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Welcome to Kirrily's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Saturday, 30 December 2006

Location: PARK CITY, USA

This place is for the billionaires but I've found some money saving ways to get around...
1. Scam free lift tickets - all employees are given 5 free lift passes so I just go and ask if I could have a few or if I could buy a few, saving....$78/day
2. Dont live in Park City, I am staying in this other town for $10/night.....saving $20
3. Pretend you are a Deer Valley employee and catch the bus system and go into the employee cafeteria.
4. Get your ski boots from the Christen Centre, they cost me $15, and my skis were $65
5. Food is so expensive, I have been eating the $1 menu at Burger King, but I now beleive that it could be affecting me, as just the thought of the whoppers kind of make me feel ill. I have now moved onto the supermaket and buy hot soup. When Im skiing I just eat a snickers and sit in the females restroom, they have big lounge chairs so I sometimes have a bit of a sleep.
Once home Im a big fan of porridage, 2 minute noodles and eggs (boiled, scrambled however!)

Here in Utah the drinking laws are bad. Firstly if you go into a pub you have to become a member which costs at least $5. Then the strongest beer they can sell is 2.8%, you cant buy beer for anyone else.
If you want to buy beer and take it home you can only purchase it from the state liquor stores, where its very expensive. This whole situation is very hard to handle especially after living in Vegas for a while where its all free!
And lastly when you read the papers all it has is how bad drinking is, what is does to your body and blah blah blah. It is making me mad.

Friday, 22 December 2006

Location: Deer Valley UTAH, USA

Went skiing today and you could have thought you were in Australia as there are stacks of Oz people employed there. Its also very flash...they have tissues at every lift to blow your nose (no froozen snot problems) the toilets they are also really nice (I went and had a rest and warm up in them today, to $$$ to go and buy a warm drink)....they also have mountain hosts and they ski around with you for 2 hrs (this was really good, but I didnt like how the americans could ski faster then me)

Thursday, 21 December 2006


Arrived in Salt Lake City from Florida on Monday.
1st difference FLORIDA IS WARM

Otherwise its very nice and they are also very good cooks.

Im now in Park City, its very expensive here, I think the billionaires come here.
I have scammed some free ski tickets and am planning on hitting the slopes of Deer Valley for the next 5 days. Its so posh that I dont even have to worry about those discussing bad people that decide to ride snow boards!!! This resort is for skiers only! I went and checked it out today and they are all very professional looking, the cheapest things in the shops would be $100 US, so my second hand skiing clothes are deffently going to be a fashion statement!!

Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Location: Zion National Park UTAH, USA

Having brothers that ride motorbikes I naturally beleive that their riding skills rub off on their big sister. So when told about a bike that can go from 0 to 100km in 2 seconds, I suddenly felt the urge to drive it... Having stalled bikes often I rev it up and holy cow it really does go fast, so fast in fact that I nearly hit a rock followed closely by a tree, luckily it just slips over and I slid off it. Which was a blessing as at this stage I was possibly going 10km/hr, so no damage done.

Thursday, 16 November 2006

Location: Phoenix AROZONIA, USA

Well after 10 weeks I left Las Vegas yesterday, travelling to Phoenix to stay with a friend who is looking after me very well, she cooked lobster for me last night!!

1. How to make $1 last on the slot machine for about 40 minutes while drinking down those free drinks: insert $1 bill, read the instructions (you can do this several times during the period). Play around with the credit your betting and the number of lines. Have a press every now and then but especially when the waitress is nearby. Read about the payouts, this can also be done serveral times. Again another press, followed by another rule reading, then a look around for the waitress to hold up that empty glass!
2. Las Vegas attracts known people, whilst there I said hello to Bill Clinton, saw Britney, Celione Deion, just missed Elton and literally saw Elvis, Frank and Marylan everyday.
3. In the casinos you see the greed factor take over and turn people into animals that cant even lift a beer to the lips without spilling it because they are going to win...
4. I became good at been the average person at Test America, even though Im Australian, I even tried changing my name and accent to get a few more tests in!
5. Karokee is serious business in Las Vegas.
6. Working as receptionist I sometimes developed a technique of smiling whilst calling the guest a jerk under my breath.
7. Security and Police forces take their job seriously.
8. Working as receptionst I also developed a technique of asking what that is they are putting in the fridge, and then telling them that I believe it belongs in the staff fridge. Once in the staff fridge no guest can enter this area. Many people would do exactly as I would say.
9. We also had some staff with highly developed skills of knowing, within minutes of the guest leaving, of any food or drinks left behind. This was quicly claimed.

