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Smiley's Great Travel Adventure Diary!

Welcome to Smiley's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them! I'll try to be diligent in recording the adventure so keep tuned...

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 08 March 2006

Location: Sydney, Australia

Ah...I am still yet to finalise this blog before it is all over rover...but I will do that tomorrow I think. A few more photos and a catch up entry from that final week...if I can remember it now!

Lots of doing the work and house rounds! I never thought things could be this challenging but I think the longer you are away the more magnified the difficulty in settling back into life. Things just can't be the same....I am changed in so many ways...for the better one hopes and I just don't want the same things as I did before. It is actually hard to know what I want...well I do but to make it a real thing is far more difficult.

Of one thing I am certain....this transition is for a reason and somehow, someway, something good will eventuate...and in the not-to-distant future. I am waiting for the right place to be and the most interesting and challenging work will come my way. Good to be pushed...however I am still in cruise hard to change that headspace. Not had to worry about all the mundane things of life for months and now here I am needing to get headlights replaced and go into banks and organise insurance for things....oh bother....real life was always the challenge.

Now I am back on my uber healthy eating way of life, bar the odd glass of vino! And back exercing heaps...lots of swimming, sun, bikes, and walking with Pip in the late afternoon..I just love that. Thank God Pippy has a liitle place for me to lay me did Triscia when I first got back. such great and beautiful girls...see I am still being looked after! Such a lucky girl am I!

Off to swim and then two job interviews today. don't think today will include any exciting visits to a gallery, a church or amazing landscapes...but will comprise of travel, meeting new people, catching up with two beautiful ex students of mine and a chilled jazz night with Triscia..fingers this is a busy day.

I got a call from my Dane last night which was so exciting... missed our long chats girlfriend! And this morning I got a call from Italia from new best friend! So continental! No...just lucky again I guess! All goes toward making the world a little smaller and a little lovlier to be in... xxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 23 February 2006

Location: Sydney, Australia is a whole new world...trying to have a life..a different life...after all that has happened...and it isn't as easy in your home town sometimes. Trying desperately to find a home so I can put all my little things out so I can look at cancerian of me! But need to find the right place...who knows how long I shall be there this time. The average real estate response has been..that is already leased...and my internal dialogue suggests something along the lines of why are they still advertising the property when it has been leased...perhaps I think more colourfully but you get the drift.

So my two gracious mates Triscia and Pippy have taken this stray puppy in for a bit more dossing before she finds her own place. xx

Doing the work roundabout as could all be so demoralising until I realise that this is actually the real world and I am doing what regular folk no is terrible..but I must doooooo! So far i have got work from NIDA and ATYP..the two biggies of the Sydney teaching circuit..and I get to teach lots of commedia on the way which is what I wanted to do. Can't wait til I can one day set up my own company but I'll just get sorted first.

In the meantime I am going to the beach and pretending I still live there and going to my local gym like an old regular and back on my healthy eating body will probably freak out... a definate alcolhol shortage lately! but my liver says a big thank you!

I have met a great new friend on the plane from Roma to Hong Kong too...a lovely Italian..go can't meet them in the country but sure enough they appear out of it! So I am recieving phonecalls from Hong Kong and now Italy and he doesn't speak much English and some of you know my brilliant is coming along much better now since I have someone to chat too. In fact I spoke a lot of italian to gio and Steph when in roma and then all the way on the plane..I was surrounded and for two days in I must be improving...please....well at least one day I'll have to get better won't I?

it is rather warm here at the moment and for the first time in a very very long time..i feel a little lost..not in the wonderful way I always seem to be amongst the back streets and in the piazzas but just a kind of..direction searching way..if that makes sense..and it feels wierd and not like me..just a small laspe on an incredible just tells me Kylie needs her own bed and some packed away clothes and a place to cave, mummy gave me my teddy (Percy Thomas) and my two rabbits (Duck and Jack) to cuddle...smiles to self...soon... still missing all my beautiful mates far away...not the same without you xx

Tuesday, 14 February 2006

Location: Sydney, Australia

Happy Valentine's Day to all!

