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Laura and Emma ON TOUR!!!!!!!!

Welcome to Laura's Travel Page. Here is where I will be keeping a record of my travels for all of you to read. Please feel free to leave a comment for me. If I have time in between discovering new places and meeting new people I will reply to them!

Diary Entries

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Location: Australia

Hi everyone. Just a short message to say that I'm not going to be doing my planet ranger anymore! I rarely get on the net more than once a week as I am working so much! I have decided to keep a personal diary and write a book when I get home haha! Its not very exciting as its just lots of work at the moment. I hope all is well with everyone at home. If you still wana keep in touch then my email address is big hugs and kisses. xxx

Thursday, 01 November 2007

Location: Alice Springs, Australia

I'm back!!!! woowoowoowoo! Its great to be back here in Alice!! Lovely to catch up with everyone I had to say goodbye to not so long ago! I moved into the staff accomodation yesterday at Melankas which was really cool. Living in a coridoor with some friends so its just like being back in halls at uni!! I got my old job back at the bar which is sweet! Only gona be working fridays and saturdays though as don't wana get ill like last time!! Am very excited as Mel was here to meet me when I came over and shes decided to stay!! Will be lots of fun. Right must go. Its my last day off before I start with my ladies tomorrow so need to get all my stuff sorted!! bye for now.xx

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Location: Heathrow Airport!!, UK

Hello again! Its time for The adventure's of Laura the Explorer Take 2!!! I have had a lovely weekend with lots of 'see you laters' (not goodbyes!!) and just said a sad farewell to mum dad and emma. Thanks for having me home my family!! Miss you already and am looking forward to seeing you on the other side of the world soon!! Lots of love always.xxxx

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Location: Laura's bedroom, Mundon, England

oh my gosh well there you go! Its all over! thank you very much for all the messages! Its been nice being in close contact with you all! I've had a fantastic time and can't wait to go away again soon! xxx

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Location: San Francisco, USA

Surprisingly enough it was easier to upload photos in thailand than it is here in the US! So I'll have to wait until I get home now before the rest of my piccies go up. Not very long to wait! I had an awesome day today! Jumped on the tram down to Fisherman's Wharf and got my ferry across to Alcatraz. It only takes 10 mins on the boat. Did the audio tour which was really good and informative. Then I went into the shop and one of the ex inmates was there signing copies of his book! So I bought one! Looks interesting! Not sure I should be supporting an ex convict but I'm sure hes learnt his lesson!!!! Right time to make some food! SEE YOU ALL VERY SOON!!!xxx

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Location: San Francisco, USA

Well the coach journey wasn't too bad luckily! I managed to sleep a lot! I arrived at about 7:30 this morning, dumped my bags in hostel and have been exploring the city. I got the monorail to pier 39 where I indulged in clam chowder (when in rome do as the romans do and all that!) was actually quite nice! Then I decided (idiotically!) to walk back via Lombard Street which is the most crooked street in the world apparently! I was very impressed that I didn't get lost but I didn't realise how hilly san fran is! I got such a work out! This afternoon I'm gona go and read my book for a bit and catch up on some sleep as I'm going to alcatraz tomorrow. All exciting stuff!

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Location: Vegas, USA

Went to the pool again yesterday with the crew and again today. Last night was really fun. We all went out and randomly bumped into Laura and Danny again so there was a big crowd of us. We went to watch the show at Treasure Island which was good-it was in true vegas style-about ladyu sirens seducing the lots of scantily clad women!

We actually ended up in a strip joint too haha! All the clubs shut about 3 and we were all up for staying out later so asked the taxi driver to take us somewhere good...! The men loved it! It was very interesting actually!

I went to the pool again today-there really is nothing else to do in this heat! Its so dry! Just wana jump in the water the whole time. Time to get the greyhound in a bit. A nice 14 hour drive to look forward to! Will have to say a sad goodbye to my lovely hostel crew. I can say this now because I'm leaving and so mum won't worry but...It was in such a rough area! I walked to the shop which is less than a minute away on my first day and this man in his car pulled up next to me and told me to get in the car!! I was really scared! Luckily I was really close to the shop so I just ran in! It was literally the middle of the afternoon! It was so good to meet the group of people I did cos I had company all the time after that!

