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Where In The World Are We?

With just our rucksacks and our two front teeth, we're going to set off on our own little adventure, bumming around the world. Here we will keep a record of our Travels to Thailand, Cambodia, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, USA
Please feel free to leave a comment for us! -We want to hear your news too!
Let's hope I don't get too many blisters!
Laubs and Joe xxx

Diary Entries

Thursday, 29 March 2007

Location: HOME!!!, England

We're home! (just in case you didn't already know!!) Hope to hear from you all soon! I need some perking up in my post travelling slump.

Thanks for everything along the way, all of the messages and for continuing to check up on us. I (we) had the most amazing time!

All my love
Laubs xxx

Sunday, 11 March 2007

Location: New York, USA

Hello for probably the last time whilst we're away!

Well as Joe so beautifully put it the other day, It is indeed Cold here...well it has been warming up actually. The coldest days we the first couple. When we arrived at JFK on Tuesday evening it was 0 degrees and quite a shock from the hot climate we'd been used to in Fiji for two weeks. We both had flip flops on and nearly lost our toes to frostbite...Because of an unfortunate losing of trainers on the boat in Fiji, Sandals were the only shoes I had and so until I managed to get to Macy's the next day to buy some, I was walking around New York (fashion capital) in Socks and Sandals...classy.

However, with warm feet and a new pair of gloves for the both of us, we began to look around and enjoy the city. The day after we arrived it snowed and New York in the snow is very pretty! We were lucky enough to see it falling, before it all turned to sludge later in the day.

We caught the Subway down to 34th Street, went to Macy's, past Madison Square Garden. Then we walked up to Times Square for some lunch. Because we are here for so long we've been spreading out the sightseeing. So it was back to our hostel for some warming up and some dinner at Mama's Pizzeria down the road. woop. (why do you care were we ate our meals!?)

The next day (Thursday) we decided to do the Downtown stuff. I've been singing that Petula Clark song ever since. We went all the way down to South Ferry (where the Staten Island Ferry leaves from) around Battery Park, looking out towards the Statue of Liberty. Then a quick, hop, skip and jump across to Wall Street for a coffee (just like the locals) a look at Brooklyn Bridge and The Bull and Stock Exchange. Because we were down that way, we walked past Ground Zero. It was really strange seeing this big gaping hole in the city, which is still a pile of rubble 6 years on. I found it quite bizarre trying to imagine the streets we were walking around covered in dust and fire....erm, anyway...happy thoughts....that was enough sightseeing for that day and back we headed to warm our little icicles of bodies up.

Friday was a lot warmer (I didn't even need to cover my ears up!) We wandered on down to the Empire State Building and went up to the Observatory, it was quite a clear day so we were lucky and could see quite a long way out of the city. After we came down in those super speedy lifts (that made my ears pop) we walked up 5th Avenue past The Public Library, Rockafella Centre, St Patricks Cathedral, Saks, Tiffanys and Trump Tower (I thought of you Rob!) among other things. Then we walked through Central Park all the way back up to 103rd St (where our hostel is) The lakes in the park are all frozen over.

Yesterday, we did a bit of shopping and looking about. Nothing amazing though.

Today after deciding that we couldn't really afford the Natural History Museum Joe went back to the hostel while I went for a Sunday constitutional in Central Park. I've never seen so many prams, joggers and people with small dogs in coats in one place. It felt quite nice to be walking through the park amongst the New Yorkers and the tourists, on what turned out to be a really nice day.

In short, I like New York. It's a blooming big place but you can forgive it that because of the ease of moving around here.
I've had an amazing time and am really looking forward to getting home now. I hope you're all ready for some well needed hugs and hours of looking at photos and hearing stories....the unedited versions! :p Speak to you soon

Laura xx

p.s. in case you hadn't guessed Joe wrote the last New York blog....such a comedian that boy! :)

Thursday, 08 March 2007

Location: New York, USA


Saturday, 03 March 2007

Location: Los Angeles, USA

Hello again,

Arrived in LAX Tuesday afternoon and after the extensive immigration process, (well I say extensive, they just take your fingerprints and a photo) we got a shuttle to our Hostel. It's a really nice place on Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood, and its set up well for international travellers, which is good.

