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Machu Picchu - childhood fascination to reality!

From school projects as a young child until now at 44 years old, my fascination with Machu Picchu has held. Travel with me as I live within a local community for a month and travel the Inca Trail to visit the destination of my dreams.

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 14 June 2006

Location: Willunga, Australia

This will be my last journal entry but I want to use it to portray in words and short phrases what Peru means to me!

Beautiful patient people inside and out
Pretty plazas
Women's hats - different hats indicate different regions
Alan signs everywhere
Los Perros cafe
Wind through the corn fields after harvest
Unnecessarily long and loud car alarms
Mountain peaks - snow-capped, bare, forested
Kids with gorgeous smiles and eyes (and the best hugs)
Wonderful food
Dogs barking
Corrugated iron held on house roofs with rocks
Beautiful colours
Beautiful textiles
Houses partly built (apparently to avoid paying taxes)
Beeping and racing taxis but no road rage
Fast but not furious
Cacti on stone walls
Inca Cola
Potatoes and corn
Peru time
Frustrating but in the nicest possible way
Driving on the wrong side of the road or in the wrong lane
Children in traditional dress with baby llamas and alpacas
Pisco sours
Cold showers
Erratic water supply

Sunday, 11 June 2006

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Itinerary of my day in Auckland Airport!

Auckland Airport - bored and eating!
Auckland Airport - Internet (short time only as it is expensive!)
Auckland Airport - bored and eating!
Auckland Airport - wandering dazed in the duty free shops!
Auckland Airport - bored and eating!
Auckland Airport - planespotting with the aid of NZ champagne
Auckland Airport - bored and eating!
Auckland Airport - flight information board watching
Auckland Airport - bored and eating!

Finally began to board at about 2.40pm (yes there was no mis-typing with that time!). Mammoth balls-up with the seat allocation and only with the help of Air New Zealand ground crew did we manage to finally take off around 3pm or just after. Raced through Sydney Airport International terminal (declaring at Customs and still getting through in less than an hour), caught the shuttle to the domestic terminal and managed to check-in and catch our Virgin flight (that we had changed by phone once we knew we couldn't make the connection when Aerolineas Argentina kindly changed our itinerary for us without us knowing). Finally we could relax knowing we were nearly home.

The best sight of my day was coming through the corridor from the plane to Adelaide Airport terminal to see Alan waiting at the window in the lounge adjacent to our arrivals lounge. I waved to him and at first he didn't see me but then I waved both arms and immediately this set in motion a windmill effect from the man who I most wanted to see. I was home!

Saturday, 10 June 2006

Location: Rotorua to Auckland, New Zealand

This morning saw us having coffee with Jacque, John, Kally and Victoria at the Fat Dog Café as a farewell. Kally has to return to Napier as she has to go to work this afternoon. Jacque and John also need to return to Te Awamutu. We had a lovely farewell and then Victoria and I wandered the streets of Rotorua like the homeless! Not really - we checked out the souvenier shops again (not that we needed any more souveniers!), we had a frappacino at Starbucks (not that we needed any more of these either) and we called in at an Internet Café and caught our diaries up!

Our bus back to Auckland left at 2pm and we reached Auckland at nearly 6pm. After storing our bags safely at the Sky City hotel/casino complex (Victoria used all her not inconsiderable charm on the concierge of this place to get this favour!), and organising our shuttle ride to the airport for 3 am we had plenty of time to look around Auckland.

We went up to the top of Sky Tower to get a wonderful 360 degree view of Auckland (albeit dark and a little overcast). The lights are beautiful and you can see several bays of the harbour and the harbour bridge. We also watched a 15 minute film on the geological history of Auckland, also how the first people came and then how it has changed and advanced until now.

We wandered the city streets - heaps of shops are still open, we passed lots of restaurants and there were lots of people around. We wandered along the docks and then found ourselves not far from the Sky Tower again on Victoria Street and discovered Café Midnight Express (note - no mention of dogs in this café title). This café was also a fabulous find - great Turkish food, a belly dancer (Anne I thought you were safely home back in Oz!), and I had a raki for the first time since I went to Turkey in 1989! What a delight!