Monday, 06 November 2006

Location: Las Vegas, USA

everything is fine until they start talking..
The Chippendales are really good, the sing, play guitars, dance, do acrobics and are basically really entertaining, heaps better then the blue man group. I was cracking up laughing at some parts.
Upon leaveing the show, you walk through the flirt lounge, here they actually start talking to you.
Chippendale 1 told me how he is a jet fighter pilot, a teacher, also a medical doctor, has been shot 2 times, and was a navy seal for 8 years or so. He has a few photos, naturally of himself, to further impress you. I made the comment that the only seals I knew were the animal version and clapped my hands and made aur aur aur noises and asked if this was type he was talking about?!

Saturday, 28 October 2006

Location: Las Vegas, USA

After 8 weeks of trying to convince couples to get married, and susgest myself as the possible bridesmaid or the jelous ex girlfriend, I decided to get married myself, I married an Iserali, hes name is Ronan. It was throught the drive thru chapel, Elvis provided some entertainment and we drove around in the limo for a few hours. I'll soon have some photos up, we got dressed up in strange clothes and exchanged lolly rings!

Saturday, 21 October 2006

Location: LAS VEGAS, USA

click on Tim Bloxsome's vlogs and you should see and hear some of my veiws of Las Vegas!

The 5 TAKES show is on a channel called Discovery, Travel and Living. It will Las Vegas show will air in Australia on Saturday 4th November and I think again on the following Thursday.

Sunday, 15 October 2006

Location: Las Vegas, USA

Last Friday night the cast and crew for the discovery channel programme "5 TAKES" showed up here, guess who was on reception!! Maybe I could be on it, they seem to think so anyway. The show is about 5 travellers who land in a city for 7 days and have to survive on $50 a day, which is pretty easy here, especially if your lucky!

My nutter of a boss was in the background making all these weird hand movements trying to tell me what to do, this made me more nervous then the cameras. I was meant to keep saying 'sin city hostel is good' 'welcome to sin city hostel' etc.

The travellers are very inexperienced and I quite seriously think you could tell them to take their clothes off and walk around naked and they would do it. They were asking questions about day trips to Niargra Falls? I asked if they were serious and yes they were. I mentioned that those falls are in Canda, most day trips here go to the grand canyon...

Monday, 02 October 2006

Location: LAS VEGAS, USA

Some of the Sin City Hostel employees fancy ourselves as singers, so we usually go to karoke every Tuesday night in downtown Las Vegas. The americans take their karoke very seriously and dress as their favourite stars. So last week I spotted Frank and Elvis, both were really good. Its that professional that Im to embarressed to sing, but once they find out you come from oz they just want you to talk "I love your acent" you also receive many condolances about the crocodile hunter.

Thursday, 21 September 2006

Location: USA

Wedding chapels are all over the place. Viva Las Vegas is directly across the road and has married such people as Dean Martin, Wayne Newton, Chero and Rita Hayworth. Elvis marries them and I have spotted him a number of times in white flares, cape and sun glasses. I always cheeer and he just waves at me!!

The Yanks are addicted to drive thrus. You can drive thru for money (ATM's), coffee shops, (their coffee tastes like shit), chemist or drug stores, and stacks of fast food shops. About 100m down the road you can drive thru and say I do! I walked through it taking some photos. It is a drive thru wedding to be sure, to be sure.

