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hello everyone!! welcome to my travel diary!! I think it is about time i set one up to share all of my wonderful experiences around the world and of course inside that damn tube. everywhere i go there is always at least one of you that i wish could be there to share the moment with me but unfortunately it hasn't happenned yet. So now i have decided to write and post pictures of wherever i may be to share these experiences and memories with you all. i hope you will find it enjoyable to read and feel that you are actually there with me. i better get started i have 2 years worth of travel to catch up on!! kim xxx

Diary Entries

Thursday, 09 November 2006

Location: Paris, France

Hi Guys.....been a long time i know....just too lazy sometimes ok fine most of the time...all the time!!!! arrhhh anyway just got back from the beautiful city of Paris yesterday. Doesnt matter how many times i go there it never ceases to amaze me....such an amazing much culture, history and you can always feel the excitement and vibrancy in the air of the local people and tourists alike enjoying life as you pass by. (well everyone besides the beggers on the side of the street of course!!) the weather was perfect about 12 degrees but sunny for once. i was quite happy in boots and my fav fur coat so i was very comfortable walking the streets of paris and visiting the eiffel tower, this time at night!! by the time we got there it was around 5 pm so the sun had basically gone down and the eiffel tower was glowing orange from the distance, it was soooo romaantic!!! an amazing sight to see, such a beautiful structure located right beside the seine river and in front of a park. to be able to capture a photo of the whole thing we had to walk across the bridge on the other side of the river-where everyone else was was quite busy. i didnt even consider this time (like last) to climb to the top of the tower coz there is always such a ridiculously long queue and you have to pay a phenomenal price i thought climbing to the top of the arc de triomphe would be better coz 1. its free and 2. your view will have the eiffel tower in it!!!
so finally when we got over the fact that no one was going to propose to us with a 2 carat diamond (like tomcat) we sadly left and walked the beautiful streets of paris to the champs Elysee - shopping street and centre of town(where the biggest louis vuitton shop in the world is). after again having to get over my depression of not being able to afford anything!!!! we went and found an affordable place for dinner. a whole pot of mussels and 2 glasses of wine later i was quite satisfied and so we tried our hardest to conquer the tiredness and kept walking till we could walk no more. i was not looking forward to having to ride the train for an hour back to the hotel but it had to be done. not only that half way back the train was stopped and an announcement was made in french ONLY of course so we had no idea....just thought it was a service fault or something so we kept on talking, laughing and being stupid....until we noticed everyone was leaving quite quickly and a guy came up and told us in thick accented english that there was a bomb threat at the next station and that all services were now on hold. OH GREAT we thought what now??? tried to get a bus - no luck. Taxi? yeah right everyone was fighting for one and riots were about to break out over taxis. scared, cold and confused we had no idea what to do. until benoit (french friend used to work for emirates) called and offered to come pick us up - phew!!!! life saver. so at least we finally made it back....had never felt happier!!!
So that was my short but exciting trip to paris. coming home on the 18th for Nhungs engagement party so hope to see you in sydney. til then adios. xx

Friday, 22 September 2006

Location: ummm hong kong, Hong Kong

heya everyone finally chris and i are here in hong kong having a well deserved holiday after some hard core work in the last week. with hardly any sleep i arrived back to dubai from shanghai to hop on yet another plane to hong kong via doha qatar (shit hole). got to qatar and missed our connection to hkg so after quite a lot of panicking and stress we managed to organise to get on the next bangkok flight and then onwards to hongkong. not exactly the best alternative but the only way possible at 2am in the morning in no mans land (just anything to get out of here!!). so we had to bite our teeth, bear it and hoped that it wouldn't get any worse. Everything went all smoothly from then (until tomorrow) and we were both so excited and looking forward to an awesome week. we are staying at a friend of chris's (Dom) who lives all the way up the mountains on the mainland overlooking a beautiful bay and mountains in the background. the view from his place is amazing when its not raining and we can actually see it.!! everybody up here lives in little small villages, kinda like groups of houses on the side of the mountain, so if you want to catch any public transport walking up the mountain to the main road is one painful experience i dont think i could ever get use to. so instead of doing that, we've been calling taxis who always arrange to pick us up by the trash bins in the parking lot. we tell them taxi at Kai ling ha san wai (village name) and they say okay by rubbish bin 5 minit!! (chinese accent)

