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kerrys big adventure

Hey im going on a bear hunt. lets see what i can find as i go from little New Zealand to the big UK

Diary Entries

Monday, 16 May 2005

Location: london

well ive just got the net at the flat so will soon have pictures to show

hi to everyone there will be lots of updating to do

Friday, 15 April 2005

Location: UK

well today was just another day at work :( i might be doing some drinking for a change, :)
all is well in this cold and dreary part of the world. i am getting ready t6o go exploring this weekend as ther are plenty of places that i can see now i have transport.

well t6hats pretty much it at the mo

more when things happen


Monday, 11 April 2005

Location: UK

Well after driving round yesterday and discovering that places close around 5 on a sunday i have completer my first full day of work with the option of driving, woo hooo its so much fun.

there are soo many things to learn that i think they should give travelers a small sheet with the differences from youre home country, for example one of the give way rules are reverced which ment that i have hade some lovely looks and a few colourful words mouthed, but you get that,

all in all i think that i could get used to the place but every day im glad to be from NZ and will be happy to go back (whenever that may be)

well not much else to say as am still getting over the flu but every day that passes im getting closer to getting a computer which means pictures for you my fine feathered friends,

well catch you later and all that stuff,

be good all and if you cant be good.... tell me as i love goss


Sunday, 10 April 2005

Location: dollis hill, UK

Well hello there people in the great world,

sorry that ive been away for so long but with starting a new job (installing alarms) and being really really sick (sleeping 10-14 hours a day) i have felt unable to get to this here e-mail cafe bu7t im here now so will fill in some gaps,

Im living in a place called Dollis hill and its in LONDON !!!! woooooo hoooo, and im sharing a room with Liz a kiwi we have Clair in the lounge (kiwi) and Phil and Rochell in one room (auzzie) and leo (kiwi) in his room, we are in an upstairs flat and everyone seems to get on well.
This is my second week at work and things are going ok, ive just got a car to drive round in to get used to the place and hope to get a phone soon too, in the last half day ive driven 60 miles so have been taking full advantage of the place.

The first week at work i got really sick and so am still recovering, last night i tried to eat ice cream to se4e if that helped but to my horror it was really crap, so i think im going to have to try the expencive stuff as they dont know what they are doing by the taste of last night, i have found the local supermarkets and bought some clothes today, so am felling good about that

Im still finding this place expencive but after getting a little bit of pay am feeling better about this place, today is one of the best days yet with the weather being very changeable.

Ass always im runnijng out of time so i have to go but ill be getting a comp after i get paid so will be giving regular updates and finally be getting some pictures on this thing.

well love to everyone back in NZ and im thinking of you

PS: the M25 is scary (just letting you know)

:):) kiwi kerry

Monday, 21 March 2005

Location: UK

Well today was interesting!! ive managed to hawl myself out of bed at the tender time of 11 am and done some serious reading(FHM) then checked my mail (woo hoo i got some) then off for a trip to see how long it will take to get to work (1.5 hrs) but then i relised that the gumtree has this great part where people can room share so instead of looking at 100-200 pounds i might get something as small as 50-60 which is still alaot if i convert but much better on the wallet, then i traveled down the line to see how long i should leave for the trip to work as i need to get there by 8:30 am, and after that i did something that im doing alot of here and that is wandering. i just kept going past work and found myself on a random corner looking lost (my map is too small) but then i bumped into a stranger(they all are) and ended up walking in the direction of home for about 1.5 hours and now i have a new friend (grainne) so thats a very productive day indeed

well off to ring people re living with them but i just thought that id say that the english etc... are not that bad if you meet the right ones,

ps: everyone askes about the sheep?????

Monday, 21 March 2005

Location: russel square, UK

Hey im off to see if i can find a place to live

This is made all the more interesting as i have no idea where all the places are so for everyone i have to refer to my trusty tube map and my a-z but im getting there, i have applied to 4 places with the most likely option being living with kiwi's in a room share,(lucky im not too shy) and hopefully ill be able to get a bike to do some travel,

well of to look for jobs

hope every one is not do bored with this site so far but trust me it will be getting far better once i have a comp to put picks on with.

kerry in a supprisingly warm london.

:) :) :)

Saturday, 19 March 2005

Location: UK

Well today has been full of rest and relaxation as i think i have a job so the threat of running out of ££ has receeded a bit, this place is expencive when you take the exchange rate into account but if you have ££ it's not so bad, the weather is fantastic with my sunglasses becoming essential, there are so many people still in jackets over here ??? and im sweating like a pig in a t-shirt ( is different from NZ) but appart from only bringing warm clothes its great, the flowers are blooming in the gardens and there is even the possibility of getting a slight tan.