This is the adult Disney land of Americia. Its extrememly tacky and fake with homeless people on the side of the street and average to wealthy people strolling past them. This adult fanasty land is about greed or money, power and other things. Its so tacky you find it amusing but these americans are serious about their playground, but so absorbed by it, that they fail to see you laughing at them!!

Sunday, 10 September 2006

Location: Las Vegas, USA

Went out to the local bar last Tuesday and had the pleasure of meeting Cynthia, a hermaphrodite so she informed me. It was a 60 year toothless person in a short dress and exceptionaly well endowed. She also told me how she has travelled the world many times so asking what she enjoyed about Australia she said London and Auckland!!

Am working as a recepionist and cleaner in Sin City Hostel. A fellow co worker, Drew, was fired and had $315 to he's name. He was more or less told to go so he planned to go down and hopefully double he's money on the way to the bus station. I encouraged this greatly, havent seen him return so he must have been lucky!

This is possibly one of the best hostels I have been in, and I've been in a few! They activily discourage USA people which is good. The shift lasts 10hrs but its pretty good, it is on "the strip" where the casinos are so I look at these a bit. Since I've never lived in a city before Las Vegas is pretty exciting.

Wednesday, 30 August 2006

Location: USA

Yes its true bears do shit in the woods, I have observed this on several occasions!
Seen a lot of bears, they mostly just turn and walk away, they cant really see that well but the sniff the air then leave. I saw one catching a salmon on Prince of Wales Island.

There are literally 1000's of salmon in the sea and swimming up stream. When you fish you sometimes snag them on their back and they go mad but its good fun reeling them in.
You then pick out the best fish, snag it then eat it. They are delicious, the smoked salmon is good also.

Tomorrow am catching a flight down to Las Vegas then hiring a car for about 10 days or so. Planning on checking out the Grand Caynon and other things like catus and rattle snakes before returning to Sin City, winning a few $$$$ then more or less coming home. Am also hoping to catch up with Micky in LA if possible!

Looking forward to eating some more normal food, but will diffe

Monday, 14 August 2006

Location: Ketchikan, Alaska, USA

SEEN FIRST BLACK It was running fast across the road. I have also caught some wild salmon that tastes delicious and tried some smoked salmon also. You can see heaps of humpbacks and dolphins and in the streams there are heaps of salmon trying to swim up then dying. You could catch them pretty easy but apparently they dont taste to good.

Sunday, 23 July 2006

Location: USA

WORST EMPLOYEE OUT OF boss informed me and what do I think..."I couldn't give a fiddlers f**k and if he had a problem he could kick me up the arse"
Leave later that day.

Friday, 23 June 2006

Location: USA

In news just to hand some disturbing "tracks" have been found on boss's front lawn when he left for the weekend. Cirlce work or "hot rodding" as described by Irish occurred across front lawn with a few random tyre tracks ending up cement porch, 2 forgieners could be seen the following day 'smoothing' over tracks. Over activities included letting fire crackers off at dog and cat...causing dog to run away for 24 hours, luckily returning before boss. Was under strict instructions to know nothing if asked and to this day boss is convinced it is those hooligans from in town who did this terrible terrible thing.

WARNING SEAT BELT MUST BE WORN WHEN IN ALL TERRIAN VEHICLE WITH IRISH...due to Roys mad driving skills this is strongly advised.