We've been doing some of the touristy stuff, like Hollywood Boulevard, Chinese Theatre, Hollywood Sign. I've stood on Johnny Depp's star and all that stuff! woo! I actually quite like L.A. People have told me that I wouldn't, but it's cool.
The Americans look at us like we're crazy when we walk everywhere, especially now that i've done something to my ankle and am limping around like an idiot. Los Angeles is really spread out and nobody walks, everybody drives or gets the bus...but not us. Who needs the bus when you can limp?

Yesterday we went to Universal Studios, which was cool. Went on the rides, didn't throw up. We also did the Studio Tour and saw where lots of famous movies have been filmed and then we drove past the end of Wisteria Lane (Desperate Housewives) but i didn't see any famous people. It was really really good though, the Americans are definately very good at theme parks.

Talking of famous people, we've had a couple of near misses but as yet nobody. We drove past a shop and there were loads and loads of photgraphers at the window but we couldn't see inside. Then later on, we saw a big blacked out car and Two Big Bodyguards, Joe saw a woman inside but didn't know who it was....
Somebody at the hostel told us that she met Ron Jeremy a few nights ago...he gave her his mobile and home phone number, I don't think she's going to call...hopefully. :s

Anyway, our big plans for today are going to the 99c store and maybe to the $3 cinema! Bargains all round!

I'm really sorry this is so unwitty. My head hurts....I blame the pollution. (blimey, whats with me, moany pants :p)

Hope everybody is well and we'll see some of you very soon! I can't believe we only have 10 days left!!

All my love
Laura x

Monday, 26 February 2007

Location: Nadi (again), Fiji

Ni sa Bula!

Blimey it feels like I've been out of contact an eternity...a whole two weeks. But we're back on the mainland (and civilisation) again.

We left Nadi on the 15th and caught the bus to Denarau Marina to board the Yasawa Flyer. The first of many trips aboard the big white boat (as it's known around here). Our first stop was Nacula Island, the big boat stops in the waters near the island and you get a little transfer boat to come and pick you and your bags up (this is basically the locals fishing boat!) so off we went to our first place, "Melbravo." For the first day and night here we were the only guests, we had our own little Bure, the traditional thatched Fijian hut and when we ate dinner they would come and sit with us, which was, at times, a little strange. But they were lovely friendly people and made us feel welcome. The fijians and all quite enthuasiatic about their culture and will try to involve you as much as possible. They are always happy to answer questions (even if you didn't really ask!). It really is so beautiful here, just how you would imagine paradise to look and feel. I know that sounds a bit soppy, but it's true!!! We spent most of our time, swimming in the sea, lying on the hammocks and drinking coconuts fresh from the trees. (Joe was to soon become an expert at husking them!!). The second day Dan and Stew from Preston arrived and we got on really well, we actually ending up spending the next 5 or so days with them.

After Melbravo, it was a short hop, skip and a jump over to Nahula Lailai island, home of the Blue Lagoon (apparently there's some eighties film with Brooke Shields filmed here! :p) the lagoon was stunning and the water was so calm. At our resort "Seaspray" we met Queen, who when we arrived she said something to the effect of...."I am, how do you call it?!" we then answered quite politely..."erm, a bit camp maybe?" "A Fag!" she says! Brilliant. She used to work on the luxury resort on Turtle island just around the corner and told us all about the celebrities that she had met and how Oprah Winfrey had invited her over to the States to "dance" at her birthday. All in all a brilliant person and a real laugh! They fed us well at Seaspray, while we were out in the islands we have eaten a lot of traditional Fijian food and it's so nice!!! Really really lovely food.

After a couple of nights there, Dan, Stew, Joe and I headed off down the islands to Naviti and "White Sandy Beach." This was probably my favourite place. Because we had made quite a big group of friends and so there was always someone to do something with or have a laugh with. While we were here Dan, Joe and I did some snorkelling and it was amazing!!! I've never seen anything like it! The reef here is one of the best in the world (apparently!) and so accessible! I saw loads and loads of different types of fish and coral (I won't bore you with them now!) and generally had a big smile on my face, snorkel permitting. We also walked over to the other side of the island to the deserted beach, there was nobody else there and it was beautiful. The boys celebrated by building a sand fort. How English. The staff at White Sandy were really friendly and every night we had to dance and sing and generally make fools of ourselves. We are now pros at the 'Bula Dance!' and to top it off, Joe has discovered a new talent by means of Limbo Dancing!!! Oh. My. God. He beat the Fijians!! It was great, I sat and watched as everybody fell by the wayside but that boy just kept on limbo-ing. Best. Thing. Ever. :)

After Naviti and lots of fun, (as well as the best beach yet!) We said goodbye to everybody and headed on down to the Wanna Taki Cruise. After we'd got used to the rocking we had a nice time, jumping off the side of the boat into the water and watching the Dolphins that swam alongside.

