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Welcome to Kylies's Web Page.
I came to do my February email and had trouble remembering everything I had done in February! So instead I will post more frequent updates on this webpage. Feel free to send me messages via this webpage. Love Kylies

Diary Entries

Thursday, 15 March 2007

Location: GeorgieLand, UK

Hi Everyone,

Apologies to everyone for not keeping in touch very well!
Work here has barred hotmail which makes it very difficult. There is not a single internet cafe in Newcastle!!

I have been in the nurses home here for just over a month now and now moving out this Friday! Yeah!

Write soon
love Kylies

Sunday, 04 March 2007

Location: Newcastle, UK


February 10th --> ? ?

Well, now that I'm in Geordie Land (also known as Newcastle) I should have lots of other funny dialect to report...........If only I could understand it! It's quite embarrasing really. There are a few people at work who I just simply CAN. NOT. understand. I'm always saying 'what was that?' and then turning to look at them so at least I can mouth read a bit. Sometimes they will even break it down for me and say the first part of the sentence and pause to make sure I understand thus far.................'No, didn't understand one word of that'. Thats when I look to someone nearby for interpretation help. They speak really bad english. Even official signs here are written in really bad english. Its pretty funny. When you are walking round Marks and Spencers (conveniently located right next to our hospital in the city centre!) You listen to very large parts of conversations spoken in another language only to suffer a jolt of shock a few minutes later when you catch an English word and realise it was English! The term 'Spoken
English' is really quite a broad term. : )

At the moment I am searching for a place to live. I will have been in the nurses home for a month at the end of this week - way too long for a place with out showers or washing machines to use. Truly Squalid.

I should have been looking harder earlier on, but just been busy. On my first weekend here I stayed in Manchester partying with friends (my birthday). It was also Chinese New Year on the Sunday, and when we eventually dragged ourselves out into the sunny day (no, not joking, it really was, saturday and sunday were both sunny days, almost too hot in my winter gear) we caught the celebrations in Manchester China Town and got some cheapish chinesish food from the street stalls. The place was packed. Everyone wanted to see the dragon.

xoxo Kylies

Thursday, 01 March 2007

Location: Scotland Ayr, UK


November 6th - February 10th:

This was my first job as a locum pharmacist in the UK. It was cold! But bareable. Apparently it is a warm winter.

I didn't get to go to Arran as the weather was not good and it is mainly for outdoor stuff. Would have been particularly boring if I was on my own, stuck in a hotel and it rained the whole time. The place pretty much closes down over winter. Also, you need to get to Ardrossan to catch the ferry and if it is rough they simply don't run. So after exhausting the touristy opportunities in Ayr - namely Robert Burns stuff - his cottage etc, and having my share of big hot spiced coffees/chocolate at BeanScene, I would head into Glasgow on most weekends so I could do indoor winter activities - museums, churches, shopping. Glasgow Cathedral and the Necropolis are amazing. Especially the painted bosses in some of the rooms in the undercroft. Everything was free to get into which is also good. I think they do charge for the church in the 'on' season. Went to St Mungos Museum and Kelvingrove. Didn't really travel anywhere while I was here, except for up to Fort William/Ben Nevis for one weekend. It was really really cold. So cold and so much wetness in the air that you just got wet through and your eyeballs felt like they were ferezing - you needed covering over your face as well. There was only snow on the top though (for advanced only) so we didn't go skiing, but instead went indoors at Extreme or Escape, I can never remember the name. The snow slope there is really huge! and the first time I went there I stupidly went on the big slope! It was so scary. You actually have to be grade 4 skiing or above. I only went up just half way and it was still so scary. Completely different from the easy one which anyone can do in Adelaide. The slope of this one was at least 45 degrees and at least 200m + long. I'm not entirely sure as I never went up to the very top.

Not much else that I can think of from Scotland at the moment. My boss took me to the Victorian Christmas at Culzean Castle with her 2y old, which was nice, and I walked to a castle wreck along the Ayr beach front.