Sunday, 18 June 2006

Location: North Dakoda, USA

1. theres absolutely no change of forgetting what country your in as they love showing off there flag. Yes the stars and strips are everywhere from dinner plates to clothing to chocolate bar wrappers to backs of cars or 'pickups' to every front yard or front door it is proudly displayed
2. Norm has come over here and bred like a rabbit
3. The food is sweet, you dont have to worry about putting any jam or 'jelly' on your toast as its already sweet enough
4. Everymeal has to have meat
5. They let you jump in a semi with a road ranger gear box, thats what its called, and drive into town on your fist day of work...interesting changing gears and reversing
6. The utes are called trucks or pickups but they go quite fast
7. The people tell you what they think and feel, they can have a converstation about nothing that goes for 5 mintues or so, whereas we would go no worries or it was ok. They also ask me if I have heard of Aust Wheat Board and are quite surprised with how I do know. Also I havent done to much agronomy in wheat, canola or beans and they dont care, my word is like gods word, its just as well Im only heare for 6 months
8. They are very religous

Sunny Veiw Farms
Its green, rolling country with heaps of water and lakes. There are deer, I caught a baby fawn the other day, racoons, scunk, ducks, geese and other things.
The people are very friendly.
The beer tastes good, the lite stuff is crap but.
I have my own car, but I have to keep thinking right side right side
Can see many green dress oppertunities!!

Wednesday, 31 May 2006

Location: Sydney, Australia


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From Pauline
Hi Kiss, sorry it's taken me many months to put a note on your travel page, to cut a long story short I'm technologically challanged. Finally mastered it and hopefully this will get to you before you return to Oz. I've enjoyed reading all your news, sounds like you've have some great experiences, fishing, bear hunting, skiing, gambling sprees, marriages etc. I had hoped to get a note to you for Xmas but alas techo stuff beat me again!!! Look forward to catching up when you arrive back. Saw Nic and Ged before Xmas. Nic looks fantastic with a month to go. However Geds ankles a bit swollen, what with the heat etc. Take care. Hope to catch up when you arrive back.
Response: Thankyou for the Xmas whishes, I hope you had a great day.
Am still in Park City, everyone is whinging about how bad the snow is but its actually quite good, compared to home. Its also snowing today, Im at the library at the moment but planning to go out in the afternoon.
See you when I get back, love Kiz
From Leonie
Hey Kiz,
You remind me of Kath and Kel "Ah nice place - like the toot!"
sounds like you are having a great time and hope you had a great chrissy and NY.
When you get home you will have to watch that movie "Super size Me". Iknow that won't happen to you though. (Have an expensive beer on me and I'll fix you up when you get home.)
We're all waiting in anticipation of your return. Travel safely
Love Leonie and the Chezzas!
Response: Hello leonie
I often have many Kath and Kim momments! I havent seen supersize me, but I can sure relate to it, these people over here eat the most filthy food possible and think it is tasty. They also dont know how to use a knife so they kind of look like pigs when they eat.
Not long now till I get home, I had a dream about eating lamb chops the other night! I also dream about drinking some nice wine and also eating some normal bread.
See you when I get back, love Kiz
From adam
no im not really gay that was nick being an idiot adam
From leonie
Hey Kirrily, Merry Christmas!! You should resurrect that old green dress for the slopes. Now that would be a fashion statement! Hope you have a good time on the slopes. Love leonie

hey have a great xmas and also have fun on the slops, don't hurt your self on the slops cya luke

G'day, how are you going, Wats up?? You caus your in the northen hemisphere. Yeah that was lame, you'd better watch out for those sneaky sneaky mormans, they will do anything to try and convert you. Anyways have fun at the ski resort, and have a merry christmas XD - Nick Cherry

