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Welcome to our Travel Page. Here is where we will be keeping a record of our travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for us. If we have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people we will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Saturday, 20 August 2005

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

Went to a English speeking meeting the speaker was malaysian, they knew John+Sue!
Visited the fun park, Claire would have so much fun there. Met up with more friends after.

Friday, 19 August 2005

Location: Tjorn+ Skarhamn, Sweden

Went with friends to a BBQ 1hr drive to an island north of Gothenburg. Too cold to go swimming. Beautiful countryside very green. The moon came out its upside down!

Thursday, 18 August 2005

Location: Italy

Departed Italy had to get up 5.45am to catch a bus at 6.45 to travel to the airport.
Had a good flight only 1 1\2 hrs to london.
Went to the muesum saw everything i wanted to see but had to rush the time just went. Checked into my flight for sweden with 1hr to go!
Landed safe met Cecilia then went out to meet some friends, learned how to salsa dance. Big Day, had lots of fun.

Wednesday, 17 August 2005

Location: Venice-milan, Italy

Visited the doges palace+muesum, once again not allowed to take photo or video's. Walked down to the dungen and over the ponte dei sospiri - bridge of sighs. Very humid and warm today.
Travelled to milan via train.
Everything was closed yet it was only 8am, finally found a place to eat very fancy, we both had lamb. It tasted so good!

Tuesday, 16 August 2005

Location: venice, Italy

Went to St mark's via the ferry, didnt go inside the queue was too long! Found some lovely jewellery shops, Jodi bought a digital camera now very snap happy.
Did a tour of 3 islands, saw the glass factory and a fishing village with all the houses a different colour. Only had 1\2hr so had to rush. Jodi and I met a tourist from Israel who had the same camera as Jodi so she showed her all of the different functions!

Monday, 15 August 2005

Location: Venice, Italy

Went to a lookout outside Florence to view the city.
Had a hard time trying to post letters, everything closed at 2pm.
Saw some great mountain scenery on way to venice.
hotel in venice is 500mts from train station, very cold and damp froze as we walked around exploring the city before going to bed.

Sunday, 14 August 2005

Location: pisa - florence, Italy

Got off the train at 6am. Checked our bags into left luggage and went for a walk to the leaning tower. Got some great shots in the morning light, no tourists around as it was only 7am. We hung around until 9am then all the tour groups started to come so we walked back to the train station. Caught a train and checked into our hotel by 12.30pm. Fantastic location right in the middle of everything. Walked to the gallery to see DAVID only waited 45mins no reservation. Went back to the hotel and found a flee market 1 street away, great atmosphere.
Will try to do a stop and go tour again before we leave tomorrow for venice.

Sunday, 14 August 2005

Location: Catania - Messina, Italy

Had to walk down the hill to the next village to catch a bus at 9.30. We left with 45mins to walk the 2kms but jodi's bag died, the wheels broke on monday and all week it has lost pieces. It finally quit half way down. Jodi told me to go ahead and purchase tickets it was 9.15. I found the piazza and bus stop with the help of some non english speaking french tourists. Jodi asked the locals who sent her up one street then down another. The bus was late but jodi missed it by 1/2hr. We met up again at 2.30 at messina train station. Waited around the station until we got onto our train at 5.45pm.
The train gets loaded onto a ferry for the crossing it took 45mins so we all got off the train and went up to the top deck. View was great so was the sea breeze! Sleeper cabin very comfortable and train staff very helpful (spoke english)

Saturday, 13 August 2005

Location: Agrigento - Catania, Italy

Saw the best greek ruins in Sicily. Very hot lots of tourists around. We missed the local bus back to the hotel by 1min. It came at 1/4hr instead of 1/2hr. Finally arrived at the main bus stop ready for the 3.45pm bus. Arrived in Catania at 7pm. Found our accomodation very luxurious, it was a wellness centre at the base of Mt Etna. Enjoyed the food and had a late night swim.