It was a really nice hostel though and was situated opposite an Elvis themed wedding chapel (so typically vegas!!) so early evening we'd sit outside and watch all the couples come out in their costumes! Very entertaining! Lawrence asked me to marry him within half hour of meeting-just cos it was so convenient...think he really wants a british visa haha!

Its strange but in a way I don't want to go to San Francisco. Home is so close now! Emma is home already as she mixed up her bus and decided to just go home and I understand how she feels. As awesome as travelling is, after 7 and a half months, going to a new place for 2 days seems like a lot of effort! It is so exciting exploring a new place but tiring too. Every new place we've arrived at means finding accomodation, working out exactly where you are, making new friends and having the exact same conversation with them (about yours and their travels as you've had with every other person you've met), trying to establish the areas to avoid, discovering the easiest way to travel around the place and choosing which touristy things to do. These things are usually so exciting, but when home is so close my enthusiasm falters! I'm really not complaining but I think it really is time to go home and settle for a bit!

Sunday, 19 August 2007

Location: sincity hostel, USA

Well...Last night turned out to be wicked! I decided to sign up for the limo tour of the strip which then included free entrance into Coyote Ugly which is inside the New York New York casino. Met a group of people who were drinking outside before we went which was cool. It was really good going down the strip in a limo! We got shouted at if we put out head out the sun roof though! How good would that have been?!

Today I went to the pool with Lawrence, (an aussie who I met on the limo tour) and 3 other guys from the hostel whose names I can't remember cos they're from Switzerland! Our hostel hasn't got a pool so we went to the Stratosphere Casino/hotel and sneaked in! Its got a really nice pool and volleyball net etc.

We had a really nice evening too. Lawrence, Joanne, Roger and Ken (the crazy Irish man!!) and me went into the strip for a sober night! We went to the top of the 'Eiffel tower' in the Paris Casino/hotel and sawthe city lit up for miles. Was really nice. Its weird becasue you don't really need to go anywhere specifically to be entertained here! Just walking up and down the strip is so fun! Theres so much to see!

Saturday, 18 August 2007

Location: Sincity hostel, USA

Have had the best time in Vegas so far! Went out last night to a bar called Dicks in the Excalibur hotel. Its theme is a fairy tale castle-so cool! Has a wedding chapel inside as well! Met a really funny couple from manchester-Laura and Danny who just got married so had a few drinks with them, em, uncle david and our friend dean from Fiji. Then we hit the poker and roulette tables! Was very fun but I lose all my money rather quickly! I won the first hand I played at poker though so was fairly happy with that! Its such a different game cos you're playing against the dealer instead of the other people at the table and the dealer doesn't even know his own cards so its all about the odds rather than the style of play. David won about 100 on roulette which was good going!

I said goodbye to Emma again this morning as her and Dean are going to San Francisco and then LA. Went for breakfast with David Jane Lozzie and Tom before they too went to the airport. THANKS FOR AN AWESOME TIME YOU GUYS!! AND THANKS FOR SPOILING US ROTTEN!!

Just checked into hostel. Thought it was on the strip but its miles away from the main bit. Haven't really seen anyone around either. I'm going for a sleep!

Friday, 17 August 2007

Location: USA


Thursday, 16 August 2007

Location: LAS VEGAS!!!!!!!, USA

oh gosh I haven't written for ages! Ok so we spent one day in LA then jumped on the greyhound to meet up with uncle david auntie jane Loz and Tom on the west coast, California. They'd hired this humungous RV camper van that sleeps 7 peeps so we jumped in for the ride! After 3 days travelling down the coast we started the journey across to the desert and Vegas! I had a lovely birthday on the 12th. We were at a nice camp site and I got taken out for a lovely dinner! We arrived in Vegas yesterday. We're staying at the Luxor hotel which is in the shape of a pyramid and has an ancient egyiptian theme-its soooooo cool! You walk in the entrance and the casino is right there! I haven't gambled yet but me and uncle dave are gona tongiht-it sucks cos you have to be 21 over here so em can't drink or gamble! The heat is so extreme! It really feels like the desert!

