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Asia to Australia

A four month trip through Asia en-route to Australia...Amazing, right? Well, why don't you follow us!

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 05 March 2008

Location: Sydney, Australia

Well hello from Australia (a month on)! Its been a long trip and a long time coming to our final destination, but here we are and loving it. Both of us have started work, and are in the process of finding somewhere to live, which is impossible here by the way. Especially when you're from overseas. How and ever, keeping positive, and we'll see how it goes!

Sydney is an amazing city, so many beautiful things and so many beautiful people. Its easy to see why the Irish come over this way and just never go back... And trust me, there are A LOT of Irish here! We've done all the main sights; the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and even the infamous Bondi beach. Managed to fore-go the "Bondi tan" though. I suppose 3 months in Asia will give to pretty good base protection!

Our best wishes to everyone at home and all our friends overseas. There won't be as many updates (not that we were too good at it in the first place) anymore, but we will keep up with the pictures!


Saturday, 12 January 2008

Location: Koh Lanta, Thailand

Hi everyone...
Once again, sorry for the lack of updates... And even MORE sorry for the fact that we haven't been replying to your messages... We really love hearing from everybody, so PLEASE don't take it as us being ungrateful!

Anyway, its time to move on from Thailand now. We've pretty much lived on the islands and we kinda feel like its time to get on to the mainland; well, the peninsula of Malaysia, if that counts! So, we have about 7 days there, then into Singapore for a couple of nights, then a flight onto Java. A week in Java and then we fly from Bali to Sydney... CIVILIZATION! Seriously craving a steak... A real steak... NOT WATER BUFFALO STEAK, but a cow steak!

Other than that, there isn't much to be saying. We've loved Thailand. And fell in love with diving. Great Barrier Reef, here we come! Has to be one of the best experiences for both of us, seeing a sea turtle eating jelly coral, 20 metres underwater... Just incredible!

Anyhew, onto Malaysia!

Much love,
Kim and Hannah

Sunday, 06 January 2008

Location: Hat Ton Sai, Thailand

Hi all!

Soooooooo sorry about the lack of updates! We've been absolutly on top of our heads since leaving Cambodia. Between meeting new people and doing crazy things, we haven't had a second to ourselves. Not complaining though. We've made some unforgettable friends and done some unforgettable (stupid) things so its all good. But now's the time when I fill you in on all of it...

We headed into Southern Laos early December and went straight up to Vientiane. Very pretty capital, but not much to do. So we went further northa gain to a little village called Vang Vieng and thats where the party started (and hasn't really stopped since!). Vang Vieng is a backpackers haven, possibly due to the wonderful creation of "tubing". This involves sitting in a rubber tyre (the inner of a tractor tyre) and floating down the river (some tributary of the Mekong that I can't remember the name of). No no no, it not quite that easy going. There have been about 5 purpose built bars set up along the river bank which have built HUGE ope swings and zip-lines over the river. Basically, you get absolutly sloshed and then swing out about 25 ft over the river and let go... You know what happens when you hit the water from 25ft? You get a big bruise on the inside of your thigh!

It WAS in Vang Vieng that we met some of our best friends yet. A group of about 8 of us ended up tubing, travelling and partying together as far north a Luang Prabang. Saw the most incredible waterfalls (water was bloody freezing mind you, so it was a nice reminder of home!) and then we all had to go our separate ways. Kim and I headed south for our Xmas in Bangkok, where we met James (he went to Chaing Mai from Luang Prabang, but we didn't have the time as Kim was doing a cooking class) and his friends... Not much of a Christmas though (I guess you get that with Buddism, aye!), had lamb chops and creme brulee! After a couple of days in Bangkok, we headed further south again, to the island of Koh tao where we both did a 4 day diving course... Yuh huh, we're qualified scuba divers now! Doing the course we made even more friends who we are now travelling with as far as Malaysia. That pretty much brings us to the present, here in Ton Sai, which is a peninsula just on the way to the island of Phi Phi on the west coast.

Phew... Well, thats it, really... We're preparing ourselves for a return to the normal life in Sydney when we arrive in just over 3 weeks and I promise, we'll put up photos (we have 3 countries to catch up on now!).

Hope all is well at home, and soooooo sorry for not updating more... Bigger effort over the next little while!


