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Kim Kurray

"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. " -
Augustine, (AD 354-430)

Well I finally got off my butt and started! On September 29th, 2005, I upped sticks and moved to London, a far cry from lil ol Mt.Gambier. I'm living and working here, in the exciting industry of rail safety, and whenever I get a chance I intend to visit different parts of Europe. I have posted some photos of my travels so far, have a look and feel free to leave me a message as well.



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Leed's Castle

While back I visited Leeds Castle in Kent. Apart from the usual ducks, geese and swans, the castle also had a large complex of exotic birds (which I got to just after my camera batteries died), but as these birds were mostly Australian varieties I'm sure most of you guys would of seen them before!


Paris, Wales & Italy

In January Andrew came over to the UK and we visited Wales, Italy, and Paris (again).
These photos are in no particular order.


Around London

Some miscellaneous photos from my sightseeing in and around the city of London...



The day after my flight touched down in Heathrow, Lauren and I zipped off for a weekend in Paris (no point in wasting time). A beautiful city, to which the photos really don't do justice to..



In November of 2005 I got myself some cheap flights and travelled to to Palermo, the capital city of Italy's soccer ball island - Sicily, otherwise known as Sicilia. I was greeted by loads of sunshine and pleasant weather - with temperatures in the low twenties, this was a welcome suprise after london grey and chilly days of five degrees!

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Recent Messages

From Tish
Hey Kim,
i absolutely love your photos. i am so jealous that you get to see all these amazing places while i am stuck in boring old adelaide.
Response: Hey your welcome to come and visit anytime!
From sally
great photos! paris looks prettier in the sunhine.. as aposed to the grey paris i saw in dec.

Yeah, I'm hoping London will look better in the sunshine too - still waiting...
From Weirdo from the trai
To girl on early morning train from Fort William to Glasgow who looked liked she needed a coffee, really badly! I saw you sitting there picking your nose and was compelled to go over and tell you that that sort of thing is not done in polite society, but refrained as the expression on your face suggested that if I tried you would probably kill me and eat my liver.
Response: Only if it tasted of coffee.
From mum
great photos kim
see you are having a good time
love you
From wendy
Great idea with the photos kim! Loved em, keep em coming.
From Caroll
Hey kim, great photos you have here. what a wonderful way of sharing them, you have inspiredme to make a page too :)
Yeah u should definitely do it, i'd love to see ur photos too.