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Kristy-Ann - back in Australia

To my friends/family and anyone else,

This is my special web-page where I tell you what I've been doing and you can write back to me. I hope everyone can make good use of it and I'll try to update it at least once a week (Sunday I will most likely use it).

To my friends and family : Remember, I am always thinking of you no matter where I am.


P.S. Since I am back in Australia I don't know if I will use this so much, maybe to keep in touch with my German friends.

Diary Entries

Friday, 18 February 2005

Location: Germany

hi all
my last entry was rather boring but i still don't have much news. there has been a little bit of snow this week, which is good and today is my host sisters birthday so I'm havin fun.
got some addresses from friends here (including some from some guys-I'm sure you'll all be happy about that) and took a photo of koffer (yay), but still haven't talked much to him. not much else to say, only that i have only 4 more days of German school left, cause the 25th and 6th are no school then I leave the 27th and get home early on the 1st of March to Brissie, then I have to travel home and probably need the 2nd off school to get back into sleeping patterns, adjust to the weather etc.

well have fun at Tanny's party to those who are goin and don't miss me too much.

luv kristy

p.s. this could be the last time iI talk to ya all before I come home.

Sunday, 13 February 2005

Location: Germany

Hi Everyone
I was a bit upset not to see any new messages in my mailbox today but I guess since I check them on Wednesday I was expecting a bit to much.

Well my week hasn't been very exciting. Just the normal things like everyone speaking German, school and shopping. It's raining at the mment and only two weeks till I leave but otherwise I am rather lost for news, instead you must give me some.

Ok then better go.
Keep well and don't die of heat exhaustion before I go home.

Thursday, 10 February 2005

Location: Germany

Hi everyone,
It is thursday and im using the internet, we are supposed to have French, but the teacher is away and so we are all using the computers instead and we are aloud to do anything so I guessed I should write to you all.
Are you missing my loud mouth yet, because I'm sure missing all the loud ENGLISH talks at the lunch table and wish I could see you all in your official looking uniforms while I am wearing casual to school everyday.

Well I am still trying to get all my work from Australia done and have about 3 Maths Excersizes left and most of my MUlti and geography work is done. I have a project to do for Germand lessons - 5 pages of my choice - so I am doing Australia, have basically finished the English version, but need to find facts to put in then translate to German.
Well I guess I should go ,
will send this to the emails too so if you get the same thing twice its just cause I want those that are to lazy to visit planetranger to see it too.

Well too my Aunts and Mum I know alot of this stuff doesn't apply to you but I hope you are all well and enjoying life.

from kristy

Sunday, 06 February 2005

Location: Germany

hello everyone
all is good here
Went to berlin on saturday, i saw some cool places including a dome to look out over berlin and a the Kaiser-Wilhem Memorial Church with a hole in its roof from a bomb, took heaps of photos so will show you when i get home.
Went to the brunsweig Karneval this morning, it is a HUGE street parade thing, like Easter in the Country but 10 times more people and the floats threw out heaps of lollies and things.
Nina Laura and Felicia encourage me to tell Koefer I like him so I am considering it.
well have fun everyone, only 3 weeks till im home.

Sunday, 30 January 2005

Location: Germany

Hi All
Went to Mittelbau Dora (a concerntration camp) on Wednesday, there was a museum, an original building where the Jews lived and were killed and a tunnel in which they lived and worked for months and hardly ate anything.

There has been snow on the ground all week and I've seen it fall a few times this week, which was great.

Mary Rose told me what class she was in so can everyone else please to and find out what class I'm in if you can.

Well have fun
Love Kristy

Sunday, 23 January 2005

Location: Germany

Hi all
Been at school all week and Saturday too (what a bummer, 2 weeks in a row). Well at least it makes me feel a little better that the Aussie have to go back to schhol agian now.

Visited the Harz for a while this morning (didn't actually get to go into the mountains, but saw some cool attractions). There was a bit of snow this morning when I wok, but not enough for me.