I have finally arrived a bottle of champagne with Triscia. And a Sunday filled with hot sun...remember sun! Swimming in the sea and lazing about. so lovely. And now begins the rounds for home and work. Flying to Brissie to see the folks and reclaim car and getting ready for a 10 hr road trip! Can't wait to sing so loudly it hurts!

It is a bit stressful but needs to be done. Let's hope everything fits so wonderfully into place as it did on my trip. The most excellent 7 months ever! I realise I have not updated because I went missing for a while but I have had a ball and will go back and do a bit of a fill in and pop in some new photos....when i get through this interim period.

Can't wait to see all my beautiful friends at home and to my gorgeous new mates I have had to leave...a tear and yet somewhere wonderful to go back to...I miss you all heaps and heaps. Love to you. xx

Sunday, 05 February 2006

Location: Dublin, Ireland

As the case would have don't have to wait so long...I did an internet cafe idea huh...could really catch on!

In some sort of nut full to the brim and so much good stuff, that I virtually can't express myself. I left Edinburgh listening to the Crows nearly the whole way...will some things never change...and got picked up at the train station in Bedford by Judy...Chris' partner...we chatted straight away and she took me to there lovely abode in the town of Harrold in Bedfordshire. Their house is like 250 years old, so full of history and so cosy. They had a whole room just for me...the world's biggest dosser!

To see Chris again was so wonderful and just like old times, except he gives better hugs! (He was my director and teacher in a theatre company and in my acting school from when I was 15...a very influential soul in my life).

Next day I roamed around Bedford and visited their gallery...yes another one but hey, I love it, they had an exhibition of Cezzanne, Matisse and Picasso....only painters with double letters in their names could be in the exhibition...not...but heaps of other artists intermingled..again Degas and Sickert and Lautrec..I'm going through a late 20th and early 21st century phase. Lots of their lithography and not all painting this time. Really interesting stuff. The museum was old style too and Bedford is such an ancient place, an old market town with so many castle seiges and hangings and takings over that it can make your head spin!

Chris found me somewhere in Bedford and he took me to a nice pub on the way home..bless him! Just like old times and chatting for ages in the car when he used to drive me to collage. Some things are eternal...this is one of them and make sme appreciate more and more the value of friends and keeping up contact with them...why miss out on all the good things in their lives?

Next day I went off to Judith...another beautiful and wonderful person from that time in my life..a true eccentric and teacher and again...not a moment of small and awkward talk...just into the next moment, taking the next moment and filling it with purpose and meaning. To my absolute joy...Livvy...gorgeous daughter number two..number three if you could me first...Holly is somewhere in Sydney...came bundling in from Israel...they are like my timeless second family, living these amazing lives. Livvy is rocking around the world with yoga guru Godfrey and is always on the move to the most amazing places while teaching and learning...great life Livvy...and a truly fun person to hang out with.

I spent some time with them and they dropped me into London...and I went to see Robert Le Page in the Anderson Project. Well is a life highlight...he is as amazing and wonderful as I always hoped he would be...put it this way...I never buy theatre programmes...and this time I did! He inspires me to make theatre a truly engaging world and to lure people into the story before they realise they are there. Very few true storytellers left, especially one who can hold court on his own. Many hats off to the Canadian...merci!

I cruised onto Peta's again for a good bit of dossing. Thanks again my sweet for your awesome floor for all those nights. London was a great time well spent and of course some excellent time spent with you!

The two day course at LISPA...a physical theatre school, made me wish I was doing the full time course all over again..just to work with such a good teacher, he was gentle but clear and a great communicater....really enjoyed the work..not too much information but what he did was so full of stuff to think about. Based on the work of LeCoq, we worked on being present in the theatre space and the 7 different levels of physical movement and energy and touched on work in Neutral mask...such a vital work tool I realised all over again. The people in the group were really open and joyful and great to work with...relaxed and committed and no judgement..people just giving something a go, where ever they were from and what ever level they were at.

Peta took me out to meet up with Jonathon her brother and his flatmates Simon and Stuart and her work mate Steph. It was a great night out...dinner, lots of chat, great pubs in Notting Hill...The Gate and then another...BBB...someone will remember what that means I am sure. Lots of good English humour and silliness persued for a very long time and a roving cab trip after...they are always trying to find an illusive open venue here in London....great night out anyway...