Next stop was Waya and "Sunset Waya" here we met Simone from Switzerland and also tried our hand at Handline Fishing, and, to put it mildly, were rubbish. Apparently I wasn't feeling for the fish enough. I was seasick though, which was nice. Anyway, the nice fijian fisherman we were with caught us some lunch and we went back and had them smoked on the fire. It was so delicious, I've never eaten fresh fish that fresh! We ate Snapper, Parrot Fish and another one that I can't remember the name of but the cook kept calling Nemo, (which put me off a little!) We drank more Kava here (our third time!) Joe won another limbo and we were treated to a fire dance by the local lads. All in all, pretty cool.

After Sunset it was onto our last stop Kuata. Where we did little more than play cards, sleep and eat. Bliss.

A couple of days ago, we caught the boat bak to Denarau and, after bumping into Dan and Stew again have been enjoying hot showers, cash machines, power points and laundry.

I think we have both really enjoyed Fiji and are both looking forward to talking about it in more detail when I have the time. This account has been chopped down quite a bit because of time restraints, but I hope it will keep you going for now!!!

Vinaka, Moce!
Laura and Joe x

Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Location: Nadi, Fiji

Bula from Fiji!

Blimey it's hot here. Got off the plane and the humidity hit us hard, it's just like being back in Thailand. (well sort of).

We arrived at our little hostel yesterday afternoon (just!) and it was raining....alot....i mean proper tropical storm kind of stuff. So to cheer ourselves up, we drank some rather camp cocktails..woop. Today we've been booking up our trip out to the Yasawa Islands. We got the bus into town (a whole 65c! - thats about 20p) and got swamped by some locals trying to sell us stuff....BUT, we did get offered some kava, and were made to sit on the floor, clap once then received the bowl, drink it in one, while eveyone else clapped then clap three times. It was all a bit strange and made our heads feel funny, but still quite cool.

After we had spent far too long already in town, (it was all a bit stressful) we got back to the hostel and finalised our island hopping and accommodation arrangements. Then tonight we've eaten a very nice 3 course meal...yum...i even had black forest gateau which made me a happy girl.

We are heading out on the early boat tomorrow and spending 10 nights out on the islands. We may not be in contact very much because the phone system is lousy and lots of the places we are staying don't have net, or if it does, the property runs on a generator and so time may be limited. Anyway, just to warn you. We'll try our best but we haven't forgotten about anybody!!! Just think of us, diving, snorkelling, drinking cocktails and generally lying on the beach. Woop.

Sorry it's another short and sweet one, getting eaten alive by mosquitos sitting here and am off to find the 80% deet spray and anti-histamine cream (god bless them!)

All my love to everybody!
Laura x (and Joe)

Monday, 12 February 2007

Location: Christchurch, New Zealand


Well it's our last day in New Zealand today, and although we are both looking forward to a bit of white sand and turquoise sea in Fiji, I think I'll be sad to leave. I've really enjoyed it here and hope to maybe one day make it back.

The last few days have been spent in Christchurch, we've been really lucky in finding a great little hostel with lots of home comforts and have just been enjoying all the (free) stuff Christchurch has to offer. Things like the street performers (some of which I've seen numerous times!), The Cathedral, The Arts Centre, the Botanical Gardens, that kind of thing. Joe and I both watched Maori perform a Haka yesterday (although at the time we didn't realise we were both there at the same time!) It was really good, but actually quite scary. You can see why those Rugby players get intimidated.

Anyway, I'd best be off got some packing to do before our early flight up to Auckland and then out to Nadi, Fiji tomorrow morning!! (Will be packing all my cold weather clothes to the bottom of my bag again!) and there's a beer back at the hostel with my name on it.

Sorry for the short little entry, it's just to whet your appetite I suppose.

Until Fiji!