From here we went to find the cinemas as we figured watching a film would certainly entertain us for a couple of hours. We bought tickets to the 11.30pm session of 'The Breakup' (nothing better to chose from rather than particularly wanting to see this film). For the half hour before 11pm we wandered through Borders (it shuts at 11!). The film 'The Breakup' just doesn't really go anywhere - so it wouldn't be high on my list of movies that I would recommend - it was harmless though and kept us awake (just) for 2 hours. We went for a frappacino afterwards.

We caught the shuttle to the airport at 3am after picking up our luggage and at 4am we were dazed and cross when we discovered to our horror that Aerolineas Argentina had rescheduled our flight from Auckland to Sydney for 2.20pm this afternoon! They told us they had tried to contact us but couldn't reach us. There were a few other people in the line that they had obviously not been able to contact also! More time to waste but this time in Auckland airport. Aerolineas Argentina kindly (!!!!) gave us each a $10 voucher to spend on food while we were waiting in the airport!

Friday, 09 June 2006

Location: Rotorua, New Zealand

This morning, thanks to Kally's efforts we had a huge breakfast befitting a king! Hot porridge, fresh fruit, juice and tea/coffee! Set up for the day we were off to visit the geological wonders that are the thermal pools and boiling mud and geysers!

We went to Te Puia - Whakarewarewa Geothermal Valley. We strolled around the grounds looking at boiling mud pools, the cooking pool (a boiling round pond of clear water) that the Maori's used to cook in, steam rising out of areas all around the grounds, sulphurous yellow deposits and an area of white calcium terracing.

At this particular area there are a couple of geysers, a small pointer geyser which with its flow indicates when the larger geyser will blow. The smaller geyser shoots a metre or so into the air and this flow is almost constant. However, when the flow is under a bit more pressure and blows higher you know that the bigger geyser, named Pohutu Geyser, is about to blow.

The Pohutu Geyser only erupts once an hour usually for between 1 - 5 minutes and let me tell you when it does it is particularly impressive. It blows water to about 25 metres high and with the smaller one beside it blowing to its best capability also, it is quite a sight. All the time there is steam billowing around to soften the drama of the effect just a little!

Following this spectacle we were treated to a Maori welcome and some Mauri singing and dancing - celebrating some of their myths, stories and beliefs. It was a lovely, culturally enlightening end to our visit to the thermal springs.

After a quick coffee break at The Fat Dog, we wandered around the city of Rotorua and did the touristy, souvenier buying thing! Then it began to rain, just a little, on our parade and with a beautiful rainbow as a delightful background, we made our way back to the hostel for a brief siesta before we catch up for tea with Jacque and John.

John and Jacque arrived and off Kally and I went with them to the Fat Dog Café for tea (where else!). John and Jacque were as impressed with it as we were (at least that was the story they were giving us - the poor things they didn't stand a chance we were raving on so much about it - even if they hadn't liked it they wouldn't have got a word in past our complete and utter single-mindedness about it!). We had a lovely night with them and although Kally and Jacque and John had never met before they soon found common ground (not only living in NZ!).

Thursday, 08 June 2006

Location: Rotorua, New Zealand

Arrived in Auckland, New Zealand at 4.20am this morning after a 13 hour haul from Buenos Aires! After clearing customs and organising a shuttle bus into Auckland and then an Intercity bus to Rotorua - we were still travelling without bed or shower! We actually kept falling asleep on what may have been a scenic 3 hour ride from Auckland to Rotorua except for the persistent fog!

The skies cleared and the sun made an appearance just as we arrived in Rotorua at about 1pm. To our delight (and after a toll free phonecall) the people running the hostel that we are staying in 'Treks Rotorua Backpackers' came to pick us up from the bus terminal within 5 minutes of us arriving.

Then bliss, a room with comfortable beds and best of all a lovely hot shower! Our clothes fairly stood up as we stepped out of them - that is how dirty and smelly and mouldy we were! I got the shower first (that is how lovely a friend Victoria is!). As Victoria was having her shower, Kally arrived at the hostel and she and I spent a little while - until Victoria had finished showering - catching up after not seeing each other for a few years!

Once we were all organised, we went for a walk through a local park which has several thermal ponds and steam holes. Then Kally took us for a drive to the Blue and Green Lakes. These lakes are side by side and from a lookout point (that we eventually located) you are able to see the contrast quite clearly usually. However, by this late on a winter's afternoon - the distinction (although it could be seen) was not as clear as it is represented on the postcards we have seen!

