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Sunday, 12 July 2009

Location: New Zealand

helloha again people sorry its been a while ....
well we did nay get to climb mount doom in the end cos the weather was crappy so we could nay go but hey ho we got to sky dive over it so its all good !
so since taupo we've done way loads ... we next hit river valley where we got to go white water rafting which was so cool, well actually so freezing but unbelievably cool , and the best part was we all stayed in the raft and our instructor fell out and we were stuck between two rapids with him standing in the middle of one screaming instuctions at us whilst being sweept down the river... was hillarious , well i thought so not many others in our raft did :D
so then we went to wellington where we spent an entirety of about 14 hours before we got the crossing over to nelson but our bus decided to become kaput and we were stranded at the hostel until the boat place sent a replacement bus to us and we held up the whole boat ... but some people, such as our wonderful selves are worth waiting for :P
then we went to nelson where we stayed with kathleens lot ... big thank u to them for putting up with us and taking us snowboarding it was amazing as was kathleen on her skies !!! snowboardins was successful and when the helicoptor was called it was amazingly not for one of us !
next we hit this place called lake manipua or some strange spelling like that where we stayed at a place called the poo pub with this crazy 90 something year old called les whos beard put gandalf and dumbledores to shame and the best part about staying there was the fancy dress party where our theme was tight and bright, hence the highlighters, florescent clothes and glow in the dark crap came out, ohh and i got to wear a cone for a hat, so happy times all around :D oh and the senery here was beautiful but the fancy dress was better ...
and off to franz joseph it was for us where we got to climb a glacier !!! A GLACIER how friggin amazing is that 1 a real life glaier and they are HUGE !!! we got to go in all these little tiny creeks and crevaces in it and go through tiny little holes and walk through gaps barely the width of ur stomach , not an ideal place for a fat person .... the pub there was pretty cool i won a free bar crawl with tom on the first night winning a piggy back competition and laura won one the second night in a rock paper siscor comp. i like to think mine involved more skill but surfice to say we rocked that place competition wise !!!!
happy in our winnings we moved on to queenstown after a few little stops with strange names i cant remember but queenstown was such a good vibe, litterally a snow central but it was quite expensive to board so we were glad we done it in nelson and the best part was one night alex won a $500 bar tab so it was like yehhhhhhh free drinks :D , we really do like this whole kiwi experience thingymabobby ....

Thursday, 02 July 2009

Location: Lake Taupo, New Zealand

So after the most action pacdke 24 hours of my life Im having a little rest and thought I would let you know what we have been up to!

Yesterday was a beautiful day, the first with no rain and as you know from ydys diary entry we decided to go caving! The adventure was awesome! It started with a 40m abseil in the pitch black fitting through a pretty narrow hole, from there you were attatched to a zip wire and went for a flying fox through the dark over the river running noisily underneath! Then it was time for hot choc and cake :-) Happy days! From here we jumped about 10m off of a platform into the river in our giant tubes to go for some black water rafting (much more sedate than its white water cousin!). We floated along looking up at the glow worms, pretty cool! From there we went for a float on our backs along some rapids, very cool! I was then launched backwards over what i thought was a huge waterfall but was luckily just a slide built into the water fall, phew! We crawled through a few smaller caves, very cool! Then began our ascent up a long but quite shallow waterfall, Caroline and I thought it was all over then but when we turned the next corner and saw water rushing down we realised that actually, no we hadn't yet even started climbing the 3 waterfalls that we needed to do to reach the surface! Trying to climb with thousands of gallons of water gushing in your face is not easy at any time but when your wearing a wet suit and some very (un)cool wellies, it really is impossible! I nearly lost a shoe but luckily our guide saved it for me! Was really incredible, well impressed with both of us! And as you can see the pics are pretty cool!

You would have thought that we had had enough adrenaline after this but the following afternoon having arrived at Lake Taupo we decided that it was time to throw ourselves out of a plane from 12,000 foot. Unfortunately for me I was the last one into the plane and everyone knows that means your the first one out ARGHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Sitting on the edge of the plane waiting to jump was possibly the closest I have come to wetting myself since I was a little girl, Im not gonna lie about it! Free falling for the first 45seconds was just INCREDIBLE!!!!! We could see Mount Doom from up there and all sorts, was just wicked! Scared the living daylights outta me when he pulled the chute cos it slows you down so quick but I guess thats kinda the whole point of the chute?!?! Did some cool formations in the sky and just generally had a great slow tumble back to earth! Very glad that my bottom is soooo well padded cos i landed on it pretty heavy :-)

So tomorrow we are being a bit more sedate and going on a walk....that will take us up 1,850metres and include a visit to Mount Doom. We are hoping that we find Aragon not Sauron :-)

Speak soon

Laura and Caroline

Wednesday, 01 July 2009

Location: Waitomo, New Zealand

Hey all!