There are lots of red heads in Scotland. I did notice that. There are also lots of people called Lindsey. People also say funny things. Here are a few that come to mind:

- 'thats me' or 'thats you' at the end of sentences and sometimes in sentences - like for example when someone has arrived somewhere - 'thats me here' or when you have finshed packing up your shopping bags - 'thats you' They sort of sing it and their voice goes up at the end of the sentence.
- 'so it is', 'so she was', 'so they were', 'so it was' etc. at the end of sentences. My boss was particularly notorious for this one. She would say it at the end of practically every single sentence!! It is completely unecessary and I found it very strange. She didn't even seem to think about what tence etc. she was using and often got it wrong in relation to the sentence before. It was very wierd. But I guess they thought I spoke pretty strange as well.
- the way they say maybe - ma. be is also really cute. You have to hear it. And snobbery and pepper - two funny example of how I completely misunderstood something. : )

There are also lots of nice golfcourses - Prestwick and Troon. I would pass them on the train ride to Glasgow. I lived near Prestwick - near the beach actually, not that I ever went there really. I went on the beach in Ayr - and it would be very picturesque in the summer the greeness and and the little houses on the hills around the bay, but there was a bit too much haze.

There were also lots of bagpipes - esp on Nov 11th and I was privleged to see what a Scot wears under his kilt ; ) There were also lots of Scotty dogs - really stocky muscley little things they are. Nothing like the ones in Australia. They come in black and white. They were often running over the huge grassy plane which comes before the beach.

xoxo Love Kylies

Thursday, 01 March 2007

Location: Budapest, Hungary


This was one of my favourite places in the journey. It is like Prague but bigger with the big river Danube, and the big bridge guarded by the huge stone lions. It is cheap as well, so eating out was great, as was stocking up on some souveniers.

I will keep it short as I am sure I will tell you all lots about Budapest in person.

We did all the things in the castle walls in Buda (on the over side of the river) Fishermans Basque, St Mathers church etc. I can't beleive I can remember all the names still! (may have got them a little bit wrong).

One of the highlights was the baths in Pest - Schezleck baths? (was some long Hungarian name) - they were lovely and the whirl pool was so fun - I've never seen one of these before in Australia.


I was very sick in Prague, which sort of wrecked the experience a little. I ended up having to go to a Doctor (who spoke no English and used a typewriter!). There was a nice girl in the wating room who asked me straight away if I would like her to come in and interpret.

It is however a very musical cultured city with performances on all the time. We went to see the maronettes - wooden puppets - Don Giovani.

It is beautiful, but there are so many tourists! Even at this cold time of year and lots of noisy northern English boys stag nights on the weekend. We were staying right in the middle of it all, and were frequently woken up by them.

Well - that is it in short - will update you with my British working time (not so interesting ; ) ) now.

Friday, 12 January 2007

Location: Budapest, Hungary


Now getting to Budapest turned out to be an epic journey! It is a long way, which unfortunately for us ended up being longer.

We were going by train (or I should say trains). Firstly instead of getting the quick ferry back from Santorini, we had to catch the slow one (about a 16 h overnight journey compared to 3 hours!) as it arrived a couple of hours earlier. We thought we needed this bit of extra time in order to be able to get to our train in time. When we arrived back in Athens we were glad we gave ourselves this extra time, as (the dread of all travellers) There was a tube strike until 3:00pm (and I'm pretty sure it just started as soon as we got there). It never is very assuring to here people say - 'no trains now' when you ask them directions. Consequently it was madness on the streets of Athens. No taxi would take us, so knowing no Greek we asked around and were eventually informed that we had to catch 2 buses. The second bus was going at a snails pace though hoards of motorbikes and cars. I don't think there were any road rules at this point. In the end the bus driver turned around and said to the passenders - I'm going back now - can't go any further. So we had to run with our suitcases and just made the train.

Next, we caught the train from Athens up to Thessaloniki. We didn't even know if we would get here or not, as on the news there had been massive flooding up in Northern Greece. The pictures were pretty extreme - larges trees uprooted etc. I actually asked someone where all the flooding was. It could have been anywhere in Greece, but it was Thessaloniki. Where we were heading : ( It turned out OK though. The trains were running by the time we went, so we shared a carriage with a bunch full of chain smokers and a Milan model. Our train was however very late and there was stress that we wouldnt make the next connection.