hey kirrily merry christmas. hows the snow going? staying out of trouble i hope. i got a surf board today and so did luke. P.s i am gay..- adam
Response: Hello Cherry's
Thankyou for the Christmas wishes. I hope you had a lovely day. I went skiing, the snow is really dry and it squeaks when you ski on it. At the resort they have free tours, so I go on these. They are pretty good. I have extended my stay, I have some more free ski passes and brought some skis yesterday for $65 and got some second hand boots today for $15. So Im set, it snowed a bit yesterday and I just have to wait until 1st Jan so I can use the tickets again. I get home on the 16th so am looking forward to catching up, see you then, Kizz xxx
From Jo
G'day Kizz,
I feel like an idiot cause I only just remembered about this website. I am happy to hear that that the free drinks thing that we were so excited about all that time ago came true and that you haven't lost that uni developed ability to scam a free drink! I'll send you an email but just quickly have only 3 weeks left till I am officially an ag teacher. School has been pretty cruisy, have really enjoyed it so far and no major incidents except for a few bee stings and a potato in the eye (that's the kids, not me). I have given two detentions and have actually made kids pick up papers (I felt like a dickhead, let me tell you) still havent found out where i am going next year, should be soon though. Thanks to the Habnarrey experience the Italian is happy to go bush, just hope they dont send us to Wilcannia. Can't wait to hear your stories, are you saving the best (fact no 10) til last?
Take care on the road now
Response: Hello Jo
Im pleased all is going well. Im quite sure you would enjoy Las Vegas also. The no 10 fact isnt much, I think the computor I was working on was about to crash so I just hit send without finishing. There are a few sayings in Vegas so it can be 'what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas'
Im now in Salt Lake City, I arrived yesterday from Florida. Its bloody cold, but seems nice and sunny today anyway. Not long till I get home. Have a lovely Christmas, kizz
From Leonie
Hey kirrily,
Holy cow batman!!! I hav'nt heard that in ages. You probably won't read this until you get home. Safe travels and talk to you soon.
ps what was number 10?
Response: Hello Leonie
Im still over here, Im planning on doing some skiing, I arrived in Salt Lake City yesterday and compared to Florida it is freezing. Luckily I have some warm clothes from the second hand shop. Am looking forward to skiing, then to getting home.
No 10 wasnt much at all, I think it is 'what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas'
Looking forward to catching up when I get home, lots of love, kizz
From leonie
Gidday Kiz,
Not only do I not get to meet the romantic Ronan (bet he looks like Farbio or has a uni brow) but we don't get to hear what number 10 is in Kizzas facts about Viva las Vegas!!
Looking forward to hearing about Pheonix (isnt there a Dionne Warwick song about "putting on her makeup. I say a little prayer for you. I get on the bus now" in Pheonix?)and the grand canyon. Safe travelling - I heard from a good source that Americans are mad!
see ya
Response: Hello Leonie
The grand canyon was really good, holy cow my legs were sore when I finished, but it was really good.
Am dropping the car back off in vegas tomorrow then catching the greyhound up to Denver to met up with some friends.
Am currently in Zion, souther Utah and it is cold, I walked up the path today and there was ice and all the puddles were froozen over.
Am looking forward to getting home, will keep going, see you soon, kiz xxx
From leonie
Hey Kirrily,
Just been talking to Peter and Rae and everything seems to be going as well as can be expected with harvest etc.
Nick is having second thoughts about camp thingy and after what you think it may be a good thing. He still has plenty of time to go adventuring and being that bit older would be good.
Bit dissappointed we're not going to met Ronin! We were looking for a reason celebrate. That can be when you get home. Looking forward to catching up soon.
Take care Leonie
Response: Hello Leonie
Im going to the grand canyon again tomorrow, it should be good, its really big. Ive hired a car for 2 weeks and have been driving around. The public transport over here is basically none existant, so you really need a car to get around. Plus the roads here simply amaze me, they really like driving in this country.
Its a pity you didnt get a chance to met mad romantic ronan, he will talk to you about how bad the christains and moslims are and how isral has to bomb them etc. He is a bit strange.