Been planning to cook an Australian meal for my host family, Hot Mince Pot and Chocolate Self saucing pudding ough to do the trick I reakon.

Well gotta go, missin ya all heaps, had a few tears yesterday, but I'll be home soon.
Love ya, Kristy

Sunday, 16 January 2005

Location: Germany

Hi all

School all week including Saturday. Watched Feli do partner dancing on Wednesday after I had an after school cooking lesson. Went to the Cinema to see Oceans 12 on Friday night, it was great, only it was in German. Took photos after school on Saturday.

No snow, I've left an email for my friends on all the goss about my lastest German crush,Koefer, he is so hot and I wish he was mine.

Well I'll leave another entry sometime but I've gotta go
Miss ya's all.
Love Kristy

Sunday, 09 January 2005

Location: Germany

Hi All
I am nearly half way through my stay here in Germany and this is only the second diary I have written, well sorry, but I'll try harder to keep you up to date. School starts tommorow and I'm supposed to have a history exam,but I doubt I will be able to do it though, it'll all be in German.

Not much news for the last week, but I thought I might tell you an interesting fact, this is the warmest winter (in the area of German that I'm staying in at least) that has been recorded since they started recording it.

Well my German is not improving much because everyone talks to me in English and I can't be bother to try German. I can understand peoples conversations a little now, which helps a bit, but is no good in teach me to make my own german sentences.

We have walked the dogs, my host family have 2, through the forest many times and there is hardly any leaves on the trees, but when we walk back through town all the houses have high pitched rooves and bricks and it is so beautiful. The bummer is there is no snow.

I'm sure all my school friends are inquisitive of my status to do with boys here, but I don't have a boyfrriend and hardly see any except for at school. I like a guy in my class, but I don't know if anything will happen in that case, so for now I am missing hugs.

Well miss you all, but better go.
Love from your adventurous, loud (not so much now) friend

Sunday, 02 January 2005

Location: Germany

Hi Everyone

Sorry I didn't write sooner, I haven't had access to the internet.
I have been in Germany for over a month now and I´ve been having a great time. I was going to school most of the time (even every second Saturday) but now I have 3 weeks holidays.

I've been to the Christmas Markets a few times, it was wonderful. The buildings are beautiful here, most of them have really high pitched rooves and extra rooms built into the roof. Their was a little bit of snow that stayed on the ground on Tuesday overnight, but no white Christmas and it has melted now.

Christmas was great, we celebrated the night before (its called Heilichabend - holy evening) and had a 6 course meal and opened presents. For New Year's Eve my host parents went out for a party and Felicia (my host sister), Constantin (my host brother), Nina-Laura (a friend of Felicia and I) and me stayed at home and celebrated with party food.

Yesterday, New Years Day, we went to the Autostadt, it was built for Volkswagen and there was heaps of beautiful cars and information about there design. There was an ice slope and I went down it, fun. There was old cars there and a restuarant. It was great.

Well thats about all.

Love Kristy

Sunday, 21 November 2004

Location: Australia

Hi Everyone,
I leave on Friday and I am so excited. I now have a host family, The Thieme Family, who live in Adenbuttel. I talked to my host father (vatter) on the phone last night and it was great trying to tell him that I am his exchange student, luck he speaks a little English. My host mum and dad own a surgery, because she is a nurse and he is a doctor. My host sister is 15 years old and my host brother is 13. I am going to go to a private school and have to start school on the Monday after I arrive. I can't wait, but I'm a bit nervous.

