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Kristi's Epic Adventure

Hey Everyone, I'm finally evolving from locally to took a while. But its finally happening. This is my new courageous adventure to the other side of the planet. This next phase in my life, will be a journey through South East Asia and the onward to Australia. Who knows what will be next. I would love if all of you would follow my adventures as I experience them. Kisses

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Location: Courtenay, Canada

Hey All, so back home Safe and Sound!!! Its totally werid....feels like i never even left. Same music, same people in the bar, same drama still going on since i left. But on the plus side i felt alot of love from all my friends and family, feels good that i have so many people who missed me and glad that i am home. Right now trying to catch up on my jetleg and work off the 20lbs that i packed on. I tell you it was a shocker not being able to fit into any of my clothes....the clothes that i had been soooooooo excited to get into. Thats all right, i have a new goal. Next on my agenda is just enjoying the summer here in Courtenay, hanging out with friends, deciding what i want to do next where i want to go next,.........????? I dunno, well see i guess.
I am glad i did this trip, bonding with my cousins has to be the greatest experience over all. So Glad i had the COURAGE to do it, wishing i could have done more, But thats life cannot do everything. I want to thank Carolyn for putting up with me for 3 whole months, you have inspired me to do more, and not to be so scared.
xoxoxo Kris

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Location: Melbourne, Australia

The last couple weeks have been nice and relaxed here in Oz, but we have been Freezing our asses off though! Advice: Winter no matter where you are is gonna be cold. I actually had to spend my hard earn money and buy a scarf, no starbucks for me that day. Arrived into Adelaide thinking maybe its gonna be warmer then Alice Springs..nope not really, just as cold, but with more things to do. Stayed at a cute little hostel, fully of Japanese travellers..we loved it though..ended up stayng there the whole time Didnt have any heat at all threw out the hostel, but the people made the stay good. After Adelaide Carolyn, myself and two boys we met on "The Rock" tour rent a car and drove ourselves from Adelaaide to Melbourne, we lucked out with a that ment i got to drive!!!!!! Oh Ya..good times. Took me about a hr to adjust to driving on the other side of the road, a couple screams here and there and it was all good. Except for the almost hitting the cliffe part, but i didnt notice a thing, it was Carolyns side of the car. Dont worry we were fully insured, and i didnt hit a thing! The great ocean road was amazing, on of the top sites we seen here. And the best part....was sleeping in a motel room with HEAT! First time in weeks. It was the best sleep ever.

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Location: Adelaide, Australia

Hey All, its been a while since i last wrote. Just spent 22hrs on a bus from Alice Springs to Adelaide. Hope this place is a little more interesting. Alice Spings was a cute place..loads of Aboriginals, kinda scarey at times, but very intersting learing about their culture. We spent a two nights and 3 days camping in the outback, sleeping under the stars. Saw Uluru(Ayres Rock) ...walked that huge ass rock 7km around) couldn't clime it cause the wind was pretty bad, went to Kings Canyon, Kata Juta. Freak'in cold out there, we had camp fires, and we all helped cook dinner...i made the best bread one night!!!! we all had to sleep in Swags by the fire..even with our sleeping bags in them...and it was still cold. One morining it was -4...i swear at one point i had frost bite all over my body. But the whole thing was pretty sweet, we have lucked out with good groups this trip....knock on wood! I would totally do it again.After camping headed back to Alice Springs, and tried to get the hell out of there asap. The town sucks for activity and i hated my hostel. So now were in Adelaide, hopefully some new adventures.

Friday, 08 June 2007

Location: Cairns, Australia

So i jumped out of a plane today.....ya thats what i said. Shocking isnt it, i still cannot believe i did it. I can jump out of a plane, but am too scared to get in a elevator alone or drive 100km down the road...whats up with that. Anyways back to the point. I KRISTI LYNETTE HOIDAS jumpe out of a plane 14,000 up. I cried twice before jumping....but thats cause i cry at everything. I was scared but i didn't say No i don't want to do this. I of course had to be the first one of the day and the first one out of the plane. My last words were to Carolyn "I Love you". It was in the heat of the moment. Apparently she could hear me screaming some of the way, before she had to jump. Crazy man. I was on such a high after...Felt good. Thanks you to my partner "Pierre" he made me laugh and calmed me down.

