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Thursday, 09 October 2008

Location: UK

Something very weird is happening.
I have not checked the site for weeks maybe months, on checking I see it was February 08, and then I took a peek today and the number of hits has shot up to 1500 that is about 300 more than the last time I looked.

Worse summer in many areas for decades but the best if you lived north of Inverness. Anyway golf handicap back to 5 and Mrs McK now on 15!!! (First time it has gone up in a season for years - she is not happy)

Well a lot has happened in the last wee while including a near fatal experience - well i was knocked off my bicycle on a busy road by of all things a pedestrian at end of August. Sorry to call a young pregnant lady a thing but....... Damaged my left shoulder and broke a bone in my right hand. The main impact was taken on my left side but my right hand must have got stuck underneath as I fell. I was unconcious for a few minutes and a friend who passed bye not long after the incident thought the person on the road was dead. She was quite relieved when I rolled over, she recognised who it was and I was breathing. EEE Awed my way to A&E after the attention of one of these roving paramedics who blocked the traffic which was good of him as Friday evenings at 5.20pm is normally quite busy.

Anyway the outcome of the above is I have not played golf for 6 weeks and have missed out on a few games both here in and around Edinburgh as well as a holiday in Arran. Things have improved although my knuckle on my index finger of my right hand is very stubbornly not easing as quickly as I would like.

Hmm I need to check to see if there is anything the unknown readers would be interested in hearing about from KnK. Maybe you could post a message and we could then provide you with something of interest.

Mrs McK is in poor health in that she has pulled something in her back and although had numerous games of golf organised over today until next Tues, these have been cancelled until back improves. She has just returned from a w/end in..................... yes you guessed Arran with her lady chums from Ratho Park. I think there was much hilarity and nothing like a laugh to bring the colour to your cheeks.

No new pics to add to the blog but I am mystified why this site has had the hits. Please enlighten us.

Thursday, 07 February 2008

Location: Edinburgh, UK

Hits still on the up even though we have not had any updates for several months.

Winter has been cold, damp, wet in fact they say January was the wettest Jan since ............last Jan. We are swimming in it and the consequence for this is yes you guessed it, lack of sleep due to lack of golf. Sad really that life has this sinnew through it and it is something that people come up and say to me - 'playing golf Ken' They do not come and say 'how is your journey with the Jesus' or 'how is the cooking skills coming along' or ' written any good updates/books/articles recently' My life obviously exudes golf rather than God a bit telling in some respects.
A bit profound all this.

Plans are uncertain so I continue giving sage advice at Citizens Advice two days, well two half days, a week and the rest of the time I am writing minutes for deacons meetings and the like.
Mrs McK is beavering away at the office of Ownership Options and we are looking forward and appreciating the longer days and both today and yesterday....SUNSHINE.

We hosted a street Burns Supper on 25th Jan and it was a great success. Only one Tam O'Shanter, rather surprising really considering everyone else's state. Street are now talking about having a street party in August. Whether it will be better weather or not from now???? If the blog is still going we will let you ken.

If you are still reading this blog maybe send me an email or leave a message on the blog otherwise this will be closing down at the end of February. Just think a year ago today we were about to leave HK for NZ.

Friday, 30 November 2007

Location: Mortonhall Golf Club, UK

Having endured a slump in form over the last few weeks with handicap on the rise your correspondent enjoyed some improvement. Last Saturday at MGC there was a St Andrew's Day Foursomes competition. This involves a mixture of greensomes, i.e. both players drive at every hole, but one player take the second shot at the even holes and the other at the odd holes. The format is stableford. I was playing with a member who took pity on me. We had amassed 34 points with three holes left but only managed to get 2 more points out of a potential 6. This resulted in us missing out by 2 points from winning the whole shebang and rounds of golf at St Andrews and Kingsbarns.

Consolation was another round yesterday, in beautiful winter sunshine, when playing off forward tees I went round in 71, one under par. Out in 38 (2 over) and back in 33 (3 under) and I won £1 from someone who until yesterday has lined his pockets at my expense.

Golf today St Andrews Day was cancelled due to the weather which was overcast and dry at tee off time but is chucking it down now.

More golf next week - weather permitting

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Location: Edinburgh, UK

Had to update the blog with more tales of daring doo.

Yesterday 14th Nov I had the pleasure, nay privilege of meeting with 'Unreal Jambo' when we shared in the delights of Mortonhall Golf Club, accompanied by my wee boy Douglas (Dougie).

