Cant survive without savlon, check out the superglue next.

Relieved Mum
Response: I will certainly check the superglue out...... and perhaps the rubberbands....
From Carla
Hi Keppy
Your site rocks hun - prayingmantis pics made me laugh so much!!! You and Spot look like you're having a ball - so very happy for you both! ENJOY - it'll be an adventure of a lifetime!
Keep up the fully sick pics - love em!
Love ya's
Carla :)
Response: Hello... yep I will try and keep the page updated. It takes so long to upload the pictures at internet cafes, but I will try and keep them coming! luv kepxx
From Nick
Our room @ St Pauls in London..... washing time!.... How the F@#$ did you take that photo??

Response: Hello there 'erb' heads. Spot and I are still having a great time, We are in Dublin today and see Xavier tonight....yippeee! We head off on our tour around Ireland tomorrow. It has all been very fun so far. Hopefully I will be able to get to a proper computer soon and put some more pics on there. Hope you and Shelley are both goin well. How is the business venture going?? Any luck with the loan???? Chat soon. Luv Kep xxxx
From Nick & Shell
Good photos! Seems like you're having a great time! We wish we were the Ed Silk Bear tagging along with you!!
Looking forward to seeing more of your adventures!
Love ya, N&Sxx
Response: Hello.....yep spot and I are having an awesome time. We spent five days in the middle of London and walked so much. We are at Salisbury at the moment and head to bath tonight should be great. It is nice to be amongst the green hills. Going to Dublin Saturday and to see Xavier Rudd on Sunday night.....sick!
From ken
g`day great to see your pix and to know youre out there having a great time. I`m leaving the Dolphin this Saturday, we`ve bought the laundromat. Been here 3 years 9 months & 3 days keep in touch and watch out for them pommy bastards. Love Ken
Response: Hello Ken!!! Good luck with your new business, I'm sure after 3 years at the dolphin it should be a breeze... he he! I sure you will be missed. We are certainly having a great time here and have so much to look forward to doing. The problem is being patient... I want to see it all now! I will have to work for a bit soon, probably in Scotland. Hope this finds you well. Stay in touch. Love Celeste
From Slopes
Hey miss,
Wow. Love you work. So jealous but so very proud to see the both of you having such fun. Enjoy!!!!! Love Slopes
Response: Hello Slopes........ Thankyou for your message. Hope you are well. I hope you got your uni assignment done fine.
Talk soon. Miss you heaps. Love kep. xx
From rhose
hi kep,
very good photos, i like the stocking from mamma, and the freezing cold attire at london.
also the drinking tavern lucky u didn't go in, i wonder whats in there ...well hope i'll see more of fun and interesting things that u never see here..see ya, look after each other and remember don't ever drink a tequila or anything with the red hat.

Response: Hey Rhose.... spot and I had a big night 2 nights ago.... they had 2 pound cocktails all night. So very cheap. We had a bout 10 each and were smashed. I had one with Tequila and couldn't drink it. I don't think I will ever be able to drink it again... probably a very good thing!!! Hope you are well, Miss you, luv kep xxx