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Kim's Home and Away in the UK!

Welcome to Kim's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Location: Southampton, England

Well I'm back from Spain already! My how time does fly when you're having fun! It all started when............

Friday the 12th Sept, we boarded a plane form Bournemouthe airport and 2 and a half hours later arrived in Malaga, Spain. We caught our taxi to the hotel, trying to make conversation with Diego our taxi driver!, to whom I kept saying RAPIDO!! as that's about all I know! We had a drink in the bar, then unpacked and fell in to bed at about 1am.

As I said that first day we shopped around Torremolinos, came back and relaxed around the pool then enjoyed dinner and entertainment on the terrace.

Sunday we walked all the way along the boulevard up the Benalmedina did some more shopping then did much of the same, swimming, eating etc!

Tuesday we caught the train to Fuengirola Markets where I bought my D&G sunnies for €10 ...I tried to barter but the guy wouldn't budge!

Wednesday was a great day, we got a bus to a typical Spanish village called Mijas, situated right on the top of the Mountain. The journey took just over and hour and only cost €1.80! You will see from the photo's how pretty it is.

Thursday we went to MORE markets at Torremolinos near the bull ring then made our way back down the hill to our hotel. That night we got front row seats to watch a tribute westlife band but were disappointed when this girl came on the stage and said 'sorry I know I'm not Westlife but here I am'! but she was fantastic...of course she was, she was welsh!!

Our last day friday we just relaxed and enjoyed our last day in Spain and before we knew it we were back in Bournemouth airport and finally got in the door about 2am! That flight back was so funny, we were so tired and silly that everything was funny!

All in all it was a great holiday and what a great feeling for me to cross another country off on my list!

I hope you enjoy the photo's and I will be back at this space soon
Lots of love xxx

Monday, 15 September 2008

Location: Torremolinos, Spain

Ola! from Sunny Spain!

What a beautiful country..sorry this will be a quick 1 as I´m low on euros!
We arrived late fri nite, fell into bed then Sat spent the day shopping San Miegel. It is so hot here, clear blue skies every day, long balmy nights......oooh are you jealous?!!
The hotel is lovely-huge! 6 swimming pools, lots to see and do. Beautful buffet breakfasts and dinners then entertainment under the stars every night.
Tomorrow we are catching a train to the markets about 30 mins away so looking forward to that.
Then we will probably spend a lazy afternoon by the poool catching some rays...a welcome change from the awful English weather!
When I get back I will be putting photos on here for you to see and to dream that it was you! HA!
So Adios Amigos and take care,
love Kim xxx

Friday, 18 July 2008

Location: England

Hi everyone!

First let me say sorry for not leaving a diary entry sooner! Time really does fly when you're having fun!
Since I last left an entry not a lot has happened. Life is rolling along as normal and I am definitely settled into life here in the UK. I'm not sure if i wrote an entry on my day in London but as you can see from the photo's we certainly saw alot and it was a great day, it is still my favourite place i just love it.

A few weeks ago I went to a lovely little town in the New Forest called Lymington with tracey from work and maureen. It was a beautiful sunny day and we had a lovely time looking at the markets and enjoying the scenery.

Two weekends ago I headed over to Wales again for 3 days to spend time with the family, visit my Nanna in hospital and celebrate my birthday. Overall it was a fantastic weekend and i made some great memories that will last a lifetime.

Last friday a group of us girls went out for my birthday to a lovely Italian restaurant on the water called La Margaritas. After a lovely meal and birthday cake we got our groove thing on and hit the dance floor then I collapsed into bed and have dragged myself through this week with a chest infection but am glad to say I am on the mend. Hands up who hates being sick......!

Well there's not much on the cards for me this weekend, just taking it easy and enjoying some me time! I will put some more photo's up soon for you to see.

Thanks to everyone for thinking of me and for your lovely messages, they are a real boost!

I'm off to enjoy a lovely home cooked meal now thanks to my wonderful Auntie maureen! i'd be lost without them!

