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KMaree Photography - The World As I Picture It

It's been a trip of a lifetime and I think this is the best way of sharing it. Please find my photos from around the world. If you like them please leave me a message, if you'd like to purchase one and support the Mueller College - Operation Christmas Child charity then please email me at Thanks for looking!

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Brussels and Brugge

A short exciting trip to Brussels and Brugge, to try as many beers as we could (22 in 2 days), taste decadent chocolate and take in the history of this amazing place.



A journey through history and the amazing sites where Jesus himself walked. Magical and Historical.


Bunaken, Sulawesi, Indonesia

On the untouched island of Bunaken just off the coast of Manado in Indonesia, lies an amazing diving experience. A drop off to 1200 metres and loads of cool critters to discover, this truely is a magical wonderland.


Benarken & Tomohon, Indonesia

From the great diving spot of Benarken to the beautiful volcano Mt Lokon in Tomohon, see a dream fullfilled and another world experienced.


Budapet, Hungary

What a charming country, absolutely beautiful and full of surprises! A Japanese garden in the middle of the city, cathedrals and churches everywhere with stunning art and architecture. Definately worth a visit. I hope you enjoy the photos.


Kuala Lumpa, Malaysia

Here is the best of Kuala Lumpa, Malaysia. It's a very beautiful city, very modern and the butterfly house is really special. The Petronas Towers are an awesome site during the day and at night and the shopping is great too!


Penang, Malaysia

A short trip last year to the island of Penang. We stayed in Little India which was very close to China Town. So many cool little temples and lots of great food. I would recommend going here for a weekend, the beaches aren't fab but the island has charm and lots of stuff to find! Enjoy.


The Best of Mabul Diving

After 2 trips and a total of 7 weeks in Mabul I got some great photos of the critters in the surrounding area. Mabul is one of the best places in the world for muck diving (sand) and macro life. I loved every dive! so much to see here, hope you enjoy.


Cordelia the Eagle Owl

This is my new friend Cordelia the Eagle Owl. I will be doing shows with her in the near future and taking photos of her with people. Isn't she AMAZING?



Reflections is a series of photos i have captured in water or through water. A different persepective of some of the things i have seen. Can you find the face in the water in one of the shots? Freaky stuff!


Brugge, Belgium

Canals, beer and chocolate are the major attractions of this little city. Stroll through the old streets, take a ride on a horse and cart or sample the many delicious choc treats that pop out of the quaint little shops. This is the city where you learn to talk to your beer! One not to be missed.


rome, Italy

The home of the Gladiator, Rome boasts a collection of art, history, culture and wealth. There is so much to do in this city, it's easy to get around and there's many secrets to discover! the longer you spend here the more you will grow to love it.


USA and Canada

a snipit from the east and west coasts of the USA and Toronto, Canada. This area certainly is diverse, from snow to heat wave, beach to mountains, It was definately beautiful.


Ankor Wat, Cambodia

This war torn country offers the biggest temple in the world and it is spectacular. Life revolves around this in Siem Reap, people come from around the globe to bask in the glory that is Ankor Wat.


Sukothai, Thailand

The remains of a broken kingdom, Sukothai's ruins span kilometres, each one holding a different story.

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From MB
Great photos. I love the animal ones. You sent me one of Bam Bam that's not here, and the Rock Tiger is the one you sent me not kissing tigers.
Hope you have hundreds of sales love. I will pass around this web page so they can see. One guy at the Arts Guild wants to look at it. He's a photographer, so he might email you after I give it to him.
Love you heaps BB