Yours truly

Tuesday, 26 October 2004

Location: Australia

Hello everyone,
It is one month till i go and I still don't have a host family, but I am still really excited about it. I hope I get to go skiing and meet heaps of cool people.
Yours Truly,

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Recent Messages

From Alma
hi Kristy!
Do you had a good flight? I hope so! At school didn`t happen so much things! But we miss you all!
Bye Alma
Response: I had a nice flight and have had 2 days back at school already and I have alot of work. I hope school is fun. It is nice that you all miss me, maybe you will all come and visit me some day in the future.
From Nina
I just wanted to know if you came back good.
Feli and I worried about you (not getting the plane and stuff like that).I have to stop now (in a few days we have the math exam !!! )
Response: I hope your Maths exam was ok. I am all safe and well in Australia now even though it is very hot, I think in German it is very cold though.
Well, I must go I have much work to catch up on.
From Jana
Hey Kristy!
How ya doing? I'm fine, it's sad that you're leaving already...but I'm glad you were here, it was fun (even if I didn't talk that much too you, what I actually wanted to but whatever).
I hope you had a great time and enjoyed it, I would love to keep in touch with you (of course only if u want).
Have a good flight (24hours must be pretty crappy)

We will all miss you!
Hugs & Kisses
Response: I have sent you an email so you can save my adress and I would love to keep in touch with anyone that wants to email or message or write to me.
the flight was okay, but it was a long time so I am a little tired now and I have so much work to catch up on. I must go, please contact me.
From Rosie
can't wait till you get home. so much to tell. melitta had half a cruiser and couldn't stop grinning. the unfortunate thing was that she did not end up dancing on the table singing ABBA's 'dancing queen.' we caught the funniest moments on video. roz has these awesome fotos of the mudfight melitta, loz, tanny and i had. very funny. she took like six in a row so you'd see the mud leave someone's hand, fly through the air and land on someone else's head. you'll have to see them. say hi to koefer for me ;) lol. just kidding. well, bell's about to ring, so i'll probably email you again later or (knowing me) probably won't get around to it. i'll probably talk to you when you get home. missing you heaps honey. stay strong. don't freeze. lol luv ya.
Response: hee, hee. i am said i missed out on it, but now I am home and enjoying myself with you all.
From Aunty Judy
Hi Kristy! How are things going? All well and enjoying being back in Roma.Erin and David are very happy to be back and really enjoying school. Erin is in Year 7 now and has Mrs. Roberts she is so pleased to have her.
David is in Year 4 and has Miss Schutt,she is excellent also.
Was talking to your Mum at the pool last Sunday.
Not long until we see you again, so we are looking forward to that.
Must close now and take care.
Lots of Love to you.
Love Aunty Judy and Family
Response: Hello Aunty Judy
Things are great over here, I think I am going to miss everyone when I go home. It is good that everyone is enjoying themself and good to hear that Erin and David have nice teachers.
This could be the last time I write while I am here so enjoy yourself and don't miss me too much cause I'll be home soon.
Love you all
From Rosie