Take care, love Kim xxx

Thursday, 05 June 2008

Location: UK

Hello All!

I hope the wintery, rainy weather is not getting you down too much over there or should I say...down there!! How lucky am I to be in England enjoying a lovely warm summer?! I could get used to this, summer here, summer down there!! I'd never have to experience a winter ever again! HA! I wish jelly fish!

it's beautiful here today, 23degrees, blue skies, birds chirping, all I need now is a sun lounge, a cocktail and a handsome waiter at my beck and call!

Today Paul, Maureen and I have been to Eastleigh and as always I went a little bit crazy in the 99p shop! OMG girls you would love it in there (it's just like our crazy clark's but 10 times better, heaps of proper label stuff). The best part of today was when Maureen and I broke into a fit of the giggles in the car on the way home! Poor Paul, he really is so patient! Silly girls!

Life for me has definitely fallen into place. I still pinch myself that I am living in the Uk and people are amazed when I tell them that I have only lived here for....can you believe it? 9 WEEKS! I mostly get the response "are you crazy?..why would you leave Australia to come and live over here?"! Then sometimes I get "good on you love, why not hey, life is too short"! I have to remind myself.."hey, London is just up the road, don't forget about Paris" and cadbury chocolate buttons keep calling out to me saying "hey Kim...don't forget how yummy we are, you won't be able to buy and enjoy us forever!!"

Work is going really well..apart from the tragic pay! I am getting on really well with everyone and making some great friends. We are planning a great night out at a restaurant called Margharita's for my birthday for a spot of food and dancing! So that should be a great night. Last Sunday a group of 8 of us from work went to an exclusive "Sex and the City" movie screening night. We were greeted on the red carpet with a cosmopolitan cocktail and canapes (ridiculously small mind you, so I ordered a tuna sandwich to fill the gap!..crisps on the side, what a nice touch!) Then we enjoyed the movie and got a Dior goodies bag..which I called a 'baddies' bag as it wasn't much chop! and a voucher for a free makeover worth £35! All in all a good night and a chance to get to know each other better.

Well I'll sign off now. Miss everyone everday in everyway but hey I'm here to do what I gotta do and loving every minute!

You'll hear from me again soon, thanks to Paul and Maureen for giving me a little push up the stairs to actually sit and type these entries!

Lots of love
Kim xx

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Location: Southampton, England

Hi everyone!

I do apologise that it's been such a long time since I've sat down and typed a journal entry. I suppose it feels like normal life has actually kicked in and now I am going through the motions of work, home, work, home etc! Not that I'm not enjoying myself, i still love being here and experiencing living life somewhere totally different.

Work has been great, I've been there over 5 weeks now so I'm starting to feel like part of the furniture! I have already made some great friends that I know I'll be friends with for life and basically just enjoy the job as a whole so I feel really lucky to have found that job.

Can you believe I've been in this country for nearly nine weeks? Wow time has really flown and I am still missing everyone so much but I'm not planning on coming home anytime soon!,,,,sorry Mum!

I hope you enjoyed the photo's of Bournemouth, I loved that city and we had such a great day there. I haven't really done a lot of sightseeing since then. A few weeks ago I hired a car again and drove over to Wales for 3 days, I always have a great time there and made loads more friends up at 'the fountain'! We had a party there on the last night I was there for the Landlord who was leaving it was a fun night but I felt it the next day after I got up at 6am and drove straight to work (it only took me 2 and a half hours!)

I'll be going back for my birthday in July as they all want to take me out for the night into Swansea!...look out Swansea! I'm sure there'll be lots of interesting photo's from that night!

Well I'll leave it at that for now, I hope everyone who reads this is well and happy. Thank you for all your thoughts and I look forward to sharing lots more exciting adventures with you as the weeks go by.

All my love,
Kim xxx

Thursday, 01 May 2008

Location: London, UK

Hello from fabulous LONDON!

It's hard to believe I was here a year ago, it feels like yesterday!
This city is fantastic I just love it! The only thing is there is so much to see and do it is a bit daunting but so exciting!