We also stopped in at the Buried Village museum and had some lovely banana and carrot cake here. The Buried Village is an area that was covered in two metres of lava when the volcano nearby erupted in the early twentieth century. They have been excavating parts of the village and the museum celebrates this.

On our return to the hostel and after a short breather, we decided to check out an old haunt of Kally's for tea (mind you she had not been there for 7 years!). You will never guess what the name and the theme of the old haunt was! It is called the 'Fat Dog Cafe' - it is beginning to look like we have a fetish for dogs and food! Well, Kally's memory for good places is far better than mine and sure enough this place is another treasure!

Featuring the rhymes of Colin Thompson writ large on the walls, charming colourful decor and eclectic furnishings - this place is good even before you get to the food and drink thing! But food is gob-smacking, delicious, attractive and huge!!!!!!....and so are the drinks! Well, once again we are spoilt for anything else Rotorua may have to offer.

By the way, did I say that the hostel was something else. It is new and comfortable and warm and has every convenience you could possibly wish for, the staff are friendly the kitchen is huge and well what more can I say.

Wednesday, 07 June 2006

Location: Somewhere on the date line!, New Zealand

A non-event. Travelling somewhere on the date line and we have lost a day, trapped in a wierd time machine that represents itself as an Aerolineas Argentinas flight!

Tuesday, 06 June 2006

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Arrived in Buenos Aires at 6.30 am and need to spend the day here before our flight at 11.59pm! What a huge stopover! We decided to go into town for the day and after clearing customs and organising a ticket for the shuttle into Buenos Aires we were off. It was lovely to be out of the plane and out of the airport!

We walked up Florida Avenue; a long shopping precinct that teems with life and people trying to get you to buy their leather products!

I had a look around in the Catedral Metropolitan - which is another beautifully decorated Cathedral in one of the squares in this massive city. There was some sort of protest or celebratory march going on (although it didn't appear to move much) and guns and firecrackers were going off at regular intervals. It would disturb the pigeons in the square and then they would settle again only to be disturbed again 5 minutes later. I also saw Government House the pink building where Eva Peron famously gave her speech.

We had lunch in a lovely restaurant that Victoria had been to on her previous visit to Buenos Aires (nearly 3 months ago) and we had empanadas - cheese and onion, corn and spinach - delicious!

After lunch we caught a bus for 80 centavos to Recoleta cemetary. This place just simply has to be seen to be believed. The mausoleums in this place would be worth more than our house in Australia. All marble and huge with amazing decoration to them and statues around them! There are a couple of city blocks of them all lined up along narrow avenues. I found Eva Peron's family mausoleum in amongst all of the others. I took many, many photos although it seemed macabre to be taking them, but I just couldn't get past how large and intricate all of the designs were. Many cats live in the cemetary and this seemed a little macabre to me also.

On our return by bus to Florida Avenue, we had the good fortune to catch the salsa dancers in the street. This is a fabulous activity to watch and is like busking in Australia. The dancers perform for you and then you put money in a hat. It was so enjoyable and lovely to watch!

We walked along the docks and looked at the many coloured and textured cows - part of the Cow Parade going on in the city at present. We also had tea along the docks at an Italian restaurant by the name of Baha Maduro. We were the most under-dressed patrons there - by this time we had not had a proper sleep in a bed or a shower for 2 days and we were in fairly dirty clothes and must have smelt fairly rank!

All the other patrons (not that there were heaps) were dressed to the nines and the restaurant was a silver service one (although the prices didn't reflect this!). The food was delightful and no matter what the waiters thought of us, the service was excellent. We had homemade ravioli - mine was filled with walnut and spinach!

Then it was back to the airport and our flight to Auckland.

Monday, 05 June 2006

Location: Lima, South America

Spent the day in Lima after an overnight bus ride from Arequipa. Left our luggage at the bus station and we will pick it up tonight on our way to the airport.

We spent the day in and around Miraflores. Breakfast at Cafe, Cafe; then shopping in Artesan Markets (although much more expensive than in Cuzco!) and in book stores and department stores.

Then we went back to the arcade on the cliff top above the beach for a look around and to visit Starbucks for one of their fabulously delectable frappacinos before returning to the bus terminal to pick up our gear on the way to Aeropuerto International Jorge Chavez airport and our flight at 00.37am to Buenos Aires.

