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Kili Klimbing Krew

Hello and welcome to the Kili Klimbing Krew!
We are Ewan, Ewan and Ed, three Dundee medical students trying out our newly learnt skills in Africa this summer. We'll be working in hospitals in Tanzania and Malawi and stopping off for a quick jaunt up Mt Kilimanjaro (the world's highest freestanding mountain) on the way!
We set off 12 hours after our finals on 9th July 2005, flying Ethopian Airlines with style!
We'll be checking in now and then to update our progress depending on questionable availability of internet access.
We'd love to hear from you while we are away (especially since we don't speak much Swahili!), so drop us a line!
We are attempting to raise funds for the hospitals we will be working in by getting sponsorship to climb Kilimanjaro, so if you can contribute, please get in touch!

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 05 October 2005

Location: Glasgow, UK


We've returned! Just in case you weren't aware! We've been back for almost 3weeks now and things are slowly getting back to normal after a little bit of culture shock re-entering the beast which is NHS Scotland!

People have been nagging me to update the photos so I have obliged at last! Sorry it's taken so long! There are still some more to come but I can't be bothered right now to put them on!

As we all made it up Kili we are now collecting sponsorhip - so PAY UP!!! And if you didn't sponsor us before we went its not too late - jus send cash/cheques to one of us!

We're also doing a sponsored half marathon for the hospital in malawi so if you'd like to sponsor us for that then feel free!!

Later dudes!

Ed (and ewan and ewan)

Sunday, 18 September 2005

Location: UK


We know, we know, we know!!! We've been awful at keeping in touch with people and we apologise profusely (wish there was a spell checker on this thing!), but honestly it wasn't our fault! If the internet in Mzuzu had been any slower we might have thought our 5th yr blocks had been put up on time. As it was we spent the whole of our weekly trip to the internet trying to download the blocks, used up copious amounts of cash and each time found that, once again, the medical school had surpassed itself in it's tardiness! The long and the short being that we didn't have time, money (nor, perhaps, inclination) to spend time communicating with people, so sorry once again!

Anyway, a quick up date of the story so far..... we started off in Tanzania, honing our african medical skills (i.e. getting used to medicine without the benefit of investigations and procedures). My main impression from these 3weeks being that you could stop people complaining about the bed crisis in the NHS if you simply told them they could 'double up' - the wards in Teule often doubling (tripling) capacity in this way!

We then had a hop, skip and a jump up to Moshi from where we had a hop skip and a jump up Africa's highest peak... Kilimanjaro. From then on anytime someone said "Hands up who's climbed Kilimanjaro?" three hands shot in the air. Sad, we know, but are we ashamed - I think not!

Then we met up again with Jess and Karen... the two paediatric nursing students from Brummy-town we'd met in Teule for a quick whizz in a 4x4 round some of Tanzania's amazing national parks! After seeing our first zebra and taking a million photo's each, we quickly realised that there are certain animals in africa which are complete photo-whores and every photo we took seemed to include token zebra, wilderbeast, antelope (various varieties), warthog and a giraffe. I'm even tempted to place elephants in this category apart from the fact that they were so impressive!

It was a shame that Bob (the zebra) lost his battle with the lions but he fought bravely to the end, it also meant his mates could go get some water and it made great viewing pleasure. He should really have known that white and black stripes are really no match for tooth and claw. (Apologies to any of Karen's relatives who might be offended by the name Bob, any relation to real people or places is strenuously denied... although wasn't it Karen who suggested the name.... yes! in fact i think she wanted to call him Uncle Bob.......??) (ha!ha! no xmas presents this year Kaz!)

What next.... oh yes, I really must mention the Scandinavian bus service from Moshi to Dar. No people in the aisles. No people sitting on knees. No luggage on the roof. No animals in sacks and crates trying to peck/claw at your eyes. Not even a cockroach!! We were given 2 sodas (each!) (with straw!!!) and a pack of biscuits (sealed, and in-date) and these were INCLUDED IN THE PRICE!!! Move over Mega-bus!! 5hours passed like a dream.

Back in Dar, reality hit home. Ewan B has the knack of attracting weirdos, I don't know how he does it. There were a lot of weirdos in Dar. Anyway, our spirits were lifted when not only did we find a Barclay's Bank, which accepted cirrus but also.... a SUBWAY (no not a subterranean railway - the american sandwich chain). 3 Subs each later and we vowed to come back the next day! As if things couldn't get any better and we walked passed a book shop, where-in was the new Harry Potter!!! All I can say is, it was a good job there was a cirrus cash machine that day.

