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Rockin' all over the world!!!!

Are We There YET??? ;o) here about the adventures round the world of Larry (a.k.a. Linda, Lanky Larry) Treesa (a.k.a. Catherine, Cats, Kitty Kat) and Flipper (a.k.a. Liz, Lizzy, Culchiequeen)

Feel free to post messages on here for us, and tell us what lucky so+so's we are to be swanning off for the year without a care in the world!!! ;o)


(We borrowed this bit from another site, but i just loved it so much i had to!! :o) )

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.......... Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime."

~Mark Twain

For anyone wishing to get in touch with us at any stage over the trip, our emails are as folows:-

Diary Entries

Monday, 20 March 2006

Location: County Bondi Sydney!, Australia

LA FHEILE PADRAIG and all that malarkey!!!! ;o)

ok Paddy's weekend....where do i begin....the start i suppose!!!! Friday was Paddy's day, and not being in Ireland for a change, we had to work or take it off as hols, so we decided to all be good for a change, and went to work. all except Keith whos contract finished a week ago, so he decided to go drinking for the day!!!
Our morning started off with the whole family up at an ungodly hour, like 7 or summat, and we were up in the Cock n Bull then for our "genuine" Irish Breakfast at 8 on the button. For 15 dollars you got a breakfast, a pint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and a class Paddy's day T-Shirt with "who's your paddy" and the cock n bull logo on it!! .....loving it!!! Free Stuf!!!! you can't beat it with a big stick!!! :o)
so after the pint 8a.m., off Liz and John toddled into
work, leaving the others behind cos they werent starting til half 10, and as we were leaving, they were tucking into a voddie and redbull, courtesy of Ashley, the lads friend from Leitrim!!! sickened i was!!!
So of we went into the ofice with big depressed head on us, and me luminous in my Roscommon Jersey that day!! It was casual friday, so we can wear jeans and stuff to work, so me in my jeans runners and rosc jersey, as if i was heading to a match or summat, the little blue and yellow ros plaits round my wrists, all patriotic... in yellow - only cos id never brought an ireland top with me!! Getting off the train in central station and walking over to the ofice, i saw a sea of yellow in front of me, ....well ok. it wasn't a sea, more like a little puddle, but anyhow it was yellow, and as i drew closer it was 4 boys in Roscommon jerseys too!! ....and anyone who knows roscommon knows that its not a regular ocurrence anywhere, let alone Sydney, let me tell you!!!!! the last time i saw so many roscommon jerseys in one place was when we won the connacht final in 2001!! ;o) So especially as i had mine on too, we all decided to stop for a wee chat for a while, finding out who the other was, and where we're all from and the likes!! ..this of course making me even later for work, but i didnt care, i was the honorary ofice leprechaun for the day, so obviously had special privileges like being late, and stuff and stuff!!!!!!

so anyhow, i was working til 4.30 friday, and Keith who was on the pish for the WHOLE day with Ashley since 8 that morning was texting with regular updates on how drunk they were getting and how many people were there, and how great it was, and and and and ....i was getting worse and worse..more in need of drink than ever, and the fecker knew i was mad for road, so wouldnt give up texting all day!! :o( but anyhow to make ourselves
feel better, Cat, Enda, myself and their friend from work, Jenny went for a few quiet ones at lunchtime... half an hour later we were flaming ...ya they only give us half hour lunch here!!! How can you do anything like get drunk in half an we decided to put them to the test, we decided to see just
how many voddies we could stuff into our little selves in 25 mins,
giving myself 5 mins to run there and back..timed to perfection it
was...... and lizzy was flaming!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loving it! Loving it!!
loving it!!!