A beautiful late autumn day with clear blue skies warm sunshine and hardly a breath of wind - until the broccolli soup!!

First hole provided a sampler of what was to come or let us say that Douglas is not deadly around the greens. In fact he can be deadly but we had take the precaution of making sure we were behind him thereby reducing the possibility of any unfortunate incident. DGA did make par quite early in the round but sorted out his driving at the ........................14th. Ah well next year.

Unreal Jambo was making steady if not spectacular progress and often played to his handicap - and by that I do not mean that he used all his shots at the one hole. Nay, nay thrice nay. UJ came into his own in the last few holes finishing bogey, par, bogey, dbogey, birdie, bogey, and if taking his shots at each hole was playing well within handicap i.e. 4,3,5,5,1,4. Take a fuller swing and watch that ball fly.

Retired to the bar where we quaffed copious amounts of what they had on offer made it to the car and somehow got home, boy what a day.

Your correspondent played quite well also but it was the experience that counted - I always say that regardless of the round. If that were true I would indeed be a man that that saintly chap Paul once said ' all situations be content...' I am not sure what handicap he played off but I always wonder if it was the thorn in his side.

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Location: Winterfield Dunbar, UK

Okay the real story is that Charles was playing around with my wife!!! The most momentous achievement was that everyone got round before dark but the outing was devoid of some major culprits such as - no I can't name and shame but he is not a member of the westminster parliament is as far as I can dare go. Pot hunter supreme was Gavin Simpson and he has custody of Carlos Mamillanos sombrero.
Duncan Brown remains the only person to have had a h-i-1 on a MBC outing. He also remains the only person NOT to have purchased a round of bevvies for the gills and boyz - so I remind him at each opportunity. To further avoid it he failed to register this time around.
Kenny Smith was heard talking of selling up and trying tiddly winks or was it something about getting tiddly can'y quite recall the details. Kenny Roy likewise had to be given a plastic knife - just in case.
Pressies and trophies were lavished on the assembled company and we all had a smart time in bootifool weather (esp over the last 9 holes) I swore from time to time - but that is not news anymore when it comes to 'flog'. I continue to ask for forgiveness - I wonder if the yips was Paul's thorn but maybe he had a shank problem he was after all always giving 'shanks' sorry that was fit only for the Brian Robertson book of cr@p.
This update is provided to keep the unreal jambo from falling asleep while at work.
What readers need to know is that the unreal jambo while pleading lack of competence in the art of flog is a dark and mysterious horse and I would advise against playing for loot. I will report more after our scheduled game on Wednesday 14th Nov.

Hope this update satisfies dear readers.

Friday, 19 October 2007

Location: Edinburgh (still), UK

Just to please David and the few remaining bloggers.

KG is working soft - opposite of hard, at Ownership options, a charity that assists those on Invalidity Benefits to secure mortgages or loans to adapt their property.

KPC is training with Citizens Advice to become an advisor. Boy what trouble and strife many people get into. Anyways that should keep us occupied until the new season of fun.

Golf is on back burner even though the weather has been very good, warm and sunny, now turned cold but still sunny.

KPC handicap has rocketed from 5.4 to 5.5 or in normal terms from 5 to 6. Ah well being a Class A flogger for even a few months was a pinnacle, that is not the golf ball, I did not expect to reach.

MBC Golf Outing to Winterfield started in dark overcast conditions but finished in the most beautiful of evenings. KG & KPC won prizes but not the overall pot of coppers.

Anyway must dash got things to do!!

Monday, 20 August 2007

Location: Tayport, Scotland

18th saw us have a busy day with an earlish start in pouring rain heading north and east to Cote de Fife for more Mixed Flogging this time at Scotscraig.
Rather surprisingly the rain stopped while heading through Auchetrmuchty but remained overcast. After 11 holes we were doing not too badly but the remaining 7 seven holes witnessed three 7s and Monty type behavious from guess who?!!?
Ah well we have one more in the diary but whether that happens for us may be determined by the fact we have to rush off to a wedding on 1st September. Some girl called Susanna.
Will find out about jobs this week so the 'holidays' may be coming to a close. We are off to Arran on 13th Sept and plan to go to Kintyre, thanks to R&M, and then maybe north to Spean Bridge and Ross-shire with the possibility of a game at Dornoch but nothing definite. (Roads might closed with snow or we could be having an Indian Summer by then).
Tim has returned from Finland and it was good to see him so travel in the wider family continues apace with Claire still enjoying NZ.
(Details on for anyone still logging on to this blog.