Thankfully we arrived in time and were loaded on to our little end Hungarian carriage on the back of a Greek train. Our little lonesome end carriage was to be disconnected at different points along the way and reconnected to other trains when it passed through the various countries.

There was of course a little Hungarian conductor who came with the Hungarian carriage. He was very cute. Couldn't speak much English. Like the Greeks, he also smoked like a trooper. We almost lost him when the top bunk collapsed on him, but managed to help him out. He asked for our passports and asked about Visa's. We didnt have any visa's - to which he just said - 'Mmmm, problem yes, problem', but didn't say much else, just 'We'll see'.

A word of advice: All little-English speaking foreigners know the word 'Problem' or 'Problem' - regardless, when they use it, they often understate its real meaning. When they use it, there is usually a big problem.

Now if you look at a map the most logical way to get from Greece to Hungary is just straight up. But for some reason our 36 hour train journey looped to the right and went through Bulgaria/Romania. At the Border of these two countries, we were happily enjoying a card game when the border police came in and again informed us that there was a problem. Another guy who spoke English came on and said 'Australian's need visa to enter Romania. You do not have a Visa and cannot procede any further. You must get off the train now.'...............'and quickly please as the train must move on.'

We had really made ourselves at home in our little carriage and I honestly dont know how we managed to pack everything up so quick and not forget anything. Our little Hungarian carriage master again mentioned 'Mmmmm, go back Sofia and catch nother train'. SOFIA WAS YESTERDAY! It is miles away. We wondered why he let us proceed so far when he knew there was a 'Problem'.

We got off the train in our sleepy state - we were really psyched up for being inside a couchette for 36 + hours, not being randomly dumped in................Where were we anyway? The police took my passport and ran across the tracks. No one here spoke English (I now have a dodgy little stamp array in my British passport which shows that I left Bulgaria, entered Romania and then Left Romania and Entered Bulgaria all in the same day (and the next day I went to Serbia). The one guy who did speak English was there to either really help us, really rip us off, or maybe murder us and dump our bodies in Serbia. I'm still not really sure - but I wasn't taking any chances. He was at the exit of the big concrete dark cold palace structure without the ornings.......waiting for us - 'Mmmm New Zealanders' he said before we even said anything. 'Can't cross the border'. 'Nooo', I said cautiously, 'Australians'. 'Still can't cross the border' he said.

In short he was offering to drive us across the border across Serbia. He said we could cross that border. He was a taxi driver. We thanked him but opted for the bus. He just wouldn't stop lingering. He told us we would miss the bus back to Sofia, as it was leaving soon, and that we would then have to wait whole weekend before Visa place opened and then it could take several days, and we would be stuck in Sofia for maybe a week, maybe.

What was happening! Our travels had gone relatively smoothly so far. None of these travel nightmares.

He was right though, the bus was about to leave. We didn't have the right currency, and couldnt find the place the bus lady pointed us to to exchange money. At this point we were panicking. We did not want to be stuck here. We were in the middle of know where, and could be sleeping on the street if we were stuck here for the night. Taxi driver came to me and asked me if I wanted money for the bus. He would exchange euros with me. I didn't really trust this guy, he opened a huge box full of money in front of me. 'Oh my God'. 'Its OK, taxi driver' he said. If all Bulgarian taxi drivers carry around that amount of money - they must be a target for crime. 'Australian dollars?' I said, thinking that he wouldnt want these. 'Sure' he said - exchange one for one. Quick lonely planet consult revealed that it is not 1 for 1. 'No - he said, you are not in Romania, you in Bulgaria - Bulgaria is 1 to 1' I can't remember how much I exchanged, maybe $50, but I wanted to keep it to a minimum in case I was caught with illegal currency. He told me I would need to exchange more, as I would need to buy food and pay for a hotel - and everything would be shut when we got to Sofia (5 hours + bus drive back the way we had just came). Why on earth did he want Australian dollars. 'No, thats OK' I said.