We went on a very crowded Dhalla Dhalla to the railway station to book tickets for the train to Malawi. Mums, you would rightly, and collectively, have feared for our lives if you'd have seen the transport that day. We vowed to take a taxi when we went back to catch the train.

We went for a another day of bliss on a beach near Dar somewhere in here - it was fabulous.

After the train ride down to Mbeya, things seemed to be going smoothly.


Monday, 05 September 2005

Location: Mzuzu, Malawi

Sorry for the lack of updates to the site - internet access here is limited and VERY slow. We've been trying to find out online which placements we have when we get back, but as usual the medical school is running late.

Since our last message a month ago, we have been on safari (visited Tarangire National Park, Ngorongoro Crater and Lake Manyara, seeing most animals, including the Big 5, the only notable absentees being the elusive leopards); went to the beach in Dar Es Salaam (much nicer than the rest of the city); travelled to Malawi without any major hitches; and have spent the last 3 weeks based at Ekwendeni hospital.

The hospital is very friendly - we were warmly welcomed and have been for dinner at some of the local ex-pats houses, with another meal on the way tonight! As well as enjoying the hospitality (food is an easy way to our hearts), in the hospital, we have found the English skills of medical staff to be much better and that the nursing staff here are considerably more efficient than those in Tanzania.

Last week we travelled to the south of Malawi to climb the highest mountain in Malawi and Central Africa - Mount Mulanje. At a little over 3000m, it isn't quite in the same league as Kili, but was an enjoyable hike spread over three days. For this climb, we carried our own rucksacks and cooked our own food, which made it feel less like cheating. Since it was a full day's drive each way, we sadly had to take three days off work in the hospital to go, but it was our supervisor who took us, so it was acceptable skiving.

We've only got three more days work in the hospital now before the return journey back up to Tanzania and then a taxing few days on the beach in Zanzibar.

Two weeks from now, we'll be almost finshed our first day of placements somewhere in the UK (could be anywhere between Middlesborough and Inverness!)

Apologies again for lack of communication.

Hope you are all well and not missing us too much!


Friday, 05 August 2005

Location: Moshi, Tanzania

All three of us made it to the top of Kili!!

In spite of some interesting symptoms, we all arrived at Uhuru Peak at 6.30, in time for a gorgeous sunrise, the fastest time our guides have ever done with tourists. On the way, Ewan T experienced some breathlessness and even managed some mild ataxia near the top and Ed was nauseous all the way, holding off from vomiting until 200 yards from the summit. As we turned the corner after cleaning Ed up, we saw the peak, and our spirits soared. A mix of tears and giggles ensued as we skipped the last few steps to the summit!

Having taken 4.5 hours to climb, running down the scree from Gillman's Point to base camp took just over 30 mins and put big smiles on all of our faces!

Further down the mountain, Ed developed a headache, with misty vision and haloes around lights, which we assume was due to raised intraocular pressure due to cerebral oedema, however, some Diamox cleared it up fairly quickly.

Now we're in Moshi, about to set off on a 3 day safari to Lake Manyara, the Ngorongoro Crater and Tanganire Game Reserve.

We tried to upload photos, but the connection here's very slow - sorry. We'll put them on as soon as we have a chance.

Hope everyone's surviving at home without us!


Monday, 25 July 2005

Location: Teule Hospital, Muheza, Tanzania

We figure that now we've embarked on week three of our tantalizing Tanzanian trip we should really have written more than two diary entries!! So here goes....

As most people have probably gathered, our first weekend in Tanzania was spent recovering from the luxury of our accomodation at the hospital by the beach in Pangani!! It was nice to have a hot shower but to be honest just having running water in the mornings was a novelty!

After a leisurly lunch, some swimming (well, wave jumping anyway) we were getting used to being the only people in the Tinga Tinga resort we were staying at. Dinner was delicious - mainly fresh sea food delivered by bicycle and to order!

The following day, we embarked on a cruise in one of the local fishing Dhows. Health and safety features were somewhat lacking on this vessel although we were provided with an old flask in case we needed to bail out! As the trip progressed Ewan T's shade of green got steadly darker, although Mrs T, he was a little soldier and didn't really complain until about an hour into the trip when a meek voice piped up at the back 'can we go back to shore now?!' To his credit, he didn't feed the fish, and after the long walk back along the white sandy beach, we all tucked in to a super lunch.