I will keep going, am looking forward to getting home, see you soon, kizza xx
From Nic
G'day Kirrily,
We saw you on Tim's VLOG's, on the site you mentioned - very cool! ....but what's with the American twang??
Congratulations on your recent marriage too. Can't wait to see the pics! So when do we get to meet Ronan???
See you soon and take care.
Love Nic xx
Hello Nic
Dont know if this goes thru. I hope you cant hear any american twang, because I cant stand their accent. I just took the certificates and flowers from the other people and we had photos taken.
Hope you are going well, am looking forward to travelling again around the grand canyon. See you soon, love Kiz
forgot to tell you they had Back of Bourke farms on 60 mins last week. I didnt tape it but hopefully P&R did. see ya Leonie
Response: M&D told me about BOBF, it sounds pretty bad out there. I think things are dry.
5 Takes is on discovery, travel and living, Ive never heard of this channel. Its suspose to be on the 5th November, a Sunday I think and againb the following Thursday. It is shown over here tonight. The boss keeps asking me if I will be watching it, I dont really want to, its on quite late so maybe I will go to bed.
Anyway see you, love Kiz
From leonie
hey kiz,
lookin good but do I detect a bit of an american twang??? only joking - you sounded good. bad luck we don't have the discovery channel.
P&R are doing pretty well. Don't worry. We caught up with Alison and the girls while they were down. She is only about 5mins away.
Nick is taking a serious look at the summer camps in america next year so we may be in contact!
Hope you have a great time in Denver. Any skiing on the agenda?
talk soon love leonie
Response: Hello Leonie
Im really concerned about my accent, I have Brits thinking I'm english, oz people thinking I'm kiwi, many europeans thinking I'm english and the americans just 'love my accent' so I am speaking to as many australians as possible to retify this problem. I also have a second job, they test products on me, like beer, tv ads and computer stuff, I kind of told a few stories to do the surveys. I made $110 in about 1 hour. I also have to go back on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.
Im pleased you saw mw on the internet, M&D thought I was telling stories as they couldn't find it.
I seriously think Nic should wait until he is 21, I have spoken to quite a few people who did this over summer. The general impression I get is wait until your 21, but it would be a good experience at any age I think so. Here in Vegas, you cannot even walk into some casinos until your 21 so they cant do to much. But the national parks and stuff like that you can see at any age. I think Nic could be better off getting a 1 year work visa for Canda and working in the snow field ssomewhere. He would be adult age up there and I have some contacts, apparently Oz and kiwis can find work quite easily, in the right resort you have accomadation and food provided, so he would be well looked after. Its also nice to be with fellow countrymen when you are a long way from home. If you want some emails let me know, I think Ian Crawford would also know some stuff. Plus your not stuck with looking after spoilt little rich kids that have the american twang and winge about everything.
A guy got married here yesterday, I went along to the wedding, it was the drive thru one, Elvis sung a few songs and we drove around in a limo for a while. I got the certificates and flowers and stood out the front with one of my workmates pretending it was me who got married. I'm planning to tell M&D that I got married in Vegas, but it could be a bit cruel, what do you think?
I was hoping to do some skiing but its really cold. You need thermals and stuff, I can borrow but I think its going to be cold.
I had better keep going, I hope all is well, see you soon, Kiz xxx
From Rose
Hello Kirrily...sorry havent been in touch for ages,hope all is wel with you.Exciting news is Barb and Keith were married on saturday on a hill at the back of their farm. It was stinkin hot ,the flies were awful and the wind was foul but we were so happy and we had a great day.Take care ...will write soon,love Rosexxxx
Response: Hello Rose
Thats really good news about Barb and Keith. It sounds like a lovely day. Im good, Im getting excited about getting out of this place and looking around. Im at work now and planning my holiday. My boss is queer, he goes out gets extremely drunk and disappears for a few days, he has gone now, which I quite like.