Friday, 12 August 2005

Location: Marsala, Italy

Tried to leave Marsala at 9am but found out that taxi's dont exist. Walked to the bus stop and waited for a bus that is supposed to come every 1/2hr. 1hr later no bus so started to walk to the train station. Walked around in circles for a while and finally made it to our piazza Caperena. It was 12.30pm by now.
We had to wait for a bus that came at 2.30, thought we were never going to leave marsala! Convinced people we knew what we were doing as they asked us for directions and helped them, all in italian!
Finally arrived in Agrigento. Checked into a fantastic hotel - the best by far, it even had an electronic key. A supermarket down the road, a bankamat across the road and Mcdonalds next door.
At the supermarket Jodi was given 2 free drinks by the guy at the checkout. Perfect end to a stressful day.

Thursday, 11 August 2005

Location: marsala, Italy

Found a train to marsala.
This is a small port town that originally was called marsah-allah. Known really for the wine Marsala. We arrived at midday and checked into our accomodation. Walked down to historical town centre Seista time so streets empty. Visited 2 muesums - Carthage warship in one and Jerusalem Tapastry series in the other.
Got lost on our way back to our accomodation but was in the general direction, so it was ok.

Tuesday, 09 August 2005

Location: naples, Italy

Joined a stop and go tour of Naples. Did line A the arts tour which took us through the historical centre. Then jumped onto line B, met our 1st Aussie's from Bathurst! This was a scenic ride around the bay of Naples. Very enjoyable. Got some great shots, 6 out 10 were Aussies on the top so slipped into slang instead of proper english. Caught our ferry to Palermo, didnt sleep much.

Monday, 08 August 2005

Location: Naples, Italy

Went to the muesum to see the pompeii exhibitions. Was told by the girl at security that we had to put our bags in a locker. So we had no camera, then we saw other people taking photo's. We were so ropeable, thankfully jodi had her camera phone. Then we got locked out of half the exhibition as they went for siesta but had no signs to tell us that before we went in. Furious by now but resigned with dignity and took consolation in the fact that we saw the frescoes only missed the sculptures.

Saturday, 06 August 2005

Location: Paestum, Italy

Caught the local bus to the Greek Temple Ruins (the best outside greece) worried that we missed the stop but had a nice driver who guessed where we wanted to go and dropped us off 200mts away. Hot today but not humid, had the best gelato by far while waiting for the return bus. 2 bus companies travel back to Salerno, missed the 1st bus waiting on the wrong side of the road, it was 20mins late. So we crossed the road 30secs later the next bus came it was 10mins early so we flagged it down and re-crossed the road.
Back in Salerno we walked up the hill to do our laundry and stumbled apon a wedding. (all the locals were watching so we stopped and watched too.) It was quite an event people came out of the shops to look too. Kim suprisingly had her camera so she got some great shots of the locals (hoping they look good in black and white).
People walk the streets until after 9pm lots of shops stay open too.The laundry is also an internet point, the clothes are almost dry now, its 7.30pm but still light.

Friday, 05 August 2005

Location: Amalfi Coastline, Italy

Caught a ferry to Positano then walked up THE HILL to the bus stop, only took 45mins Very proud of ourselves! Jodi still effected by yesterdays mt climb. Caught the bus to Ravello, straight up very scary. Fantastic views of the coast. Got THE scenic shot on all the postcards. Decided against doing the bushwalk back down to amalfi, caught a bus to Salerno instead. Gave ourselves plenty of time 15min early so we got a seat. The bus took double full capacity. Had a scary ride narrow road no fences. Befriended some nice american mums who had just arrived in the area from rome. We passed on the useful info we learnt so the 80min bus ride didnt feel too long.

Thursday, 04 August 2005

Location: Positano Ercolano, Italy

Confused about the location, so were we. Its the modern name for Herculaneum. Caught a train to Positano Ercolano then had to catch a bus to Scavi (ruins). Nobody spoke English in this town! we learnt lots of italian words today. Jodi climbed up the crater of mt Vesuvius Kim did not want too.