After a rickety bus journey back to the world of bucket showers and crouching toilets, we were ready to start our second week which turned out to be much busier! A shortage of doctors in the hospital meant the we all managed to take ward rounds at some point, EB on paeds and ET and EP on general medicine. Only about 4patients died (mostly when Ed was in charge) although in my defense mainly due to a lack of oxygen or terminal illness. It takes a bit of getting used to when patients are two (plus) to a bed, cyanosed and the (single) oxygen concentrator doesn't work! Many seem to come to the wards with an incorrect history which we try and correct through an interpreter (aka nursing student) althogth it is a little disconcerting when 5mins of swahili is translated as 'no, they don't have a cough!'!!

Last weekend we spent in Tanga (Tanzania's 3rd City) only 30mins away by car after enjoying steak and red wine on the lawn of a rather nice hotel all for $8pp inc tip, we ventured down to the Swimming club for a dip in the Indian ocean. Ed and ETswam out
for a loop round a moored boat 500m out to sea, which seemed to get further and further away the more we swam. We made it (there and back!) and much to Ed's relief there were no sharks in sight.

Sunday we spent relaxing back at the hospital and making fish stew (they don't fillet it for you here and the flies add extra protein although this is pretty safe compared to the milk with giardia included at no extra cost) in preparation for our final week at Teule. We're all looking forward to our impending ascent of Kili, starting this sunday, and we are taking bets as to which one of us will succumb to mountain sickness first!!

Thanks for all of you msgs of congratulations!! Keep them coming!
Ed Ewan and Ewan

Friday, 22 July 2005

Location: Elephant Inn, Muheza, Tanzania

We all passed all of our exams!!!

Tuesday, 12 July 2005

Location: Teule Hospital, Muheza, Tanzania

Salaamo toka Tanzania!

It's our second day here in the hospital and we're all still alive and well. I'd like to say we've already been saving lives, but we're still just getting used to the language and the local system. We have seen many signs and illnesses in these first two days. The first basic rule of medicine here - if in doubt give them quinine tds!

Exams on Thursday and Friday last week were great fun! We'll hopefully find out in three weeks how we did.

Friday night was a bit chaotic! Finished exams at 5 and went to Brae's for a pint and some finger food. Packing and cleaning up took a bit longer than expected, so we didn't arrive in Perth til after midnight, at which point Ed got his head shaved. By the time we got to bed, it was after 2am and we had to be up by 4.

Saturday went without a hitch. Ethiopian Airlines provided good food and the oldest plane any of us have ever been on! We were worried at first that we wouldn't make it off the ground, however our worries increased when we realised the pilot wasn't proficient at landing either! Nevertheless, we made it to Addis Ababa safely and the rest of the journey faded into sleep.

On arrival in Dar Es Salaam, we found our way to the 'luxury' bus - a definition based on the number of seats in each row and not on the quality of interior or the driving. Luckily we were in time to catch the 8.30am bus to Tanga, which left at 9.45am after a sweaty wait. 20mins into the journey, there was a loud bang as one of the tyres blew up! So, careering across the road to a lay-by on the other side, we pulled over for a tyre change and toilet stop, where Ewan T teased the spiders. The rest of the journey was fairly uneventful - we alleviated concern for the safety of our luggage (and lives) by sleeping most of the time. Ewan B was particularly popular with the local ladies - waking up to find a new one in his lap every half hour!

On arrival at Teule Hospital, it was encouraging to know that we weren't expected and that our luxury accommodation was already occupied. However, everyone was very friendly - always happy to point and stare and we managed to make it into town for a couple of Safari beers!

We have now met our supervisors who were away for the weekend. We have picked up a bit of the local lingo - we can count to 10 and at least we can say 3 cold beers please (bieri tatoo babaridi tafadhali).

We are in the process of uploading some photos of our luxurious accomodation and we know you'll all be jealous when you see them. We'll update you again soon.



Saturday, 02 July 2005

Location: Dastardly Dundee, Scotland

Well the countdown is on...4th year finished on Friday and in less than 7days time we will have left the dirt and driving rain of Dundee behind ready for a tantalizing taste of Tanzania!

We have sorted our money, most of our walking gear and clothes. I've written a packing list the length of my arm and ET's hallway is chocka with medical supplies courtesy of Mama Tevendale (Cheers!) for us to take out to the hospitals we are going to be working in! We're still collecting sponsers for the trek up tanzania, so if you want to donate something let us know and we'll come and get it off you when we get back!