Have you had any rain? M&D have been telling me how dry it is, its hard to imagine. Its dry here also but this place is in the desert so I guess thats normal.
If you get the channel discovery travel and living, watch it on saturday 4th or the following Thursday, a show called 5 takes. You could see someone you recongise with and Australian accent!!
I better keep going, am looking forward to getting home and seeing everyone, lots of love Kiz
From Jess
Hi Kiz,
How cool is it that you can now put photos on your site?! I love the ones of the cranky bird and the goffer!!! Guess there's not much point in asking how long you'll be away for is there? Live it up, mate!!! Karen Kneipp had her baby last week - a girl called Sienna - so I'm acting in her job for the next few months. Pretty hectic but enjoying the challenge. Will look good on my resume for when I leave here! Have slowed down on the house for now - concentrating on the job and getting some more money together!!! Heading to M&D's for 2 weeks over Christmas which I'm already counting the sleeps to! Going to Cotton Cup in a few weeks time - wish you were going to be there!!!
Love Jess
From Nic
G'day Kizza,
Sorry I missed your phone call on Saturday night. I was out on a hens party and Ged was not home either. Unfortunately we don't have Discovery Channel (pay TV), so we won't get to see you on TV.
It's actually looking a bit overcast today, I bloody hope we get some rain. The Orange Field Days are on this week, and it tends to rain for those every year. Fingers are crossed. Anyway, I better get back to work. Talk to you soon.
Love Nic. I like the pictures. Happy and safe travels!
Response: Hello Nic
I'll ring tonight after work, I have been looking at some Las Vegas baby clothes, they are very las vegas so I might buy some for you. Have to go count the money, see you soon, Kizza
From leonie
Hey Kirrily,
How are things in sin city!!
Luke and I had a weekend in Dubbo and saw Ev and Karls wedding photos and video. Caught up with most of the family.
Peter and Rae have come down here to have a look at Floriade before it finishes.
How are you enjoying the "other" sites outside Las Vegas?
Talk to you soon
PS Mahsa sends her love
Response: Hello Leonie
Las Vegas is going well, but I like to get out of town as it never stops here. Last week I went into southern utah with a few people and saw zion and bryce national parks, both were nice. This week Im hoping to make it to the grand canyon. Im only planning on staying here for another 2 to 3 weeks then Im hiring a car and driving to Denver while having a look at a few other national parks.
The boss here is a bit mad so Ill be pleased to get out. On Friday night this camera crew showed up, they are filming for this show called 5 takes and its on the discovery channel. Its about 5 people that have to survive on $50 a day. They are staying here and I was on reception when they showed up so I could be on the show. I kind of started laughing a bit and my boss was in the back ground making all these strange hand gestures trying to tell me what to do, I had to keep saying sin city hostel so it would come out on the tv show.
M&D said Karl and Eves weekend was good, its a pity about it been so dry I think they are worried. Anyway Will keep going hope everything is going well, See you soon, love kiz
From luke and kate
hi, how r u?
we're all good.
we've all met up at the Cherry's house, so we can look at some open days 4 Joe and Nick. Hi it luke and Kate hey
wats up having fun we r.
How r the eskimos
it is cold dwn here like the eskimos
i belive ur gonna b n aunty
wat lovel news the Heffernans r looking forward a to lot of cuddles and a baby sit.
when r u coming back to Aussie
hey Kiz. How's the cooking going? Wouldn't trade places with you for the world - even if I was only dishing up sh1t. That's what the family tell me every night! Hope all is going well and you're getting plenty of tips. see you
Leonie and the ungratefuls
Response: Hello Leonie
Am now in Las Vegas, I have a job as recepionist/cleaner, am currently working now. Las Vegas is full of nutters so its quite funny. Some casinos are beautiful...I've been to Paris, New York, Egypt and Veince all in one night. You also see people gambling away, I havent really had a go, I just use the 1c machine and get free drinks!
I ment to reply to Luke and Kate but hit the wrong button. I hope everyone is going well, see you soon, Kiz xxx
hey kiz,
just found you on google earth. looks like you have lots of lakes around ?
see ya
From leonie
Hi Kirrily,