After those drinkie poos i SO didn't want2 go back, but alas i did, and can you picture the sight it made..... me walkng, or more like waddling up the street, half rotten cos we decided drink was more important than food for this lunchtime and seeing as it was Paddy's day, courtesy of Paddy Maguires pub, we each of the girls had a little bunch of helium filled balloons...a mixture of green white and orange ones. I had mine tied together and looped thru my belt loops at the back!! (so nobody would see them of course!!) .....and there i was marching through the streets looking like this, and then marching into the head office of the department of Commerce with them still with me, and obviously i was complately oblivious to the fact that i was probably the star atraction there, in my luminous top with these balloons hanging out of me, especially with all the other people there in their power suits and the lkes...the security guards nearly looked
shocked when i showed my security pass, to prove i actually AM supposed to be there!!! so after i went through the security checks and had a wee chat to the guys there,into the lifts and up to the office with me and in the door. on my way out of the lift, theres a bit of a step, and normally i remember it, but not friday, i nearly tripped and half went flying out the doors, only to see the general manager person guy thing, (ie the dude in the big office) in front of me ...least he's pure sound, cos otherwise i could have been in a little bit of trouble!! :o)

The girls, thankfully, were as bad as me though, and had their balloons too, but there was 3 of them coming back to their office together, and they wouldnt look as bad, but i was on me todd headin away up the street, and in on my own! What harm!!! ;o)
I think they think im half daft anyhow so they dint pass too much heed to me!! :o)
I was nicely kept going for the afternoon then, and once i saw the
clock creep to 4.30 i was out the gap before my chair stopped

First stop Cock N Bull,and the place was hopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i met Linda on the way in and we joined into the madness, everyone was rotten already and it was only 5! Keiths updates had been getting more frequent as he knew we were nearing our days end in work, so we were raring for road!! A swift change into my Whos your paddy tshirt in the loo's in the office before i left, and i was ready for action!! We landed in the c'n'b and started into the drinking, Cat and Enda were finished at 6.30 so were in to us by 7, and the rest of the boys were in by then too, so there was a great crowd of us!!! ...ths music was hopping, all irish sessions, and everyone going round wearing either the ever-so-trendy-and-original "Who's Your Paddy" t-shirt or their own green concoction!!

To see us, you would think we had never heard an irish song before in our lives, because the place was going MAD!!!!!! The atmosphere was brilliant, and everyone in such great form!
-getting into the paddys day spirit...mainly vodka's!!! ;o)
Them's irish dancing legs were a hopping when the diddleye-eye music started, and we were lepping and hopping about with the best of them!! If anyone half sober was looking on at the crowds, they'd have us committed or something!! Our little family was a lovely sight...Linda and John were the only half decent looking ones of us with their green tops,. and none of the acoutrements hanging out of them! ... myself and Cat had "borrowed" big huge luminous feather boa's in green white and gold and had them hanging of of us,and cat had huge shamrock glasses hanging out of her aswell, i "found" one of those cool huge furry top hats on the back of the seat we were at, and the 5 second rule kicked in so it was mine from then on in, and Keith had one of those aussie-type hats with the corks hanging out of it, only instead of corks, there were little guinness pints, and underneath the hat, he had a very fetching green curly wig! Enda was running round like a mad thing trying to take someones hat but kept getting caught, every time he came back to where we were, he had a new hat on him, and someone coming running after him to get their hat back!!

There was a few drunken attempts at ceili dancing, and a bit of the old irish damhsa going on... on top of the tables! ..not a strange occurrence in the cock n bull at all at all!! ...the maori bouncers were even in on the craic, they had their green shamrocks painted to their faces, and reen wigs and the of them has a mad afro, and dyed it green for the occasion!!!!
after a while we decided to take our little circus on to the t-gardens, and made our way up the street and piled on in, lepping and hopping our way through the crowds!!! Oh sure we were the
life and soul of the party, doing jigs around the middle of the floor
alon with everyone else.... the ozzies there were looking at all the
irish people going mad as if they had never seen hundreds of people dressed in green and lepping about saying "to be sure to be sure" before in their lives!!!! ...oh we were the real deal alright!!! ;o)
Eventually the crowds dwindled away, and the diehards were left at the end of the night, heading for the courthouse. Never one to forego a session, i said i would catch up to them, and not half an hour later, i saw 3 drowned rats crawling...yes crawling across the footpath towards me, trying to look discreet and blend in with the scenery so i wouldnt see them was Keith, John and Ashley, the 3 who i was on my way to meet in the courthouse!!! ....apparently they had decided to go for a
dip in the fountains outside the courthouse, and then were surprised when they werent let in soaking wet! :o)
Later on, Keith realised that in one of his sliding tackles of the
other 2 inside in the fountain, mobile in his back pocket he'd heard a crack but passed no heed to it, and after they got home, he reached into his pocket to find his mobile in pieces!!
....another casualty of the day!! ....he'd brought his BRAND NEW digital camera to the pub with him that morning at 8am, and over the course of the day, it had ended up in the bottom of a pint glass.... full of beer!!
So off home with us by then, i had to take my 2 bedraggled housemates home!! and as has become "family" tradition, everyone piles into our bed at the end of the night, just cos its bigger!! Cat was already there, Linda had been there but moved, John soaked, fell in between Cat and me, then Enda woke up and came bounding in to find out the craic from the rest of the night, and then he and Keith launched themselves in aswell!! is not as if its a big bed or owt, but they still land in!! By the time we got to sleep, there was myself and Cat at either side of the bed and John and Keith betwen us, with Keith sleeping ON John! very close family we are indeed!! :oS