Sunday, 04 June 2006

Location: Colca Canyon, Peru

Woke and breakfasted early as we wanted to catch the condors gliding on the thermals from the base of the Colca Canyon.

We stopped several times along the way to view the magnificent terracing along the river bed and up the sides of the Colca Valley.
The scenery is simply stunning. We also stopped at a little village by the name of Maca and photographed a beautiful white church here with colourful frescos around the door.

We also stopped to look down into the Colca Canyon proper, the world's second deepest canyon. On a walk along the clifftops along our side of the canyon we could see a tiny village on the opposite side and the people of this village subsist on the produce of their fields and killing meat. For them to travel to other villages they have a five hour walk down one mountainside to a rope swing bridge and then up the opposite mountainside!

Our wait at the area that the condors appear was well worth it. Initially we saw four condors in the distance and this was special but then we were treated to a young condor (the young are brown in colour) who almost seemed to be showing off to us! This condor flew just a few metres above our heads. We also saw a black and white (adult) condor who also flew a few metres above our heads but not for so long.

We watched another few of them starting out on the thermals way below us in the base of the Canyon but these glided off in the opposite direction.

We made our way back to Chivay for a delicious and delightful buffet lunch and then on to the Plaza de Armas for the usual photo of the church. However, this church also had as a backdrop behind it, a large cross carved into the hillside!

We had to get back to Arequipa quickly as the guide and driver needed to vote by 4pm. It is compulsory for them to vote and they have their fingers inked to show that they have. They also have to return to their registered place of voting and are not able to put in an absentee vote!

We stopped once on the way back in an area we had stopped in on the way to the Colca Canyon yesterday! However, this time, a cheeky alpaca was trying to eat the food I had and kept nudging me all of the time. We got some good photos of this!

Once back in Arequipa, Victoria and I, went and did some more shopping, got some photos put onto disk, took some more photos of the Plaza de Armas (because we haven't already got enough!) and then stopped at Zig Zag crepery for a crepe!

Then it was back to the hotel to reorganise our backpacks and get ourselves to the bus terminal for the overnight journey (14 hours+) from Arequipa to Lima!

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Recent Messages

From jacky
Sounds like you had a good time Kim, ate a lot, have you put on any pounds, hope you are well, will catch up with you soon, hopefully before christmas eh,
Jacky and COlin and Joe
Hi Jacky,

I had the best time, although I missed Alan a lot! I didn't put on weight but I didn't lose any either with all the walking and my brief illness! I loved Cuzco and loved the kids at the school and the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu was a dream realised!

From Bridget
Hi Kim,

Found time today, in my lunch break, to check out your site, boy you've been busy!
Glad to see you take time out for a break in a cafe from time to time but iced coffee's took me by surprise, I thought you were a tea girl and Victoria the great consummer of water! Thanks for sharing your trip with us all, it's a welcomed relief to follow your exploits over a cup of tea in our lunch breaks!
Take care!
Love, Bridget
Response: Hi Bridget,

Yep, normally I'm a devoted tea girl but the iced coffees in Peru, Argentina and New Zealand have been a highlight. Food and drink have been like manna from heaven and instead of losing weight from my brief bout of illness and then from my hike along the Inca Trail - I may just be tipping the scales a tad heavier when I return!

From Jaimie
I hope you are well. Tienen encantado me with your travel tales. I am very envious and I look forward to reading much more and seeing pictures with you and Victoria in them. Say 'hola' to her for me.
Response: Hi Jaimie,

I didn't know that you were so proficient in Spanish! You could have given me some lessons before I left for Peru - I could have done with them!

From Anne
Hello Hope your still keeping well and having heaps of good times. I cant wait for you to make these Pisco sours when you get back.You must be busy as there's no update. Out on the town I spose.
Take care & see you soon ( sorry about that you probally dont want to know that) seeya
Response: Hi Anne,

Our time here has been fabulous and we have done so much - it is hard to keep up! I will make you a pisco sour when I return as we have bought the most important ingredient - the pisco itself.