We just made the bus. The jouney was over 5 hours long. We left at around 4:15pm, and arrived well after 9:00pm. We got to watch city slickers with Bulgarian subtitles, which looks something like this: 3a pb6g 3eo 4pa - thats right, it has numbers in it! wierd.

We caught a taxi to a backpackers which was in our lonely planet book. I had to get out the taxi and go and see if they still had room, before the taxi driver left us. I had to walk down a little dingy alley, open a creeky old spiderwebby broken door, and go up a old fashioned spiral cement staircase. It was dark and covered in spider webs and broken to bits - I thought it was going to give way on me. I didn't even know if the backpackers was up here or not, but was up at the top I could see a glimpse of light. It really was like something from a horror movie, bits of cement were falling away as I climbed, my heart beating way too fast. When I got to the top there was a door with colorful drawings and writing which said something like 'Outside it may be gloomy and rainy, but inside here is always exciting!' .............. that's really nice.

They did have room left. Craig stopped at the bottom of the staircase when we were bringing the luggage up. He couldn't believe I went up there. 'You!!', 'Up there' (Normally Miss Scardy Pants).

The people who ran the backpackers were lovely, they made the place really happy with lots of bulgarian things like jugs etc. stuck all over the wall in our multiple person huge bedroom. As soon as I got there her husband replaced my crappy quilt with a nice big fluffy flowery one. I was glad, as I think I was strating to get sick at this point. They made us a lovely breakfast, although we couldn't really communicate with them as we didn't speak Bulgarian, so it was a lot of smiles. The husband got me to rey this runny home made honey in my herbal tea, which he was telling me lots about in Bulgarian. It was good - was the general jist.

The next morning was chaos again with going to check up on Visas to any other country we were going to/thru. We managed to get the 1:00pm train to Budapest via Serbia - Take 2.

Things went fine until our train stopped in a Serbian train yard at about 2:00am in the morning. This was not unusual. The trains stopped all too regularly for little men to bang on the wheels with metal sticks (apparently a regular occurence in Eastern Europe). But when I woke a couple of hours later to realise that we hadn't moved + all the lights were off in the train + NO ONE ELSE SEEMED TO BE AROUND!..................I thought we had missed our stop and were left in this dark train in a spooky train yard by ourselves. I could see spires in the distance and thought we must be just outside Belgrad. It was a little worrying as our train was meant to arrive in Budapest at 5:00am in the morning. Shit scared we thought the best thing to do was to keep our curtains closed and lay there quietly. In the morning when it was light we could take our suitcases with us and walk into Belgrad?? when it was safer (If we hadn't been locked in the train). It was several hours until we thought we heard a body roll. Phew.... we comfirmed that it wasn't either of us and therefore ther was at least one other person on the train. We could sleep easily.

No-one knew what was going on the next morning. And not many people spoke the same language. An Asian boy who could not speak much English simply informed me that the timetable is a lie.

Anyway, to cut a long story now. We got to Budapest in the end. Which is a good thing, as I loved it there. : )