Leesa, Rachel and I headed to Richmond(on the outskirts of London) by car, it took about an hour from Southampton. Then we caught the train into Waterloo, it cost us 6 pounds each to have an all day ticket...not too bad!

So then we were off! First stop was Knightsbridge tube station and up to Harrods, it is amazing, floors and floors of clothes, food, toys, everything! Then we checked out Harvey nichols (harvey nicks!) which is like David Jones but even more expensive.

We then took the tube to Picadilly Circus and walked up to good ol' macca's for lunch (it was packed). A few streets over was China town so we took a stroll through there it was very interesting.

Next stop was Charing Cross to see Trafalgar Sqaure. it wasn't the same this time around, the sky was grey and it was packed with people because of a may day march.

We got off next at Oxford Circus to hit the shops on Oxford Street, this wasn't originally on the cards but who can resist a bit of retail therapy! No i didn't spend too much don't worry! Actually I think the only thing I bought was a keyring and a magnet - typical tourist!

Then we caught the tube to Covent Garden. Now on the way there I had warned the girls to take the lift no matter how long the line was to get in one as there were nearly 200 steps to get to the top of the tube station, but did they heed my warning? No! they took the torturous stairs can you believe it? Well I don't think they'll do that again! Mum and I experienced that last year I honestly thought my legs were going to fall off when we reached the top!

We decided that it was probably time to make the journey home, when we finally could fit on a train (they were packed to the brim like sardines). We were all absolutely shattered by the time we reached home but it was a great day and I can't wait to go again.

I hope you are enjoying the photo's and I promise to keep you updated on any other exciting adventures!

Lots of love xx

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Location: Portsmouth, England

What a lovely day I've had today! Apart from cleaning the house this morning! Paul, Maureen and I took a trip to Portsmouth for the afternoon. It is such a pretty place. We took a stroll along the front and ended at the fairground. It was packed with people enjoying a sunny afternoon and even swimming!

Then it was time to do a spot of grocery shopping in a huge Tesco Extra (I could spend hours in the supermarkets over here)

We stopped for dinner on the way home at a pub called 'The hungry horse', where we enjoyed fish n chips and a nice pint of lager! ok not lager but a very refreshing pint of my dear old friend Coca-cola!

Then my housemates and I enjoyed a night of listening to our very exciting new music video channel! We could not tear ourselves away from the box - so many good songs!

Short entry this time! Be back soon xxx

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Location: UK

Hello all!

I just had a look at my sight myself and I think it's pretty interesting! I hope it is! I will definitely work on taking more photo's and putting them up.

It is Thursday afternoon here, about 5 30pm. All you Aussies are fast asleep and dreaming of me! HA! I am at Paul and Maureens. Maureen and I have had a lovely afternoon shopping and now we will all sit down to a lovely curry that Maureen has made a bit later on with their son Lee. (I'll take a photo to show you)-Lee, that is!

I had my first day at my new job (the Body Shop) yesterday. It went really well and I think I will really enjoy it. Like anything new, it was scary at first, meeting new people, BEING the new person and finding your feet but I just tell myself that this is just another bridge to cross, the last of many I hope.

I shared my training day with another new girl, Kelly, which made the day a lot easier. We got on really well and enjoyed lunch and coffee together. I had a quick run through on how to use the til and before I knew it I was on my way to sell, sell, selling!

The staff that I've met so far have been great and I think me being Australian is a bit of a novelty at the moment! They are all so surprised when I tell them I have only been in the country just over 3 weeks!

So things seem to be working out just great. I am so glad that things are falling into place but I still have to pinch myself that I am living and working in the UK! Something I have dreamed of doing for years is actually coming to fruition! ( Ooooh..BIG WORD!)

Plans are in place for a day trip to London next Thursday, with Leesa so that will definitely be something to look forward to.

Happy reading, I hope you like the photo's.