Laura xxx

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From Dad
Nice blog Laubs. Says it all doesn't it. Can't wait to see you again on Wed. Enjoy New York - What have you been able to do there so far?
Response: Really looking forward to seeing you too! Has my parcel arrived yet? I tell you what I'll go write a proper blog now and let you all know what I've been doing. xxxx
From Hugh F.w.
aargh! photos please laubspie, photos of l'americas! photos of pimps and ho's... and of you getting tiddly and dancing on bars! whoop!
Response: erm...i'll try my best for the photos...internet facilities = rubbish. I'll be home soon!!! weird. and i'll post them up them if no earlier! xxx
From ele
nice bloggage laubs...I just realised, it was about this time of years that I went to NY. I took loads of scarves, gloves, coats etc but it was so warm we ended up sitting in Central Park wearing just t-shirts! Hope you're having a brill time. Been up the Empire State Building yet?! Or bought a weiner off a street vendor? Can't wait to see you!!! xxx xxx xxx
Response: Hello you, Joe wrote the last blog...figures! If we went around wearing t-shirts we would probaby get frostbite....actually, there's no probably about it. it was 0 degrees again today...brr....
Went up the Empire State Today! woop. no weiner yet though. See you soon! xxx
From Chris Lewis
I have thoroughly enjoyed following your adventures. It was good to meet you and share a little bit of it. Good luck to you both with whatever you do next. xx
Response: Thankyou so much for everything Chris, it was great to meet you too! We loved staying with you and can't thank you enough for everything! I'll be in touch! Laura x
From Hugh Fernley-Whittin
ten days? really? thats madness! and only one postcard! i demand you bring me back one of Ron Howard's toenails! ive had too much caffene! boing! serious;y though... ten days??? madness...

... missed you xxx
Response: Hello Hugh, hows the River Cottage?? I have actually written out a postcard for you, it'll be posted and sent over by the good old US Postal Service, and will probably arrive after me! Missed you too you big hunk of erm...cheese. xxxx
From Kate (big sis)
1. immigration is not extensive unless you get taken to secondary!
2. yup - only english or vagrants walk in the states
3.who the blooming heck is Ron whatshis chops?
Response: 1. Hee hee, I did regail Joe with the story of my criminal sister whilst going through customs...although I said it very quietly! (love you!)
2. Ron Jeremy is the porn bloke with the biggest....*wallet* the industry. I may have changed one word in the answer, I'll leave you to guess which one.
Love you! xxx
From Peter
You say you are going to buy your mum dinner at the this the gay bar near Corn Street in Bristol as if it is I don't think the foods that great!!!!

Response: Well you'd be the expert on that wouldn't you?! A regular I've heard! Get back to work! xxx
From Mum
ellooo! Had a great anniversary - sort of a drawn out week of mild celebration - still going on! Miss you!
Response: Good! I'm glad you did!!! I'm so sorry I couldn't contact you on the day though! I was thinking of you! I'll have to buy you dinner at the Elephant or something when I get back. xxx
From Claire
Hey chick, Waiting for your next chapter? Have you left Fiji yet?
Response: Not quite, got back to Nadi today and we are here for a couple of nights! (needed a shower and to do some washing!) Will update shortly! I hope everything is going well and looking forward to going out for a drink with you when I get back! x
From ele
helloooo - where are you?! I'm sure you're sunnning yourself on a beach and are either far too busy to get online, or else you are in such a remote place that there is no internet. either way I hope you are well and can't wait ti hear from you. love xxx
Response: Hello glummy! I'm back on the mainland now, and yes, it was pretty remote. No hot water, limited electricity, no phone, no cash machines and definately no internet!!! But i'm back to civilisation just in time as i am beginning to smell and have no clean clothes! I have had an amazing time though! It really is Paradise!! xxx
From family
Its Friday night and we're all together at Portishead - Mum, Dad, Carole, Neil & Jack - we've updated and talked about you, now we're drinking good Malborough Sauvignon Blanc and settling down to Pirates of the Carribean 2 . Cheers! xxxx
Response: Yay for Marlborough Sav Blanc, I've probably driven past the winery! Thankyou for thinking about me! xxx
From Your next flatmate!!
Good to here you're safe in Fiji. Molly and I went to Ashton court today and saw "Santas horses"! Much stomping about on the grass and the molehills. Busy week coming up - Carole & Neil here this wkend, Dad and I are off up London for a show and a bit of gallery-ing then Dan & Jo are here for wkend after. We'll raise a glass to you in Antonios, but Molly's NOT getting My calamare! Enjoy reefing about
Response: Hello!!! I hope you enjoyed all of those things, have only just got back to the mainland after three weeks, so sorry it's a bit late! Happy Late Anniversary!!! Glad you got my card and letter ok! Can't wait to give you a big hug at the airport! (you won't recognise me I'm so brown!) xxxx
From ele
Hello my lovely,

It sounds like you're having an amazing time, and fiji sounds lovely - the island bit especially! Have a lovely relaxing time, enjoy the coctails and try and top up that tan of yours!

