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Kieran and Emz's van tour 2006

Hey there
Had to change web pages cause I could figure the other one out =) Hope you are all well...... just a few pics as promised
Lots of love

Diary Entries

Friday, 29 September 2006

Location: Europe

Hi there

We are back in London after 3 months on the rd..... we had a fantastic time! Here's a few pics as promised.

Love Kieran and Emz

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Recent Messages

From Mark Pip
When in Rome do what the Romans do, fight Lions.
Did you get my last email
?.So you back in loooondon, what you up to?. Look out for a nz film at the movies called "out of the blue" it all went down just down the road from were we live. Send us an email you wankers. Pip and I are also taking an overseas trip to Hamilton tomorrow what you try walking there from here without getting your feet wet, take care Bro and Broette.
From Varna
Hey Guys, Love the photos, Great to see all those places :)
would be good to catch up when you finally come home!! lol
Take care
Response: Hey Varn
Sorry I missed you the other week, we'll be down again soon enough though so would love to catch up then.... Jax showed me some of ya wedding pics they looked awesome and so did you guys xx take care
From Mum
reat photos,wow!!!! I am going to get them
From Mum Kathleen
Great photos, you both look wonderful, can't wait to see the rest of the photos when you come home. Take care love Mum / Kathleen xxxxxxx
From Tash
Hey Chicky . . . .Oh and Kieran (you don't know who the bloody hell i am . . .but hi anyway. Awesome photo's!!!! Would love to go and see all those places. I have a new man who is waiting to hear on a job in Taiwan . . . .so that will be my first stop.
Keep smiling and having fun, love tash :)
From Sully
From jonny foreigner
beast you are as good looking as you ever were! Ems you have quite the catch there ... if i was single.........beast would be my next target
From Mark Pip
Looks like a hole heep of fun, Yes europe, a tad different to triping round say Tonga, I see you went to some expensive places, but with the free camp sites it certainly makes a difference. I left a message on your cell about a week ago and sent you a pixt of Ollie, did you recieve them?. Where are you now and where are you heading. All is good here, the clocks change tonight summer has arrived. Ive got most of Dec off and the start of the new year, have you heard from the old crew? seen Gomez yet, are you going to Canada, whats it like to have safe sex, I asked Ollie but he just looked at me. Take care dont ask strangers for money, try the local alcohol its nice. Bye bye for now.
From Nix & Burnsie
AWSUM!!! heheh great photos guys - SO JEALOUS! Can't wait to see more and here the great stories. Love ya!