From wendy
Hi Kim, So so sorry we havn't E-mailed you. We are reading and loving our updates to your adventures. I have just viewed the photographs of he children from the school and i have fallen in love with them. They seem to be great fun and ful of life. Glad you and your friends are having the im of your life. Keep yourself safe and a big smile on your face. Love and big hugs. X wendy and lee
Response: Hi Wendy and Lee,

It is so lovely here that if I didn´t have such a lovely husband at home, I wouldn´t return! The kids are delightful and so happy and friendly all of the time. You would love it here.

From Kally
Hi Kim, Sounds like you're having a great time (except for the tummy bug!!) Have loved all the photos and also reading your diary. I'm sure Machu Picchu is all you had deamt it would be and more. Heard its a tough climb but well worth it once you get there. Can't wait till we catch up in Rottenura. Give me a call when you arrive and we can organize a place to met. Keep safe and enjoy the rest of your time in Peru.
Love Kally
Response: Hi Kally,

I have just returned from the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu which was hard work but well worth the effort - the first glimpse of it took my breath away! Have written a little more of the diary today and I also can´t wait to catch up with you. Will let you know details soon.

From Anne
hello Kim
I have stayed back tonight to have a good look at all that youve been up to, Ive been catching up on all with your emails but works been frantic (for something different) The photos are great and am looking forward to seeing all of them and hearing the stories that relate to them. Im planning the roast for your return unless you have some special recipe I can try.
Take care and keep safe Anne
Response: Off to Machu Picchu tomorrow, will add more stuff after that!

From Vadera Family
Dear Kim,
Sorry to hear about your awful tummy bug, hope you have recovered? I remember how I felt in Delhi and I didn't have it as bad as you. Enjoying reading your diary. Take Care,
Lots of love Tracey,Karan,Benjamin & Emilyxx
Response: Got over the bug quickly as did Annabel who is sitting beside me in the internet cafe. Have 300+ pictures on my digital camera alone - will post a few more soon.
hi kim looks like you are ejoying your self we have seen the photos of lima and wasnt the name on the mountain weird how long are you there for hope to here from you soon love phil,diane and rachael and david xxxxxxxx
Response: Alan´s name is writ large all over Peru - it was to do with their recent elections!
From Ian
G'day Kim...
Greetings from the Timor Sea! - I know where I'd rather be!!
Glad to see things are going well. Have been following your progress - all looks and sounds wonderful.
Take care, and keep up the blog.

After cooking - do they uses guinea pig skins for shoe inner-soles?
Response: I will post a photo of roasted Cuy (guinea pig). I took a photo because there is no way that any of it is going to pass between my lips!
From Kerry and Co
Hello Big Sis,

sounds like you're having a wonderful time!
I am reading your diary and noting all the food, and artisan markets - sounds like my perfect place.
So much for eating guinea pig - sounds more like a gastronomic delight.
Hope you stay well - say Hi to all your new friends.
Keep writing and post more pics please,
Response: You would be in your element here - today we spent 3 hours at the Pisac markets but for that diary installment you will have to wait - I´m about a week behind.
From John, Cathy & Scott
Adding to last message.
Date of 14/5/06 21:10
Also can we have a photo of you there to prove it's not a hoax?
We have only seen others so far!
J, C & S
Response: Hi John, Cathy and Scott,

Promise I will add one soon. I need to upload some piccies of me horseriding, unheard of as last time I rode, I fell off. However, I look like a bit of a dork with my bike crash helmet on, almost all of us wore them though.
Love to you all,
From John, Cathy & Scott
Hello from the mad house, good to hear you are enjoying it so much, forgive me if this is a bit disjointed as I am being attacked by a 4 year old pirate as I write. Have you been having fun with the local language or is it english or have you got a good interpretter?
Anyway lots of love from us and will keep an eye on the site.
J, C & S
Response: I have positively mangled the local language but I am slowly learning, the kids are teaching me more than I am teaching them. We do have lots of people with us who speak some or lots of Spanish, which is helpful.
From Kerry, Lins, John an
Hi Kim,