Thursday, 09 August 2007

Location: Ladybank, Scotland

Next Mixed Open was at Ladybank, near Glnrothes in Fife.

After 9 holes we were quite excited with only 40 shots on the card at 4 over. Then the bogey came off the rails and we bogeyed or coubled every hole until the last when we had a quin-type bogey 9 to end up with 51 shots - what a disappointment. Played with a couple - obviously, but Alison was at school with Katrina and that was good fun.
They kindly invited us to play at Archerfield near Gullane and this was played on Wednesday last.
Ken played with Alison while KG played with Mark.
Ken and partner were 3 up after 10 and then once again it all turned nasty or good depending on your vista. KG and Mark one by one and Ken has gone off in the proverbial Monty mood.

Both rounds were fun though and while golf is our out and about we are about og o off for a few dayse to visit Joy in Kincraig.

More updates on that to follow.

Friday, 03 August 2007

Location: Kingsbarns, UK

Sorry this is another golfing yarn.

To celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary Katrina had very kindly organised a game at the fabulous Kingsbarns course.

I had an appointment at the doc's, warfarin clinic, and this overran. we had planned to leave around 9 and was still at the surgery. I arrived home to a harassed and upset Mrs McK as I had screwed up basically so time was very short. We sped over to Fife and my choice of route involved country lanes, being stuck behind buses, slow moving holiday traffic and to cap it all road works. On the tee at 11 we made it with 15 minutes to spare but no bacon rolls.

We were joined by Mo and Alan Gardner and had a real thrill. The course is beautifully presented, the weather was fantastic and the golf was ................ well I had a couple of birdies and a load of not very good golf. But the experience was great and thoroughly recommended for the discerning 'flogger'.

We retired to the clubhouse and then to Anstruther to wait in the Q at 'the fish and chip shop' for very good supper. We did wait around 40 minutes so it had to be good and was.

Thanks to my long suffering wife for a very special day.

Friday, 03 August 2007

Location: Arran, UK

Due to the fact that people are still hitting the blog we thought you people that are deserve some reward for your persistence.
It will be interesting to see if this stimulates more responses - always welcome.

13th July was a Friday but the intrepid twosome were not dissuaded from venturing forth - involving roads, boats but no planes. As those of you who know us best the only place to be in July is Arran. With the British summer being the hottest on record - or was that a Michael Fish forecast, we had plenty of wet weather gear with us. Indeed those who had been on Arran the previous two weeks were polite but not exuberant about the UV. Needless to say we also had the clubs with us.
Ken's nephew, wife and two boys, Alastair and Jack, were still at MASH (Machrie Schoolhouse) so it was great to catch up with them. Ken had a hole in one at the 12th at Shiskine so he was up for a game but the weather closed in on Friday afternoon and we had to cancel.
Saturday was much better day and we were soon up and running, as well as bidding farewells to the Dublin branch.
Ken quickly slipped into relaxed mode while Katrina, still unwinding from a hectic period of activity in Edinburgh was taking longer to chill. However chill we needed to do as we had Denis the menace arriving along with the lovely Anne or is it Ann. What could we throw into the melting pot of excitement. Well 'how's about guys and gals' as the great Jimmy Saville used to say, a hole in one for Ken? Ken has been playing golf since he was about 6 or 7, so around 25 years!! and not a sniff of such a fluke as a hole in uno. Well on morning of 16th July all this changed when at the 7th at Shiskine, a blind shot so extremely talented shot - or even more flukey, Ken aced his 7 iron. Not finished with that the closing 6 holes, there are only 12 at Shiskine, was completed in a measly 15 shots. [ card read 1, 3, 5, 2, 2, 2]. After this account all of you who have an interest in golf will be amazed and the majority will have closed this session down. Sorry there are more heroic golfing yarns to come. Ken and Katrina won the Lamlash Mixed scratch prize, second year running except running does not happen at Lamlash. Katrina and her team won the Texas Scramble at Machrie the next day and was second in the Ladies Greensome at Shiskine along with Elaine Hillis from Fortrose.
Do we do anything other than golf - well we read we have friends to stay we marvel at God's brilliance in forming Arran and we were amazed at the weather. Other than the rain on 13th we had next to no rain the rest of thetwo weeks and enjoyed warm and sunny weather much of the time.
We picked some fruit and made jam and oatcakes and if truth be told were reluctant to leave and no shortage of envy for those who follow after us and have the place. We are grateful to my brother for letting us enjoy his house in Arran and now struggle with internal demons to come to terms with life in Auld Reekie with jobs to find or contribution to society. All a far cry from meeting and enjoying company of families we meet in Arran each year, Hillis, Ker, Brown and many others; thanks for a great time.