Monday, 04 June 2007

Location: Cairns, Australia

Hey Guys, So finally made it here in Cairns, only took 25days. The last week or so had been pretty chilled out. We left Airlie beach and went to magnetic Island. There was supposed to be a killer Full moon party there. Well there was a full moon, but the party sucked ass!! I think that we hyped it but so much, and we were comparing it to the one in Thai land, that we were bored and not impressed. I tried to have a good time, even cracked open my 2/6 of JimBean whiskey. I dunno how you all drink that shit....Yuck!!! Thank god the cleaning lady stole it from me, cause i don't know if i could do anymore of that. Anyways back to the point, we left the full moom at like 1:30...ya we bunked out. The next couple days we spent sleeping. Too much parting for us oldtimers. Today we were in Mission beach, and went to the Tully river rafting adventure. OMG so much fun. Ill never be able to look at our rapids as scarey again. I almost fell off a couple, almost got pushed off a couple time, and our instructor almost flipped us a couple times. All and all a blast. We were allowed to body surf a few rapids, i almost shit myself, not really but i was freaking out. Details later! And of course we got to jump off rocks...which you all know i love doing!! So much fun, 1 of the top 10 things i done this trip. Please don't laught at my pic.

Thursday, 31 May 2007

Location: Australia

So i made it back from my Sailing trip. The Sv Whiteheaven was a perfect boat to be on, a nice Small group of about 17 of us. On the boat everyone got along right way, the crew was fun and made things very interesting right from the start. They play this game that if you say the word "Mine" you have to do 10push ups, and if you get the crew they have to do 10curl ups. And the skipper cannot say "mine or No". So all day long the the whole boat is trying to get everyone to say mine and making each other do push ups, and trying to get the Skipper. I got hit the first hr 1 was on ship. The nights were spent hanging out on top, playing silly drinking games. The sights were so cool. Yesterday i went snorkling off a island on the great barrier reaf. Saw so many fish, and very colourful coral. The water was so warm, and a bright blue/green colour. Went to Whiteheaven beach..apparently its on of the top 10 beached of the world. And i was there, burnt my ass. Didn't get any sand though. The first night was werid sleeping on a boat..i felt like i was drunk (And no i had nothing to drink either).The lastnight i and most decided to sleep on top of the boat with the boys. Ya that last about 1hr, the boys all passed out quite easy, they didn't notice the cold wind hitting us. I should have slept on the top covered part of the ship, but no i need to be under the stars. I ended up going inside leaving them all behind. Good fun in all. Thank god for no seasickness.

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Location: Australia

Hey Guys, OMG its been a crazy week. Sorry for not keeping touch with everyone, but i have not been near a computer or one that works in a while. The last week has been filled with 10hr bus rides, more goona, camping. We did that on Fraser Island much fun. Our group had 10 of us in it was Brad, Tim, Steve(Chef), Frenchie, Nadina, Mia(Baby), Anne, myself, Carolyn, and Gwyn. On this huge ass Island there were Loads of 4WDTrucks all from differnt hostels roaming the island and beachs for three days. "Big Bertha" that was our trucks name. She was small cramped, but she takes what you dish out to her. I cannot even go into how much fun. We partied, we 4byed, we cooked, we stank, we got sand in every inch of our bodies, we got wet....much much more. Has to be one of the best things we done yet. After that we headed to Krombit cattel ranch where to learnt how to use whips (Good Times) and we shot riffles, milked sheeps, some people rode horses, and drank more.And the best for last..guess what i found!!!! Out here, miles away from home...I found a MECHANICAL BULL....Oh ya i rode that baby. And this competition i rocked it and WON. YeeHaw. I was the only one who could last over 15bucks, i got 29.Won myself i big ass bottle of JimBeans Whiskey. Save that for the whitsundays boat ride.
Its been a crazy, fun. long week. With more to come!!!
Today i leave for sailing 3 days in the Whitsundays. Talk to you later.