Loving the Kiwi Experience bus! Its awesome! Loadsa great people and doing loads of cool activities! Finally got some sunshine today after 7 days of rain and what are we doing.........heading underground into caves! Haha! Stupid or what?!?! Booking a skydive for tomorrow afternoon and then hopefully we will get to fulfill a dream of ours......and climb into the fires of Mount Doom, where the 1 ring that rules them all was forged :-) yeah! Last night I went to a really cool Maori experience evening. THey come out and do perofrmances of the Haka and loadsa other traditional dances and then fed us an enormous feast of a meal all cooked in underground ovens (note to dad - i think you need to learn how to do this!!!). Caroline meanwhile enjoyed FREE pizza in the hostel (I was a little jealous but pls dont tell her!)

Hope your all enjoying Wimbledon! Be back with some pics soon!

Love Laura and Caroline

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Location: New Zealand

so these days we've hit kiwi lands and have entered the world of hobbits and teletubbies .... im gonna insult the kiwis and say its kinda like a prettier england :D
so we flew in and were dissapointed cos it was only a normal sized plane and not a big one that the likes of ourselves have come accostomed too, but we still got feed so it was okkydokky !
we went up to the bay of islands on thursday, it northwards of aukland and amazingly pretty , also warmer which is good ... we got to go right to the most north point of the north island in kiwi lands which is cool, so now its the eastern most point of assie lands and the northern most point of kiwi lands, maybe we'll head for the southern most point of feejee lands , who knows ... ...
we headed out for a tour of all 140 something islands around the bay today where we'd get to swim with dolphins as well but sadly they had lil baby dolphins with them so we wernt alowed to get in :( sad times unfortunightly !!! but they were sooooo cute !!!
we've gotta wait up till 1 in the morning over here for tyhe lions match but a very determined laura went round about 6 pubs to find a place that would be open and needless to say she found one so we get to watch that tonight and then its back to aukland for us tomoz
i bid thee all farewell and hope ur enjoying sunshine whilst we freeze our asses off over here :) but hey ... we get snow :P and ill get to pommell laura with snowballs :P

Friday, 26 June 2009

Location: Paihia (Bay of Islands), New Zealand

So we eventually managed to get ourselves onto the right flight on the right day (no mean feat for the 2 of us!) and made it over to New Zealand. We spent the first 2 nights in Auckland and had a wonder round visiting the sights. Managed to find a Canterbury Rugby shop with some pink rugby shorts, these will be debuted by both of us next season :-) On Thursday we caught our first Kiwi Experience bus and headed North to Paihia also known as the Bay of Islands. Its a small seaside town with something crazy like 144 islands just off the coast. Very pretty but its really windy up here, keep getting blown away!

Today we went to Cape Reigna which is the most Northerly point of the North Island so we can add that to the list including the most Easterly part of Oz! Was a cool day trip cos we got to sandboard, basically involves throwing yourself off of a massive sand dune on a boogie board and hopefully stopping before you get to the stream! C and I defo had great braking skills cos neither of us wanted to get wet! Managed to go for a dip in two diff oceans in 1 day, the Pacific and the Tasman, not gonna lie b oth of them were freezing!

Anyways tomorrow we heading off on a dolphin spotting trip and if we see them then we get to jump in the water and join them :-) so hopefully we find them but we will let you know!