Anyhow, that was paddys day, the abridged version, and so Sat morning came and we were all up bright eyed and bushy tailed. self Cat and Keith. :o) 12 oclock and we were just toppin off the
alcohol levels form the night before. :o) Cat got a fit of weakness and had to go home again to bed for a few hours, an the 3 of us stayed out!! go me!
Later on everyone else came up to us, and there the madness started again!! Another messy one!! ;o) WooHoo!!
Next day, sunday, was the paddys day parade, and we all went into that. its weird to be sitting out sunning yourself the day after paddys and getting tanned in the process!!! :o) that nght we were out again, and me with no voice, my laringitis had kicked in, so i wasnt really much use with the hopping and lepping so i was home tucked up in my leaba for half 11, and the rest home before 1, all wrecked from the wekend!!!

all self inflicted, but worth it!!

Now we're all saving ourselves for next weekend, we hitting for melbourne to the grand prix, so it'll be another weekend of madness with Chris i reckon!!
He's planning a MAD weekend for us, with lots of fun stuf, and lots of drinking too no doubt id say!!!
Bring it on!!!!!!

Tuesday, 28 February 2006

Location: Australia

Hiyas all!!!
Ok Ok i know, we've been REALLY terrible lately, but we are still alive, no fear of that!!! :o)

We're working away in Sydney, trying to earn ourselves a crust!! ;o) Helps to pay for the sessions (and since we've started back to work, they're few and far between too, let me tell you!!!) we're making the most of what ones we DO go on and sure we have hardly any time to go create any havoc to have news to tell you all!!! ;o)

I PROMISE there will be a half decent update on site in a week (or maybe two!!!)

Talk soon!!
Liza xXx

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Recent Messages

From Storeeeeeeeeeee
whats the deal... you're supposed to put these pics up DURING the trip Lizzie, not months after you come home!!

They still look cool tho!!
Im still jealous!!
Response: About time i know, better late than never girl! ;o)
ok i ts getting beyond a joke mow ladies....... whats the story here?? Have the Bebo monsters completely taken over?
you've forgotten us little people after promising you wouldnt Liza!!!! ;o)

The odd email update wouldnt hurt either lke
From FavouriteHousemate1
It's a good job I haven't logged into this for ages... It's bollacks nothin is happening.

Response: ya but there's loads happenig with me....... i know, we're BRUTAL!! im getting there though!!

The odd email now and again wouldnt go amiss either Patrick!!!!
Hate to remind you Lizzy, but your 2-ish weeks you promised for an update are up!!! ;o)
From C
Lizzy, Lizzy, Lizzy, Lizzy, LIZZY!
Missing you lots and lots!! SO MUCH news to tell, and nobody to tell it to!!
its not the same telling you over the phone.. but i'll still tell you anyway i'm sure!

Paddy's day Irish style was good, too much food and drink as usual, but me never being one to over-indulge *cough cough*, i sat in with my knitting!! now i have knitted a whole new spring warbrobe (wool is the new denim don't you know!!) and all animals - aswell as the humans- in the neighbourhood are running scared of me, cos ive been using them for my muses...i dont think they like being poked and prodded with knitting needles that much... dont know what gave it away though, its just a feeling i get!! It sounds like you were living it up good and proper Sydney style!! ...sharing the love and all that malarkey!! ;o) I have taught you well, my child..go forth and conquer!!