we are all here tonight (catching up for Mother's Day and Lins' birthday). We have looked at the photos and wish we were there too. Lins wants to know if you have organised her pet Llama yet? Can you post some picture of the school? And have you been walking around yelling out Cintia Yesenia?
Mum says don't bring back any Incas for her (she has enough to do looking after herself!).
We are going out to lunch next Sunday when your gallivanting husband gets back from Cairns.
Don't forget my wall hanging or I will hold Alan for ransom.
John and Lins are off to Streaky Bay next week for another fishing holiday. John, Cathy and Scott are at Choe's birthday party so they are not here tonight. Lins, Mum, Niamh and I went shopping for birthday and mother's day presents today.
John says you don't need to bring Lins a Llama as she is growing her own (not sure how, but you know how weird they are....).
Keep well, take lots of photos!
Oh by the way, Niamh wants you to come to her school as 'Show and Tell' when you get back, and talk to the children about your trip. Figured that you may be able to fit that into to your not so busy schedule sometime after your return.
Lots of love and kisses from us all,
Response: Hi all,
Si to everything you asked except the llama. Will post some more piccies soon. We have been very busy but I will try to upload some soon.
From Susan
Hey Kim the Gadabout!
Great to hear you are having fun and pitching in to help (pity you didn't do more of that here..tee hee)..I am jealous and happy for you at the same time, what a wonderful should write a book!! Take care of yourself, you're special
Love Susan xx
Response: It is so lovely here and the kids are a delight and they delight in us. The school is located in an area surrounded by mountains and so our office is stunning. We just smile all day, can you believe it. More photos to come as soon as I get some time.
From The Torpey's
Dear Kim,
Glad everything is working well. Sorry i missed Alan before his departure, will catch up with him next week. Take care!!
Love The Torpey's
Response: Hi you guys,
Bron and Ereena, I may have some recipes for you when I return and Kim I have not yet tried guinea pig.
From Wolfie
So, update.... sheeesh!

Show us some piccies!

Ian & Tracy
Response: Yeah, updating is something that is hard to fit into my days at present! However, Friday afternoon may be the go.
From Bridget
Hi Kim,

Lovely to hear you have arrived safely and having a great time, loved your photos, especially the one of our lovely Victoria!
Take good care,
Love, Bridget
Response: More on the way. Friday I promise!
From Julie
Hi Kim!
Thanks for the card. Sounds like your travels have got off to a great start. Loved the photos. What sort of work are you doing? Bet you can't wait to start treking
Julie xxx
Response: Tell you more in the diary soon.
Kim (AKA slacker!)
From Trish, Jo, & Connie
Hi Kim,
where are you, you're late for your desk shift and can you let Victoria know she has missed far too many shifts of late!!
Glad to hear you arrived safely, it all sounds so awesome. we loved the photo's how neat was the garden! Can't make out the word on the mountain taking bets on Alan or Vontrap family, can you provide the truth!
Missing you lots, love to yourself and Victoria. xxx
Response: Alan, as you guessed! I have a better one on my SLR camera that you will be privvy to in a month or so.
From marissa
hi kim sounds like your having a great time. the photos are amazing. everything is good in the Carter household.missing you already. love Marissa xo
Response: Great to hear you are all well. We are having such a good time - it is hard to believe that a week is up already. I will put more on this site on Friday.
From les & maureen
Great to hear from you Kim, glad that you arrived safe and hope that all goes well with your project it sounds like the stuff that dreams are made of.
We have tried to acess the photos in Lima but as of yet we are not having a lot of luck but will try again later.
Wait to hear from you again soon, take care.
Love Les & Maureen.
Response: Keep trying - I am hoping to post some more pictures and some more of the diary entry. Love Kim
From Kelly
Hi Kim,
Jeff Mogg told me to tell you to chew Cocoa leaves and drink Cocoa tea apparently it worked for his daughter altitude sickness. Glad you are having fun. Miss you lots.
Love from
Response: Hi Kelly,

I have been drinking truckloads of cocoa tea but Victoria has tried chewing the leaves and they are not very appetising apparently. Haven´t had much effect from altitude so far - just a little tiredness and lack of breath in the first few days. Love, Kim
From Mick and Gill
Hi Kim,

Sounds like you are on an adventure of a lifetime! Your initial photos of Lima look great and we look forward to following your news and more photos to come. We hope your voluntering work goes well and can't wait to hear what you will be doing.

Take care and all best wishes.

Love Mick and Gill
Response: It is great! I am so pleased to be here and we are enjoying it all. Will write more of the diary and post more pictures soon. Love, Kim
From val mcghee
it is great hearing from you, great photo's, look after yourself and have a great time.
Response: Cheers Val