hiya sweetie! you sound increasingly homesick. tanny's having a belated birthday party on the weekend. we're also going to see how drunk we can get melitta. she's usually gone on one crusier. sorry to hear about koefer. sounds a bit like a creep now. i got a huge bunch of flowers for valentines day. very sweet. they don't all fit in the vase. i also got taken out to tea at ruby's on saturday night. bree's being increasingly stupid, coz jason is always round her house when her parents aren't there. i don't really have much else to report. i'm also running out of time too coz it's lunch time. we're all missing the cat food and the incessant banter. we're also missing todd's loud personality. hurry up and come home!!! we had arts council yesterday. very cool, but a little depressing at the same time. enjoy the rain while it lasts, coz it's dry as out here. anyways, missing you heaps. only a week and a half till you're home and we won't be able to shut you up again! lol. missing you. luv ya.
Response: I'm not homesick at all at the moment actuallys I wish I didn't have to go home cause I have too catch up on all the work. don't work I don't think koffer is so bad, I still like him and don't call him a creep. look after melitta at the party and don't get her too drunk, you know me always trying to look out for everyone. anyway hope the party is fun, bit dissappointed to miss out on it but its my birthday in a month and I can throw one then. i can't hurry up my home comin but im having fun so don't wish that on me. well lots of fun for everyone at the party and don't forget to say cheers to me.
luv kristy
From mayo
hey kristy,
happy valentines day... miss u heaps... am in a hurry... sorry didnt reply to ure email but i have been really busy... i promise i will write u one later...
Response: okay I know what it is like to be in a hurry, have fun at the party, till next time.
From Rosie
hiya kristy, haven't been able to get near the email lately. been a bit busy. i'll email you real soon though. massive dust storm here on the 2nd. swealtering in the uniform. just finished biology prac report. todd came home for the weekend, didn't get to see him though. i'm in the school singing group. not doing very well. roma performing arts is putting on oklahoma this year. can't audition coz i don't have the time. tyson smith is trying to convince me. he's not doing too well. hee hee. yr 11 isn't that hard. it's only hard for mary rose coz she's doing chem and phys and all the smart subjects. anyways, have to go, got some study to do. not to mention legal and maths homework (sigh). everyone's missing you. bring me back some lollies! no don't, they'll probably be stale. can lollies get stale?! Valentines day (VD)coming up. don't know what to get tom. email me some ideas. ask koefer out on VD. i've been playing perfect match with laura and josh c. unfortunatly laura spoilt my fun and is now going out with a guy from injune called nathan who's two years younger than her. oh and sarah needs a boyfriend so if you could kinda help me in that department it would be awesome. anyways, miss you heaps. talk later yeah. ps. leyton hewitt got into the finals of the aussie open. first aussie since 1988 or something like that. he lost to marat safin. pps. leyton hewitt and bec cartwright are getting married. it's been all over the news. getting really sick of it. but it's leyton so who cares?
Response: no one told me bout the dust storm, but Mayo said that she was real busy with chem and physics. try and get into the audition, you'll be great. poor laura you trying to get her to go out with josh c., by the way tried to talk to koefer, he didn't seem very interested as he was too busy talkin to his friends and being silly. well no problem i can stay single and my boring old self. don't know how I could help sarah as i am on the other side of the world and she'll never see any of these guys.