Laura and Caroline xx

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Location: Melbourne, Australia

So Caroline told you all about how thick we both are! Doh I hear you say Dad! Was pretty funny in the end but seriously was not a happy bunny at the time! All turned out for the best though cos have had a really good few days in Melbourne, got to visit the MCG (most famous Cricket Ground in Oz) saw the Rod Laver Arena (Oz Open Tennis playing place) saw Italian Rugby Team at the Ethiad stadium in the afternoon before they played Australia (at least we think it was them, a big group wearing blue tracksuits but they were along way away, but dont hold it against us!!!) and went on the cool trams that they have here and nearly got run over by a few of them as well! Visited the Parliament and State Libary, very impressive! Visited the Shrine of Rememberence which is the most impressive monument I have ever seen. We are heading back to Sydney tonight on another long coach journey :-( then flying to New Zealand on Tuesday :-). Also watched the first Lions game, not impressed that we stayed up till midnight for kick off then they went and lost.........had to put up with some abuse from Aussies who were happy to see them lose ARGH!

Will get some pics up tomorrow when we get back to the hostel (cos free internet there!) got loads to show you all so come back and ahve a look!

Laura and Caroline xx

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Location: syney onto kiwi lands, Australia

so sunday, sunday, sunday ... well little old me was just minding her own buisiness on the computer when i hear "DUDE AHHHHHHHHHHHH" from my normally conservative *cough cough* sister laura .... yeah so as it happens we got to sydney a week early thinkin we were flyin out in two days not actually not flying out for a week and two days, silly ol' us 'ey ??? naturally i found this hillarious but apparently laura did nay think so .....
so here we were pondering on our situation do we stay, do we go to new zealand early , or what ? and then laura had a bright spark so we emailed a friend we made back up in cairns who lives in melbourne and we're like yeahhhh lets go visit her. so we waited and waited cos katrina doesnt check facebook very often and in the end we got in contact with her and so its off to melbourne for us on thursday night !!! sadly for us this means two more nights spent curled up on greyhound seats in sleeping bags for 12 hours each way :( very sad times !!
so wot happened in between i hear u ask ... well not much actually we went to more touristy places , ate more, drunk more and had a jolly old merry time. it was quite good really we got to know the people in r hostel really well cos we were there for like a week so it was good in that sense and we'll get to see them all again cos we've got one more night there before we do actually and properly fly to new zealand next tuesday
so until next time folks ill leave u with laura for the next entry .... ....

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Location: Sydney, Australia

So we made it to Sydney on Thursday morning. Our hostel is in the middle of town, which is really cool. We headed straight towards Circular Quay on our first day here, stopping at China Town and Hyde Park (not any where near as big as in London but really pretty!). The Quay is amazing and we went straight over to the Opera House and took loads of pictures and also of the Habour Bridge, was a gorgeous day really sunny yay :-).

On Friday we took a trip up to the Blue Mountains, went for a guided walk and saw some amazing water falls, climbed down the Furber Steps (1000 of them but Caroline only counted 925 think she needs some more lessons!), saw the Three Sisters and went up the Steepest Railway in the world, pretty cool! Stayed in the most amazing hostel EVER! Had a library and log fires and was just AMAZING! On Sat we went for some walks by ourselves (didnt get too lost!) and then got a lift back to Sydney.

Sunday was the day of the climb of Sydney Harbour Bridge and it certainly didnt disappoint!. The views from up there were magnificant, you could see Bondi Beach, Manly, the Olympic Park, Blue Mountains and sooooooooo much, was really great. The photos were very funny due to the dodgy Americans in our group! Visited the markets in the afternoon and managed to get some woolies for NZ cos its gonna be freezing!

Planned to spend Monday at some of the Museums before flying out to NZ on Tuesday........

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Location: Australia

so its just a quickie from me as we got some free intranet, happy times !!
well we just came back from surfing and needless to say we r now both pros, me so than laura but hey ho .... :D
it was soooo cool tho, we could both stand by the end and surf all the way into the beach, dont worry we limited our injuries to a sprained toe and a cut foot so its all good
we're just hanging around at the minute cos we're not gettin the bus untill 10 tonight, both looking foward to another 14 hours on a bus, but hey sydney will be awesome !!
hope everythings goin good back home, dont miss us too much !!!!

Monday, 08 June 2009

Location: Surfers Paradise, Australia

Hi all!

Had a great few days! We arrived in Brisbane on Friday and spent the day walking around visiting all sorts of cool tourist attractions. Went to the City Botanic Gardens and there was a big music festival going on so chilled there for a while. Stayed in an awesome hostel which gave us free meals :-) and had a great bar :-) haha! On Saturday we went to visit the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, which was so cool cos we got to hold a Koala bear and have a picture! Was the cutest thing ever! Got to see loads of other Aussie animals inc Tazmanian Devils, Dingos and some other one with weird and wonderful names, ended the visit watching a sheep dog display (random!) and a cool bird show! Went back to the city and climbed the clock tower of city hall which had great views. Made it back to the hostel in time to get ready, have a few drinks and head out for the evening! Had to get up far too early the next morn to catch the bus down to Surfers Paradise, both pretty hungover tbh!