Today we went out to the grand canyon! It was such a good trip. We got an 8 seater plane out there and then a helicopter down to the base, then a boat up the river to a nice buffet lunch then the little plane back again! It really is one of those sights that you can't describe! Another wonder of the world to be ticked off my list! so a big thank you to mum dad uncle david and auntie jane for an awesome birthday present!

Only 8 days left! It'll be weird to be home again!

Friday, 10 August 2007

Location: Los Angeles!, USA

Well my body clock is rather confused! I left Fiji at 10:20pm and arrived at 2:15 lunchtime!!! we passed the date line so I've kinda had the 10th August twice (really bad for budgeting and for waiting for my birthday haha!!) I met up with Ems and checked into a hostel on Hollywood BLVD!! I'm so star struck! My eyes are peeled for Robbie Williams so he can meet me and start falling in love haha. Just had my first 'LA experience' in internet cafe and this girl next to me kept getting phone calls and putting on this low husky voice so I strained to hear what she was saying (I'm a naturally curious person you see!) and I heard her say 'yes I charge $150 for half an hour and my corner is sunset and bay!!!!!' wow a real live prostitute!!!!!

I had a lovely last 2 days in Fiji. All my friends from Robinson Crusoe had also headed back to the mainland so caught up with them and then got invited to sing with the band which was nice!

Ems and me are sooooo excited as we're meeting up with Uncle David, Auntie Jane, Lozzie and Tom tomorrow to head for Vegas!!! Another road trip-think I'll leave the driving to everyone else though!! Have put a few pictures up of Fiji-they don't do justice to the real beauty of it all though. Only 14 days til we're home!! Don't wana leave but can't wait to see you all!xxx

Wednesday, 08 August 2007

Location: Nadi Bay, Fiji

Well here we are back on mainland. It was sooooo sad to leave the island today. Clare, Mary ems and me all got the same boat and are staying in the same dorm this evening so thats nice. I then meet up with all the other guys who coime off the island tomorrow so its not goodbye yet! Robinson Crusoe was such a cool island! I could've stayed there for so much longer. We just went shopping for souvenirs in Nadi and got offered more Kava in a shop...and you can't reject it so now I feel all sleepy again! Honestly, its so not tasty! Mary is hilarious cos everytime we have it she goes 'oh thats delicious!' in her thick irish accent!! The sarcasm is lost in translation luckily!! Fijian people are the happiest race I've ever encountered!! They are so friendly and chilled out!! I honestly think we are doing something wrong in england! Right time to make the most of the sun!! 16 days til I'm home!!!!xxx

Tuesday, 07 August 2007

Location: Robinson Crusoe Island, Fiji

Best day in Fiji so far. We have such a good group of people. There was about 12 of us just chilling on the beach today. Then we decided to go on a mass kayaking trip so did a whole lap around the island! Was good fun.

The last two days we have had the funniest showers!! Theres no hot water at all!! Theres a bucket on a harness pulled up high with a shower attachment at the bottom of it and another bucket you use to fill the attached one up with!! The water is so freezing but we found the best way to combat that is to sing really loudly!! So we all set a time and grab a cubicle each-fill our buckets and sing away!!!

This evening was really funny. Mary was on top form and sang us the horse song from father Ted! We had more songs around the bonfire but no party as the security guard pre-empted us and told us we weren't allowed!!!