Love Kim x

Monday, 21 April 2008

Location: UK

Hello from Wales! Ok...not actually from Wales but I have only just come back from a weekend away there and thought you might like to know about it!

It all started when......I picked up the car form Enterprise(just around the corner from my house!) about 1pm on friday the 18th and set off with my handy dandy map (thanks to my cousin Paul, I literally would've been lost without it!) and arrived at my Auntie Joan's house about 4 30pm, so not bad going for a first timer!

We enjoyed a few hours of catch up, followed by ham and chips for tea! Then we ventured up to 'the fountain', their local pub and hang-out joint, where I met up with my cousin Gary and a few of the others that I had met last year.

Then it was back to the house for a late supper (9 30pm!) of tea and cheese on toast.

The next day we went grocery shopping at Asda, my other cousin Janet came over for lunch, then it was back up the fountain for the afternoon followed by an evening of tv entertainment followed by another late supper of Gary's famous curry over chips and rice! The weather had been overcast and rainy all day so it was nice to wake up to a beautiful sunny day on SUNday!

Auntie Joan, John, Gary and I went to the Red Lion for lunch (I had stuffed roast chicken breast and veg.) I know I'm telling you about food all the time but surprisingly this does interest a few people! and all it is over there is eat, eat, eat!

Then we relaxed all afternoon and paid another visit to the fountain to enjoy a drink, make some more friends! and say good bye until next time! SO here I am, back in Southamton, it only took me 3 hours to get home today, and I had a bargain car rental, £35 approx $75 for three days in a brand new Fiat Punto! I was in my element, it made me realise how much I miss having a car and driving!

I start my job at the Body Shop this coming Wednesday so I will have something interesting to write about then.

I hope all is well down under, it still hasn't hit me that I am around the other side of the world, but day by day it is getting easier and I am proud of myself for taking such a risk. I know I won't regret it.
Missing you all
Love me x

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Location: Southampton, my house!, England

Hi everyone!

Well here I am again! It's been nearly a week since I have taken the time to sit and write an entry...I do apologise to all of you who are eagerly awaiting some interesting news or information from me! I'll try to make it sound good!

Where did i finish last time? I think I had been to portsmouth and Fareham? Well on tuesday I hopped on the bus for the first time! (only about 50metres from my house!), paid the driver £1.20 to go into town. Took a lovely stroll down to HSBC to open a bank account, it was a bit of a process but I got there at last!

Then I caught a bus to a suburb called Shirley, another typical english street packed with shops. I met up with Leesa and Joseph and enjoyed a lovely evening with them.

Wednesday was the day for sight seeing in Southampton. We started at 'The Walls', an historic walk past walls that still exist from hundreds of years ago, the rest were destroyed by bombing in the war. Then we made our way to town quay and to the Maritime museum and the titanic museam (very eery but really interesting!) We then caught the ferry across to Hythe which is a cute little town, cobbled streets etc, and took a ride on the worlds oldest pier train back to the ferry. What a day, I was 'shattered'! I'm starting to use the lingo now!

Thursday, Paul, Maureen and I went to a place not far from here called Eastleigh for some more markets and shopping! Friday I made my way up to town again to do the job hunting thing! Then sat I got a call for an interview for the Body Shop in the West Quay shooping centre (where I wanted to work!) on Monday so wish me luck! I'm looking forward to starting work and having some income!

Well I hope that was a good read! It's good for me 'cause it's easy to forget what I've done if i don't journal it.

I will put some pictures up soon, the London Marathon is on today, was hoping to get there for it but some pics off the tv will have to suffice!

Missing you all, thanks for your thoughts and take care,
Love Kim xxxxx

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From Dawn
Hey kim,
I'm glad you had a nice time in spain and I am waiting to see all the photo's. I bet it is nice to have Mum with you and I hope for your sake she doesn't snore? I am on my rdo and just had lunch with les, lisa and Lacey. the 3 L's. I also love racing around in my new suzie. I can't wait for Mum to show us all the photo's and what is like to see where you live and work. Hope you are well, catch up soon Love Dawn
From Marilyn
Hi Kim
I know we did a lot of laughing on our trip to Spain, not quite sure what we were laughing about most of the time, but it didn't really seem to matter did it?
Love your photo's which Paul copied for me onto a disk.
Warm sun, blue skies and great company, who could want for more.
Probably see you when you get back from Wales.
Take care
Response: Hi Marilyn!