Sounds like your having a good time. Hope you're not working too hard. Have just had a couple of days down at Thredbo. Snow was icy and patchy but the weather was good - can't have it both ways I s'pose. Had 30ml of rain in Canb yesterday so they probably had more snow down on the slopes. Hope everything is going well and will talk to you soon.
Love Leonie and The Boys
Response: Im going well, I left my job 2 weeks ago and have been more or less travelling west, through Montana, Wyomoing Oregan then Washington. I catch the ferry up to Alaska on the 1st, it sounds very beautiful. I am travelling with the american croc dundee version so have been doing some fishing and shooting with guns that you couldnt buy back home. I also went up through yellowstone national park, didnt meet up with yogi but holy cow he better behave when we do as Im keeping the guns handy!
See you Kiz xx
Hi Kirrily, haven't read your web site for a while so thought I'd read the latest before I get this note away to wish you Happy Birthday for the 14th. Hope you have a great day, probably a green dress day. All is well here 2nd week of sch hols. Hoping to get to Habnarrey for a day or so and check out Boona West. You sound like you are enjoying the stay and keep up the infalable agronomy advice. Love the Heffs xxxxx
Response: Thankyou for the birthday wishes, I had a good day. Have now left job and heading west then north to alaska. I did some fly fishing in the rockies and ate 6 trout. That fly fishing is a bit hard, you have to hook the fish. I have also been doing some shooting...I had a go at that clay pigieon shooting and impressed some americans with my skills, they go berserk with the amount they shoot and say such things as stop FBI then shoot 10 or 20 shots at a can or something, very strange.
Will keep going, see you, Kiz xx
From Ange
Hope you are checking out cowboys!
Sal and Matt are engaged and now moving to Warren, Doug and Liz are off tripping around the NT over the holidays, Alsion has moved back to Armidale and Jake spewed in Dave's bed on the weekend, so not a great deal has changed. i have been out to bourke a couple times over the last couple of weeks, it has been great to see everyone.
cant wiat to hear more of your stories and news
Response: Hello Ange
Sounds like everything is normal. Im in alaska now, the person I was working for was a total dickhead. Hows your job going? Have been catching and eating heaps of salmon and also trying smoked salmon, its really tasty, sometimes I eat them for breakfast. Hopefully should have some work cooking soon. Havent seen any yogis yet. Take care, Kiz
From Kara and Giaco
Hi Kiz,
Jess sent me your home page so I thought Id just send a quick email (you dont have to write back, I know what its like, Im bloody hopeless...)
Your latest message is so funny, it sounds like you are having a ball. Giaco and I have been in NZ for about 6 weeks now. We are both working and skiing everyday, its great. Glad to hear you are having a ball.
Lots of love, Kara xxx
Response: Hello Kara
Its good everything is going well in New Zealand, I also hear that congratulations are in congratulations!
Im in Alaska now, its very nice but seems to rain abit, its on the coast so now very cold. Ive been catching and eating heaps of salmon, they are tastey. I should have a job for about 6 weeks or so as a cook at a main hunting camp, rich americans come and pay heaps of money to shhot things like bear moose and carbou, apparently these 100's of them. And the americans seem to smoother their food in sauce sugar or salt so I could serve them shit and they'd think it was delicious!! Keep skiing and having fun, see you, Kiz xxx
From Sally Leigo

Coming to Wyoming and Montana during July and August (arrive San Fran July 14). Going to Cheyenne for the Keith Urban concert - wanna come??? What's your contact details, I'll call and we can catch up

Sally Leigo
From mahsa
hi....i love you,,my name is mahsa and i love allsaints i am iranian...i want you send email to me please
Response: I like all staints also
how are you kiz,
just had a look in the atlas and internet and can't find where you are? Lots of counties?ridings but can't find Michigan? Hope your really enjoying things. Talk to you soon.
Love Leonie
Response: Hello Leonie
Michigan is in Nelson County, its in the north east part of the state, according to the american, between Devils Lake and Grand Forks.

Its the 4th of July weekend, or america day. They let off heaps of fire works last night and I learnt what the smell of freedom is.... gun smoke!! This was what the locals were saying as the fire works were going off and the smoke was blowing towards us, interesting.
Hope you are all well, see you soon, Kiz