Surfers Paradise is pretty cool, basically a massive gorgeous beach with a hundred and one massusive skyscrapers! Beach is gorgeous and today was a bank holiday for the Queens birthday which confused us cos we dont have that at home! Tomorrow we are heading to Byron Bay for a night and a surfing lesson, finally! And then heading on a 14 hour bus trip to Sydney. Will put up photos from Brisbane and Surfers in the next few days,

hope all good at home

Laura and Caroline xx

Thursday, 04 June 2009

Location: Fraser Island, Australia

So we made it back from Fraser safe and sound even if things didnt quite go according to plan! Had a great time! Driving a 3.3 tonne 4x4 vehicle ROCKS! Not sure Im ever gonna be able to drive Ronnie in quite the same way again! I was a very trusting big sister and let Caroline drive for a while but only after we dropped the others off (Caroline - i was soooooo mcuh better than the canadian girl who had never even drive with gears before!!!!!!!!!). She did good! But I was the best cos I had to drive at nigth so that we could get down to the local bar and watch the rugby and get back (the "local" bar being half hour drive at night!) CRAZY STUFF! Carol;ine ignored all the Dingo safety advice and instead followed the advice of the aborigiones and fed their so called "tame" dingos.......I stayed well clear after they tried to eat me while I cooked our BBQ chicken!