Monday, 06 August 2007

Location: Robinson Crusoe Island, Fiji

I C U BABY!!!!! This is the Robinson Crusoe catch phrase!!! Its a very loving island!!! When we arrived we had a Kava ceremony. Kava is a powder that is made from a plant similar to a pepper plant and is ground down and mixed with water to make a traditional fijian drink. Its gross!! It tastes like muddy water! It has no alcohol or drugs but it had a numbing effect so when you drink it your lips and tongue feel numb and you go all sleepy. Its very rude to refuse it if you are offered! The ceremony was a blessing for safe travels and you get a small wooden bowlful and you say 'Bula' and down it then clap 3 times! I kept getting the giggles cos everyones face was a picture!! Not the tastiest!!

We had a full day in the sun today. Robinson Crusoe is amazing. Theres only one resort on the island and it takes only 20 minutes to walk around it!! There are hammocks everywhere-plenty on the side where the sun sets which is amazing! We've met a fantastic group of people here including Mary and Clare who have become our friends really quickly. The people are very welcoming and want to know your names and all about you which is nice. They're also fantastic musicians so we've had singing around the bonfire and sunset singalongs which has been awesome.

I got told off this evening as I tried to smuggle alcohol down to the bar disguised in a water bottle!! Its so expensive there!! I wish I could lie!! The security guard said 'whats in the bottle?' and i said 'um...not water?!!!!' doh. Then Mary (crazy irish girl-never met anyone so hilarious!!) decided we'd have a party in her dorm after the bonfire...the thing is that theres only electric until 12 then the generator goes off and the whole island is pitch black so we all had our phone lights and torches! Then the security guard came up again and we all pretended to be asleep (honestly it felt like we were 14 again-soooo much fun being naughty and getting into trouble!!!) then he picked on me and said 'are you supposed to be sleeping up here?' and I went 'um no I'm just visiting!!' which made everyone in the room explode with laughter and we all got in trouble and got sent to bed!!! very good fun.

Sunday, 05 August 2007

ok this is gona be a really rubbish short entry but the internet is sooooooo expensive here and I'm quickly running out of money!! Arrived in Fiji and stayed in a tiny hostel on the first night. Everyone was so friendly and smiley! The next mornign I caught the early boat over to Mana island where my lovely ickle sister was waiting for me on the beach! We had an AWESOME 3 days of meeting the nicest people ever and singing lots of beautiful songs and pretty much doing nothing! I feel so relaxed and chilled out! Its true what they say about Fiji...Everything is done in 'Fiji time' which means anytime at all! I had a very bad experience with the mixture of 'ring of fire' (drinking game!) and bounty rum the night before last which resulted in my hugging the toilet!! NOT NICE!! very funy though. Last night I went for a sunset walk with one of the people we'd met-it was so amazing. Got some fab pics. Then we got chatting to these irish men and this fijian man who was hysterically funny and decided he wanted emma to be his wife! The people here are lovely. All the staff learn your names and sing to you all the time. I think I might marry a fijian man as they are so pretty!! On our way back from the walk yesterday we saw about 40 locals playing rugby which was awesome! We reckon it was probably the national team or something haha! We have just got the boat back the mainland before heading back out to another island called Robinson Cruesoe. Its fairly expensive but everything is included so we can go snorkelling and fishing and have massages etc!! Oh yeah me and ems made jewellrey out of coconuts the other day! very cool! Right I had better go. I'm missing the rays haha!! Miss you all and really looking forward to catching up soon.xxxx

Wednesday, 01 August 2007

Location: Auckland!!, New Zealand

Oh I've had the randomest 24 hours!! So I got my flight to Auckland but I'm only staying for 24 hours because of the conneting flight. I jumped on the bus to the city centre at about 6 last night. I picked a random hostel that seemed fairly close to the shops and centre of town so that today I could get up and have a look around. I walked into my room said hello to the girl sitting in there only to discover shes from......CANVEY ISLAND, ESSEX!!!! So obviously we had to hit the town!! Had mad, drunken, mental night out and didn't get back til 4am so after checking out at 10 I'm a little sleepy and blatently not gona make the most of my day in Auckland! We sat in the coridoor outside our room when we got back making cheese sandwiches cos we were too stingy to buy munch on the way home!! Good times!!

