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Kooka and Wombat's journeys!

We hope your having as much fun as us discovering the world, but please be kind and donate a few dollars to RSPCA.ORG.AU so more animals all over australia can roam free like us!

Diary Entries

Monday, 11 September 2006

Location: Venice, Italy

Sorry we have been very busy lately, you know how it is, sleeping, eating, sleeping, eating. In the past few days we have been to Switerzland and Austria, we are now in Italy. Switerzland was beautiful, the girls even took us up to the Swiss Alps, that was the first time we've ever seen snow, so that was pretty cool! We then went to Austria, we didn't do much there, just went to a few castles. Yesterday we arrived in Venice. We like it here, hopefully we will get to go for a gondala ride soon! Well we are off to explore the city, take a look at our photos! Love to all, Kooka and Wombat xoxo

Sunday, 03 September 2006

Location: Paris, France

Hmm it has been a couple of days since i have done my blog. yes slack indeed. we have just been swept off our feet by paris. yesterday we went to the eiffel tower. that was lovely, darling. we then went back at night, and it twinkled like a star! we love it here, animals are allowed in resturants and bars, so we have taken advantage of this, and no drinking age! (see photos) well im off to the pub. speak again soon. kooka xoxox

Wednesday, 30 August 2006

Location: London, England

Well this morning we went to Harrod's. That was pretty cool, there was so much yummy food but I'm trying to watch my weight before I hibernate for the season. We then went to Buckingham Palace and did a tour of a part of the palace, mainly state and dining rooms. You should have seen the staircase and ballroom. Wonderful! Well we are home now, just preparing for tonight - we are going to the Lion King! yay! Maybe I could get a role in it, what do you think? I'll have to work on that one. Well I'm off to Paris tomorrow, speak to you once i'm there! love wombat xoxo

Tuesday, 29 August 2006

Location: England

Well today we went to the Tower of London and then to Oxford street for a bit of shopping. We are still a lil bit jet lagged so we are going to head home for bed, we have a big day tomorrow! speak again soon, kooka and wombat xoxo

Monday, 28 August 2006

Location: England

Well i am tired after that flight! we caught the train to our apartment. we got a little lost, well i didnt, i told russell to go straight but he went left. silly bugger. well we found it and then yvonne, lauren, georgia, wombat and i all went on a two hour train trip out to bournemouth to see brenda, neil and darren. we went out for lunch, and even got to use a phone in a red phone booth! very exciting i say! we then got the bus home, that scared the heebey geebeys out of me! well we won't go there. keep checking out our lovely photos of us around the world! Kooka

Sunday, 27 August 2006

Location: Hong Kong

Well we woke up early this morning, and went to breakfast with everyone. Once we had finished breakfast we walked to this hotel, to meet our tour guides. We were about to do the Hong Kong Island Tour. It was pretty awesome. We got to go on a sanpan through a fishing village, then to a jewellery factory, to markets and then to the peak. wow that was very pretty indeed. we had burger king for dinner yummy! well im about to get on the plane to London, its a 13 hour flight, perfect, enough time for my beauty sleep. speak again soon, Kooka and Wombat xoxo

Saturday, 26 August 2006

Location: Hong Kong

Today Carmel, Rod, Maureen, Gerry and Tony came to see us off on our trip. It was a long and tiring journey. We slept most of the way, well what else can you do in an overhead locker? When we arrived in Hong Kong, we did the usual customs thing and stole lots of free lollies in case Lauren and Georgia forgot to feed us. We then caught the train to our hotel, but Kooka almost got eaten by the train as it closed on Georgia! Well I don't know about you but i'm buggered! So Kooka and I are off to bed, preparing for yet another journey. Make sure you check out our pictures. Wombat xoxo

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From Thin Lizzie
Wombat you're hot. My stuffed animals like you. Call me 3621360 I lead life of crime.
Response: Send me a picture of you!
From Anne
Hi Kooka and Wombat
What an exciting time you are having. I love your photos. Life in Aussie is keeping me very busy at present. Have to get to work so a big hello from here. Lots of love, Anne
Response: Hi Anne. yes we are in Austria. have been a bit slack with the blog but should catch up soon. Kooka and Wombat xoxo
From thin lizzie
Hi Kooka and Wombat - I just love reading about your adventures. You boys are an inspiration for all us animals wanting to roam free. Keep it coming. Your greatest fan - thin lizzie (but you can call be liz)
Response: Well hopefully we can continue to roam through italy and america on our next leg of the trip! Thats if we make it that far... hopefully should have some more photos posted soon. Kooka and Wombat xoxo
From Michelle
So glad that the pair of you didn't get 'snapped up' by those cute squirrels that roam around the parks in's hoping that Lauren & Georgia are as lucky not to get smitten with a romantic smooth-talking Parisian or Italian and manage to come back with the touring party.
look after them....God speed.
Response: You see, its the dogs you have to worry about they are everywhere! The boys are ok tho, they give the girls free food and then they feed us. Hope to catch up with the blog soon.
From Narelle
Missing my new furry drinking buddies already...hic!
Response: Have another drink or two for us. xoxo.
From Carme and Matt
Hi everyone
Love the Kooka and Wombat blogs. Glad you are having the time of your lives.

Love Carmel and Matt
Response: Hey Carmel and Matt. Make sure you check out our new pictures. Take care. Love Kooka and Wombat xoxo
From Jayne
Hi Kooka and Wombat. I am glad to hear you are having a great time. Love the photos!!
Response: Hi Jayne, hopefully we will have some more posted soon!