I saw the new bill murry movie last night where e is an under water adventurer and am still trying to figure out if i like it, It was very very random but in a cool kind of way

well off to sunbathe and take more lovely pictures
catch you later

kiwi kerry

Thursday, 17 March 2005

Location: russel square, UK

Well ive finally managed to get into my site after having my mail treat my password as spam
si ill be fixing up a few things and post dating my expliots
sorry no pictures on the site at the mo but i cant download them yet and ive only taken about 500,
well today i went off into the big yonder to see a man about a job, after much stressing i finally am getting some interviews since im aplying for lots of random jobs they are quite varied (you get that) well off to fill in the previous week's

ill be back soon

Tuesday, 15 March 2005

Location: UK

am enjoying the new room at the hostel we all seem to get on and end up talking untill 1 am(oops) im not really treveling much at the mo just going place to place applying for jobs and planning the travel to them

Monday, 14 March 2005

Location: UK

soho square today, i just stumbled upon it and its verry cool there is a little building in the middle and i dont know why i like it but io just do

Sunday, 13 March 2005

Location: UK

well i wake up with an hour to get back to the hostel to check out as i had to move out for the weekend as thay had no spece and i tried to book too late but make it and get a new room right at the top so the view (when the door to the roof is open) is great

Saturday, 12 March 2005

Location: UK

well today we went to grenwich (i know i cant spell and im not even trying) and saw a ship (cant remember the name) and so far i have to say that its the best day and the coolest place and the cost has been the tube ticket only!! Great

And in the evening i go clubbing with some cool girls from last night

Friday, 11 March 2005

Location: UK

today we walked round and found a place called the walk about

Such a kiwi/saffa and auzzie pub it was great we met some great people and hopefully will be seing them again soon

Thursday, 10 March 2005

Location: UK

well off to the museam today i think------- then we met up with a dude that i went to intermediate with 9 years ago (its such a small world) and had KIWI burgers at the resturant that he works in it was just like home:) then back to the generator for more drinking WOOOOO HOOOOOO

Wednesday, 09 March 2005

Location: UK

today we met up with Nat part of my favourite extended family. we talked and she told us about her great luck with competitions (go the girls) and other stuff but im being quick

Tuesday, 08 March 2005

Location: UK

today we went to the tower of london (well around it) and see more squirils in this this big park then lots of random walking, i think we are averaging about 10 km a day at least we do about 4 pages of my a-z a trip.

Monday, 07 March 2005

Location: UK

We wake up and do some tidying then off for the long walk home. About 3 hours once we take a detour or 4 but as usual we get to see some great things today we walked down a cannal and saw all the boats on it cool

Monday, 07 March 2005

Location: UK

Well have i had a interesting time or what!! im staying at the generator (russel square) and its definatly different i have found a caffe called bread and butter and they have the net for £1 whish is the cheepest that ive found around and the place is clean with lovely smells as the food is cooked, im getting better sleep after the intimate noises that sometimes seem to come from the bunmk on the other side of the room, i feel really sorry for the guy who is in the top bunk and has all the other associated bits, well enough of that, when i arrived i was stressing and since then i have met some great prople and got very drunk, and i have found that there is nothing better for stress than to get drunk bacause in the morning you feel so bad that you cant be botheres with the stress, Ive been going on long walks in the cold and have really enjoyed them as by lunch im feeling pretty gooe and am in a completly new place.

Sunday, 06 March 2005

Location: UK

today we go to a mall (after recovering) and there happens to be a promotion on kitkat's . they are giving them away (woo hoo) so ofcourse i help them off load a few (about 30) im so good to them

It was good sport getting one from each person so many times,
Then we head off to meet up with a mate of a mate who works over here, well things go well for a start but then the drinking begins and as most of you know im a cheap drunk so while everyong is having a good old conversation i decide to have a wee sleep (on the bathroom floor) it was lovely and cool and i slept well untill dragged onto the couch(not the best 1st impression)

Saturday, 05 March 2005

Location: UK

today after recovering from our hangovers we end up in harrod's WOW this place is huge just amasing, i take lots of pictures (mainly of candy) and then in a park i actually saw a squrill

This place is so cool!!!
later we go to the bar with ty a korean who is in our room we give him his first tequla shot and i have a great pic of the reaction

there is also random nudity in the bar games and all the girls are happy

Saturday, 05 March 2005

Location: london central, UK

well im in the dodgiest little e cafe in the world, the weather is snowing and i have no idea where i am .

All is good though after drinking heavily and putting up with unpleasent noises from the creaking beds, (girls need to be quieter) but appart fropm that im having great fun. ill write more later as i find more net access. well 3 mionutes to go and 1000 pictures to take so have fun and ill wriote more soon

kerry goes back to the snow :(

Friday, 04 March 2005

Location: london, UK

wow i cant believe im here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this place is just wow the lights the buildings the everything
Paul (my kiwi saviour) collected me from the airport as escorted me through to the hostel (where he booked us 1 weeks accomodation, today we went on the london eye the view was great thanks to the great weather (very cold but clear) the snow that was falling when i arrived has not stayed and its a tropical -1 in picadilly circus, then we headed back to the bar and we actually sang karaoke(crowded house) its not really my thing but im feeling home sick.
Paul meets AJ a kiwi with the same birthday!! i mean same day month and year and they even have simmilar tatoo's

Wednesday, 02 March 2005

Location: singapore

Well im in singapore and the weather is raining but very hot, im scared to travel too far as the stop over is not that long after my attempt of sleep and when i arrived the first person i met tride to sell me drugs and offered to take me to some places

everything looks cool until you actually take a good look, the drive from the airport is lovely to look at but if you go into the little allies the picture is not so good and you can see some less asthetically pleasing things

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