Loved your email during the week, it was SO great to hear that the weather is terrible, and you're hating every minute of Australia, and miss me SO much you're coming home to take us out of our misery!! What are you trying to do to me, telling me all these cool things you're doing, and places you've been ....Home&Away indeed- im not jealous at all, so im not..ive just decided you aren't allowed to talk to me again until you're home and as miserable as we are!!
Then we'll see how funny your litle stories are, and how much you lke hearing them over and over, while in the depths of misery!!!
We'll see who has the last laugh then, won't we!!

Ah you know we love ya!!

i'd better go i think they're on to me ill mail again soon!
Luvs ya!!
C xoxo

Response: LOVE IT!!!!!
Great to hear you haven't changed and still the same grumpy old git you always were!!!! ;o)

Missing you too pet, was just thinking over the weekend how much you'd love it here!!
Think its time to book that holiday, don't you!!

Talk soon!!
U Love Me More!!! ;o)

Eliza Dolittle!! xx
From Pinkie
Hi Liz honey!!

Just a quick note to say I haven't 4gotten u, just have been hopeless at emailing people in recent times. Was in Egypy the wk before last, had great time. Will email some photos to u soon. Anyway, hope ur keeping well, looking tanned and keeping all those men in Oz on their toes!!

Talk soon,
From Danny
How's things going down under. haven heard a thing from ye in ages. Now I'm usin Cork slang! This wont do! U havent found urself a surfer dude n r 2 busy to reply. If so send some this way Ha Ha.
Sorry Danny, im keeping them ALL to myself!! ...ill see what i can find to bring back for you though!! ;o)
whats the story here ladies....not an update in the world to be had and us checking it every half hour on the hour ;o)
...i dont even sleep anymore goddamnit, for fear of missing an update!!

Good to hear ur having a ball and behave yourself Lyzi! ...i know what ur like, remember!! ;o)

Thanks little sis! Still having a ball here- BUT OF COURSE!
will ring you soon!

Hi to all!
From A concerned follower
Happy Christmas and Happy New Year Girlies!!!

Ok its the new year now, and we're still waiting!! ....dont forget us little people Lizzy, vegetating in offices day after day, with the only light at the end of the tunnel is the website updates!!!!

Chat soon!!!
From Issy
Hi Lizabeth.
Your e-mails are getting slack. send on a few I need a good laugh. Your missing loads of craic here!!!!! The HSE is missing you.
From J n M
happy xmass dudes,
just checking in were so
close to hopping on a first
class ticket to paradice(AUSIE)
sound like ye are having a blast oh if not done yet make yer way to HARRYS PIE STAND in kings cross d grub is superb
and send some more photos girls !!!!
over n out
up and over
nano nano
J N M (john n maria- cork)
From Blondie
Hey Girls,
Just a quick note ot say Happy Christmas to ye, build a sandcastle for us here in the cold!! I'll chat you over the Christmas Lizzi, im headin for my final gym instructor fix for a week so I can't delay!! Nollaig Shone Duitx x x
Enjoy it Hon!
Talk to you over the xmas!! Be good, nad if u cant b good, be good at it!! ;o)
From FavouriteHouseMate1
Hey liz,
No time for small talk, what's the recipe for the mulled wine we made last year, and by we I mean the wine you made while I stood up beside u and got drunk... I bet u are missing me now with that fond memory. It is amazing the way I new instantly that a certain txt message had come from you even without knowning a name or the area code for oz. Al'rite dirtbag.. sure what other langer could it be. Well Treesa and Fipper yer keepin quite (not that loud mouth leaves much for the telling).
Well got to go this executive lifestyle and everything.

Later langers,
I TOLD you you'd miss me!! really havent got the hang of the Larry Treesa Flipper thing yet either ...Im flipper u fool!! ;o)
From Mary L
Hey Liz
Its great to see ye lot are having an amazing time. No fun at home. chat soon my dear x x P.s I'll e-mail you very soon
Hiya Cuz!!!!
Great to hear from you..text me on yours or Stephen's email address too will u hon!!!
Tlk soon!
Liza xXx
From Trina
Hiya lyzi, finally got to check out your website. Its cool. The photos are class, keep them coming. So jealous. Delighted you're having a ball though. Will email you before the xmas. Be good :o) trina xx
Response: Hiya tri!!
Great to hear from you hon!! Will send you a proper email soon!
Talk then!

