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Camel Crossing - Kiwi Style

"Kia Ora", "A Salam A Lakum", "Wassup?". Welcome to Ed and Annika's Travel Page. Here is where we will be keeping a record of our adventures in the Middle East for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for us - we would love to hear from you.

Diary Entries

Friday, 18 May 2007

Location: United Arab Emirates

Thursday, 12 April 2007

Location: United Arab Emirates

It's been exactly one year since we set foot on this interesting planet, I mean, Dubai.

So, watch this space... there's a lot to update you on. And even more photos.


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Recent Messages

From Trina
I'm still waiting for that update....
Response: Update's coming! Maybe this week!
From Trina
Hey There

Fantastic site! When can we expect the next update?? Good to hear what you've been up to!!
Response: Hey Trina
Cool to hear from you. What have you been up to? Flick me an email. We're in NZ for a couple of weeks (U2 concert) so we'll send the next update soon!
From Mary, Michael & Luke
Hi Guys, Loved looking at your site. The pics are fantastic but the captions really tell the story! Arnie where's your tan?
Looking forward to seeing you both in November. You'll be able to meet Luke - I have to say he gets cuter every day!
Response: Hi MM&L, great to hear from you guys. We got our tickets yesterday so can't wait to visit and meet Luke. Arnie has no tan 'cause it's been too hot to go out ... but it's going into "winter" now (i.e. low 30's) so we're outdoors quite a lot now.
From Brendon
Hi Guys - great to read your stories- but why are you describing anika as a random camel on the ballooning page? - kinda harsh ed. Look forward to catching up soon
- can you bring me a clay mosque?? (jokes) :)
Response: Hey Brendon. Hope you and Alex are good. Yeah, I'm harsh and the truth hurts! I can do better than a clay mosque. I can get you a mosque alarm clock that wakes you up with the call to prayer. Fantastic!
From Jamie
Well well well. Who would have thought that it would have taken you this long to get the site up and running Ed!! Good to read your stories ( I must admit I only read the first and last) but Lou has been keeping me fairly well informed and it looks like you guys are settling in well.
Looking forward to the touch tournament and having a drink or two or three. Did you guys talk much on the trip over??

keep the news coming and a big congrats to Dean and Miriam. Are you and annika next? or is it Tom and Di?
Response: Hi J, nice to hear from you. Yes, can't wait to see you guys. I recall Lou saying you're in Taupo this week ... hope you guys have a fantastic time down there. Good times ... good memories! Haha. Will say congrats to M&D - you might actually bump into them - they're over in NZ on holiday!
From Craig Mc
Ed! Great to read and view all the latest about your life in the desert. Greetings Annika, look forward to meeting you one day... maybe when I show up to crash in the guest room ;-)
Ed, I can't believe it's been 8 years since our Old Choral Hall office!
Response: Hey Craig, it's great to hear from you. Are you guys still in Oz with little McCutcheons running around? Yeah, it's been a long time ... and even Mi7 our touch team is having it's 10 year anniversary this summer! Yeah mate, you can crash in the guest room!
From Hayley
Hey guys

Great to finally get your update. Having a quiet morning at work so I have even managed to read the lot!Your house looks great and given how much you like your toys Ed, this place seems perfect for you.
Response: Hey Miller ... hope things are good. When are you guys coming over to visit? How's Blair? Looks like most of the old CTM is over on this side of the world!
From deepak
good day mate!!!!
good to hear from ya! I've been back in nz for the past 3 weeks from fiji. We've just bought a new house! Planning to move back here next year. Looks like you're having ablast in dubai. Good on ya mate! Hey get Skyp so we can talk! Sweet!

PS: Are you ever coming back. Miss you man.

Response: Deepak! Firstly, thanks for the text you sent me ages ago that I didn't have a chance to reply to. So you're finally going back to NZ? Did you sell your house in Hillsborough and buy somewhere else? Sorry can't use Skype here - it's illegal (yeah, tell me about it) to use Skype but email me your landline and I will give you a call. Cheers, Ed
From Tom Ng
Hey Eddie and Arnie,

Great blog and good to see the pics. You have got a pimped ride. You should get red rims to match the mirrors!

Furniture definitely helps in a house!

Response: Hey Tom and Di - wicked to hear from you and sorry for not being in touch lately but we hope to call soon. You guys should come over to Dubai while the temperatures are starting to get very nice. We'll put a few NZ steaks and lamb on the BBQ for ya!
From tristan
That's it - gotta go to Dubai! The Middle East is now on the List. Looks like they can provide the kind of luxury I'm accustomed to...
Response: Hi Tristan ... yeah, you need to visit the Middle East - you've done everywhere else! What are you up to these days?
From Jimmy Boutin
Hi guys! Great to finally hear from you. Read practically everything word for word. Glad to here you guys are doing great and having so much fun over there. Looks like construction in Dubai is booming as always, Annika's now in project financing... with my background in construction, an inviting guest room at E&A's Palace, a chauffeur with a pimped out Audi Quattro - maybe I should get into the action in Dubai!
Response: Jimmy!

It's great to hear from you. How's Toronto? Definitely come over and be our guest. Yeah, I'll drive you around ... better than the tour bus!
From Chris
Haha, I just looked at the car photos and when you mentioned "Arnie" talked you out of buying a Humvee, I thought you were talking about the person who started the Humvee craze Mr "I'll be back" Schwarzenegger"

Hi to Mmm and Dean too - congrats on the big announcement!

Steiner - I'm back at my desk now.

Missing you punks. CB
Response: We're coming back soon so it will be cool to see you guys. Dean and Miriam are in NZ right now ... visiting!
Great to finally see pictures of the house.
Which one is my room?
Response: Hi Sherron. When I told Annika you had left a message she said the maid's room was free - but don't worry, I'll make sure you get the nice guest room (and Arnie ends up in the maid's room).
From Adrienne

Love the update and the pics- you have inspired me! Will finally post some pics from our travels for y'all.
Response: Hi Adrienne

Hope you and James are doing well. We'd love to hear about your travels too!!
From Dad
Annika, Ed
A quick note. We have new email address see above. But I cant seem to be able to send any at the moment. ???!!?!?!?//
Soon as I get it sorted I will send some news.
Take care and have fun. Looking forward to seeing you in November
Response: Look forward to seeing you too... can't wait to get back!
From Glenn Paul (but that
Hey hey,

It looks like everything is going well!
If you want to send me any emails (i know you must be dying to!) can you put it through to my work address.

Can you put my work address
Response: Sure thing. Great to hear from you too!
From Miriam
Good stuff kids. Thanks for cutting me off in that photo.

School Girl
Response: Sorry, you didn't make the cut for our website.