Getting kicked out again...and I haven't even got to Dublin...Slancha...cheers in Irish (never you mind the spelling!)

Sunday, 05 February 2006

Location: Dublin, Ireland dear Lord....I found the Craic...and how!

I have been missing in action since Edinburgh but this last week and ahalf has been speechlessly brilliant...but unfortuantely getting kicked out of the internet cafe in Dublin and flying to Roma tomorrow at 7 bloody you will all have to wait...but it was all so good that my words won't have any meaning...but people are beautiful and I have met some sound folk and got lost amongst it all...cheers x

Tuesday, 31 January 2006

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Just arrived in Dublin yesterday after an awesome time in London but I will blog later I am going to get amongst it! Put on some new photos...nice ones of you Kate!!!!!

Love to all and missing everyone I am not with. Can you all please live near me somewhere so i can see you all often? Just a little thought! xx

Wednesday, 25 January 2006

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

I had a minor slump for a day or so wondering what life is all about. I guess that sometimes happens and is a good counteracter to all the good stuff which is virtually every day. So I know how much of a lucky girl I am. But sometimes you must think and contemplate and consider where you fit in this new world you have created for yourself. At least that is what happened after I left kate.

I jumped back into things today. A really good day. I visited five graveyards. not exactly everyones idea of fun but I have a curious interest in these places of stillness and strange beauty. I started at the graveyard of St Cuthbert's and visited another beautiful old church and then the castle and made my way up the Royal Mile visiting tartan weaving museums and other odd little shops on the way and got into a tour that went underground to the vaults under the bridge in the old city and heard about the social history of Edinburgh. Built on the hill and into the valley of an extinct volcano. A progressive city that the English have fought for many times and the Picts and then the Scots have tried to defend...obviously not successfully!

I then wandered down to the palace at the opposite end. I ended up in some back street at dusk...the time between times, the hour of the pearl...and noticed a mysterious looking graveyard on a hill. I found my way in. But it was that hazy light and all the gravestones were black and grey against the dimming light of day and I was alone. I was fascinated but I could feel something... an eerieness...both repelled and drawn at the same time by this place. Huge museleums stood dark and empty with headstones on their walls. Moss and ivy and cracked and unreadable stones...

I then found another on my walk back to the hostel, this one with a huge obilesk in the centre and isolated. The same feeling but getting darker. Maybe it was because I'd heard the ghost stories when under the vaults of the city and that this is known as the City of the many tortured, imprisoned, murdered and killed in wars or prisons or on the much history..maybe I scared myself!

Tonight I went on a ghost tour with some of the guys from the hostel. Met Greg and Karen from Australia and we went together on the City of the Dead tour. We went into Grey Friars graveyard and finally into the closed off section at the back called Covenanters Prison where many men where left to die in bad conditions and treated abominably by a guy called McGregor. They have had numerous poltergeist incidents occur here where people have felt cold and fainted or been attacked by strange things whilst in the tomb. McGregor's poltergeist? We all pile into a black tomb where no one can see and hear the tales of the real poltergeist that has done things there. One girl leaves feeling ill and faint. I feel nothing but I know that it all could be possible. It is a dark and scary place. Many things have happened here the guide tells us, people are attacked days after with scratch marks and bites and bruises that appear out of nowhere. Some have felt something try to strangle them when in the tomb.

We left to have a beer and talked about strange happenings for hours at The Last Drop pub...called so because it was near where they used to hang everyone at the open market active in the 1800's and earlier.

I read about places such as a town nearby called Roslyn known as Thin Spaces...because that is where the spiritual world can intercept with the real world and strange things can occur! interesting day, a curious city with so much to see and so much creepy history. I'll be back for sure.

So karen and I are thinking to go back earlier tomorrow morning to see the graves in the light properly and to see Grey Friars Bobby, the loyal dog who spent fifteen years on his masters grave!

Then it is a train to see Chris in Bedford. Looking forward to that and yet another change.