Sunday, 27 May 2007

Location: Edinburgh, UK

You bloggers need to get a life or stand up and be counted.

Number of hits is still mounting (1141) and not sure if you have something more to ask of KnK or if you have a bad habit that needs sorting.

KnK will be in Edinburgh for the next 7 weeks so if you are too shy to give us a telephone call or visit please put a message on the blog and we will check it to answer you.

The serious quandary of what happens now has to be faced but we continue to trust God that we will be shown what and where we should be.

This week will be tough on KnK as we bid our Claire a happy and safe year away as she heads off for USA, Fiji, NZ for 6/8 months and then on to Oz & SE Asia. We are glad for her that she is able to do this but sad for ouselves - and her bro, that we will not see her for such a long time. God speed and keep safe.

Hope you are all well

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From unreal jambo
Your humble correspondent is just that. Very humble when his golfing talent is a joy to behold. If you want to see a poor golf ball thrashed miles straight down the middle of the fairway then Ken's your man. Goodness knows how far he might have hit it, if he hadn't consumed a bowl of broccoli soup. Thanks for the most memorable afternoon of the year!
Response: Your appreciation is reward enough. Your gift is way over the top but I am grateful for it. We will fix up another trip - after yesterday's announcement you may have more time on your hands than you thought; hopefully not.
From unreal jambo
This is a rather brief and unsatisfactory report on the golf outing to Winterfield. Who did win the pot of gold. What highlights were there? What momentous achievements? I think we should be told!
Response: read on macduff
From unreal jambo
For goodness sake give us an update!
We're dying of boredom here
Response: Well take a holiday - oh you have. Hope it was fun even though the Tartan boys blew it. Probably that new Jambo type kit that did it.
From unreal jambo
There's not nearly enough golf reports on this site!
Please supply more (as a matter of urgency)
Response: not sure you were still interested.
From unreal jambo
Give us something to read please!
Response: David,
You mean emails about the manse fund are not enuff.
Just for you we will put something on the blog
From Ron
Three weeks and no message.... What can have happenned? Are KnK lost in Sainsburys never to return?
Response: Nice to see that the faithful readership is waiting on a further update. Maybe you can tell us your exploits in USofA and we will update on Arran
From unreal jambo
I think what you're trying to say diplomatically in your golf report is that KM lost a considerable number of golf balls. In other words he was all over the place.
Keep 28 & 29 September free for Farshid's last munro and celebration
Response: Thanks for this DH. Sorry but I thought we had done it all but we have more travels to report upon - not quite as exciting but in the most beautiful of places.
From unreal jambo
The report on the Arran golf gives insufficient detail. What were the scores? Who won? Etc etc
Response: We have diplomatic skills as well as others don't you know. KnK were better than young Rev but he was not familiar with the course. Suffice to say his bag was considerably lighter at the end of the round!!

How were the Munros - i even heard myself saying to Farshid I might go with him on one of his remaining 'climbs'.
Good to have you back unreal.
From unreal jambo
Keep the blog going! I was suffering withdrawal symptoms.
Response: saw that someone was logging in so we will rename it - 'in search of KnK'
Guess where one K is this pm???
From Sister Margaret
Keep it going - YES PLEASE. Then I can apply to be your Publicity Officer which I can add to my CV. And as we un-employed people know, ALL EXPERIENCE IS GOOD EXPERIENCE. Besides which, it's always nice to know what you are up to and who Ken has beaten at golf - and Katrina too - when she does. OUCH!
Love and stuff
Sister Margaret
Response: Well now that there has been a holiday related incident we may well keep the health bulletin posted on the blog. But we would not want to spoil or lower the tone but what i can say is that I have a match on Monday at Mortinhall and Katrina is playing in the McKinlay Trophy at Ratho. (She halved her match on Wednesday against Harburn - does that count?)