When I got off the plane in Auckland it reminded me of home soooo much!! Its the first time I've seen rain in 9 weeks which was strange! And the roads and signs and scenery are just like England. It was so weird but it made me really happy!! I think I am really looking forward to coming home now!!

After this diary entry I probably won't be able to write for about 10 days because apparently there is no internet on the islands! So I will update you all as soon as I can!!!xxx

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From Matthew & Ellie K
Response: hello! moved back to alice springs!! busy busy busy!! how are you?x
From Rob
Hey Laura,

Just to let you know you sounded great on saturday and you should keep up the singing in aussie!

Hope you have a great trip. Keep in touch!!
Response: ah thanks Rob!! thats really nice to hear! Especially after the nerves!!! Hope all is well back at school.xx
From lil sash from skl
hi ya thaxs for coming bk to say bye agan lol in are form lol have fun next time you come bk see use agan lol pplz luff luff bye w/b bye x
Response: Hiya!!! it was good to see you guys the other day!! sorry I couldn't have spent longer catching up! x
From Anna Chapman
Hey! x
i heard you were back now would b gr8 if we could meet up sometime ??
cya x-x-x
Response: hi anna yup for sure. When is good for you?
From nungarrayi
Good morning Laura,
or rather it is over here,22nd Sept in the "Alice" expected temp 35 today. Ian said you are coming back in Oct for awhile, I am not sure about your current tel., number, could you please send it via a text. thanks a lot for the text, look forward to seeing you,I,ve been away for 2 weeks due to start again on mon., have you contacted melankas yet? suggest you don,t leave the 2 blokey blokes to organise your accom., if you get what I mean,lots of changes here in the town, no "grog" as they call it in public places not camps,river etc., I think there are positives and negatives in the fed govt.,l new "laws" but cannot invisage how they will be implemented.Tony has left so find myself back in the gallery and overlaping at the block, so what else is new !!
hope Emma is well and settled back into her life after the big trip. talk soonest,love nungarrayi
Response: hi cheryl!! goos to hear from you! I'll be back over at the end of october-very excited!! I am trying to organise accomodation but its hard to communicate with Melankas! I'm sure I will sort something out. I hope you had a nice break and look forward to catchin up soon.xx
From Queen Mel
hey gorgeous! how u going!?! glad to be home? i cant seem to ring the number u gave me for over there.. anyways.. just checkin in.. hope all is well.. take care.. oh and just so u know.. u missed the best surf last week.. we had huge storms and cyclonic winds.. they actually closed all the beaches on the sunny coast (where i live) i made it on the news!! yewww!!!! hahahaha my mates n i headed out for a surf anyway.. it was too good to miss.. anyways.. keep in touch.. MISS U LOTS xoxo
Response: ello you!! so good to hear from you!! on the number I gave you take off the 0 and put +44 and that should work. I'll call as soon as i have some damn money!! my god I can't believe you were out in that you crazy surf child!! Mel I can't believe I'm back in england! I'm homesick for Alice Springs! Hows the new job going?Miss ya bird.xx
From Celina
Bird, do you get the Volvic adverts on TV where you are?
Response: lol um i haven't watched tv for about 3 months?!!!xx
From Vic L
your not pacey compared with us! cant believe your about to come home! how fast has that gone?! africa was the most amazing experience ever, we had a fantastic, and sometimes emotional, time! dont let us forget to tell you about the sharks!! cant wait to show you the pics!! fiji looks great, sounds like your having a whale of a time! have great time in vegas! its awesome there! x
From Madeline
Hi ! How are U ?
You know what ? I would kill to be where you are ! Even if I have a lot of fun in Ireland and enjoying the Irish way of life. But the weather is soooo baaad.
Enjoy the rest of your trip and I can't wait to see the pictures from the USA.
From chloe from cooking
hi not spoken 4 ages
why are you now last time i wrote u was in australia.

not been doing much.. bin 4 hospital appointment about me epilepsy and bin da cinema ...

goin on hols soon and I AM 16 IN 21 DAYS EXACTLY..WWOOOHHHOO!!! great stuff..

r u sad your travels are nearly at a end? only 2 weeks left!!

speak soon!!