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From Judi, WIllem & Co
Hi Kylies, sorry I haven't been in touch! Have really enjoyed reading your tales - what a great adventure!! You should write a book!?!? Thanks so much for the postcards it's lovely to hear from you. Great that you are seeing as much as you can, that travel bug has bitten hard hasn't it?? You will have only just started the new job, hope it is going well. This is really a HAPPY BIRTHDAY email - we will be thinking of you on the 17th and hoping that you have a terrific day - any plans - Russia for the weekend perhaps?? I wouldn't be surprised!! All is well here, Miranda is back at school (the only one now!!), Shaun and Hannah are at TAFE. We are looking forward to our trip and sounds like we will catch up with you in Holland for a few days! I have been a real net junkie lately (much to the embarrassment of my family!) but have managed to get some accommodation bargains so it has been worth it!?! Lots of love to you from us for the 17th (it's going to be 40 degrees here that day! sorry, that's cruel isn't it? stay warm!). Hi to Craig. Love from, Judi, Willem, Shaun, Hannah & Miranda xxx
Response: Hi Guys : ) I am pretty behind with my travel tales unfortunately. There is no way I could keep up with 2 months of travel! I haven't done any overseas trips since I got back to the UK in late October. Just working in Scotland and now Newcastle. It is an amazing city. If you have time to come visit here when you are over you are most welcome to stay with me, as long as some of you don't mind the floor. I did however go up to Ben Nevis for the weekend and was in Manchester this weekend for my birthday. We had a great time. Had a very posh dinner and stayed out til the early hours of the morning having way too much fun. The next day we went to Manchester China town for the Chinese New Year celebrations. It was packed. We saw the dragon and the firecrackers, ate cheap chinese from the street stalls and even ended up buying one of the Chinese lanterns they had. It has considerably brightened up my bleak nurses home room (temporary only. I am currently looking for somewhere). My birthday has been predictably been a scorcher every year. The funny thing was, although not 40 here, it was surprisingly a beautiful sunny weekend as well. The first we have had! Really looking forward to seeing you in Holland. I think that will be my next trip now. Tell Hannah and Miranda to wear their Dutch gear (for Oma) ; ) xoxo Love Kylies
From Lizzie
Ok, I can now tell you (and you may have already heard) Janine and Ziggy are having a baby! It's due 26th July, and we're very excited.

Did you meet up with Stuart? Did you get some snow? I sent you a text, but never got a reply.

Hope you're all good. Miss you heaps! xxx
Response: Yes!! I know. I found out by Janine sending a group email with a picture of the ultrasound. I had to read her name at the top about 5 times for it to sink in that it was hers. ; ) I didn't end up meeting up with Stuart. He was busy the weekend I texted him re. skiing. We went to Ben Nevis but there was not enough easy snow for us too go on : (. I am actually in Newcastle now - amazing city! Bad news is hotmail is blocked at my work here. So if I take ages to reply, thats why. xx Kylies
From Oma and Pa.
Dear Kylies'We realise that you
are cold and busy,but we keep reading your stories and will catch up later.Melb.had some
very hot sticky days,yack.
Wedding was lovely,many photos taken,Dad.Willem Andrew
We think of you,good luck with the new job.Love Oma,Pa.
Response: Hi Oma, Glad the wedding went well. Mum will surely fill me in when I talk to her next. I saw one photo of the wedding on Liz's website. Hopefully will get to see some more. I start my new job on the 12th of Feb. LOL Kylies
From Lizzie
I know a guy in Scotland who snowboards. He might be able to give you a lesson. I'll send him an email
Cool : ) - Is snowboarding much harder than skiing though? Maybe I should try skiing first?? Hope you are well and enjoying the warm weather (lucky duck) xx K
From Lizzie
Hi Kylies,

How was your Christmas? I spent the day with Kim and her family. It was nice to be around someone's family!

There is new soccer scandal - Cumberland womens club (8 teams!!!) has booked the Flinder's fields for training and home games on Tuesdays and Friday and weekends! It was all approved by the Uni behind our backs. We are having emergency meetings this week. It's all bad! You have no idea how angry we all are!

Fiona is back, and has the cutest puppy, you will love her!

And someone else might have some news when you get back (assuming you are coming back!!)