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Hey Everyone, Here in the town of Noosa. We left Bryon Bay and made our way to Surfers Paradise. It was like stepping off the bus onto LA. The beach was amazing and its all surrounded by skyscrappers and tall buildings. Clean and Fun. I of course fell in love with the sand, gonna make a nice addition to my collection. The second night there hit up Pub crawl #2. Sorry Bp for the 5:00am/11:00am drunk phone call. I did get back to my hostel safe and sound. I had a nice long long walk! Good times though. ...Ladies details later date! or just ask Katelyn she knows.Today here in Noosa, after getting completly gooned last night in the Hostels Pub..check out the Steve Irwin Zoo. So cool. I finally saw my Elephants, and got to hold a Kawala. I was like a little kid i was so excited. This computers here arent set up for Pics to be downloaded so you'll have to wait.
Talk to you later...its jungle night tonight..have to go get my costume figured out.


Friday, 18 May 2007

Location: Byron Bay, Australia

Tried my second attempt at Surfing yesterday. After about 15mins in the water..i gave up. After being a baby for half and hour back on the very Hot Australian instructor, dragged me back into the water and helped me out. My Plan worked!!!!!! i really did suck. But in the end i was finally able to get on the board, and stay up for a few meters. Yay!!!
Next stop on the tour is Surfers Paradise!

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Location: Byron Bay, Australia

Started to make our way up north on the OZEx, first stop was SURF CAMP. After 10hrs on a bus it was nice to jump into the water. Still quite cold though....And yes i tried surfing. It was a bitter sweet moment. I Sucked at it, got up only 3times...was quite happy about that, got too excited about getting up that i would just fall right off instead of ridding out the wave,but i had a blast. Finish surf camp with a fire on the beach and nice box of Goon. Just ask Drew about that shit...he'll know! For $15/box.. its good stuff. Next day back on the bus to Bryon Bay. A town full of Hippys and Techno colours and Lov'in. Staying at the Art factory, where you can sleep in old buses/tippeys/dorm/ name it, you sleep in it. A couple days there spent walking the beaches..checking out the surfers, hiking to the lighthouse. Pretty cool time. Next Surfers Paradise!!!!

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Location: Sydney, Australia

So things in Sydney have been pretty crazy the last couple days. First night in a hostel was insain, lets just say that all kinds of people wake you up at all hours of the night... thinking your someone else. Then they just randomly decide to jump into your bunk and start talking to you, even though its like 5:00am....Dan where were your buddys then???? After a stern no "thank-you" he got the hint! What did i get myself into? Had crazy a lady ask us to be in her wedding as her bridesmaid...oo bad we wouldn't be there. Was up till 5:00am with the route 69 pub crawl...when i had to be up at 6:00 to go up to Blue mountian for a hike. Sorry Carolyn for telling you to get lost at 6:30....yep no hike for me. The Pub crawl had to be the best time ever though!!!!! Meet some really cool people for all over the world
-Steve*(Organizer of Pubcrawl) England
-Tom's from England
-Suevlee from Ukran
-Buddy from New Zealand
and many many more
Wicked time, the day after long, glad to have the Church all to myself.

Friday, 11 May 2007

Location: Sydney, Australia

So been in the realworld for a few days nice. I love the fact that i can pee in a real toilet and not a hole in the ground which i have to pay to do. But im missing the food in Asia, been eating pita and tomato sauce for 3days now and its getting kinda sucky. Got some advice from my father to take a couple days and just chilly/relax let my body re-adjust back to things....did i take his advice..............................NO. I took the free champagne and got so Drunk 2nd night out in Aus that i did stupid stuff. Lets just say i still have paint on my back...tell u all when i get home, and the taste of puke in the morning is not yummy! Next time dad im gonna listen. But for my first night out in Aus was a blast!!! Besides the drunk fest the sights are amazing. Checked out the Opera House, and walked around town, went to Manly Beach, watched all the surfers. The people all dress up so Fancy here, its cool. We moved into our Hostel today "Footprints". We of course took the cheapest room, so for $23 we get a bedroom shared with 25 other people, i lucked out with the botten it.

