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I'm Coming Home!

"I should like to spend my whole life travelling, if only I could borrow another to spend at home" - William Blake.

Hi everyone,

I've run out of room on my last page (, so will be putting my new photos here now.

For those who don't know I will be heading home soonish (May 27th), but before that happens I will be doing a months worth of more travelling, so keep tuned for photos from this. Look forward to seeing you all!


Photos - Click Below


More Meditteranean

Photos from Italy


Meditteranean tour

Photos of the south coast of France


Meditteranean tour

Photos from Spain and France, part of the Contiki Mediterranean tour I am currently doing (Madrid to Rome)


Meditteranean Tour

More photos of the tour - these are of Madrid and Barcelona


Easter in Amsterdam

Over the Easter long weekend, i went on a tour that visited Brugges and Holland.



I visited the town of Bath, where I saw the famous Royal Baths, amongst other things.

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Recent Messages

From wendy
Meditteranean pictures are beautiful Kim.I love the coastline and the blue sea! Bit different than PtMac hey! See you soon
From Dad
Hi Kim,
some good photos, Gaudi's castle is awsome isnt it! see you soon.
Love, Dad.
From mum
I've been to avignon too
From mum
hi hon
we have got 10 days to go but i am not counting. in case u didn't know we have been to volendam and amsterdam.
see u when we get back
luv mum
Response: Yeah yeah im sure you have... but now i have been to spain and italy (three times), so i win
From Lauren
You went to Mini Europe!! Awesome! That photo you took of the park in Brussels is exactly the same as the one i took in exactly the same place. Freaky!
Response: That is freaky, i dont even know what that park was called or where i was, probably lost as usual!
From Wendy
Was great to see your recent photos Kim. Please bring me home chocolate(only a little bit, I'm on a diet!) and lots of tulips. Have fun on your next travels. Can't wait to see you again
Response: Hi Wendy, afraid i ate all the chocolate in belgium already, but ill try and sneak some tulips back through australian customs for you...