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Laura's Time Away from Oz

Welcome to Laura's Time Away from Oz travel diary. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them!

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Chilly Stockholm

I have officially never been so cold in my life. We experienced temps of minus 10 degrees and I could not feel my body - I was walking aroung NUMB, but it was very pretty and I made my first ever snow ball cause it was the first time I have seen snow!!


Royal Copenhagen

We spent some time hanging out with the Aussie Royals in Copenhagen!!


Beautiful Prague

The last stop of our Winter Wonderland holiday. Prague is a gorgeous and romantic city which I will definately want to go back to. Maybe when it is a wee bit warmer though so I can feel my legs when I walk around.


Beautiful Venice

On our trip to Italy, Venice was our first stop!! Pizza, pasta and gelati galore!!


Our 2nd Italian stop, Florence

We spent a lovely two nights in Florence where we took a day trip to Pisa. Surprisingly there was a little more in Pisa than just the leaning tower!!!


Ciao Bella from Rome

The City of Rome was AMAZING to say the least. I couldn't belive I was actually there looking at the Colosseum and all those ruins!!


Sunny Alghero

Where would you rather be. . .


The Memo's Time in Turkey

Our "On the Go" tour, including Anzac Day in Gallipoli could not have been more fun thanks to our fabluous tour guide and the other people on the tour!! We were known as the "Memo's" and all just had a ball. I came away with some great memories and some even better friends!!


Anzac Day 2006

Anzac Day - The 91st Anniversary!! A mind-blowing experience


Portugal Happy Snaps

When the folks came over from Oz to visit me in London we jetsetted off to Portugal, hired a car and visited Oporto, Santa Luzia, Obidos, Estoril, Lisbon and Albufeira!!


Spanish Happy Snaps

Still with Ma & Pa having a great time roaming the Spanish country side. From Saville to Granada to Madrid!!


To Be Sure To Be Sure!!

Off to Dublin for the weekend - Nigel's belated birthday present.

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From muffa bear (aka denn
thoroughly loved looking at all of these with grandma. love you miss you. wish could go more places with you. xoxox muffa
Response: Well you name the place and we'll save to go!!!