today (15th) is chris's birthday!!! happy birthday Chris!!! we didnt do much today just went out to meet few people and came back to Dom's place to get ready for dinner in Lang Kwai Fong (famous street filled with bars and restaurants) in town. as soon as we got off the bus on the main street it started pouring down with rain, which complimented our walk down that damn steep hill (with graves on the side of the walk path) nicely. when we got to the place and found the hidden key, looking forward to be getting inside and out of the rain, the stupid key decided not to bloody open the door. at first we thought it was quite humourous and so tried the back door- after trying the front door, then the back then the front we started to think how can we possibly not know how to use a key to bloody open a door!! quite mad at this stage, drenched from head to toe, lightning and thunder in the distance, the rain only getting worse by the minute, we were helpless standing on the porch getting as you can imagine quite pissed off. called Dom to see if there was any other key, he called his maid that lived down the street to come open the door for us - we thought sweet.....about 30mins later.....still sitting on the front step....waiting...waiting. aparantly she had to sneak out coz the family she lives with are quite anal and dont know that she works for other people on her day off. so here we are both perched up against the front door with one flimpsy tiny umbrella holding on for dear life. the maid finally rocks up, we got inside to find it wasnt the key that didnt work but the damn door was dead locked!!!!! ummm......was that a hint dom???
so anyways running about 2.5 hours late for dinner we finally made it out. from then on it was no looking back!!! we had an awesome night out- spent most of our night standing outside on the street outside this bar that was so jammed packed everybody kinda just created their own bar outside (imagine the whole street was like that) . the bartenders even came outside to take our drink orders and everything it was great. There were so many bars and clubs to chose from in this area, our options were endless so to finish off the night we went to a nightclub down the road with a live band and danced the night away not realising that we were actually dancing away the next day soon too. of course after burning away all of our energy we needed to refuel before going home, quickly realising that maccas wasn't an option (yuck!!) we went to a kebab place that had the BEST kebabs i've tasted in my life!!!!! if any of you go to lang kwai fong you have to get a kebab from a place called aberneezers - (owned by arabs of course) i guarantee you no regrets!! come on its coming from the biggest food lover and consumer in this world!! ME!! :)
so as you all can imagine how we would have felt the next day. like dog shit!!!! by the time we woke, it was almost over so not much happened, except for Dom taking us to this cool local seafood restaurant his family used to go to every week growing up in hk. you would never find places like this as a tourist so glad we knew a local.( Dom's family is english, but lived in hk for a long time so he grew up there) the food there was so fresh and yummy and CHEAP!! can't believe how cheap seafood is here - i always knew this place was meant for me!!! Cheap yummy food everywhere ummm....... what more could a girl want?? yes shopping is great here too!!!
so the next day chris and i farwelled dom as he went for a job interview and left us with his house for the rest of the week. we spent most of that time out and about trying to see as much of this amazing city as we could anyway. not much time sleeping or lounging about. we went to macau for a day aswell, the ferry ride took an hour and when we got there it felt like a completely new country, i guess coz it kinda is, people usually do visa runs here to renew their tourist visas and live in hk illegally until they get a permanant job. Macau was like italy/china, still has a lot of portugese influence with lots of cool old buildings and quite a few ruins and things which have become attractions. seems like a really popular place coz it was packed with people from all over. it was so worth the day out to see it, with all its casinos all over the joint it will eventually be the new las vegas in asia. the government have even let in a few las vegas guys to build casinos there so i think they are seriuos about making it more well known.
on one of our exploring days we went to standley market which is a cool little market that sells all sorts, as markets usually do. the main idea was that i wanted to show chris the area that this market was in. amazing place located at the bottom of hk island on what seems like a mountain range and getting there on the bus was amazing looking down at the view of ocean and all the buildings popping up everywhere. this was the area i wanted to live in if we were ever lucky enough to live here. about a year ago when i was here i had felt like i wanted to live here amongst all the cute houses and amazing scenery, out of the city on a mountain. coming here again with chris just confirmed that this place was just calling our name. i wished all of you could have seen this place and felt like how we felt about it.....but anyways one day it wont be a dream, i will show you. watch out hong kong here i come!!! well i will soon!!
A lot of the times travelling to on my own i always wish i could share a lot of moments with you all and wished you were there to see it with me so i guess the best i can do is tell you about my experiences and hopefully by looking at the pics you can enjoy it as much as i have for the last few years.

