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Kylie's Awesome Adventures Abroad!!!

Welcome to my first travel page. Here I am in phase 2 of seeing the world. Singapore for 4 years and now Dubai.

Diary Entries

Thursday, 03 April 2008

Location: Dubai Tour, United Arab Emirates

As the holidays draw to a close, thought it was time to update you on my school holiday break here in Dubai. Have had a pretty relaxing time with a bit of touristy stuff, bit of exercise, a few get-togethers and some (dare I say it) work.
The first week I got only mildly lost on my way out to the Palm to visit the lovely Barr family. Was great to catch up with some familiar faces from Singapore.
Jax, Lauren and I ventured out to see Dubai on a Big Bus Day Trip. We found a lovely little spot for lunch and needless to say, lost track of time and did not get to see everything that we wanted to see (lunch was delicious though). |I have attached some photo's of our day.
Yesterday Jax, Faith, Lauren, Rudi and I spent the day at Wild Wadi which is a fantastic water theme park located right next to Jumeirah Beach. It is starting to get a bit warmer here (about 37 degress C) during the days now so it was lovely to spend the day 'playing' on water slides. Massive Wedgies were the order of the day!
Have managed to squeeze in a facial, 2 trips to the movies, a couple of nights out and several lunches with the girls.
Back to work on Sunday and then the 12 week countdown until the end of the school year and....HOLIDAYS...2 glorious months of them.
Yours in sand and sun,
Kylz xxx

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Well Hi all! Welcome to my new travel page. I figure that i have been away from Oz for over 4 years now, so it might be about time I set this up for you all to follow my adventures (as I sometimes find myself to busy to wirite regular emails).
I am settling into busy Dubai, home of the world's most inconsiderate drivers (and I thought Asia was bad!) We awoke today to another sandstorm, so my beautifully washed car of last night was covered in sand this morning. Myself and the only other newbie here at Uptown have been here just shy of 60 days which means that we have had to do a "Visa Run" to Oman, departing with a 'driver' at 7am this morning. In other words we have to leave the country and come back in again so that wecan get another 60 days entry visa stamped into our passports. We have been told it can take as long as 8 or 9 months to get a permanent Visa here so I envisage quite a few more Visa Runs in the future.
We have a four day weekend here for our mid-term break so, you guessed it...I am at school playing catch up. We then have a 2-week break at the end of March. I am hoping to get out and see a bit more of Dubai during this time.
Had a bit of flooding during my second week here. Closed all the roads and the school down for 3 days. You can see some of the damage to my brand new apartment in the pics I have attached.
Joined a netball team this week and was really excitied until I saw the uniform we have to wear. Imagine a very short tight tennis skirt style number with the shorts attached underneath. Then imagine it in HOT PINK with my fluro white legs...not a pretty sight! So you guessed it...I am not eating for the next 12 months!
Anyway, going to say Bye Bye 4 Now and keep my fingers crossed that my latest foray into technology works. Next step is to download some pics of my unit and a few snap shots form a wee road trip i went on with the girls 2 weekends ago! Hope it all works.
Missing you all heaps!
Love Kylz xxx

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Recent Messages

From Mech
Hey gorgeous gal,

Wow looks fantastic! Sorry I've been slack of late guess I can blame Curtis or even Lach. We're off to Singapore next week for quick trip wish you were there but don't worry I'll sort out a trip to Dubai, that is if you haven't already moved on.

Love ya M
Response: I am so jealous! Have a fab time in lots of food for me!
From Vick Suck Cock
Hey love! This is awesome! I've added your site to my faves so I can check in on you all the time.

Miss you HEAPS darlin xox
Response: Miss you heaps too babe.
Love Kyrie.
PS I hope that Kate lick D*** is well too!
The 3 Chinese travellers together again!
From jen ken
looks great kylz. Glad you are enjoying yourself! How does the school compare to AISS?
Response: All good here, but won't write any incriminating info. Will be in Singers in August so will fill you in on details there. Hope that all is well with you and the family.
Love Kylz
From Lorella
Oh the photos are just gorgeous Kylie! Looks like you're having a wonderful time. Can't wait to see more pickies soon!

Big Hugs L
Response: Thanks babe, looking forwerd to seeing you in August, hopefully!
From Lindsay
Hi Kylz,
Love the City Tour photos. Looks so Middle Eastern- Suprise, Suprise! Hope you' re still coping with the Year 1s. Have you grown to love them yet?
Take Care
Response: Ha Ha, I actually am starting to enjoy them a little bit, but don't tell anyone. It has taken me 3 months to get them under control!
From Sue
Love it!!!
From Janine
Hi there Kylz,
Welcome to Planet ranger! Love the pics, keep em coming. I hope to get over to see you sometime - maybe October? Jxo.
Response: That would be great. I am going to try to come back from Oz via Singapore in August, so book me a bed at the "Keaton Residences"
From Lis
Love the wheels and the cosy night in on the couch looks like a blast... I am so jealous that you actually need blankets and snuggly fabric like wool!!! :) Miss you xo
Has been very cold. I under-estimated just how cold it would be. Have had to put in an order of extra Target PJ's from home.
From Sandy Baxter
What a great idea to do a travel diary Kylie.
Great pics'...REALLY tells the story' don't they! I started work this week. Just orientation week so fairly easy but I work this Saturday/Sunday assisting the visiting lecturer from Perth so that will be a bit for exciting. I start my own lecturing next Wednesday & Thursday. All well here otherwise. Tegan did not get the Lachlan captain - Meg Newman did - no surprise really and Tegan was fine about it. Proud she tried out though. Well must go and study my work material! Keep on having fun...until next time... Cheers Sandy (& Tegan!)
Response: How scary...lecturing in front of all those people! I am sure you will be great. Good luck with it al.
Maybe Tegan can try for SRC???
Regards to Singapore,
From Jojo
Love the diary. >Great idea. Can't wait to see pics. Love you. Miss you. All well here. x
Response: Hi Babe,
Glad all is going well. Hows the Bowl?
Love Kylz xxx
From elissa
kylie - looks awesome love! you have to hang with my girl kellie! one of my oldest & dearest friends - can't believe you guys live in the same apt block. big love xx
Response: Small world! I have only ran into her the once! I will have to get her details from you and organise a catch up.
Hows being a mum?
Love Kylz