None of the money will go towards our trip but it will all be donated to the hospitals (Teule Hospital, Muheza, Tanga Region Tanzania and Ekwendeni Hospital, nr Mzuzu, Malawi - if you do a google search you should find something) these places are really basic and any donation is gratefully appreciated! We're working in Tanzania for 3weeks before the trek and hopefully on the summit of Kilimanjaro on the 3rd August!!

The only thing we've got to do now is pass our exams.... Revision is erm.... going - wish us luck!!

Will update on Friday before we leave hopefully with photos of the our newly shaved heads!! And will let you know how the exams went :oS !!

ewan ewan ed

Saturday, 18 June 2005

Location: Dunders!, UK


Although our acronym, somewhat unfortunately, is KKK we have no affilliation with that particular organisation (thanks for pointing that out Steven). In fact, we hadn't even noticed that our use of iteration could be so controversial. Besides, we'd look awful in hoods! Plays havoc with the hairstyle.

ciao for now!

Monday, 13 June 2005

Location: Dundee, UK

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3!!
As you can probably tell, we are hard at work revising for our exams and not playing around setting up web pages.
So far we've been jagged a total of 20 times between us in preparation for the trip. The trek up Kilimanjaro, via the Marangu Route, has been booked. Our Visas have proved slightly problematic - we can definitely get in, but they seem relectant to let us back in a second time to catch our flights home - our reputation precedes us - once is normally enough for most people!
Watch this space!

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Recent Messages

From Anthony
Just caught up with your web site again on Jane's broadband having been to the proms in the park where James' Hot 8 were playing to the crowds before the broadcast. Pleased you survived Kili and hope some good work has been acomplished in the hospitals. Linda took the sponsorship form round the office with some success so there should be a contribution to send back to Africa. Hope you have a safe journey back, see you soon.
From Jen
hey Ed,
first things first, congrats on the exams and on the climb up Kili!! Typical of u to b ill!!! so sorry that Ive been rubbish at keeping in touch, we went 2france 4just over 2weeks then did a youth camp and had more young ppl 2stay & been dealing with a bit of a pastoral crisis at church as well as working loads!! anyway, ive really enjoyed catching up with what ur doing and looking at the pics (tho ive found it hard on the smaller ones to work out which is u - maybe coz u look so much like nij - or maybe just my eye sight!!) glad that ur having a good time tho i don't fancy the shower or loo!! not managed to raise u any funds but would like to donate some ourselves - let me no when or how when ur back. Wishing u all a good last few days and praying for a safe journey home. lots of love from Jen and Sean xxxxxx
From Gill
Glad to hear you're having a fab time, but we are missing you.
Not many days left of your holiday left, then it will be back to work ha ha ha!
take care, lots and lots of love, see you soon
From Laura
Hi Ed,

Fingers crossed for Middlesborough then you can come over to Newcastle!!! Lucky you!!

Lots of love x
From Dave
Hi Ed
Just catching up on your news whilst having a lazy breakfast on a wet Bank Holiday Monday! How was Lake Malawi - was the Nkapola Lodge still there? I remember catching a bus from Lilongwe to Blantyre - but we got seats! Hope you're having a good time - when do you get back home? Take care, Dave
From Fiona
hello! how is malawe? not long til you come home now!
calum is over the moon about his results as you could probably guess.
and we've started school, i was so nervous on my first day but its ok now, lucy is here too she slept over on the new sofabed from ikea lol, she said it was comfy. kisses to you all!
fiona xxx
From From Calum T
Alright Ewan, heard you climbed that hill, what was it called again, erm... killi something, only messing. well done. got my gcse results today and i have to unfortunately tell you that i have surpassed you again! 4 A*s in Geography, ICT and two in science and all the rest A's! so i only owe you ten for the sponsor now. Hope you enjoyin yourselves and having lots of fun

From Louisa
Well done for passing your exams and for getting to the top of kili!
I'v been back at school now for less than i week and I'm already fed up,tired and over-worked!I wish you were here to help me with my physics-its impossable!
Missing you loads,love louisa xx
Response: Hi Loui!

Glad they're keeping you busy at school! Hope work gets better soon - looking forward to going over some physics when I get home.