oh my god Bec Cartwrght is getting married to Leyton Hewitt, so I'm not in Oz to know about this but mum did send me one Dolly mag and it never said a thing about it. in fact I though she was still with Beau Brady. Well teachs me to leave the country when everything is happening. well wish you all the best with finding tom something for VD, maybe he would like choccies or socks or jocks (hee hee) or boxers or a new cap or maybe you can make something for him or get him a ticket for the cinema so you can go together, how romantic. well i need a bit of romance in my life so its great to help you. well should go. I am at school and the French teacher is ill or something so we are using the computers instead, which is how come I can write for longer. Well say hi to everyone and tell them all is well here, but I can't wait to see you and also don't want the time to end at the same time.
I have started to get the courage to say a bit of german now .
okay gotta go , sorry it is so long but i thought maybe you were missin my long talk by now.
from kristy
From Mary Rose
hey kristy... u r in mr swires and miss anderson's form class (11M)... just letting u know
Response: thanks
From Rosie and Sarah
Location: at school, bored as usual...
Hiya Kristy, we've got legal studies next. too many text books. sarah isn't really contributing much to this so i'm having to do all the brainstorming. hee hee. :P sarah has a pink water bottle. yeah it's pink. sarah's usual random comments. missing your ceaseless chatter and cat food at lunchtimes. mary rose, melitta and i have to do a dance holding candles. should be interesting. it's for school mass. let's burn down the church!!! no not really. hope you're enjoying looking at all these interesting things like concentration camps. try and get to auzwitzch or however you spell it (i think it's in germany, i don't do geography). anyways keep us posted on what you're up too. you'll be home soon so you'd better hurry up and get some guy's phone no's!!!too true says sarah. about 20 should cover all of anyways, talk later. ps. how'd the cooking go? burn down the house yet? lol. pps. IT RAINED YESTERDAY!!!!!!!
Response: 20 guys you reckon, that is a difficult task indeed. well the girls are encouraging me to tell koefer i like him so maybe i will
well have fun till next time, everyone will think you are crazy when i post this to my webpage
From Mary Rose
hey guess wat??? we r back at school... mising u heaps... showed your postcard to everyone... cant wait till u get back... everything is so HARD and DIFFERENT!!!
Response: hard- sounds bad, only hope I can get used to the new things, you guys will already be used to it when I come home.
From Aunty Judy
Dear Kristy,
Thanks for your message.
Guess what Erin, David and myself have moved back to Roma, Graeme will move back when we sell our business.
We arrived back on Saturday, ready for Erin and David to start school yesterday at St. John's, they are so thrilled to be back in Roma and back to St. John's, it is a fantastic school.So our address is 23 Hawthorne St. Was talking to Eliza this morning at school, good to see her again. She has got tall.
Haven't seen Athol, Erin was talking to him yesterday at school.
I must close now mate.
Look forward to seeing you when you get back.
Love you,
Aunty Judy and Family.
Response: Dear Aunty Judy
Dad told me the news about you moving back this morning . I was missing you when you went to Wyreema so it's good you are going to be Romans (hee hee) again.
Luv you all
From Rosie
just a quick message, pies and tomato sauce would work just fine for an Australian meal! lol. try shepherd's pie and pavlova. should email the recipe to you. anyways, talk later.
Response: Don't worry I decided it, Mince Hot Pot and Chocolate-Self Saucing pudding I think, supposed to cook it this weekend, I hope they'll like it.
Hope everything is well and year 11 is not to hard.
From Erin Thrupp
Dear kristy
How r u? I am feeling a bit better after having 4 teeth out.
When do u come back home?
Have Fun.
Lots of hugs from ERIN.
Response: Hello,
I have a postcard to send for you, It was going to be a surprise, but If you could send your address to me I can send it everytime I call Dad I forget to get it.
From Aunty Judy
Hi! Kristy darling,been reading your messages, seems like your having a fantastic time. enjoy every minute of it.All well here.
Erin had four teeth out yesterday, as she needs to have braces on her teeth. So she was feeling a little worse for ware yesterday and this morning. She is feeling better now.
The weather has been fairly good.
Most nights we need a doona, but then I feel the cold.
We had some rain yeaterday, which was really nice.
Only a few days until school goes back here now.
Well mate I must close now and take good care of yourself.
Love you,
Bye for now
Aunty Judy and the family
Response: Poor Erin, please read the reply to Erin's message as it applies to you also.
Well love you heaps.
From kody crawford
hi kristy i am at Aunty Carol we are going home on tomorrow night. I love ready your diary it sounds like you are having a good time.i am not looking ford to go back to school because i feels to me like hoildays has only stared.lots of love kodyxxxxxxx
From Mary Rose
hey kristy,
hows it going... missing u heaps here... anyways i got the postcard.. thanks.... showed roz and rosey... show more pple when i get the time... anyways take care
mary rose