I hope I have sweet dreams! xx

Monday, 23 January 2006

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

Arrived today in the bustling and large city of Edinburgh in Scotland. Always wanted to be amongst one of the best accents in the world. My ears are going crazy and sometimes I just can't understand someone!

I am tucked away in a hostel near the castle and today I had a huge walk around the town just getting the feel for it. Huge building of stone and statues and spires everywhere. It seems all rather spacious and large, no quaint village here and a nice mix of old town new town. Highly recommend.

Went to two galleries today and was in art heaven with Rodin, Monet, Botticelli, Seurat, Van Gogh, Degas, Raphael, Donatelli (not the turtles!), Moore, Bacon, Manet, Picasso, Dali, Tristin etc many of the world's most fabulous artists and lots of other artists i didn't know, a lot of Scottish ones that is for sure, but lovely as well.

I cooked dinner in the hostel tonight to save some cash and met some nice folk...Aussies are also never far away. But chilling with a great book kate gave me called Skellig..and I am loving it. Tomorrow i do the old town then vamoose on Wednesday. That will never do for this big city but I'll have plenty to come back to. I also want to one day go up north to Skye and around the country. Scotland is not so large and most people are near the sea....I need the sea I think right now...and to be very the sun! x

Bye to my lovely Kate this morning...ah the heartache of leaving another loved one! Want to just jump in my suitcase baby? It could get a bit squishy in there as I have a few of you in there!

Thanks for a great weekend...loved every minute of it with you and can't wait to see you again! Kisses to you beautiful girl! xx

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From Chris
From Faris
hey kylie,
glad to hear your back, although not glad to hear your upset...cheer up bella, we all must meet up sometime...maybe a semi-annual vissit to the zoo!
Response: I agree...a zoo visit sounds awesome. Let me know when your next show is on!
From Lainey
Hey Kylie good to hear that u made it back safe and had a wonderful time...... Now what am i going to read that your back :( heheh
Response: I could keep blogging in Australia but I will have to create a lot of new things to do here I think. Settling in though has been an adventure..and not finished yet! Hope all is good with you sweetheart x
From k-dog
sorry I haven't been writing you - I've been busy running away from Spain.
I lasted 3 days at the EU theatre seminar.....well done...It was dreadful and in French. So how much was it the K-dog could understand? Take a guess and weep.
So now I'm back in DK, leaving for Austria today.
Response: Be writing to you soon my sweet and can't wait to hear about your wonderful adventure!!!!! xx
From Nick
Have a safe trip home! Hope the movies on the plane are good and not boring (I had to watch one with Diane Lane, aka the Antichrist). I'm sure it will be fine. Say "hello" to Hong Kong for us... or whatever the name of the country you're landing in is... you know, one of those ones filled with "the little people".
Response: I am home safely lovely...and forced to watch Elizabeth Town and The Exorcism of Emily Rose but the lovely Constant Gardener! Hope the birthday was fabulous...remember the deal! xx
From Fabio
il mio kylie, l'amore che ho per voi è un everyet crescente dello stonger della fiamma eterna. ho ma un desiderio, per morire un manuale felice in modo da ora bacilo e lascilo vivere per sempre.

Response: Aei un pui romantica bello e voglio vedere spesso..spesso! Quando mio amore??? xxxxxx
From fabio
ciao il mio amore, poiché è stato un molto tempo da quando abbiamo
parlato l'ultima volta esso noi deve informarlo che il mio amore per
voi non sta concludendo mai per soddisfare il mio più caro

Response: Ah, mio Fabio...finalemente...sono molto felice che tu hai troppo amore per me ancora ma ho questo amore per te anche. Quando vedereti nella futura????? Spesso spiro! xx
From Kate
Lover!! Hope Dublin is treating you well. Love the new photos, lots of me!! Not so keen of the one with me and mum, think I look special (needs)!! The place where I am posing by the river on the is Thirsk. Where we had ice-cream was Great Ayton - you came up with a mix of the two but I liked it!! Love you and thinking of you - come back!!