Can't wait to have you back xxx

P.S. Happy Valentine's Day!
Response: Well thankyou very much m'dear!!! I've had an amazing time and the tan is the best it's ever been!!! woo! Missing you loads but will be home in no time at all, which is really scary!!! xxx
From clarey
so while you two are twatting about ON glaciers, Emz is flying OVER them! i prefer the minty variety! haw haw haw!

snow here tomorrow... cant wait! xxxxxxxxxxx
Response: Snow?! Awesome...Be sure to write "Pants" for me.
I loved walking on/up to the glacier, I really felt like I had worked for the priviledge. (and I don't have the same funds available to me!)
Bumlove xxx
From Kate
computer - just did something funny on me - did you get the last message (soppy) ?
Response: No I didn't!? Oh man, do you mean I actually missed out on you being soppy? :( Send me an email!!! Love you xxx
From Peter
Hello you

We have a new employee, a nice man called Jules who I think is going to make me so many appointments I will forget where the office is! Also Jo from Bevan Brittan has resigned and bought a pub!
Thought I woukld let you know the news. Hopefully we will be so busy with new clients you can have you job back when you return (but not your room!)
Response: I heard about this new employee of yours! Very nice indeed! Lets hope they'll be millions of appointments to come! woo! And Jo has a Pub eh?! Woop! Do you think she'll let me stay for a lock in? Especially if I have to go all the way up to Birmingham! Will email you properly soon. It's weird not talking rubbish with you everyday after a year and a half of doing so...nobody talks as much rubbish as you Peter Murphy :p xxx
Well hello Miss Sach,

How are things with you? Loving the last set of pictures, especially Fox Glacier. How long did it take you to climb up there?

Things are okay in Canterbury, i've finally entered the modern world by purchasing an MP3 player that Murf has loaded a bit of TakeThat on for me, so i'm sorted for my walks to work. Although people now think i'm completely crazy as not only do i walk 6 miles to work in the morning i also sing and dance all the way. Perhaps they have a point!

I went bowling on Friday and was truely horrendous, scoring just 66 and i didn't even have the excuse of being drunk. However after we all started equally as bad in the second game, we gave up after four goes and decided that the pub was infact the best way forward.

Anyway best get on and at least pretend to be doing some work. Will write again soon and look forward to my next postcard.

Lovely job
Rob (AKA Louis, Louis Theroux!)

Response: Hello Mr Rob Sir, Glad you liked the photos, Fox Glacier was very cool (if not a bit chilly) It only took us about an hour and a half to get up there, which was quite handy.

An MP3 player eh? You are a member of the technology age now it would seem?! And Take That!? Excellent choice. (at least its not Neil Diamond or something :p)

Oh Dear about the bowling...You should come bowling with me, perhaps then I won't feel as rubbish :p

Anyway, get back to work you dirty slacker. I'll be in touch soon. xxx
From Fee
Hey laubs, how's it going? lush photos indeed and you're looking great :) I've still got no idea whatsoever of what to do yet, besides that I need a fresh start...eek!!! how was it living in Bristol? would you recomment it at all? when are you off to Fiji? miss ya,fee xx
Response: Hello French Fry!
Fresh starts are the way to go, I intend to have one myself when I get back. I really like living in Bristol and I'm going to go back there. There's just so many things to think about with fresh starts and stuff arent there?!?
Off to Fiji on the 13th Feb, lets hope my lobster skin can take it! (although I've toughened it up a bit over the last couple of months!) lots of love xxx
From vicki
Wooo! Amazing pics! We all think you look as though you are getting skinnier! Must be all that mountaineering! Keep it up Joe! Have been in Essex, meeting up with folks - home again now for a couple of days, then back there for a bit. Speak soon! xxxx
Response: Well thankyou! It must be all those clever camera angles?! :p
Glad that you've been catching up with everybody, hope they are all well. Lots of Love L x
From Claire (redhill Offi
Hey Hunny!!