Thursday, 06 December 2007

Location: Siem Reap, Cambodia

Hey guys,

So, here we are again; new day, new town. We're getting a bit tired of travelling (it takes alot out of you!) so we decided we'd take some time out. We've just gotten back from a 6 day stint in the beach town of Sihanoukville, which is the longest we've stayed in the one place, and which was well deserved! Anyway, back on the road now again. We're here for just one day to see the Temples of Angkor (Tomb Raider, Indiana Jones, Two Brothers; all filmed here) which are the largest Buddist temples in the world. Really excited about it. Was a main highlight on the trip, and after such a relaxing time in Sihanoukville, we'll all in the perfect frame of mind for some Buddisim!

I guess you want to hear about the has been rather than the will be though...

Cambodia is beautiful. A really beautiful country with really beautiful people. Especially considering what they've gone through in our life time, our generation... For those of you who don't know, just over 30 years ago, in the 1970's Cambodians were subject to the vicious rule of the Khmer Rouge. Anyone who had an education, anyone who wore glasses, anyone who was in any way different, was taken away from their families and either brutally killed in the mass graves of the Killing Fields or locked up for torture and interogation in S21 prison, where they would more than likely die anyway.

Both the Killing Fields and the S21 Prison (now Teoul Sung Genocide Museum) are open to the public and let me tell you, it is heart wrenching... As you enter The Killing Fields, the first thing you see is a square tower, about 20 meters high, and maybe 5 meters wide and deep. Its made of glass. Row after row after row of shelving, all the way from the ground to the top. On each shelf, the skulls of the victims brutally tortured and murdered here. Old, young, male, female... The Khmer Rouge didn't distinguish. The fields themselves are just a widespread collection of deep holes (most of which resemble a bomb site) where the mass graves, holding the bodies of over 8000 people, were discovered. Following a sobering morning wandering around the fields, you then get a tuk tuk back into the city (all around Phnom Phen) to visit Teoul Sung. There are no words I can use to describe this place. You are left on your own; no guide, no audio headset, just a sign every so often explaining the building you are in, or what the different ''equipment'' was used for. Cell after cell, you can still see the blood stains on the ground. The chains that were once around a prisoners ankle, still concreted into the ground. Barbed wire, surrounding a building to prevent prisoners from committing suicide still wraps the walls with the rust stains looking ominously red on the white wall. Most distressing, the pictures... Although brutal, the Khmer Rouge were meticulous with their records; every single prisioner (and torture method) was photographed and documented. And so, the faces of thousands stare at you from the walls. Men and women as old as 78... Children as young as 2... All locked away... All died horrible deaths... Because they were different...

The most chilling side of the 2 and a half years of Khmer Rouge genocide... That alot of the work of the Khmer Rouge was done by children, no older than 17.

I couldn't bring myself to take pictures of this place... Just the signs that tell the story...

Monday, 26 November 2007

Location: Siagon, Vietnam

Hi guys...

Just a quick goodbye from Vietnam. We hope you enjoy the photos... Its absolutely magical here...

BUT, on to Cambodia!

Lots of love!

Friday, 23 November 2007

Location: Mui Ne, Vietnam

Hello everyone!
Well we made it into Vietnam.. after many long overnight trains through China! We immediately liked Vietnam, the people are so friendly and the weather (was!) hot so what more could you ask for?! We spent 4 nights in Hanoi, one of which we spent on a boat in Halong Bay. The boat trip was amazing, we got well fed on local food, went kayaking, visited the "amazing caves" and went swimming in a lovely lagoon (we'll get those pics up soon)

We then spent two full days travelling by bus (it wasn't pretty!) to come down south to a little beach town called Mui Ne. Its gorgeous down here but not so sunny because we caught the tail end of a cyclone so there was lots of flooding on the way down. But we hired out some scooters and went exploring! We went sand-sledding on the sand dunes and did a bit of dirt -biking (Hannah's white tank top came out the worst of it!)
So we're off to Ho Chi Minh tomorrow then into Cambodia a few days later...another day, another country!

Love to you all and talk soon,
Kim and Hannah x x x

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Location: Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Sorry for the lack of updates guys, been busy getting lost in Hong Kong! Its really nice here, although more expensive than what we've gotten used to... We're heading back into "real" China first thing in the morning though, and beginning our move to Vietnam. Can't wait for that! Anyway, early start and all that, so best be going.We'll put up new photos soon, promise!