Ken the clot
From jill
glad you both got home safely and have managed to get over the jet lag so quickly - we had the same gentleman coming out - didn't get up the whole flight - how can folk do that????? Just in our last 2/3 days in N.Z having had a fab time and the weather has been very kind to us all the way. I have extended for 1 week in Brisbane to help J & M paint/clean etc and then will head home arriving on the 14th instead of the 7th. Have a great weekend in Arran - will really miss that as you know.....will remember you all...looking forward to catching up when I get back - I will have to do something to get all the brain cells going again - dont think I have any left. Have so enjoyed this side of the world - seems to be much more laid back in my humble opinion!!! Could be something to do with being on holiday of course. Have to think about making inroads into a job on my return just to pay for it all!!!! Love to all . JillXXXX
Response: Thanks - glad things are going so well. From our limited expereince we feel we enjoyed NZ better than Oz - could have something to do with our thoughts on snakes and spiders! Having to think about jobs is something that I would rather not have to do and we shall be putting it off for as long as possible. We will get together when you get back and talk for hours no doubt about our times away and also what we will both be doing in the future. I think I may try and get a temp job initially while we look into the future.

We will miss you in Arran. I hear that Kenny is not coming with us - I shall give him a phone and see if he has changed his mind knowing that you won't be back until 14th. Enjoy your last few weeks they will go back so quickly.

Looking forward to catching up with you.

Love K and K
From real jambo
I dare say you may have heard the Pars beat the Hibbies, great celebrations all round west edinburgh and craiglockhart valley. We thought the rats, sorry quokkas were very cute and photogenic. Looking forward to catching up, item 1 on FC agenda perhaps, maybe not if we want an early night. Safe journey home, see you (very) soon, the jambo has left the
Response: Well only a few hours before the off; thankfully we will manage a shower - in the hotel, B$ we board. We have not been short of showers here - some cracking thunderstorms; they tell us out of seasn but there it goes again. Glad to see that parochialism is not dead in the cosmolitan world of Scottish footie
From Gwen Wilson
Glad you survived Oz and maintained this blog. Hope to see you again sometime.
Response: We were really glad to have that time with you and hope that you make it over to Caledonia sometime soon; maybe with Shona's world tour of the exhibition - you have to exploit that Scottish connection.

God bless - hope your friend is okay
From Claire
Well I think i've been on twice since you last checked your count so that'll be you over 1000, congrats parents! although it may well not have been me who was your 1000's visitor.
see you on saturday!
Response: We will give you a prize but it may not be special
From Just another hit
Response: Thanks whoever
From Bella
Hi, Have just had Jude here for an apres service massage - hope it doesn't catch on as i haven't had my tea yet and it's 10pm!! She has a sore back and I had poked it about on friday, so she just came for a repeat tonight. Rachel's hen lunch on sat ( pretty in pink theme - well i did the pink bit! ) went well, so onward and upward till next sat! Enjoy the rest of your travels and raise a sling for us. Remember you just throw the peanut shells on the floor in Raffles - quaint local custom! See you soon. love Bella ( and McLean ) xxx
Response: Thanks for all the messages. Pouring here today so hopefully it will make it easier to leave!! Had a great day yesterday at Rottness.

See you Saturday

Love K and K
From real jambo
Sounds like the MBC footballers need a couple of managers....
Pars maybe hard to come by in Oz but they are hanging in on there over here, which is more than I can say for the Jambos at Ibrox. Preparing for another week at work, 2 weeks left, in countdown mode. Keep on blogging........
Response: Next par I will have will be in Caledonia. Tipping with rain today which has been eventful for other reasons but ended happily. Remember it is two weeks to the start of something new and hopefully rewarding. Thanks for blogging with us - now standing at 998 who will be that person to tip it over the 1000 mark.

love to all
From Your Favorite Son
Injury news from Mr Hamilton not 100% accurate. It was my back that I have hurt, no trip to hospital but some pain killers and contemplated not going to work as movement is now a bit of an issue. Hopefull wont last for long. Hope you are still enjoying yourselfs.

See you in less than two weeks.
Response: less than two weeks - we will be home this time next Saturday - plus 7 hours. Sorry you are in pain, all that responsibility resting on your shoulders is affecting your back. Thanks for the message - only 40 more hits to break the 1000 mark.
From unreal jambo
Don't go too near the South Pole. It gets a bit chilly. Unfortunately no appearance from George Hazel on the hallowed turf last night. But his son performed well once he turned up ten minutes late. Along with your son and heir and your truly he inspired his team to a narrow victory. Not bad considering that Dougie had injured his arm taking his t-shirt out of the cupboard. Those ones are always the most serious. Goal of the night came from someone on the losing team - Angus Moyes who beat each one of our team before launching an unstoppable drive past the keeper from 30 yards (well 10 maybe)
Response: Sorry - did Douglas have to stay in overnight at RIE?