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Location: Sydney, Australia

Whats up all, so finally arrived in Aus!!!!!!! After two plane rides, two trips to StarBucks, and being up over 36hrs, and a bad case of sickness, i can finally relax and chill. Not for long though booking our bus tickets to head up to north to the SUN!!! and Parties. Cannot wait. I love being back in the real world. Its weird cause everything is so expensive and im trying not to bargin with people...i keep wanting to say "you give me discount" i doubt that will happen.

Thursday, 03 May 2007

Location: Inle Lake, Myanmar

Well after finally getting out of the woods, and taking a shower, getting rid of the stink, things were pretty chill for a couple days. Inle lake was interesting, this massive lake thats the size of the comoz valley was a nice place to end our trip in Maynamr. Everything you can imagin people doing in water these people do in this lake. Huge cows soak in this brown water, as well as people washing them selves, and they swim and fish and doing their laundry.. all in one place. And im pretty sure that the water that i took my nice hot shower in, was lake water. Cause my skin felt worse then it did after i got off the trek. But it had its upsides, one day we took a river boat ride, and played tourists. Saw the long neck ladies of some tribe (cannot remember name), and saw how the make bamboo unbrellas, and metal tools, saw a bunch of young children making cigars and cigarettes..they cannot have a right to feel speech but are allowed to make cigars...werid! Saw a who new side of life. Whatcha gonna do. After leaving we spent the following day in the air back to Yagoon. I was wacting out for the jerk who ripped us off, gonna get my $6.00 back. Didn't happen. But we did get to see a movie..300 again. Its funny being the only white people in a theatre, and i laughed so loud when i saw that the Govt cut out the Pg13 sex scene. Not allowed here. Next is Aus. I wonder what adventures im gonna get into there?????????

Monday, 30 April 2007

Location: Kalaw to Inle Lake, Myanmar

We took a trek from Kalaw to Inle lake, over 52km through mountians and forest, in just 2.5days.We went through a number of villages and rice feilds, rivers, and mud!! I had so many stupid kristi moments its not even funny. Lets just say that if anyone was gonna walk into a cuctus it was me, or fall down some rocks, or in the mud..yep all me and gain the mosquitos loved me, i now have 7just on my butt. We slept in a village, on a nice familys floor, the people didnt speak a word of english, but we all managed. The second night in a Monistary, while we fell asleep the monks chanted, as well as when we woke. One of the things i wanted to see when here in Asia. It was the most amazing things ever, and i could sit and listen to them all day long. The trek was hard and i swore alot and told carolyn to leave me a couple times, but i got throught it. With huse blisters on my feet, and so dirty and smelly, that what happens when you have not showered in 3days. but i loved it.

Saturday, 28 April 2007

Location: Kalaw, Myanmar

The Bus trip to Kalaw was unlike anything i have even encountered. Just imagine four rows of seats all filled up, plastic seats in the isle ways... all filled up, people piled on the roof. Your going like 30miles/hr, in and up and through the mountians.Which the bus can hardly make it up a hill, and when they reach the top have to stop and pour water on the engine to cool it down. Your legs and so gammed that your hitting the seats ahead, and it smells of gas. The bright side, i make good eye contact with a cute monk. I was hopeing to turn him over, i felt we had a connection. Kalaw was nice, stayed at a crappy guest house, with a sucky breakfast. The towns poeple were really sweet, they always where coming up asking where were from, how old we are, say where beautiful. It gets boring after a while. It was cool that we were the talk of the town cause everyone knew where we were staying and when we were leaving. I think cause we were the only white people there.