Missing you heaps xxx
Response: Hi Lizzie : ) Missing you heaps as well. Don't worry, I will definitely be back - I can't stand all this freezing weather. That's terrible!! And pretty stupid that the Uni forgot that they have their own teams! Are they intending to play their weekend games on the top field? You will just have to get them to change their Tuesday training session to another day. I've heard about Fiona's puppy : ) So who's the someone else Lizzie? ; ) Guess what - snow has finally come to Norhern Scotland - and I'm planning to go skiing! First I will try my hand indoors in Glasgow. Wish you were here to be my teacher. I'm going to have to go without one because teachers at Extreme dome cost £125 per 30 minutes!! You could make a fortune here. xx Kylies
From Oma and Pa.
Dear Kylies,Good to read the rest of your travel tales. We go to Melb 11th.Sent you 3 Emails
in Dec, Will send one today too.
Take care, love Oma and Pa.
Response: There are actually more to come! It is just really hard for me to get the time to do them, as I have to catch two buses home from work. It is very dark and cold and if I stay late, the waits are even longer. When I get back you will be able to watch the videos. I haven't been able to send them back, as I dont know how to put the tapes onto DVD. The photo shop charges 30 something pounds per tape! and there are too many of them. I have been very sick lately. There was this killer sore throat thing which swept through Scotland. I hope you have a great time in Melbourne. Fill me in on all the wedding details. Love Kylies. PS Will try and get time to respond to emails soon. I have been very bad at keeping in touch of late.
From Oma & Pa
Dear Kylies,Read your travel stories,try and print them all and keep them,nice to look back on. We put your annual "farm"
pennies in your account. Mum has the docket with the amount.
Might come in handy until you get a job. Take care,we love you.
Oma and Pa.
Response: Thanks Oma, Yes it certainly will. We are 'on the streets' in London at the moment, but I may be able to spend a couple of nights at a friends until I sort something else. I am very behind in my travel diary but will get round to it soon. There are lots more stories. xoxo Kylies
From Oma & Pa
dEAR kYLIES, Glad you are safe in Budapest.The son and Fam.of a Dutch friend live there.Morocco
com Phoebe got the school's
certificate of Merit for English,
French and Psychology.She can sort us all out now! We are thinking of you both,enjoy the
travel and cultures. Love to you both,Oma and Pa.
Response: Yes, but travels very soon to end. We catch a train to Prague in a couple of hours and will have to book our tickets back to London very soon. xoxo Kylies
From Katrin Zuechner
Do you remember me? I am that German girl you met in Sydney ages ago. We went to Sydney zoo and a festival in the city centre. Sorry, that I didn't write earlier.
I cannot believe what you are doing! Make sure that you give me a call if you happen to come to Germany.
Response: Hi Katrin, Of course I remember you! Homebake was the name of that festival. And how could I forget our zoo experience. Do you remember? I probably wont get to Germany until next year now. Where are you living now? Make sure you also contact me if you come to England. I will be working there. xoxo Kylies
From Oma and Pa.
Dear Kylies,The Heysen Trail walk
lasted two days,third day was total
fire ban and too hot.Checked the "Marokko" internet,all in German,fine with me,told Phoebe,it is also in French.Music(!!)as well.
Water restrictions here,no rain.
Enjoy the travel,we are fine,Love Oma and Pa.
Response: Hi Oma, We are in Budapest now. It is one of the nicest places I have been, and not expensive either. I will have to try and get mum and dad to go here when they come. What is the Marokko internet? luv Kylies
From Lizzie
Heya, sounds crazy! Nothing extreme happening Adelaide side. Kim and I were saying on the weekend how we miss you and you should have been with us, but we can't really compete with cave women! I hope you are safe xxx
Response: Hey Liz, email me your address, I have an overdue postcard for you guys. We have actually run into a bit of trouble at the moment. On the train from Athens to Budapest we ended up passing through Romania (not the most logical route really). Australians cant go there without a visa, so Craig was told he had to leave the train by the border police. So we are now in Bulgaria! We will try and make our way to Budapest via Serbia instead.
From Oma & Pa
Dear Kylies,We received your card with the ferociuos camel riders. Thanks ,we appreciated it
At the bottom of the card there is a website of Morocco. I will try it out. We will take your Mum and Pam up north to walk another part of the Heysen trail.
Oct 2-4.School holidays here.
Enjoy the travel,Love Oma and Pa.
Response: Hey, that's now. Hope mum is enjoying her walk. We are in Athens at the moment, and met up with two of my friends, Elen and Helen. xx Kylies
From Oma and Pa
Dear Kylies,We enjoy reading the
interesting travel tales, Have a good time in Spain. We celebrated Miranda's 15th birthday. She is hiring a Tenor Saxophone now and having a good blow on it.Still playing the trumpet.It will keep
the neighbours amused!! Love to you both,Oma and Pa.
Response: Wow, I cant beleive Miranda is 15! Happy Birthday Miranda : ) Before you know it another 15 years will pass and you'll be almost 30 like me! We are in Toulouse at the moment. We went to Najac, a place which I think you will really like. xoxo Kylies
From Oma and Pa
Dear Kylies ,We just got home from a few days away. Great to read your travel tales,we hope you both are feeling better now and build up your strenght! Illness is no good while you want to see a country. Better times ahead. Love Oma and Pa.
Response: Oh no, the diarrhoea and vomiting were quite funny actually (looking back on it that is). We are in Granada at the moment.
From Lizzie
Hi Kylies,

We are missing you like crazy! Hope you're having a fantastic time, and getting to all the places you wanted to see!