It runs in the family; on one occasion I was having a ganglan lanced - passed out and hit my head on the floor. Was admitted to A&E for x-rays in case I had fractured my skull. It explains a lot a know!
Maybe I can get a game on my return - if Dod can manage I am sure I can get my zimmer out for a trial run.
From Tom
Sorry to interrupt, but do you have an adaptor to run electrical appliances in Oz. We bought some appliances in the UK and can't run them here in Oz
Response: Hello Tom.
We have only brought a cell phone charger which was antipodean anyway so sorry cannot advise but an adapter should work.

Thanks for coming on - who are you ??

Enjoy your trip
From real jambo
Thanks for call on Sunday, I was very touched. Nothing on the horizon this week. Church meeting tomorrow - looking forward to that.....You have crammed a lot in, you will deserve your drink in Raffles when you get there.
Pity the pars were unable to do us Jambos a favour, maybe the replay...
continue to enjoy

Response: Sorry M is under the virus but hopefully the thought of sun, sea and sangria will raise her spirits ! (boom boom)
Problem with the pars here as well today but hey treat as a practice. Singapore sling can be purchased non alcoholic but we may pish tha boat oot!!
From Bella
Nuptials at 4pm! Will find out what sort of confetti stuff is allowed. Golf reasonable yesterday and we played 9 holes, zig zagging across course - from hole to hole, not because balls going astray!. Lovely day - trees just blossoming. Hope your weather becomes less rainy.
xx B
Response: It is Alan Wight that you need to appease.
Glad to see that you are into the flog again and that the course will be in pristine condition for our return.
From Bella
Nuptuals at 4pm with Karl presiding as long as there is not too much delay in his flight back from the USA - due in at 9.30 that morning!! Jeremy standing by!

B xxx
Response: Might meet the boy at the airport; good to know that JB has the fee covered !!
From Claire
I'm now back in the land of contact having been away from all computer shaped objects for the past week.
Camp went very well, really enjoyed not being at work and being able to enjoy the sunshine, subsequently i hate work even more so rather refusing to do any today.
Margaret heads south again tomorrow, been rather like ships that pass in the night both with a few bits and bobs on but it's been nice to see her.
you'll have to send me your flight details so i can see whether or not i can fit in picking you up!! i think you're on the same flight i should have been on from singapore but if you could send me details that'd be good.
you'll be very glad margaret came to stay, she's been weeding, cutting the grass and giving some life back to your plants, it turns out i don't have green fingers...
not much news really, nice weekend with granny and thanks for my easter egg (via suzanne)
i'll have a look at how much the car stuff was and let you know.
glad you're still enjoying yourselves, you ready to come home or planning to 'mistakenly' miss your flights!?!
Response: How cood we possibly miss our flights when it wood result in spending more time away from you dear dotter. Glad to see that you have organised your aunt into horticultural activity; sure it was theraputic.

We will let you know our flight details but yes it is the 2359 Quantas from SGP but not sure what the LHR to EDI flight details are but will let U ken
From bella
Just back from evening service. Find myself increasingly comfortable with the more relaxed style of service. Mustn't be as middle aged as I thought!! As for wedding - I think there might be one or two folk hiding round the corner and appearing to throw confetti ( or whatever is allowed! ) at them as they emerge as the new Mr and Mrs Hazel.
Enjoy the rest of your holiday - it will probably fly past now.
love Bella xxx
ps McLean watching highlight of Hibs v Dunf semi final - score nil- nil - why watch it when you kow the score??!! Must be a man thing!
pps Went to see the film Amazing Grace - story of William Wiberforce - really amazing and quite moving - shows you how you have to persevere despite adversity. ( Also how the support of a good woman is invaluable!!) Worth seeing if you get the chance.
ppps Happy travelling!
pppps See you soon!
Response: Will look out for the film on the plane. You still have not said what time the wedding is so we won't know when to hang around. Hope all the last minutes plans go well and do give Andy and the new Mrs H our love. Must go and update the blog.

Love K and K