Going to seychelles tomorrow for a few days so will be back with a tan to make you guys jealous - if you'll recognise me ten shades darker!! . Its my first time there so i can't wait!!!!!!! been looking forward to going there for years now.......... till then still miss you guys heaps. xx keep the notes coming i like seeing that you guys read what i write even though i suppose i cant expect you to read all of my ramblings. xx

Friday, 01 September 2006

Location: Moscow, Russia

omg!!!!!! Moscow was indescribable. it has to be one of the most beautiful and interesting places i have visited for a while. the city has exceded my expectations by far and i have walked away with nothing but awe for the people and place.
As most of you already know, Moscow is pretty far north and gets pretty cold like -15 degrees or something ridiculous. But now i've been told it was summer so i packed quite light and was expecting sunshine and at least a bit of heat like you do during summer......oh no it was f$?%^& freezing, cloudy and rained the whole time i was there. so disappointed but i was not going to let that stand in my way of seeing the city while i was there. so umbrella and few people in tow we trekked out into the city. well shuttle bus out. it dropped us on one of the main streets of moscow, an area called Pushkin. walking down this street i felt safe and at times forgot that i was actually in russia until every so often saw subtle reminders of where we were by seeing police at nearly EVERY street corner. usually making themselves busy by checking papers of anyone suspicious or just anyone at all!!. anyone walking around the city has to carry some kind of id otherwise when checked you could go straight to jail. no body speaks english here so there would be no way of bargaining yourself out of it unless you have a lot of money to flash around and hopefully buy yourself out. (yes very corrupt!!) So of course having no money i made sure i took the warnings seriuosly and carried about 3 forms of id with me at all times incase i got stopped. i've come to learn that if you're in a foreign country you willingly abide by what ever they ask of you to stay out of jail and in moscow was absolutely no exception.

For all you boys and lesbians of course out there, the women here are absolutely drop dead gorgeous!!! take my word for i have been to so many cities in the world and have never had to strain my neck so badly. its like i'm on the set of fashion TV, everyone is either tall, blonde, beautiful and half naked or basically might as well be naked!!
so so far i'm quite impressed with what moscow has to offer until dinner time that i discovered that everything here is SOOOO EXPENSIVE!!! apparantly it is the most expensive city in the world and now i believe it. i think it must be because of the communism thing that they take from the people that can afford it to apparantly give to the poor but i dont know how the poor would ever survive in this city. (the poor are all here in dubai making their money on the streets i guess!! hehe) i of course no shopping in moscow after i saw the price tags!!!! what a rip off!!!

when we arrived at the kremlin (house of government) it was starting to get dark. it was so beautiful to see the city come alive at night with all the colourful lights and all the hustle and bustle of a great city. standing in the middle of the red square was a bit scary at this time of day since it was so cold and the history of the place with all the gatherings in this same spot in front of lenin's mausoleum was a bit bone chillingly freaky. surrounding the red square are all very famous attractions of moscow. at one end of the square lays the world famous st basils cathedral, so beautiful to look at with all its different colours and shapes. i've never seen anything like it in my life, it actually looks very cartoon like to me. the other end of the sqaure is the largest museum of Russian history in the world. on one side lies lenin's mausoleum and the other is the world famous GUM dpartment store. this place still has a lot of memories of russia's past, the kremlin is situated exactly in the centre of the city and is surrounded by a red-bricked wall, the colour of communism.

i came back to the city the next morning to take pictures for you all to see how amazing it is. taking the metro into the city was an experience in itself. the women in the ticket booth was so rude she might as well have spat in our faces. i thought holding up 3 fingers and giving her the right amount for 3 tickets that she would realise i wanted 3 tickets!! but no she threw back the rest of the money in a huff and threw over 1 ticket. should have seen her reaction when i gave back the money and ask for 2 more she nearly broke the window separating us to snap my neck off and eat me alive. i reckon thats what she was thinking. scary angry russians just because they dont have summer doesnt mean they have to be so rude and scary. so got our tickets finally to go the the station to find everything written in Russian characters, i think they use the latin alphabet. very hard to read and everything kind of looks the same, but with very careful analysing we finally figured it out and catching the train is as easy as anywhere in the world.

please have a look at the photos i posted, maybe then you guys will appreciate the city as much as i have come to. till next time. xxx keep smiling and have fun. !!! :)

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