Response: Hey Lizzy - missing you guys heaps as well. I cant wait for one of you to come visit me while I´m here! Hope you have a great time in Melbourne, looking forward to hearing all about it. xoxo Kylies
From Marg Blair
Hi Kyile,
Just happened to find your web address and read some of the things you said about Scotland.
At the moment they have had 7 inches of snow!! they can keep it. Nice on Postcards.
I was particularly interested in the part about Roslyn (Roslin) Chapel. My Great Aunt and Uncle are buried there. They lived in Roslin and their only son died in Germany in 1919. Sad really. My Great Uncle Jim died 15 days before I was born so I never knew him but my Great aunt Nellie (Helen) as a beautiful lady. She had the most amazing garden and right up until a few weeks before she died she was out there weeding and picking fruit. Many happy memories.
All the best
Marg in Tasmania
Response: Hi Marg,

Thanks for your message. Sorry I took so long to respond. Not sure if you will even read this now. I am back in Adelaide at the moment, but really have the travel bug still. I was really amazed with Roslyn chapel, and at the moment I am slowly reading some books about Roslyn chapel and the Holy Grail. It is interesting, but hard reading as it is all very factual and historical. I walked through the cemetary which is next to Roslyn which is probably where your relatives are buried. It is on a sloping green hill, and is very nice. Roslyn is really country, so there are lots of green fields around, very quiet and very pretty. Have you been there, or are you planning to go? Love Kylies
From Jim and Carol
Hope you are now back in Adelaide, which we note is in the thirties! We have a covering of snow this morning - bet you're sorry you missed it!

Dorothy improving.

Happy New Year to all the family in Oz.