Off to Brisbane tomorrow and hopefully catch and Aussie rules game

Bye xx

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From Joe, Treeny and Davy
Bonjour Lol an' Butters!
How's it going? Can't believe your trip if nearly over and this is the first time we've contacted you - blame our VERY distracted mama!!!
Y'know, you're not the only ones that travel - we've just come back from a very relaxing time visiting Opa in Ireland and tomorrow we're going camping in France!!!
And then, as if that isn't excitement enough, mama and Treeny are going to London on 14th August to have a BBQ at Uncle Bro's - are you going to be there as well? Hope you're having a GREAT time - the photos are BRILL!!!
Luv Joe Treeny and Davy xxxx
From daddy quinn
cool photos on the glacier i knew you 2 would be trying to kill each other before the end of the trip x
From dad
they are not underground ovens they are a big hole with hot stones at the bottom but ill throw away the bbq if you wish im not too sure mum will like a big hole in the lawn!!! you can explain xxxx
From Melon
Hello how u going?! pics are awesome looks like u've had good weather got some very similar pics to u its weird! am very jealous tho where did u stay in brisbane?? omg how heavy was the koala i was like ahh im gonna drop it! canu remember whatit was called? oh thanku for the bday card very organised indeed. miss u loads cant wait to hear ur stories keep having fun lots of love x x x x x x x
Response: omg thought i was gonna drop it too , it weed just as i gave it back to the man though :O !!!!
From Stocker
OMG just looked through your pics ....WOWOWOWOWOW!!!! i loved the nemo pics and the safari ones. its so cool you had a waterproof camera for the fishey pics! how are you liking being a traveller???? was weird coming home, i really really missed my tanz life but hey all good things come to an end. Defo got the travelling bug and can't wait to go travelling again! I'm sooooooo jealous of you right now :) Keep safe and keep enjoying yourself love stocker xxxxxxxx
From G
Hey there,
Loving the pictures, looks like you are having a great time- just wait until New Zealand!! What date are you there from and until when?
Well keep enjoying yourselves. Maybe catch up soon...... x
Response: Cant wait to get to NZ! We leaving for there next tues on the 23rd June and think we there for 4 weeks so till the middle of July. You're looking forward to going back home I bet!x
From Ruth
Hey Caroline! Glad you are having a great time! The pics look amazing! :D don't get too burnt! :) xxx
From Helen & Graham
Finding your pics amazing, looks like your really enjoying yourselves.Do`nt get too brown, you will not be allowed back into U>K.
From Joe
Hey Laura, Can't believe you've been away almost a month already. So glad you're having such a fab time of course I am extremely jealous it reminds me so much of my time there all those hundreds of years ago. Saw Lexy today and he says Hi too. Have just finished all my study Wayhey! So off on my own USA adventure on Thursday so will catch up with you in July, stay safe n enjoy it all til then. Much love Jx
From pat
Great pics, but does your mum know about the boys!!!!! take care x x
From Marlene
Amazing pictures girls, would love to scuba dive(dont know about nose bleeds tho Laura) Take care xxxxxxx
From strudel
You found Nemo!!!
Looks and sounds like you guys are having an great time. Am uber jealous of all your travelling fun!!
Enjoy the whitsundays they are amazing.
Are you heading down the coast in Aus then???
Try not to get eaten by a shark if you go diving again.
muchos love
Response: Haha the sharks were the best bit, scared the living daylights outta me! Heading down to Fraser Island once we get back from the Whitsundays on Sunday, very excited!!xx
From Sarah
Hey you!!!
This all sounds sooooo cool!!! I love this site so we can keep up with what you are doing its so clever!!!
Dont get burnt, you will be sore!!!! Slip slap slop as they say!!!
From EMily
Hey Laura!! Your pics are amazing!! very jealous!! the tiger cub were super cute!! Ohh and scuba diving!! glad ur having an amazing time!!! ENjoy yourself babe!! XX hugs from CArdiff!! Emily XXX
From Francesca
Heyyy guys!! Just had a looksie through all your pictures and they look amazinggg, it confirms your having the times of your life!! Specially the scuba diving ones!! Take care and speak soon! Lots of love, Francesca xxxx
Response: ja dude just a lil bit lol !
hopefully catch u again on the ol' f/b ...
c ya later alligator, have fun urself :D
From Peter & Sandra
Hi Laura & Caroline - we are really enjoying reading about your exploits and we are very jealous! Loved the pic of Laura jumping off the boat with her big flippers!
Response: Haha, Caroline has awesome photography skills, she took that while trying not to sink herself! Hope that you are not letting the Scouts win the quiz too much with out me to gt the pictures for us!!!! xx
From Mammy & Daddy
Hi It was great having the 'chat' with you both last night.You're obviously having a great time. The photos look amazing & you are both looking sooo well. Daddy was impressed with Laura 'Under the Boardwalk'! Caroline, since when did Pirates go scuba diving? Laura I'm glad you warned me about the blood, it looks horrible, hope you're ok now. Missing you lots, but we're getting lots of decorating done here.....the house is a mess! Bye for now, chat soon.
Mammy & Daddy xxxxxxxxxx
From Mel
Awesome scuba pics of you guys swimming with the fishes. Loving the quins socks Quinny! x
From Alex
I love the pic of you guys in the Drakensburg mountains - the 3 rondavels is the most beautiful place!! x
From carlie
hey hope u two are behaving urself photos look cool enjoy the scuba dive veiws will be amazing and glad to hear u have not killed each other yet have fun
From Mammy & Daddy
Well my little babbies, by the time you read this you'll have survived your scuba diving (well I hope so anyway!!!). We can't wait to see some more pictures. I imagine it was awesome. Daddy's very jealous.
It was great talking to you the other night, we miss you sooooooo much! Grandad is very impressed that you chose to go to an Irish bar on your first night....& what a small world this is.
How's the red stomach? Beautifully tanned my now I hope....I can't believe your big sister was laughing at you!!!
Hopefully we'll get to speak to you again soon.
Lots & lots of Love
PS It took me soooo long to clean your rooms I won't be renting them out, they look sooooo clean for once!!
PPS Language Timothy!!!
From Kelly Davies
Looks like your having an ace time! keep it up chick...and you lil sis also!! take care and look after yourself!! :-) xxx
From adelaide Jim
Just found out how to view the photos - they are awesome. Great to see you are having a great time. Keep safe. Love from Ailidh and Sinead
From Uri Howe
Hi Laura,
I don't know, it sounds pretty dull and exhausting. I'd rather be here updating the database (I'm on sheet no. 30. Just another 100 to go!). Seriously, the pics are great. You are abviously having fun. I shall keep myself updated on your travels. Take care! x Uri
From dad
just like home from home all those irish bods and you saw avoca in sa glad ur not too burnt enjoy ur scuba lessons!!! no im not jealous hope to see some more photos soon x