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Tuesday, 08 November 2005

Location: United Arab Emirates

Six months into Dubai already! It does feel longer than that but in a very good way.

Have managed to get in some more travelling and now can include pictures of Turkey. Nearly three weeks in Turkey, a beautiful country and met some lovely people but I missed Angus terribly and was eager to get home!

Had a gret birthday in Istanbul with Claire and some new mates. Then back home in Dubai we had a belated BBQ at the villa with mates. Angus cooked 5kg of prawns on the BBQ and much rum and wine was consumed!

Last week we had Eid break which celebrates the end of the Holy month of Ramadan- a month of no eating drinking or smokingin public - not even a glass of water at the desk!....sneaking fags on the rooftop. The police enforce Ramadan here on everyone so you can't be caught out even in your car.

Angus and I went camping in Oman for the Eid break. What a beautiful country. Some places really are like time forgot - the desert, mountains and coastline are all so beautiful. Even managed to scare some local mountain children that hadn't seen a blonde woman before!

The weather has cooled down a lot here now and it is pleasant enough to sit outside at night. We have also been 4WDing down along the beach after work so as to catch the sunset and cook dinner on the beach. A lovely way to break up the week!

Cheers, Joedi xx

Saturday, 27 August 2005

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Hi all,

Have updated the photo page with some shots of Jordan. Of course, as with anywhere the photos can never do a place justice. The City of Petra was amazing - the hiking and the locals were great. Also went and camped in Wadi Rum, went in on jeeps then came out on camel!

The Dubai photo page has also been updated. No more boring villa shots but some pictures from the last Dubai Offshore Sailing Club function - a Christmas in August. Our table was certainly the most enthusiastic (ie..loudest) and we all took turns singing Christmas Carols and songs from home. I cringe at the memory of belting out Waltzing Matilda but at the time it was a fabulous idea?

For those of you who I have not been in contact with there is also a picture of the new man, Angus. Unfortunately (or perhaps suitably?..) the only pic I have is a rather embarassing one for him - but it captures his sense of humour well! We met through sailing, he works in the industry and spends time delivering yachts around the Gulf, running game fishing charters and the like. Must be hard going to work?..meanwhile I am still in an office job.

Work is good - in that it is all all happening here in Dubai and the people I work with are great. But these next three years are a time to work out what I really want to do - and I'm not sure the suit and office environment will be my final choice! this space....

As you all know - you are more than welcome to come and stay if ever heading this way. I already have four guests arriving between October and January! Lookout Dubai - my neighbours are acclimatizing I think. this last week has seen a lot of dancing and carry on on the back lawn,..I do love to entertain. Hope they will manage okay when the weather cools down and I can start having parties!

Keep in touch

Cheers, Joedi xx

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From Belinda
Hey Joed's,
Paul, Rob, Ange and I were visiting your site having a look at the pics. We cannot wait to visit.
Ange wants to hump a camel (get it! my brother is pissing himself right now). Are you sure you want us all there????

Paul wants to know the average wind strength at that time of year - he is real keen to kitesurf at the Burj.

Will email you soon.
Love ya lots

PS - we (Rob wants to claim this idea) all want to know if you would like us to bring you anything in particular from Oz. VB, Vegemite, Tim Tams, cuddly koala (that was my idea Joed's) etc.... Just let us know mate.
From Amy Epman
Hi Joedi!

It's your long-lost Yank mate from La Trobe here. I felt nostalgic for my old friends and wondered what you were doing. Imagine my surprise to find you, through the wonders of the Internet, living in Dubai. Sounds like an adventure! What are you doing there?

I'd love to catch up with you. E-mail me.


P.S. I love the pic of Hydy and Pres!
Response: What a fantastic surprise! How are you mate? Best way to get in contact with me is
Look forward to hearing from you! xx