Response: thanks for the message read your email for all the goss on my last weeks happenings
From Rosie
sounds like you're getting homesick. why are you homesick?! i would kill to be over there right now! you enjoy yourself and think of what i'm missing out on. we do miss you over here. it's not quite as eventful as usual. i hope you're taking lots of pictures and picking up lots of info brochures for me. don't be so conspicuos and look like a japanese tourist while doing it though lol. email me and tell me more about this boy, please. no overseas dating without my permission! lol. just kidding. anyways, i'd better go. oh, i read the postcard and i sent you a letter. it probably won't get there until just before you leave. anyways, we're missing you heaps. enjoy yourself because before you know it you'll be back home, swealtering mind you. k then, i'll write to you later. luv ya! ps. do long distance hugs count?! XXOO
Response: thanks, everthing is better now, I'm not to homesick, an insy bit maybe. got ya letter, thanks heaps, sent you an email and will send a letter in reply to yours. my email has the details about the hottest guy in the world, Koefer, but he's not my boyfriend yet, though I wish.
From Aunty Carol
Heh again, have sent you a e-mail with all our news from home so have no news to tell you here, talked to mum last night and she was good and she filled me in on your Christmas happenings - shame it didn't snow and give you a white Christmas, can't have everything heh. Anyways,keep in touch and thinking of you often....Love Aunty Carol
From Rosie
Hey Kristy, nah nah we're on hols!!! no we're missing you heaps. only a few more days till chrissie. how's the language barrier going? how's school? hee hee. sori i haven't written yet, i'll get there. i only just got back from a 10 day holiday and you know what i'm like. did you know bout bree and her whole renton/jason thing? anyways, have to go darl, i'll email you later. missing you heaps. luv ya!
Response: hey thanks for writing, yea i knew about the renton/jason thing and read my diary for info about what I've been
From Aunty Carol
Hi my dear,how are you, mum said you havn't got internet access at your host home yet so I guess you will get this message and the other I sent last week eventually.We hope you are well and having a wonderful time over there, I'm sure you are. We had our holiday and are home now and its been raining so that's been lovely. Just wanted to say HI and will write again when I hear fromyou - LOVE you lots Aunty Carolxoxoxoxo
Response: hi , I'm well, thanks for your message, I have been having a wonderful time but can't write long replies. I have internet access on Sundays now. well luv ya
From Dee Chambers
Testing this message to see where
they are going.
Response: yea great mum
From Dee Chambers
Hi! Sweetheart. Missing your beautiful nature being around but hope your having a whale of a time with your host family and school associates. Has it snowed since you have been there? How is the cold weather treating you have you adjusted quickly? How hard has the school lessons been?
What a challenge. Thanks for the beautiful letter you left on the bed. "What a suprise I just burst out crying but then started to laugh when you said for Eliza & Athol to look after you belongings. I think I might get it laminated, the few beautiful words in there made me feel so special. Thanks Darling have a play in the snow for me if you get a chance in my coat.
I came down to "Rockybank" last night and stayed, Jack & I are going to Inverell today to take some horses down to his brothers.
I am working in Mitchell on Monday so I won't talk to you until Tuesday. I hope you get this message soon.
Thinking of you always,
Your very special and near to my heart.
Love Mum.
Response: I love you heaps, and I think I've answered your questions in all of those costly phone sessions i've had with you. sorry my reply is short, but read my diary for info.
Luv ya
From Jack
Hi Kristy, Hope you are well and enjoying yourself. Whats the wheather like over there , is it snowing. Its around the 40 degrees here .....very hot and today it is muggy as well, so if you think of that it may warm you up. How is school going, are you finding the language difficult or are you getting by ok? How are you getting on with the host family, do you get on well with the girl your age?
Look forward to hearing from you, Keep well, love,Jack
Response: I hope all those questions were answered through mum, because i have so many messages to reply too I can't answer them all now.
From Aunty Carol
Heh you, how are you ... listened to your messages on mums phone and know you arrived safe and well. So .... how was your trip and your host family when you arrived. Teressa wedding went off lovely and a good time was had by all. We spent the three days at the coast and it was really lovely - sun, heat and beaches seem a long away from snow for you at the moment, when are you going to put some up dates on here, can't wait to hear from you. We are in Brisbane at Rabs girlfriends place at the moment and are going to the Eagles Concert tonight - across to Warick at the week-end to Kay and then home to the heat - it's been 41 out home so garden is probably dead, but look on the bright side, the pool will have warmed up. Anyways my dear, will go for now and wait to hear from you - Love you Lots,
Aunty Carol and crowd oxoxoxoxo
Response: Sounds like you've been having a great time, I have too.