Wow your pictures are great, hope your keeping well.
Still mental here in England lol.

Hope to speak to you soon xx
Response: Hello!!! Thankyou! Was lovely talking to you on messenger today! Have fun at work and don't let that Peter Murphy get away with anything!! xxx
From maura
Just looked at your pictures.They are really interesting and if you don't mind I'll use them in a Geography lesson soon. Am envious of all the amazing places you have visited. be safe and ENJOY! Lots of love Maura, Jacob and Bob.xxxxxx
Response: Thankyou so much! Of course I don't mind! Hopefully I'll have some new pictures up here soon, lovely to hear from you. Hope everything is well with you. Lots of love and big hugs Laura xxxx
From joes mum - Theresa
Just a note to say how much I love reading all the news it almost makes me feel I'm there with you. Don't worry Laura Joe is used to waiting for me when we go walking and I'm sure you are quicker than me. NZ sounds loveley I am looking forward to seeing some of the pictures.Your not missing much in the grey UK - storms, Gales, Snow and rain and arother boring round of Big Brother! Love to you both carry on enjoying yourselves xxxxxxxxxx
Response: Hi mum, thanks for the message, we'll keep you posted.
From Dad
Hi Laubs

Sorry I haven't written for a while. Great you managed to find Olga, Carole said she was a good laugh. We haven't seen her in at least 20 years, it doesn't sound as if she has changed much. We have been watching Billy Connolly's world tour of New Zealand on TV. His route seems to be the same as yours, it looks fantastic, mountains, lakes, long roads and no cars! We must get our act together and save for a trip out there. We went to see Jamie Kyd today. I used to play cricket with him but he moved to Wiltshire about 23 years ago. It was great seeing him again and although I was nervous, we got on really well again. I'm playing golf with him soon. He now lives in Bradford on Avon, just outside Bath - about 45 mins drive. It's strange how we are coming across people we knew but it's nice to see familiar faces in this part of the world. Although we've really settled in here, it still sometimes feels as if we haven't got anyone here. That'll all change soon - bring on the golf! I must get out there and do more, I'm playing badminton every week but I still feel unfit - must be the post Christmas 'flabby' feeling. Roll on warm weather.

I've waffled on for too long now. Looking forward to the next Laura Blog.

Take care

Response: Hello Daddio.
Glad that through the medium of Billy, you can see the sort of places I have been! Glad you finally got around to meeting up with Jamie, (Chrissy/Chrissie and Eleanor will be pleased!) Was lovely to speak to you today, sorry I didn't have more time! Love you xxx
From Ben
Hello there, i know ive been utterly useless at sending you comments, to be honest i can't actually remember the last time i sent one........ :(
Anyhoo, that shall all change coz im finally getting the internet put into the house 2moro woo!
Everything your doing sounds amazing anyways, i dont believe u went skydiving! When are you off to the next country/place?
I've sorted out a place to live for next year with a guy i skate with who comes from Dover and two other skater guys who are moving here from South Africa so im reaalllyyy excited about that since my current housemates aren't really ideal, although the worst one has quit uni and buggered off now, which without being too mean im REALLY pleased about (even tho he did owe me £60 which im never going to see again).

Anyway ill try to stop being so useless with keeping in contact with you from now on ;)

See you soon
Response: Hellooooo beejy boy. (oh dear I promise never to call you that to your face.) Good news about the housemate situation, a happy uni house doth a happy ben make. Looking forward to Centre Parcs, apparently we're on lunch or breakfast duty again, lets not buy a ton of cheese this time!
Laubs xxx

p.s. how come you've never leant me 60 quid?! :p
From molly
jjjhhjhjjhcccccccccccccv fghjhhnjjggtyttvc
Hello Aunty Laura, I'm sitting on granny's knee looking at you being all blown about! I'm cuddling Cyril the squirrel too!
Response: Hello Molly, or should I say "Hello Gorgeous" as I hear that's your new phrase a la moment! I hope granny is looking after you and you are making sure Cyril the Squirrel is ok for me. Can't wait to give you a cuddle. Love Aunty Laura xxx