Lots of love,
Kim and Hannah

Sunday, 04 November 2007

Location: Shanghai, China

Hi all!
So here we are, new town once again. At least this time we're further south and enjoying a bit more pleasent weather. Hasn't stopped Hannah from getting a cold though. And there's nothing over here but traditional Chinese medicine, so I'm stuck eating flowers and berries and all sorts of stuff... That isn't working! Oh how I miss the Western way! How and ever, fingers crossed that it wont last too long and we'll all be on our way again soon! Will try anad put more photos up soon, but bare with us; internet isn't the best over this way! Oh.. and leave us a message! We'd be delighted to hear from you all!

Kim and Hannah

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Location: Xi'an, China

Hi again!

So, the Great Wall was GREAT! 670meters and we climbed it all! Now, don't turn your noses up, its alot more difficult than it sounds! Its like climbing a ladder for about 2km straight up... And they're not perfectly crafted steps either! Still, we now all have the privilege of saying we climbed to the highest point of the Great Wall of China (in the region!).

At the moment we've moved down to Xi'an and hopefully tomorrow we'll be out to see the Terracotta Army. We'll post pictures of that another day, but these will hopefully do you all for now!

Love Kim and Hannah

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Location: Beijing, China

Hey guys!
So, here we are in Beijing, China... Its cold, just like home, and a bit bizarre to think that we're here, the other side of the world, but great to finally be away on this trip that seemed to take forever to come along! We've already seen Beijing zoo (Panda's are soooo cute!) and now we're up bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning in anticipation of our tour to the Great Wall!

Signing off for now,

Kim and Hannah

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Hi Kim & Hannah,
Just saw all the pictures. They are georgous. Not a very exciting looking Xmas dinner!!!!
Response: Aren't you lucky you didn't see the pics from xmas lunch.. that was in Mc Donalds!! Dinner was much better, I even got sticky toffee pud (not my own recipe but not half bad!) Haha x x
From Rufie
Hi Kim
I see you are having a ball!! I'm doing same travels myself in June! Do you have an email address? Myself and kyle are heading to Hong Kong first and spending a few months between china, thailand etc then our flight to Cairns is in September from Singapore.. my email address is maybe you can tell me some places to go stay in or a route that we should take from Hong kong to Singapore??..
Take Care and Chat soon!! Hopfully even see you On Sydney Harbour for New Year's!! xoxo
Response: Hey there! Will e-mail ya with all the info soon! Good to hear from ya.. will be seeing ya for big celebrations on New Years! x x
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hey there guys,

hope ur having a blast. u in oz yet?? hannah babe, check ur bebo mail k. xxx
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Hey just checking out where ye're at now! Sounds like fun for ye but a bit of a nightmere for me!! Too much water and jumping and stuff I struggle with the bridge over the Claddagh :) Miss you guys. Whats Kim learning to cook now?? Tell me its not weird stuff like Spiders and dogs?!
Response: No spiders or dogs! Lots of weird and wonderful veggies though! Hope all's well with you..and mind that bridge! x
From Carmel
Hi Hannah, nice pics. if you like that sort of thing! I would only wear them on feet myself!OMG, how un pc is that?! Only joking really. Talk soon.
Response: Hi ya! Great to hear your response... Well, you know me! Hope all is well with everyone! More pics soon to come!
From fran
hi guys, good here ye's are still having a ball-so when do ye actually get here? must be soon now...very excited!!xx
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Hi Kim,
Great to see more long last!! Those crocs would not suit me!!
Love You & take care.
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Alright chicas, its offical the holiday blue have kicked in was great to see u be continued!! happy trailing! :)
Response: Hi ya guys! Sorry its taken so long to get back to ye... Time got ridiculous after Thailand... Busy busy! How are the travelling plans coming along? Love to the other one!
From Vicky, John & Baby A
Hi Guys - sorry it has taken us so long to get in touch. All is well in Galway John got his new Car today so he is happy out !! BMW M3. We would love to send you some pics of Ava but need your e-mail address ? let me know and I will send them on he is the double of her Daddy i'm affraid but we are delighted with her she is so good and has Daddy wrapped around her little finger already - he has even changed a nappy !!! Chat again soon. Love and Hugs from the Casey's !!!XXX
Response: Hi there, sorry about the delay in replying! Got the pic's.. she's gorgeous..but definitely got Daddy's face! I'm delighted to hear she's got him changing nappies..that'll be a new skill to master! Hope you had a great xmas and new year, talk soon x x
From Annette Rochford
Hi Kim and Hannah

Hope you both are having a ball! Freezing here at the moment.

