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Lacey's Travel Adventures

Photos - Click Below


Calgary Stampede!

Here's a few pics from the Stampede! Yee-haa!


More NYE Pics

What you do in minus 30 temperatures ....


Parties and more Parties

Basement 'Magic Carpet' Boxing Day Party and 2004 New Years Eve Celebrations!


Christmas in Banff

This is how I spent Christmas Day 2004 in Banff, Canada!


welcome to banff

A selection of some of the more memorable moments since arriving in Banff.

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Recent Messages

From Frithy
Hi Katie,

Looks like you are having an absolute ball - great shots of Banff - what a beautiful place babe.

Exactly how many hotties are you playing with??????

Love Frithy
Response: Too many hotties to keep track of babe! Send my love to the family Frithy!
From biddy
heya lace, sounds like youre having a ball, merry belated xmas and new years, i spent it in hot old guatemala - is brillliant here! keep on having fun! adios
Response: Hiya BB! Great to hear that you've finally caught the travel bug! Have a good one matey and keep in touch!
From Clemmie
Hey Fitster!
WOW looks totally amazing, you lucky lady! Keep the pics coming so i know what you've been upto! Glad to see you had a blast over the 'festive period' (dont u hate that phrase, bleughh!). Edinburgh misses your chat and those legendary moves - keep it real and keep on dancin'! Big love, Clem xxxxxxx
Response: Miss you crazy cats from da burg as well dude! Stay in touch gorgeous!
From mike ryan
love you lace keep up the great work.
you go girl
Love Mike
Response: Copy that ghostrider! Drop me a line and let me know what you're up to! Later skater!
From Caleb
Lace, what's up... I just wanted to thankyou for this website. If you could find any stupid pictures of Mac... that would be even better. any ways, i'm heading out to Banff in february.. maybe I'll talk to you then! See ya later!
PS. I'm Mac's friend from home!
Response: Will see what I can do Caleb! Look forward to meeting you in Feb! Lace
From Tim Sullivan
Merry xmas and a happy new year to you!! Keep the emails coming, wish I was carving powder with you!!
Response: Holy bejesus batman! Thought you'd dropped off the face of the earth! Good to hear that you're still alive! Drop me a line when you get a spare moment and let me know what you crazy cats have been up to!
From Corlia

How cool is this? Good work Lace :-) Looks amazing there!! And like you have made heaps of mates already, and of course heaps of partying...

Have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!


Response: Thanks gorgeous! Hope you have a sensational xmas and new years as well! All the best for 2005!
From Scotty Roberts
Hey Lace
Nice to finally see some photos, good to see you haven't changed a bit! Hope your having fun and have a Merry White Christmas and a party filled New Year
Response: Hiya babe! Hope you have a senational xmas and new years in Scotland as well! All the best for 2005!
From Kel
Response: You know you really love me babe!!!!!!!!!!!
From Gav
Hi Lacy,

I wonder if you can help me out - I forgot to close the front door last night and I was drying my clothes on a horse (Cuthbert, he's really pretty and likes brown sugar -BROWN!!!!), anyway lots of air came in the door and circulated around Cuthbert and my clothes I wonder how much more quickly my clothes dried as a consequence of this ingress of air? I can send you dimensions of the door, Cuthbert, and the corridor leading to Cuthbert.

Oh before I go I wanted to say how much I enjoyed putting on my dry underpants this morning. Cuthbert says Hi!

Yours faithfully,
Response: Pleased to hear that after all that heartache, your undies were dry by morn, and you've remained 'close' friends with old mate Cuthie! I'll definitely sleep better tonight knowing that you've got clean underwear!
From Olly
thanx lacey. these pics are cool. keep them coming.
love olly
Oye, Oye, Oye!
From Kandy
Hey Hottie...

you are so lucky to live in a house with such good looking PEOPLE... HA!!

me x
Response: Yeah, i know, tell me about it! GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!
From JO
cool pics lace
Response: Giddy-up cowgirl!!!!!!!!!!