Love Jim and Carol xxx
Response: Happy New Year to you guys as well!! I heard about the snow - My friend in Carlisle said it was snowing and she bought a sledge. But yep, I'm back in Adelaide - it feels really wierd, so open and empty, probably because of the blue open skies, low houses and lack of people. I think I have wanderlust, and want to travel more. Yesterday me and Craig went snorkelling on the reef and saw dolphins close up - They were doing tricks. It was however a very hot day - 42.5C! Hottest December day since 1939. Keep in touch, Love Kylies
From Oma ad Pa
Dear Kylies, There are many Buchanans in Scotland.Mainly around Glasgow.The Buchanan castle is near LochLomond(ruins)
All Buchanans are related,we stayed at a B&B in Buchanan Smithy. We think our lot were part of the migration to Ireland around 1770. Love Oma and Pa
Response: Hi Oma, hope you are well. It is really really cold here. To cold to even sleep at night. Only 2 - 3 weeks left now though. xx Kylies
From Oma and Pa.
Dear Kylies, Your cold time in Edinburgh was worth it,you saw and learned a lot. Looking forward to see you soon,I would like about 50 Euros,unless someone else wants them. See you soon.keep warm! Pa plays golf 3times a week,it is wearing him out!!! Love Oma and Pa
Response: I also saw the tombstone of George Buchanan - was he a relative? I later found out he was the teacher of Mary Queen of Scots and James VI.
From Oma and Pa
Dear Kylies,You will be back from Edinburgh by now.Trust you had a good time there. If you have any Euro paper money left,could you bring it back with you,I can buy it and use it when I have to send some to The Netherlands.
Coins are no good. See you soon. Love Oma and Pa.
Response: Hi Oma : )
I have about 90 euro left (about $130) - how much would you like?
From Tania Colarco
hi kylies
how are you? i hope all is well. i was just looking at my favourites list and saw your website and thought i would have a long overdue look. sorry i didnt reply to your email below. tricia and fraser had a baby called and they called her annie rose. she was born on the 26th of sept. she is just gorgeous and looks alot like william and samuel. i saw them all last week and they are all doing well. my friend louise sheridan who worked at the martindale is now back in sa. she has been for awhile now. she now works part time at the AMH and in the dispensary at the rah. its a bummer that i wont be able to catch up with you in london. i will just have to wait till i get back in feb. so when do you get home and what are your plans after you get back here? so how unpredictable is unpredictable? i hope it wont be any worse because it will be winter when we are there. i am looking forward to my holiday. my sister and i went shopping for a good jacket on sat and we both purchased soft shells which hopefully will do the trick. work has been very busy with visiting and DI as per usual. at least we wont have tais till feb next year. jody and i are going to yorke peninsula on wed and thurs and i did the mid north trip a couple of weeks ago. it was very exhausting but good. so when do you finish up work? are you planning any more travel before you come home? well take care and travel safe and see you soon :) tc xxx
Response: Oh lovely, a little trisha girl. : ) Congrats to Trisha. You will unfortunately have to expect cold weather when you come. It is unseasonally cold and the UK is expecting the coldest winter in 50 years. It is very cold, but also very nice and Christmasy with the German Christmas markets and the lights. I will be coming home for Christmas, and will continue to work on the liver book from home for 2 days a week (contract just through today). Luv Kylies
From Oma and Pa.
Dear Kylies, Good to read about Guy Fawkes Night. Pa attended a lot of these. We had a few when your Mum was little(4) then it was banned,due to fire risk,Enjoy Edinburgh,we love to go back there.Keep warm! Mum,Kaleb,Miranda and I go to the Pageant Sat,12th. Sunshine
again,after days of heavy rain and flooding. Love Oma and Pa.
Response: Hi Oma and Pa - yeah, I heard about the heavy rain - Dad said the brewery christmas displays got washed out to sea.
From Donna
Hi Kylies
Great to read your diary and see photo's. Steve and I loved Turkey and also enjoyed the pleasure of a turkish bath. We also visited Rhodes stayed in the old town and the first thing Steve noticed was the roads - rocks side ways - he loved it - it must of taken them years to do! Only just received council approval for house, hopefully we'll start to build sometime next year. Have lots of social activities from now to christmas - hopefully the weather will improve soon - too much rain!!
Keep enjoying yourself.
Love Donna x
Response: Oh Cool - You've been to Rhodes too! I'll have to get you to listen to a song by the Kaiser Chiefs - I've been to Rhodes (well the actual words are I've been to riots - but trust me, with their Leeds accents it sounds like they are saying Rhodes ; ) ) Don't tell me you are having rain! - I want to go back to sun : ) Good news about your approval. My Mum and Dads house will be finished in early December, but they still have to sell the block of land - you don't happen to know anyone who wants to buy a block in Seacliff? Love Kylies
From Oma ad Pa
Dear Kylies,Nov2,Pa to golf at 7am. Dedication or madness???
I hope you can get a ticket for the Carol night,it will be a great experience you'll never forget.
Keep warm,the chill will be part of the season again. Love from Oma and Pa.
Response: Hi Oma,
We may try singing with the NHS choir just to see what they are like. They are singing there one night too. Luckily it isn't frozen over yet, but that means we have rain!
From Oma and Pa
Dear Kylies,Your travel stories are great to raed,glad you have seen so much. Several of my friends back home go to Turkey for holidays.They like it. Pa had cataracts removed from both eyes.He can see a lot better now. Can read the cricket scores on the TV screen!! He is playing golf again. Hope you have caught up with your sleep by now. Keep well,Love Oma Pa.
Response: Hi Oma,
Yep, I'm pretty much caught up on sleep. Clocks go back this weekend. We will prob go to Dr's mess tonight and a friends church concert Sat night. I'm going to try and get tickets to Carols by Candlelight in the York Minster Chapter house. But it is really hard to get them. You have to line up really early on Saturday the 3rd at the Minster to get them before they sell out! Love Kylies