Wednesday, 03 August 2005

Location: Amalfi, Italy

decided to rest from walking around, it was raining so we went on a ferry to amalfi, nobody on the beach so we got a 75% discount to lay in comfort on the private beach. Had fun watching people eating lots of gelarto. So far Stracciatella is the best(white chocolate with dark choc bits) Cherry is a close 2nd.

Tuesday, 02 August 2005

Location: Pompeii, Italy

Caught the bus to Pompeii only cost 3.60 return. Walked around for 7hrs and Kims ankles have disappeared!
Pompeii was awesome. The ruins have been beautified by gardens and most of the fresco's are in the muesum in Napoli. Will have to go there. Saw everything and carried half of Pompeii home on our feet.

Monday, 01 August 2005

Location: Travelling to Salerno, Italy

Chaos at Rome central train station. Queued for hours, got yelled at in Italian (by officials) easy to ignore, shrug the shoulders and say NON PARLO ITALIANO. mad rush to get on the train, jodi went to get some water and only had 10mins before departure. finally worked out where 1st class was. 2hrs express to Napoli, the train started to use the other engine so it felt like we were going backwards. Arrived early to Salerno (thought it would take 4hrs-5hs)
walked up the hill to do laundry

Saturday, 30 July 2005

Location: Rome, Italy

used a bus service called stop and go. It stops at all of the sights. saw the colosseum, palatine hill, forum, piazza navona, pantheon, trevi fountain. This sight seeing is really exhausting.

Friday, 29 July 2005

Location: Rome, Italy

After locating our hotel we went for a walk and stumbled onto the spanish steps, no tourists it was great (9am ish) discovered brown signs pointing you in the direction of all the sights so we then made our way to the trevi fountain. (10.30ish) had lunch the pizza was grande(bigger then our large!) checked in then joined a tour of the catacombs. finally after 35hrs we went to sleep.

Wednesday, 27 July 2005

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

got up 9am, travelled to KL. Did tourist things went to the Pewtur factory est.1885. Sue was worried when John started to pull apart a 9mt model twin towers. Took some leaves off a money tree as a momento. Had some traditional malaysian cuisine KFC then travelled to butterfly farm enjoyed the walk in their surrounds. Travelled by taxi to KLCC where the twin towers are. Got to travel to the bridge 170mts - 41st floor eventhough there were no tickets left.
Ate fish n chips with malaysian twist & spaghetti bolognaise with seed treatment.
Went shopping Sungai Wang style. Lost Sue in the crowd thankfully we had John to look out for. Enticed by free water Jodi bought more white gold; earings + ruby bracelet.
Went past the kings palace where the elected king lives for 5yrs
picked up Honey dropped off at Kingdom Hall

Tuesday, 26 July 2005

Location: klang, Malaysia

(got up early 8am) bible study in morning mix english/malay
had lunch mucked up western food, Lasagna with gravy yum!
Jodi bought white gold earings + bracelet, kim bought shoes.
went to bookstudy (30min drive) and had a Durian Party. Durian is the King of Fruits, still trying to get over the smell! Living up the Malaysian lifestyle went for drinks finished about 10.30pm

Monday, 25 July 2005

Location: Sydney, Australia

At the Airport!
Baggage combined weight 32kgs
got the best seats on the plane!