From Mum and Dad
HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAURA!!!!!xx Hope you have a fantastic day - don't drink too much Ha Ha !! Can't wait to see you both, not long now!! Hope you're not expecting hammoks in the garden, you've obviously got used to them!! Fiji looks really relaxing. Love u, hugs and kises to you both XXXX
From Matty
Hey hun, just a quickie to wish you happy birthday :) have an awesome time and will see you soon x

From Anna Chapman
Hey Laura,

Its been so long since we have spoken i actually cannot w8 4 u 2 get back i will get my fab mentor back again an dim really lookin forward 2 hearing about everything you have done. i have myspace now :) i have added you now :):)

Its really nice weather over hear actually got a tan luck me but its been and indian summer here because its been raining so much.

Only a few moments when i needed one of our good chatslol i recenty found out my dad has epilepisy (cant spell) so thats a bit shit and the sprits are low amogst the 6th form students at the moment because a boy who you might know in the 6th form Tim Dunn was hit by a car 12days ago and killed. :(

Anyway cant w8 2 c u.And catch up. Bet u got an amazing tan! :) Ihoe this gets to you.

Luv Anna Chapman x-x-x
Response: Hi Anna. Its so good to hear from you!! I'm glad you've got a tan! I love having one!! After 10 days in fiji I'm looking as though I've been out of england so thats good! I'm sorry I havem't been there when you've needed a chat. You should have emailed! I will be back at the end of august so I will see you in the new term. I'm really sorry to hear about your Dad. I can't believe that about the 6th former. How awful. I can imagine everyone is really shocked. I look forward to catching up soon. Take care for now.x
From Jackie
Hi girls how are you doing , what date are you home ,
i hope its in time for my birthday at prezzo's. Hey Laura you must check Matt out he's looking fine real fine . think he's hit man hood . Sorry i haven't been in touch Hyde Hall has taken my life over again, but all good fun . I have two days off for now , as the sun is now shining and we are busy so give me a call to see if we have work, have told Emma i will see you in the Oak House on the 26th love to you both xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: hi jackie!! oo what date are you going to prezzos?! We get back in the morning of the 25th. Matt as in smooth? what do you mean?!! ah i miss hyde hall! I will defo call for work as soon as we get back! whats the latest there? any dramas?! hows carol's pregnancy going? whats it like without lisa there? Send my love to everyone.xxxx
From Vic L
what is with the great tan?!!! lits so unfair! x
Response: are you serious?!! I'm pastey!!!
From caz
hi sowi i ant writ in ages :-( how u been?????
i have looked at the pics u look well dark sam matt kayligh and sarah have all left us how could they but i have there email adresses well apart from matts i will have to ask sam for it hope 2 see ya soon luv ya lodz caz xxxxxxxXXXXXXXXXxxxxxxxXXXXXXXXXxxxxxxxXXXXXXxxxxx
Response: hello you. oh no! you will have no TAs left now!! I am fine thanks. You think I've got a tan?!! I think maybe the people I am with are just really white!!! I should have a tan by the time I get home though!! Hope all is well and you've enjoyed the first week of the summer hols.xx
From Vicki L
hello! me and vics only have a week to go till we go africa! we can be mini laura the explorers! (well, for 11 days anyway!) dont be sad about leaving Alice Springs if you can help it and dont cry! you will meet loads of cool new people to add to your friend collection, just like you have done in the rest of the places you have been! i cant belive you are nearly home! its gone so fast! glad your gonna be spending a bit more time at home before you dissapear again! we def need big catch up time!!! xx
Response: ah thanks for message birdy! I will try not to cry! I've been walking around town today trying not to cry already and I still have 5 days left!! Wow Africa is gona be so cool! You should do a planet ranger so Ican see what you're up to haha!! Have a fantastic time my lovelies!xxx
From Bryony
Just wanted to say I totally believed the whole drop bears thing too!! They're so mean!! Loving the tan by the way! x x x x
Response: lol am so glad you said that! felt like such a mug haha!!xxx
From smoothie
hey sweetie, always said women shouldnt be allowed to drive 4x4's see what happens!!!! lol. Glad your ok thou hun, sounds like its all a bit mad at the mo hey, be good to catch up with ya whan ya back. be safe, *hugs*
Response: OI!!!!! Mr Eden I am not impressed by that comment!!! its not all women-just me haha!! All is insano here! Leaving in 9 days and have about twice as much stuff to fit in my backpack! Will be great to be on the road again! Hope all is well with you. can't wait to catch up with a pizza hut evening haha! xxx
From chloe cookin
im on work experienece and have brought a bag from covent garden as im workin just outside!!! great here i have bin shopping answering phones and its great how r u ???plz cum and c us nxt yr wat r u going 2 do??