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From Unca Paul
Well,, I always knew you were crazy,, no way I could ever do something like that. Just thinking about it gives me cold feet. But I'm so happy that you did something like that ,,, and lived lol. Keep having fun and Be safe. Luv Ya.
Response: Uncle Paul, i have no idea how i did i as well, but i loved it and will do it again.
From Your
I'm happy for you sis.. You showed some great courage.
Response: Courage...i love that word!
From Your Brother
Kristi, Dad told me you jumped out of a plane.. Congradulations for doing something I haven't done yet. Make sure you tell me to detail so I know what to expect when I go.. I'm assuming it was a tandam jump?
Response: Rocked!!! I still cannot believe i did it, detail when i get home. Thanks
From emma
seriously sooo JEALOUS .... i envy you that you did this ! lol looking at pictures brings me back to my happy moments! like coral bungalows lol
Response: Girl, Coral Bungalows was one of the best times in Thai Land, im so glad you recommended it.
From emma
hey babe sorry its taking me so long to say hello, i dont really have a computer ! Good that your having fun ! I miss you lotz at good ol BP, i so wish i could meet you out there. love you lots take care and be safe ! XO emma
Response: If i could bring you and everyone out here it would be even more wicked then it has been. Miss you all also well. Dont' worry after this im not gonna have any money, so ill be back at BP.
From Sherry
Kristi, I am so proud of you!
Your having the time of our life, good for you! Enjoy it girl!

Hugs and kisses,

Response: Hey Sherry, hope things are good. Your little girl is getting so big! So cute.Any plans for another??? Were gonna have to meet up when i get home.
From erin j
hey girl! looks like you're havin an amazing time. I'm so proud of you, and slightly jealous. your pics are awesome. stay safe and make sure you do lots of things that I would do...mwahahahah!!
Response: Girl, ive done some many things that you would do, no one would believe me. Ha ha Ha. Miss you all. Kisses
From Your Brother
Hey Lil sis..
Your trip looks like an immense success.. I'm happy for you.. (i'm not drooling though over your pics) Sorry my "boys" weren't at the hostel.. they were..uhhh..indisposed, yes that'll work..
Love Dan
Response: Hey Bro, just wait untill you see some of my new'll drool. Love ya
From Auntie Linda
Hi Kristi. Received your postcard today, thank you for sending us one. Sounds like you are having the time of your life. Good for you. Keep the pictures coming and the updates on your diary.