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Recent Messages

From John and Sue
Nce to hear your trip is going OK. We got a call from Malaysia Airlines re Kim's plane from KL to Syd (MH 141). Its leaving KL at 9.40am and arriving in Sydney at 7.30 pm. They gave a reference number if you want to check for yourself- J6MMKY.
Hope you get this message b4 the 26th. Will call the walkers and let them know, maybe they can telephone you.
John & Sue
Response: thankyou so much, very helpful yet it only changes it by 1/2hr i think
From mum & gert
Hello from Home!
all animals are still alive, but Mr Moo is having fights and coming home hurt! Bulbs are all in flower, but gert will pick them before you get home... dont worry, we will take a photo!
Response: mr is being bad? must be taking his sulking mood out on someone else!
From Sharon
Hi Kim, sounds like your having heaps of fun. We're all thinking of you at work and wishing that we all too were on hols.
see you in a few weeks.
PS Where's all the photos??? You need more :-)
Response: Thanks for the message, I cant find a usb plug, you will have to wait until friday. Loving florence and venice the best so far.
From DAD
Hi Kim , Looks like u are having good time in the hot weather. six inches of snow leongatha.floods at kongwak.
Response: wow. Actually cold here in Venice had to dig out my jumper for the 1st time,
From Ruth
Kim you will only get a virus if you download items onto your camera. I don't think cameras can even get a virus.
We are dying for more photos.
Keep eating Gelato and have some for me.........
Love Ruth
Response: Thanks will try next time I find a USB port. Not every computer has 1. Internet cafes only have a terminal.
From jim
Hi Jodie its Jim .Your parents
are here & showed me the site
Its quite good.Im following you
around the places.So see you when you get back.
Response: Hi Jim,
Have got some postcards for you, haven't sent them yet, but going to try tomorrow. Got some great pressies too! See you soon,
From renee
Hey girls, i hope you have tried more local food then just gelarto, although gelarto is pretty yum! Whats the coffee like? are you eating lots of pasta?
Response: No coffees too strong. Invented tea-cinos. Eating lots of pizza margharita. The pizzeria didnt speak english but they knew our order, as we came in every night.
From Susanna
Hi Jodi & Kim, just checking up if you are having a great time. Sounds like you taking over italy in a storm.
Response: Thanks for everything, the accomodation so far is really good, we have some great stories to tell.
From Amanda
Not much to ask as really everything is covered. But there is a KOALA in my backyard today and I am pretty chuffed about it.

Oh and put on more photos!!!
Response: Wow a Koala, hope you got heaps of photos, im too worried about a virus getting into the camera so you'll have to wait until sweden for more photos.ok
From from marge
just to say hope yr enjoying yr self, the photos came out good and clear, did u go into the palace or just stay outside?
Response: no we didnt go into the palace eventhough the sultan wasnt in residence
From :o) & :-)
hay kim and jodie
sum hints for yr travels. Never say "opps" always say "ah interesting".
if u meet a handsome block say "you take my breath away ... what have you steeped in, to smell this way?"
Response: thanks, what do you say for all the beaps from cars and motorbikes?
From triah
what about your camera kim? hope you buy a new one to keep up with the sights! frank said its a tecinal problem' with camera will need a visit to workshop
Response: I have taken over 100shots since it has not played up for 3 days
From trish
did you get the sms? did you find the YHWH? we are exepceting rain is warm day not as hot as you are having.have found some tadoles,Jariad will come with me.everyone is waiting the next entries.
Response: got the sms too late Jodi and I had seperated she went to Tivoli and i went to the vatican
From Walkers
Hi Jodi and Kim,
Had a great talk from Shane Murphy today. John still here.
Phil & Margaret send their love & tell you to enjoy the trip.
Sounds like the food is great, and the sightseeing tiring, how's the accommodation?
Love to you both
Response: Salerno is great, the location very central for everything.

From Ruth
Loved that picture of the butterfly, good shot.
Glad your trip is going well.
Response: thanks, we suffered alot for that the humidity was terrible!
From Eug & Kate
Congratulations on arriving in Rome safe and sound. The photo of the twin towers is awesome, will look good on the wall. Am very surprised that you have spent money on only the second day of trip - you really are all grown up now.
Response: I know i can be brave, I even went to the catacombs 32ft underground but i was with 35 other people!
From Mum & Gert
Hello girls! Kim chq is in bank, use the ph to call gert this weekend (anytime, i dont sleep) love you heaps... have fun
Response: thanks mum, did kate tell you i rang? I will try to call not too late for you
From Margaret
Traditional KFC WOW! About as interesting as phone call to tell me I need to TAKE Insight Volumes to Pio Sch!! As if my case isn't already bulging! Anyway, we will be obedient...somehow. Saw G> & T. at Mall. Do RV's with them tomorrow. Beaut phots!
Response: thanks margaret, yeah are adventurous in the food department. Ask G+T about Durian!