love chloe
Response: hello! wow that sounds fantastic! I love covent garden!! London is so cool! I will defo come and see you!x
From Queen Mel
hey laura the explorer! how u goin? just thought i'd check in and see wats been happenin.. anywho.. get back to me gorgeous! ciao bella!
Response: ello ello! how goes it?!! not much been going down! still miss you loads! you belong here with us! Gereg told me hes moving to surfers?!!!! do I feel a romance in the air?!!! Anyways gota work tonight so time for my evening nap haha!!! keep me posted hun.xxxx
From Chloe
Hiya..Picz look good..i got ur message n i told mum u tryed 2 ring..but i woodnt worry cos liam 4got it was her bday..i tryed txtin u bak but it woodnt let me send it..i passed out at skool 2day but am ok now had 2 go in a ambulance..neway il email u soon..hope u ok..LuvYahh Lots&&Lots..x.x.x.x.x.x.x
Response: hey you. Tell her I will try to call soon. The time difference and my working hours just don't work to ring you at a decent hour! Can't believe you passed out again. Is it cos of the same reason as before? love ya.xx
From Rob Howlett
Hey Laura!

Sounds like you are still having a great time. Shame for us here at Plume that you are staying out there in Oz. I don't blame you though. Sounds like an opportunity that you can't miss. Have to catch up in October then!! I went to Live Earth on Sat!! Was really good! Hope are well and you get better soon!XXX
Response: hey hey! ah i will miss you guys!! but october isn't too far away and I'll come in and visit!!! Hope all is well.xx
From moira and ian
hi ya Laura
Ian home ok. arrived 1.30am Chris stayed and then headed off for Brisbane around 9.30am just catching up on your site. Trying to teach Ian how to use the internet!!! BTW the Australian ute is spelt Ute not yute just thought I would enlighten you on that. Hope all is going ok for you in the Alice, How is Emma getting on in WA? Sounds klike you have adapted well to life in the outback and I gather you are studying up on the NZ culture as well??? Anyway bye for now.TTYL MEG iAN &
Response: hiya!! glad ian arrived back safe and sound! oo thanks for the spelling correction! I'm never going to make a good english teacher haha! Emma is good thank you. Working hard and saving money for when she goes to Fiji. haha I am learning a bit about NZ!! Gossip travels quickly doesn't it?!!! Hows things in scone? Work ok? You are on your holidays now aren't you?xxx
From Bryony
Hey Miss Morris! Sounds like you`re having an awesome time and that you`ve properly fallen in love with Oz, easy to do I know! Really awesome that you`re staying to teach, that`ll be such an eye opener I`m sure. We`re in Bolivia now which is interesing to say the least! Anyway honey, just thought I`d say hello. Hope all is well! Take care :) x x x x x x
Response: hey hey! wow bolivia hey?! will check your planetranger soon to investigate!! Hope all is well and that you and carl are good and enjoying the travels