Response: I am very good at making up new names for places...quite catchy I thought. Missing you heaps and hoping you are saving those pennies girl! Loving you...and your special..needs! x
From k-dog
how was the course in London? I'm doing fine at the Royal - the director discusses a lot of her ideas with me and she uses mine aswell...I'm quite proud actually. Anyway. Can't wait to heart from you. Hope you are Ok.
hugs to you Goldfish
Response: Hugs back to the other Goldfish....glad the director finally realises how fab you are. Course was complelely'll love it there xx
From k-dog
"How is life?" One Gubby asked the other.....
Response: Just lovely...but there is a Dane missing! x
From Kate
Come back lover!! I miss you!!


P.S. Please put a decent picture of me on this website!!
Response: Loving you too and missing you.....I will pop my favourite photo on soon lover girl xx
From BJ
Thanks for coming to visit me in Keswick KB!
You are a wonderful friend & I have enjoyed our cups-of-tea & bottles-of-wine :-)
Safe travels & I look forward to meeting again, wherever that may be...
Response: I wish you every good thing beautiful BJ and who knows where and when we'll see each other again but we will both have great stories! Looking forward to that day! lots of love to you x Smiley x Loving Keswick!
From Faris
Dearesr Kylie,
i hope u are enjoying urself in england im sure its amazing. Have you been to startfoprd upon avon and the globe? let me know what its like.
Response: Hey Faris...been to the Globe which was an interesting trip but not to's your travels? How did the skiing go? Will put photos up of Globe theatre some time soon! x
From k-dog
Hello Mr. Alien. I would like my favourite Froda back!
I know she is out there somewhere!
Response: She's out there somewhere...most likely body snatched! xx
From k-dog
Tea? - that's highly doesn't sound like you! Are you sure that you're not in "Face/Off 2" against your will or knowing???
Response: Yes tea...and all that..pip pip and tally ho! Look what Kate has done to me..I'm almost English-afied! Love to you possum x
From Nick
Robert Lepage is Canadian. Just thought you'd like to know. Sorry for not sending an e-mail back yet, I've been really busy promoting workshops, writting grants and looking for part-time employment.
Sounds like you are having a blast. Love hearing from you.
Baci e amore!
Response: I know...Love a Canadian!!!
Sounds like you are a very busy boy...and here am I swaning about! Will be joining you doing the same thing soon when I get back! Grande baci da me xxx
From k-dog
I saw the The Andersen Project in Copenhagen - just brilliant. you are a very lucky girl....What more can a missed flight do one wonder....?
Response: Ah..I can look forward to it even more then...very excited! x And you are my Royal one... I thought so!
How's London? I can't wait to go.....but first I have 4 weeks to go at the royal theatre....bless the place.
Response: London's brilliant! But you didn't leave a name. Who do i know at the Royal Theatre? Which Royal Theatre? What country? Is it you the Danish one? Of course...yes? Sei! Soon....x
From k-dog
see spamming already.....
Response: That was quick! xx
From k-dog
Ok I admit it! I miss you so much it hurts. And my answer to that situation is to spam mail you with every thought I've got - almost...
Response: And I too am missing you my K-Dog...I am in the misty haze of travel so spam away! xx
From k-dog
I think my mascara is running away. a final sprint to reach my chin....what can I say other than: I've got competitive eyes
Response: Soooo competitive! missing you already possum! x
From Faris
Response: Happy New Year´s sunshine!
From Nick
You are perhaps the silliest woman I have ever met. Great photo of xmas (I liked the drunk Viking the best). Your thursday snowstorm sounds just like Canadian Winter... the only thing missing is the way the wind whispers in the pines. Hope you continue to have a great time! More photos of the drunk Viking!
Response: Yes...Harold was a masterpiece! Perhaps i can photograph him from different angles and maybe in different bars around the world! What do you think? And yes...I am terribly silly a lot of the time! But the snowstorm made me happily meloncholy. Can´t wait to see the Canadian landscape...hope you are nice and warm xxxx
From Faris
oh i dooooo believe it does kylie......or does it. on second thaughts no actually it dosent. how can somthing that dosent have a begining have an end? or does everything have an end even things that do not have a begining??? im so confusededed....please enlighten me!

Response: now I´m confused...are we at the end or the beginning of a conversation? : )
From Faris
Merry Kristmas!

that is all...

or is it?
Response: To you to. It may not finish there never know! x