Keep safe

Love Auntie Linda
Response: Yay, i cannot believe the post cards arrived so soon. Glad you liked it. Im have sooo much fun, everyday a new adventure.
From pauline
HI Kristi
The beaches look great. You look like you becoming a real surfer. Everyone here are doing well working and drouling over your pictures. Take care and be careful.
Response: Hey Pauline..hope everyone told you a Happy Mothers Days for me. With the surfing....i sucked..stayed up long enough just to get the Pic.
Love ya
From Rachel and John
Hi Kristi
Sorry have been busy over the mothers day weekend so behind in looking for you and what you are up too.
So glad you got back from Burma ok we were worried about that trip.
You seem to be having lots of fun keep sober we miss you. Rachael andohn Pat and Bob
Response: Hey Guys, don't worry about me. Burma was amazing though. Sober i don't know that word! What does it mean again. Miss you all too.
From carly
hello love! austraila seems like a kristi paridise in general. think of me when u hit that water. missing u tons. love the pictures keep em comin. it's beem awsome hearing your voice lately.
love carly jeff and niko
Response: I do agree, i think Aus is Kristi's Paradise. I love it here..too many Surfers though..i don't know what to do. Love you all....Kisses to Niko
From Greigals
Glad to hear you are having fun, erica was so glad you phoned her she could not stop talking about it. Anyways hope you are well and still having a blast
Response: You tell Erica to get here butt on this web site and check it out. I called you today, hopefully you got my message. Miss Ya. tell Tassa i say Hey Girl. xoxoxo
From Erin R
I did it!! Can't wait for you to meet the lil(big)man!!!! Hope you are still having a wonderful time. I miss you!
Response: Erin...i am so proud of you, i sure you were great. Tell Joe i say Congrades. I cannot wait to meet him, Give him big kisses for me! Love Ya
From Tom & Nettie
Hey Kristi!
Had Gary and Pauline over for Survivior Figi and Burgers. By looking at your pictures no need for me to tell ya to have a good time. Look forward to the futher adventures of "KRISPI".
T & A
Response: Hey Guys, glad to see your checking out the site. Im haveing the time of my life here, and i have a feeling its only gonna get better.
From Your Brother
Kris... I just got back from two weeks in a place worse then Wainwright.. it's true there is a place worse. I'm glad to find out your still having a good time
Response: Where were you? What kind of work did you do?
From carly
keep thinkin about u. nice to hear your stories. must say kris, it's much easier to read everything when it's typed apposed to your writting. lol keep the pics comin. erin had her babe. may 9th at 4pm the goofy kid was 9.1 pounds needless to say she's got some places to ice. and yes i did.... Love u tons
Response: Hey Man, dont make fun of the writting. Im so Happy for Erin, so im still waiting to hear about something you were gonna tell me!!! remember? and find out for me.
From katelyn & kyle
hey girl! thinkin about you! hope all is well! sounds like your having a blast sooo jealous! live it up girl! xo talk to you soon stay safe! love katelyn and kyle
Response: I think im living it up too much here, im sure you'll find out soon.
From Trista + Shun
Hey hun good to know you are back to some sort of civilization... im thinking tho if you can find a computer why cant you shower lol... anyways its Shuns grad tomorrow, wish you could be here to be part of her "white" family fan club she has the most guests coming... lol... We miss you sooo much but soo happy to hear you are having a blast. Love reading about your travels keep them stories comin; : )
Response: Hey, im in Aus now thats why the computer, but when your out in the middle of the woods and villages, ya there aint none. Congrades Shun, sorry im missing out.
From Justine
Well it looks like your having a great time. I'm jelous. It's fun to see the places you've been from your pictures. Keep having fun and stay safe.
Response: Hey girl, youll be happy to know that i am still doing my spinning here, a about a week ago i took out a bike and rode around town.
From Devan
Everything looks and sounds so amazing, I'm very jealous! Girls nights out dancing aren't the same without you... Stay safe, we miss you!!
Response: Devon you have no idea how happy that makes me to hear that...sorry. Its not like i want you guys to not have a good time, but to know that your have a good time without Be home in a fwe months, or around 8more Sats.
From sugar daddy
life on the road less traveled is the best isn't it... i can wait to travel again.. good to hear u love it and when u come back well have a few drinks... wait a min.. a few.. we'll get right smashed and make fun of ppl.. then run naked till we get arrested...bye babe
Response: Jess, you making me wish i was back home now...all this talk of getting smashed and running around naked. Try to stay out of trouble till i get back. Bye Sugar Daddy
From Erin D.
Hey Kristi
You probably won't get this for a bit. Your pics are amazing and it sounds like you're having a blast. love the site, its fun reading about your adventures...stay safe
Response: Hey Erin, glad our checking up on me, Tell Bill i say Hi, and im haveing so much fun, its kinda dirty and smelly here, but still fun.
From Your Brother
Consider it done.. Kevin says he's sorry
Response: Thank You!! xoxox
From Your Brother
Glad your thingy worked out.. I knew my staff could get that fixed for you. Congrats on finding the big mall.. Looks like the "Mall Of The Emeraites" in Dubai. That mall also had a huge theatre with huge comfy leather seats. Alli sends her love
Response: Hey dan, im glad your boys helped us out, can you please tell them not to watch so oviously, they scared some poor guys off. Not cool! Miss you. Kis