L x
From Locked
Awwwwww Im too busy running Wyeth to read your diary....Me and me mates are goin on our Christmas Party next week...
Response: Ya Ya, you and your "mates"...we're obviously not good enough for you anymore Iano!! ;o)
..well i'll be on Bondi Beach next week!!
Top That Locked!!!! ;o)

Bet ur missing me!!!
Talk soon hon!
Lizzy xXx
From Rhonda
Hey liz and fellow travellers,
Sounds like ye are having a ball. Am so jealous, wish I was doing it all over again. In NY doin the last of the shoppin b4 all d money is gone. Heading home Sat. Keep all the news comin your emails are gas. Cant wait for the Oz and Asia reports.
Travel safe
Rhond xx
Response: Hiya Rhona!!!
Great to hear from you girl! Sounds like ur trip was a blast too, Iss said she met you in America too!! Sure if you ever fancy a second year out, you know where we are hon!!
Enjoy xmas at home!!
Talk soon!
Liz x
From cathal
Hello Liz. Good to hear your having great time.All quiet here in tyrone.You look like your having mad time by those photos.Keep them coming.Talk to you soon.xxxxx
Response: Hiya Cathal,
Great to hear from u hon!!
Hope all's well there, we DEF having the time of our lives.. in Fiji now, living it up in the lap of luxury!!! ;o)
Talk soon!

Liza x
From euge
like the photo's raff in the bin im sure he will like them as well once all the lads get out of bed, we had a big gone away party once yous left ;) and im looking forward to hiding from you's in all the our stops. collie say hi liz LOL
Not if we hide from u first!?!! (Do u ever get the impression its just YOU that we'll b tryin to avoid Eugene??) ;o)

L x
From oli
hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy- whats the crack women needless to say ,well i see that yere havin a ballllllllllllllllllllllll of a time,so jeolous.anyhow all my news well there nothin happening at home much,and well there is nothing happening at home hahahaahhhh,guys my email not working i sent back an email there and it didnt send,so have to set up somthing now.lizzy got your phone call just missed ya when i went to answer it,cat and linda i hope yere ok with that mad rossie lassie hahahahahahahahlove you lizzy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx- xx ill be in touch my loves
Hiya Ols!!
So u finally figured out how to use that computer thing ;o)
Ring you soon for a catchup hon! Luv u2!
Lizzy xXx
From Suzie Spud
hey guys. how ye doing?!! great i hope. jaysus time is flying. well there's no fab news from Ireland really except they've decided that work should be out-lawed for a year so we're all getting paid for sitting around doing nothing. there's also this new version of the Social Partnership which is a fund (again for a year) which rewards you for throwing house parties etc. The weather is fantastic. We're in bikini's and little beach skirts all day everyday due to the year long heatwave. There is now a new law also which says that every beach in ireland must have a cocktail bar. its such a pain really. for every drink u buy (cocktails are 50cent and pitchers of bulmers are 25cent at the mo) u get a free massage from one of the many spanish, brazilian or new zealand modles who have been shipped over for our pleasure. so yah there's been a few changes. unfortunatelly there'll all runing on a trial basis for ONE YEAR so its a pity ye'll miss it. take care my chickens!! Sue.
From Ed
Hiya Lizzie
Loving the stories of yer (s)exploits thus far! Sounds great and leaves me feeling a tad jealous... What's the deal with the pics.. Was trying to enlarge them to see your beautiful selves in full screen size, but no go... So disappointed ;-) Anyhow, talk soon! Ed
Haha I'll see what we can do Neddy My Love!!!
Hope all's going well in Dublah, update email please!!! :o)
hi is da and ma here all fine nothing wild good to hear from you sorry we missed your call holly sends a wag
gran and grandad keeping fine
love mammy and dad
talk to you soon
Hi Mam, Dad and Holly too! Hope all is well at home, willl ring soon!! Tell everyone i said hi!!

Liz xXx