We did have a great time didn't we?! and laughing was the best bit! Glad you liked the photo's I have to work on putting them on this site for everyone to see! Have a great day catch up with you again soon, love kim xx
From bev
hi kim so glad you enjoyed your spainish holiday!looking for the photos but you havent put them on yet,im guessing!so mum is over there already,bet you cant wait to see would be good if work could give you some early holidays hey!well not much to report here cause i only spoke to you this morning.Still waiting for baby to come!!!talk to you soon.big hugs and kisses from the twins! chow for now! luv ya xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From Dad
Hey Kim,
Just looked at the Wales photos,
Really good love.
Hope you enjoyed Spain!?
Hot Eh?
You back in UK by now and can catch up with Mum.
She will love that.
OK still miss you piles/heaps.
Wish I was there!
Love you Kim
Love Dad
From lesley
Hi Kim,
Rich has the computer up and running so here I am. Dont know what happened with the phone call yesterday, thought he might have been your new indian boyfriend. Well lis went to the hospital yesterday all good and 2 weeks to go for her and your trip.
The girls and I had a nice week end at Noosa. Ok well have to get the boys to school.\Have agreat day.
Love you.
Love Les. xxxx
From ashleynagel
my lovley aunty. im missing you soooo much. how is your time going over there. me lisa jess and mom are all staying at bevs house. we went to the bakery today and we saw a car just like your little white one and we were all likeee "awwwwwwwww!" hahaha
well i thought id just leave you a msg because you just a fatabulous aunty, as you may know. hahaha
well talk to you later.
love you heapssssssssss xoxox ashh.
From Dad
Hey Kim,
Loved the photos of "New Forest".
What a great place!
I'd forgotten how pretty it is. Must go there!!
Also Brighton looks great too. Must go there!?
Glad you have good friends to go around with.
Good on ya Kim!
Keep looking after yourself and enjoying "making memories'
Love Dad
luv ya! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Response: Thanks Dad! Yeah, they are great places! Would love show you them one day! Miss you...and... Yes Dad, I AM looking after myself!! Love ya xxx
From Dad
Hi Kim
So glad to hear you are feeling a bit better. It's rotten being crook and away from home eh?
Still sounds like you are going well and strong. Good onya Kim!
We talk of you every day and miss you so much...but...glad you having such a great time over there.Keep enjoying..
Say hi to Paul & Maureen for me and thank them again for taking such good care of you # 4!
Look after yourself and love you heaps...
Love Dad
From savannah
From preston
Response: HA! So cute!! Thank you Preston...I miss you little buddy,
Love your Auntie Kimmy xx
From Sue & Geoff
A belated happy birthday from us downunder, it's good to see you are settling and enjoying yourself. I chuckled to see the
Bournemouth photo's - I spent many days sunbathing on the beach below that cliff car. The park you were sat in I used to live in an apartment overlooking the park. If you go to Bournemouth again, take yourself out of the city and go to Christchurch its a beautiful suburb on the river - you'll love it. The London photos bought back a lot of memories for Geoff & I when we were there, in fact, I think we got exactly the same photos!!! Nothing has changed here Phaedra is on holiday, due back today, Robyn and Leanne are going well. Got overlooked for the Regional's position - not even given the chance to apply for it - not advertised-not unexpected though -some big decisions to be made? Told mum to look at your photo's just found the message from her to you. Workmates look great - are the wages worse than ours? Your bathroom looks familar, hard to swing a cat in? Still lots of first's for you yet Kim - go for it - keep looking for those opportunities and grab with both hands. Geoff still misses somebody to tease. I'll give you a good laugh, we got the bikes out yesterday - stuck Zena in a basket on the front, cycled along the boardwalk to Redcliffe - she only tried to hang herself once by jumping out of the basket - we rewarded ourselves with cake and coffee for making the effort - naughty naughty. Take lots of care keep having fun. love Sue & Geoff
Response: HI you two!!
What a great message thank you so much you really made my day! I can't believe you had an apartment in Bournemouth! I love that city. WIll definitley make a day trip to Christchurch one day. I am really enjoying myself here of course I miss home and family and friends but I am not planning to come home anytime soon..sorry Mum! Good to hear all is well with you both and the girls at work, please say hi to them for me. It seems so weird to be here sometimes I can't believe i've been here over 3 months time has flown. I miss you teasing me Geoff!! I;m sorry sue about the position it is definitely their loss! And hey just think,,,now you can plan your trip over here to see me! It was so nice to get a message from your Mum, I have her email address so will get in touch with her. That redcliffe story was so funny poor Zena! Well take care of each other- I will keep grabbing those opportunities ok!?
lots of love
Kim xccxxxx
From bev
