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A Sample of the kootenay's

I've gotta' admit, I think this is one of the worlds most special areas. And in order to avoid being the scourge of everyone's inbox (dreaded group e-mails). Here it is.

Photos - Click Below


Earl Grey Pass #2

This second collection frames the last two days of our hike, out towards the throng of albertans crowding Invermere on labor day weekend.


Earl Grey Pass #1

Days 1-3 of 5 up on Earl Grey Pass (The same Mr. Grey who has great taste in tea) Saw four of us through some beautifull old-growth forest, and the most rain east of Vancouver.


Shannon Lakes

An August adventure up north of Valhala provincial park. We managed to drag 6 people on an extreemly short, but rewarding hike

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Recent Messages

From Natalie
Those are some amazing photos... I'm jealous I wasn't able to join you! Maybe one day I'll get my picture on your web page (if I could ever be so lucky).
Take care and keep exploring!
love nat
Response: Cheers Nat!
The countdown is on for your adventure to OZ, the rest of us will be jealous soon enough. In the mean-time I think you should come hang in the area. The house-warming/pirate party is coming up soon! ( Nov 6)