Kim, we're working on your Mum's PC at the moment and hoping to have it fixed later today. Seamus is looking forward to his travels now, I must say i'm very jealous!

Anyway, just popped on to say hi. Take care of yourselves and enjoy the travels! Annette
Response: Hi Annette! Great to hear from you. Well as you know Seamie is here now.. got himself a "Bondi Tan" the other day so he's busy moisturising! Hope all's well and chat soon x
From miriam
hi there kim pics ar class oh god cant wait to go just cant get that shit head of a cousin of yours up to dub to book it anyway chat soon enjoy the rest of your travells x x x miro
Response: Hey Miro..great to hear from you! I hear the travelling plans are coming along a bit more! You'll love Thailand! I'll be seeing ya in Sydney soon..that is where you guy's are going? Talk soon x x x
From Breda Mulligan
Hi Kim
Thanks very much for your lovely postcard - received it New Years Eve - Hope you had a good xmas

bye for now luv Breda
Response: Hi Breda! well it was a very strange xmas in Bangkok, but it was good none the less! Thank's for the message..hope you are all well at home x
From Carmel
Hannah, did your camera 'drown' on your diving course? Send a few pics. will you, I'm loosing the will to live!
From Steffi Duniec
Hiya Hannah Banana!!
Just been looking at your photo's - what an amazing trip. I'm so jealous and so proud of you!
Have fun xxx
From kate
hi kim
christmas greetings from the conlon's in trim. looks like you are having a great time the photo's are great. tess and ger say hi also. take care
Response: Hi there, sorry for the long delay in replying. Great to hear from you all and hope you had a great xmas and new year. More photo's up soon :)
From Carmel
Hi Hannah, No we havn't forgotten you, just having a break! Nearly Christmas now so I hope you are in the right mood, spiritually I mean of course! No over indulgence or anything like that! Gran & 'others' say hello and send you their best wishes also. We'll talk over Christmas. 'Bye
From Geraldine
And you terrified of spiders! How big was it?
From Carmel
Hi Hannah, your mother will be pleased to hear you have a taste for the old spider; you know how she hates to see good food going to waste!!!!
From Carmel
Hi Hannah, Terrible story well written. I wasn't impressed with the snake wine though. Was James trying to kill the snake or was it already dead? Or plastic even! Talk soon.
Response: Hi auntie Carmel... Great to hear from you as always! No no, the snake was dead... And very VERY real, let me tell you... I suppose if you weren't impressed with that, I'd better not tell you that I ate deep fried spider at a Cambodian bus lay-by on the side of the road!
From Lorraine Flynn
Dear Kim and Hannah,

Its really good to see how you both are in your photos, lucky you, all the places look amazing.
Hope you are getting on okay and enjoying all the experiences.
Your mum gave me the website and said you would love to hear from me.
I am having the pleasure of your mother,anna-may,bernie and geraldine over in Jan to give them another taste of London life. I can't wait!!!
You know how well I will look after them, like I did with youself and Aidan (so not my bag!!!!)
Make sure you take care over there and when you get back come and see me in London for a mad nite.
Lots of love (your favourire English Cuz) xxxxxx
Response: Hi Cuz.. will e mail you with all the news..thank's for the message x x x
From Geraldine
Amazing pictures and wonderful description of what life was like during the reign of the Khmer Rouge. You also seem to be having lots of fun and will be expert scooter riders by the time you reach Australia!! Do not think much of the snake wine though?? Hope the journey continues to go well.
Response: Yeah, it was pretty terrible throughout the whole country... Scooters have been put on hold as foreigners are not allowed drive here in Laos. Maybe in Thailand!
From Vicki
Hi cabbages! Love you xxx
Response: Hi cabbage back! Good to hear from you... If a littel short and sweet!
From Teresa (Mam)
Hey Kim,
Just saw these pictures and you have turned me right off my meal tonight!!
Response: You don't fancy a juicy spider leg then no? Why ever not?! Haha! x x x
From Teresa (Mam)
Hi Guys,
Any pictures of Cambodia?
Want to see you drinking that snake wine. Yuk
From lee and ems
hey guys,
hope ur having a really great time. hannah u gotta check ur gmail quick smart ok. and get back to us asap!!!! :)