hello me again,so we are 31 omg!!!oh well its just a number really hey.can you put a photo of your new hair style on here i really want to see it!did i tell you i went to stupid buzz cuts and the gill there gave me the worst cut ever!she really wrecked my day befor my b day.I know have a mullet!!!!i could have killed her.Had to go to another stylist to fix it.but unless i cut it im stuck with it!!can you believe it.anyway its raining here its sunday afternoon and im bored so are the kid!no news to tell you same old stuff really.I wonder if ill get a reply from you?i ve been using my electric frying pan troy bought me.lets just say i hope you like burnt potatos etc troy cause i cant seem to not burn it all.ha ha lucky i like them like that hey!ok well im off to count the banking oh the joy.not!take care,live life.have fun,find a man,and dont return till you ve done so!!just kidn take each day as it comes.were all missing soon luv ya x x x x x x
Response: Hiya Sis!
HAppy birthday to us! I know 31!! Thank God we look so young hey? WEll I miss you so much somedays it hits me just how far away you really are but I love how we can chat all the time it really, really helps. I wish i could taste your burnt potatoes! you really are such a wizz in the kitchen! I'm doing what I can to take care, live life and have fun but no news as yet on the 'finding a man' front! I really don;t think i'll bother! Well i love you heaps give my niece and nephew a huge hug from their auntie who loves them heaps.
From bev
hi 1 week till our birthday!hope your having a good week.Ill talk to you soon ok!luv ya bye xxxxxxxxxx
From Dad
Great Kim! Really enjoyed all the photos. Wish I could have been there with you. London looks so .....LONDON! Love it!!
Miss you every day Kim. Please look after yourself. See you in New York or St. Louis...or somewhere "stateside"!!??
Love you Kim.. our #4
Love Dad xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxo
Response: What a great message! Thanks Dad, I miss you every day too but messages like that get me through and definitely looking forward to when I see you in the STATES! How exciting!
Love you heaps,
Kim xxxxxxxx
From bev
Hello mw again.loved your enrty kim.well what shall we talk about?Iknow the twins party.All 10 lovely little children are coming and with my 2 thats well way too many kids for me!what the hell was I turning back now.what will be will be.!!!! mum dad and dawn are coming up on sunday so we will go out for lunch for dads birthday.Dont know about mine yet?yours sounds like heaps of fun though.So I took the kids for a haircut yesterday and what did savannah have?yes....Headlice.....pres didnt so I spent an hour and a half that night combing her hair and cleaning everything.well im off for now.till next time keep safe and keep smiling.Hope you got your photos.bye kim xxxxxxx
From June
Hi Kim just to say hello welcome could you leave Australia I love it Ibet you are wondering who I am if I mention I had phone call fromSue &Geoff today perhaps it will tell you I,m Sue's mum. Heard a lot about you allgood so I thought I would send you a little message. Have a good time and enjoy youself Bye for now take care. Love Junex
From bev
hi kim.ok im a bit slow on sending you the photos but i promise to send them soon.Just trying to organise the twins birthday party.we`re going wiyh dora and a pirate theme.Inviting there little kindy ill send you an invite ok.Id love it if you could come?lol!Kim no presents ok!they`ve had enough.oh yeah thanks for my double decker bar.yummy!your little entries are so good to read,you sound very happy,but im sure youhave down days,cause we do!we talk about you all the time.Your birthday sounds like a hoot.I want to come!yeah right!Long week end this week,im working as usual and i think les is going to take savannah for me.I love her but damn she is hard work!savannah that is not les.Hee hee.Hi les........hi dad.......hi mum......hi dawn.....LOLok well im off to do my book work.take care kim love ya heaps.Now get your pretty ass.(sorry mum)ha ha out there and find me a brother in law!yes i am a little tierd!till next time luvv your sis Bevxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxbye oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
From bev
hello from noosa!How are you?We are all good here,Im finally starting to feel better.Its getting colld now at night and in the are in kindy so im just having a lazy day.We bought a new sing star dvd today you`d love it.Rock ballads.I relly miss your singing and dancing!twins got invited to there first birthday party this sat,they re so excited spose ill have to start planning theirs soon.I stii haven t sent photos yet ill do it soon ok.ok well im off to the shop ill talk to you soon ok.take care we love and miss you.Hi to your roomies x x x x
From Sue & Geoff
How's the new job - are you making friends - we are thinking of you and wondering how you are getting on and settling in. Let us know all the news where you've been and where your going. Enjoy life take care. Lots of love Sue Geoff and the fur babies.
From Dad
Thanks for photos Kim. You are really powering on now by the looks and sounds of you. Well done Kimmy.
However, you are still very much missed.There's a big gap over here that no-one else can fill!
Enjoy it all Kim, you deserve it and I'm very very proud of you.
Love Dad xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
From louise
Hey kimmy, how are you???? Sorry i havn't spoken to you for a while! Sounds like your having fun! How is work going? settling in ok? i was looking at some of your photos, looks like your having fun, but it made miss you and your precious face so much, hehehe!! Love you loads, speak soon, Love me. xoxoxoxoxoxoxox
From lesley