Missing you lots too - see you in less than 2 weeks, love Ewan xx
From Laura
Hey Ed! You have proven to be worse than Caro and I at keeping the site up to date! You're obviously too secure in your own popularity (something tells me it might also have something to do with the internet connections in Africa or the fun you are having!!)
I hope you are having as amazing a time as it sounded in your last post. We must meet up at some point and do the whole photo/story thing.
I am experiencing my first bit of the British sun of the summer this weekend! Have been spending a fair bit of time thinking about which sunny place to go next though, no doubt a reality check is due soon.
Let us know what you have been up to soon!
Lots of love x
From Alan

Congrats to you (and your two friends) for passing your finals. Isn't life in Africa just grand: little (or no) running water, kerosine stoves instead of an Aga, no toilet paper (or door for that matter), limited electricity and bowel movements the likes of which you hope never to experience again ....

Enjoy yourself to the full (as if you wouldn't as far as I can see!)
From eleanor
Congrats for Kili, its a shame we never got chance to catch up in Moshi.
You know how Tanga seemed like the sleepiest little town? Its all a pretence; i got my bag snatched from me at 9.30 in the morning!
Other than this we had a great time on safari and Zanzibar Island, in absolute luxury compared to Muheza!
So how was Malawi? I almost got a ride with some folks who were driving from Dar to Blantyre, just to see the south, but decided 2days in a car probably wouldnt be too much fun.
BAck in glasgow finally, with BA strikes it was via malawi and Jo'burg. Next hospital placement here let Meg or i know and we'll crack open the konyagi.
Response: hey guys! at least the bag snatch is a story tho hope you guys are ok! Guess that's y you didn't reply to my txt then, so I won't be mad at you! Just got a txt from Karen who told me a snake dropped out of the tree outside the hospital right in front of her tho it sounds like she recovered ok from the fright! we'll def let you kno when we're in glas on placement tho we haven't got our blocks out yet! Off to the beach now - again!! ED Ewan anf Ewan
From Gill
Hi Ed,
Congrats on climbing Kill - slightly bigger than Arnside Knott one would imagine!! Just thought I must share my news with you that my 'mother' (as she can now only be referred) has got a new job not at Kendal or Lancaster but Stornoway!
Keep having a fab time
Luv Gill x
From Gill Pill
HOpe you have recovered from your nightmare bus journey into Malawi, looking forward to hearing all about it. Hope you have caught up on your sleep. How is the accommodation? HOpe to hear some case histories this time so I shall know for sure this is not just a holiday? (just jealous really) Take care and remember your antimalarials. Gill pill
Response: hey mum!
Saved a few lives this week so don't fret! Put someone I suspected had PCP on Co-trimox and she was loads better the nxt day after a week sitting with no improvement on iv chloramphenicol and erythromycin so that was good and we've all got similar stories! we have more of a role at this place which is nice! ENjoy your hols with aunty j i'll reply to her msg when I've got more time we're off to lake malawi for the weekend lots of love ed xx
From Judith Lee
Hi Ed,
Glad you are having such a fantastic experience. The photographs are amazing! Glad you made it to the top of Kilimanjaro and I'm sure all the patients are really benefitting from your visit. Keep up the good work and I look forward to hearing that you are back safely. I am enjoying my stay in Inverness and we are heading for the West Coast tomorrow. May do some walking but not on the sscale of Kilimanjaro.
All the best,
From Auds
Hey guys, (i only know Ed and Ewan B but hello to all three of you anyway!)
Just come back form 6 weeks in Africa myself and looking at your photos has made me dead jealous! Hope you guys are having a brilliant time and doing lots of good work. Make sure you savour every minute - even the long drops, the cold showers and the gekkos. Kwa Heri, A x
Response: Habari!
Nice to hear from you Auds! We're having a cool time - jus been on the craziest dalla dalla ride ever - standing room only, still managed to book train tickets down to Malawi where we'll continue our good work hopefully!! Kwa heri! EEEx
From Caroline
Hi Ed
I'm sorry I've been so rubbish at keeping up with your travels. I blame my little brother hogging the computer.
Anyway, it sounds like you guys are having a great time. I have no idea what all the medical babble around your mountain climbing antics means but I'm glad that you're feeling better.
I also realised that althought I have been sending you guys good vibes, I haven't actually congratulated you properly. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I bet that you celebrated in style when you got your results!!!
Anyway, must dash. We've all been in Scotland this weekend and parentals get back today so i will have to do my domestic godess bit to tidy chez Drummond up before their arrival. Sadly tracksuits aren't allowed in Surrey, but I'm thinking of you nonetheless.
Response: Thanks Caroline!!
Glad that you and Laura had such a great trip we'll have to have a photo sesh sometime!! Edxx
From mother jarvis
Hi Ed, what a fantastic achievement although it certainly seems a case of physicians heal thyselves!! Glad you all managed to overcome the inevitable 'symptoms' and Laurie and I were almost in tears when you described how you felt when you skipped the last few steps to the summit. what next? 'to infinity and beyond' ? Laurie is deeply envious as she settles back into tedium. Have a safe journey and many congratulations on reaching the summit both physically in Africa and in passing your exams. Good bye.
Response: Hello!!
Thanks for the congrats! Not planning anymore high altitude adventures just yet I think a few lake-district hillocks will suffice for now!! They don't make you so sick, then again they don't make you cry/laugh/sing either but the bonus is the coffee and cake at the bottom which is sadly lacking in africa!!!
Can't wait to see Laura's picks and trade stories on bathroom facilities or lack thereof!!
Take care Mrs J
From Neil
Well done for reaching the top, guys! Sir Edmund eat your heart out!
Response: Hahaha! thanks neil! We were all ecstatic (can't spell that)! i sent you an email, hope work is going ok and you've not killed anyone yet!! ed
From Gill Pill
Congratulations on reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro. How are the blisters? And how did Ed know he had reaised intraocular pressure on the top of a mountain with no medical equipment?
Response: thanks mum, running out of time!! love you! edxxx
From Catherine
Glad you all got to the top! Well done! Hope the journey to Malawi is as easy!
Response: Made it safely to Malawi without too many hic-coughs! Met Granny's friend's daughter Helen and the nurse callen Nkomo! Welcome here has been really nice, enjoying it lots! Ewanx
From Gill Pill
Well done guys on passing your exams... and what was that about 'despite a quick half at lunch time'?!! HAving browsed your recent additions to the web site are you sure you are doing any medicine? ... where are the case histories?, Hope the final push up Kili goes well, I shall think about you all as I snuggle into bed tonight.
Response: xxx
From Laura
Hi Ed,
Now I'm back at work I'm going to have to live through your travelling experiences! Can't wait to hear more of your stories!
Love Laura x
Response: Thanks Laura! We're having fun tho a little tired after all of the treking up Kili but otherwise ok. Made a mistake by talking about what meal we want cooked for us when we get back - I've decided roast Lamb is the way forward (take note mum!) but it made us feel a little home sick! Still safari tomorrow I'll try not to get eaten by any of the animals (if it gets close Ewan B is light, i'll throw him out to distract them!! Enjoy the UK xx
From Dave
Hi Ed
Just reading all your news and looking at the photos - see they have Indian Green on the loo walls! Congratulations on passing the exams and hope you made it up Kilimanjaro. Ian Hig was up there a couple of weeks back and telling us about it on Sunday. He went up with Mark (Paul's brother). He had mountain sickness on the 3rd day - wonder how you got on?? Look forward to hearing the next bit of news. Take care! Dave
Response: Hey Dave! Oh my word India is SO developed!! Made it to the top of kili still mentally functioning (tho I was a little sick)!! Now we're off on Safari tomorrow round ngorogoro, lake manyara and another place I can't pronounce!!! OOOh and we had an authentic sauna with a proper wood fire at the hotel yesterday - I wonder if smoke rooms will overtake steam rooms in a few years?? Ed
From Mona
heya Ewan T,
Hows it going?
you'll have started to go up kilamanjaro now so good luck, and, i have the sponsor money for you, i am reliable after all! when you come back you'll have to come and stay at our new house! Calum brought catherine up last weekend, lol,mum kept saying, i'm surprised you survived through a weekend of 24-7 tevendales.
we are so busy at the moment with packing etc, and calum is just on his ps2, (he bought 5 ps2 games at the weekend), :D
Can't wait to see you again, wait til you hear about Tod jumping off a bridge, and being stared at by sheep, and Jens interview in livingston, :) reply asap! love fiona, xxx
p.s. good luck up kilamanjaro! xx
Response: Hi Fiona, sounds like there are some interesting happenings at home. We're all pretty nackered at the moment having just got down from our successful ascent. It was very hard work, especially the last day, but despite the mild attitude sickness we made it!

Going on a quick safari tomorrow morning before we head off to Malawi. We think it'll probably take about 3 days over land to reach the hospital from where we are at the moment. Keep me informed with the happenings at home.

lots of love,
Ewan T
From Elaine
Hi guys!
Congrats on passing all your exams! The website is fab... although I'm not sure I can say the same for the haircuts! Just kidding he he! Good luck climbing Kili, look after yourselves and have a fantastic time x x x