hi Kim, what great pictures!ooks like you were all having a good day.This is what you wanted hey, a place to live, a job, some friends and look out England here I come! Im so happy for you Kim doing what you have set out to do.
We have a lovely time for mums birthday I know you heard all about it.Family is going well. Still havent chosen a title for myself when the baby comes. Public holiday here today, we will probably go for a drive to mt. Glorious although I cant walk far, really sore from my run yesterday Im upto 1hr 45 now, I almost fell through the front door!Thinking of going jup to see Bev and co this week. I know she is a pain but someone has to go up there!Any way I will get on to this email stuff this week. Miss you so much my little sister. love always Les XXX

From bev
hi kim.How are you?well im finally hooked up to broadband!yay.took long enough hey.So whats new?We had a lovekl 2 days at the novotel ,went on the boats and went swimming,ate too much!twins had fun.I have the flu but its nearly gone now.Mums Birthday sat so we`re going down sat afternoon.gee I wish I could type faster it takes me forever.So I hear your going well with your job.Good for you.You really are starting to settle down over there hey?I m vrey proud of you but still miss you like crazy!anyway Im going to try and figure out your Email.So till next time keep safe love you heaps.hugs and kisses from the twins,bye x x x x x x x
From leanne
Hi Kim,
Got your postcard! Its stuck on the door on the storeroom for everyone to see! Great to here your enjoying it even with it being so cold and all. Happy 2 here u r enjoying your job. Take care Leanne xo
From Dad
Great reading Kim! Well done!
Really proud of all you're doing Kim. Good on ya luv.
Was that a Fiat "Punto" or Pinto!? ....
All the best for starting your new job on Wednesday. You will be good for them and I know you'll be ok.Y.C.D.I.
Luv Dad xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo