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Here is a travel journal so you can all see what i'm up to while i'm away. I'll put photos and journal updates on here too.

hope you enjoy!! and feel free to post messages to keep in touch!! infact post lots and lots of messages!!

Lots of Love

Laura xxxxx

Diary Entries

Thursday, 22 February 2007

Location: Home!, UK

Ok so i'm back home now!!!

well nothing much has changed as far as the gloomy weather goes but its nice to be back and seeing everyone.

my number whilst i'm back in the uk is +447999891506

cant wait to catch up with u all

big love xxxxx

Sunday, 18 February 2007

Location: San Francisco, USA


well slight change of plan......hehe! ok so met a crazy little chick called Katie in Fiji and spent an awesome and pretty giggly week with her in the sunshine on some fairly remote islands...was great!! neway she was off to San Francisco the same day i was off to LA and all her planning made me want to go there too.....LA sounds pants compared to San Fran..... so after a crazy moment i changed my flight! also must add that this flight change was done 3 hours before the flight! for someone who likes to plan this was a bit last minute for my liking but it was sooooooo worth it!

met up with one of my fav kiwi boys and then spent today shopping like i havent shopped in 10 years and sightseeing...San Fran is gorgeous!!

well katie has arrived today and we've just been out for an awesome meal at Sears Fine Foods.....gorgeous!

planning the next couple of days and then thats it....Oh my goodness i'm coming home....i am going to be freaking out on that final plane journey! but sooooo looking forward to seeing you all.

ok so i should probably put a plan together for the weekend....i'm thinking everyone round to mine anytime from sat arvo onwards and then out somewhere probably richmond or kingston.....warning drinks will be on you folkes as i'm eternally broke after this yr!!!!! i dont have a mob number for the uk at the mo but my lovely little bro is working on a sim card for me.

otherwise my number here in San Fran for the next couple of days is....+014152024734.

cant wait to see you all
big love xxxxxx

Wednesday, 07 February 2007

Location: Australia

Hello treacles,

well the time has come to count down the days till i get home....its now 2 weeks till i step back onto home turf and get to see all ur beautiful faces!!

i get back on 21st Feb so put that weekend following in your diary for a couple of drinks.

to fill you all in on what i've been up to....well been here in sydney working hard for SMART a sales and marketing company with my lovely sara potter. so far moved house 4 times in as many weeks...started out in
Surry Hills with miss potter and benny then
Darling Harbour with the boys...Simon, Mark and Binny followed by
Glenorie with potter, benny and gill and now stopping in
Newtown with gill till I leave for Fiji on 11th.

went to Palm Beach at the weekend where Home and Away is filmed, twas gorgeous. been out a few lots and lots of pics to upload on here.
well best be off but hopefully i'll get a chance to update from fiji or LA before i get back.

simply cant wait to see you all, lots of love and see you all v v v soon!!

Tuesday, 26 December 2006

Location: Rotorua, New Zealand

Ok so this is way long overdue...... I will attempt to update the diary since Sydney which firstly seems so long ago...well it was! and secondly v weird cos its where i'm going back to in a few days!

so a breif round up.... from sydney we ventured all the way up the East coast of oz joined by Ags and Alex in Brisbane and then Steve in Mckay.
A few of the things we did included Fraser Island, The Whitsundays, another skydive for me and a first for the others, diving on the great barrier reef and meeting some awesome ppl along the way.....check out my pics for an overview of the adventures.

so since i've been back in nz i managed to get a job 3 days after i returned working for Fuji Xerox in Auckland where i've been living. what started out as a 4 week project turned into a wee while longer and i finished there last week! met some awesome ppl there too (hi stacey!)

apart from that not a lot has really happened. been going to the gym most days....Les Mills in Auckland is where all the classes from the UK originate and although many of u will think í'm nuts its been awesome training there.

so the last few months has simply flown by and i seriously cant believe i've been away the best part of a yr. i'm off to oz (sydney) on sunday for I'm not sure how long but it will be great fun. will be out there with Sara who i met in nz and theres a couple of the boys out there too. New Yr in sydney who would have thought?!?
looks like i could be back in Feb for a couple of weeks so watch out and keep ur diaries free for the last week of fev and 1st week of march!

we had xmas day yest and it was sooo lovely being able to be around family even though i was miles and miles away from home.. the day was pretty cruisy with a few nutty things happening.. mainly my cousin dressing up as father xmas and taking the role very seriously!

today being boxing day we went to the opening of Happy Feet the most gorgeous film if you love penguins...its a must see! we then went over to Whakatane for lunch with freinds where it was 29 degrees...summer is here! woop woop!

well thats about it folkes

hope you all had lovely xmas's and have an awesome new yr! (yeah right i know at home its always a let down! just think of me in sydney!!! ur all very welcome to come over!!!)

muchous love

Saturday, 15 July 2006

Location: Sydney, Australia

sooooo sydney!! awesome! am very excited that i might be working out here for a few months, its a really cool city and so far i've loved what i've seen.

as soon as we arrived we went to check out the opera house and harbour bridge, they are spectacular and the whole area around the quay is very busy and interesting.

the following morning we were up early to do the sydney harbour bridge climb, which was wicked, very cool and would again def reccommend even tho it is pricey, its worth it. we had a great guide called darren who told us loads about the bridge, how it was built, all the things that have happened with it and showed us all the sites around it. its 72 yrs old and when it was build it was only given 6 months warrenty and estimated to last 70 yrs! this made us a little uneasy as it seemed to be past its sell-by date!! he told us how 16 ppl died building it, and only one of those was off the top so u were statistically safer up at the top where we were! we got to see some awesome views of sydney and really enjoyed it.

the afternoon we spent in manly, we took the ferry over and hired some mountain bikes for a 10km or so ride around. manly is a lovely island with a great beach. well worth seeing!

went out in the evening with a couple of lovely irish guys from our dorm and had a really good time. consequently tired and a little delicate today!

today we went to the blue mountains. which was very good but it takes 2-3 hours on the train to get there and then when we finally did the weather was aweful. u could barely see ft in front of u cos of the low cloud, but it still looked spectacular. we got the bus around to scenic world and then did a couple of walks after plumiting down a vertical drop on a train. then we came back on a cabel car.

back to sydney on the train, delayed again but for a far more exciting reason.....a drunk shouting and swearing and crying, no not crying....whaling!! then the driver ordered him off and he threw a massive punch at him. then about 3 ppl pounced on him and we had to wait for the police to come. one of the irish guys we were with filmed it and had to go to the station to give evidence with the footage! great entertainment!
back at the hostel and shattered! time for bed i to byran bay tomorrow evening, so one last day in sydney but i can't wait to return!

lots of love xxxxx

Saturday, 15 July 2006

Location: Sydney, Australia


phew....what a busy 10 days, it has gone sooooo quickly its crazy! well what have i been up to....?

ok so met my bro in sydney airport, got straight on another plane to melbourne much to billy's delight having just been on a plane for 2 days!! neway in melbourne we did the thing you should definately do...the neighbours night! oh yes we met harold bishop himself and he even gave me a cuddle! there are pics to prove it. hehe! and for those Holmes Place ppl i saw one of the members! very odd! melbourne is really nice, everyone always says it is but it is. we went on some crazy trams into the city and did all the touristy things, the observation deck, the Rialto tower of 253m, the 16th tallest in the world! where we were asked if we were from i know my accent is more relaxed these days but a brummy! whatever! we did theaquarium, the AFL world (aussie rules), mebourne museum and one of the best things we managed to get tickets to the state of origin rugby league game which was awesome, its a really big deal here and in nz so was very cool to go to and it was great. we also did Queen Victoria market which is a must for shopping and buying crap essentially!!

then we hired a car to drive the great ocean road. now having only driven automatics and few of those in the last 5 months i seriously sruggled. couldnt even work out how to turn it on,......honestly! not a good start hehe! also then had to drive around melbourne which is mental cos if u want to turn right u have to get into the left lane to avoid being hit by a tram!!!!

finally made it out of melbourne and onto the great ocean rd! which was an awesome couple of days.....we made it down to Geelong which isnt far from melbourne and stayed there the nite above a pub. pretty grim but a bed! and decided to have a quite nite watching pirates of the carrabian. next day we were up very early to get driving. watched the sun rise at bells beach which was v cool, then off to torquay where the world surfing champs are held to see loads of those crazy surfers up already. next stop was anglesea golf course to check out the hundreds of kangaroos, yes kangaroos, they are as common there as squirals are at home and they hold right of way on the course!! drove to Aireys Inlet to see the lighthouse and finally made it to Lorne for breakie! the scenery in this drive was amazing just spectacular - pics will be up on the web shortly! Then we were off the the apollo bay region where we did a 4 km walk to a waterfall that is a lot smaller than the pics seem, but the walk there was pretty good fun! this was in the Otways national park area which is gorgeous.
having been ok so far in the car thinking to myself i was doing good i did then manage to get it stuck half way up a very steep hill and in mud!! very scary cos the car would only roll downwards! had to get a grumpy local to help me, she wasnt so freindly considering i had the car stuck on her drive having just used her toilet! oops! i was bursting for a wee tho and we cant just stoplike u guys! neway car got moved eventually....billy just gave me this look like u stupid cow!!! hehe! hes too young to drive tho so there was no choice but for me to attempt to!
next stop wasOtway llighthouse, another one, this time we got to climb it andit was pretty good, thought unbelievably windy and i nearly got blown away! didnt stayup there too long! then off to Otway fly tree top walk where u get to walkliterally among the tree tops, its very cool,not so much tho when ur on an overhanging viewing platform that is 50ft up, looking down is not a great idea!
we drove pretty quickly to our last stop of the day, the twelve appostles, justcaught them asit was getting darkbut decided to stay in Port Campbell nearby and return to see them first thing as well. the hostel in Port Campbell was lovely and its the sweetest town, only has one shop!! bless!!

so then next day back to the apostles which were stunning first thing, loads more pics taken here. then back in the little white bug along the great ocean rd past london bridge another big rock in the sea. Then off to Logans beach to try and see the whales but they were too far out for us, amazing beach tho, just awesome! finally made to warnambool for lunch, sooooo similar to Rotorua in NZ it was werid but loved it! then on to Port Fairy, Penola and Mount Gambia. was sooooo tired by this point but kept going. we're on quite a tight schedule so had to keep going!

final leg was from mt Gambia to Adelaide where we were staying with family. lovely evening and a great sleep after driving more than 700km!!!

next day relatives took us round adelaide which is lovely -has lots of bad press but i really liked it, walked along the beach and around the city which is gorgeous.

then we were off to alice springs by the ghan train which takes hours and hours. its overnight and half of the next day too, but still cool to do and i'd recommend!

ok running out of time so will update the alice springs and ayres rock bit soon - yep done those too in the last few days. now back in sydney and off to climb the bridge tomorrow and visit manley!!! sooooooooo busy!!

hope u are all goood
love u lots
laura xxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 12 July 2006

Location: Ayres Rock, Australia

Got up early in Alice to catch the greyhound bus to Ayres Rock. luckily managed to get 2 of the last 9 beds in the resort very last minute.....very lucky cos we hadnt bothered to book in advance and it turns out this time of yr is the most popular cos its cooler! the accommodation is a fortune in Ayres Rock because its so popular and its in the middle of nowhere they can charge what they like - we were paying the minimum of $42 each per nite....we could have had to pay up to $1500 tho which some ppl seriously paid! unbelievable!
anyway the resort was really nice but we dumped our bags and went to see the ROCK! which infact is massive, huge! we walked all around the base of 10km. its a great walk and u get to see some amazing geography its awesome!
nearly stayed the nite on the rock tho cos the bus forgot to pick us up...and two old ladies. so the of us sat there freezing for over an hour. finally a bus was sent out to find us and we got rushed to the lookout to see the sun set, tho there wasnt really one cos there was a fair bit of cloud but it is still a great view. very weird cos even right up close to it u cant fully grasp how big it is, as theres nothing to compare it to. but its very cool!

only one nite in Ayres rock so thought we should probably try their special kangaroo wrap! very yummy indeed!

checked out the following morning to find it pouring with rain. consequently the flight was delayed. was the most rain they'd had out in the desert for years!! crazy!


Monday, 10 July 2006

Location: Alice Springs, Australia

Ok so the Ghan train finally arrived in Alice Springs. Its not a bad journey at all and pretty comfy but u do want to get off by the end of it.
arrived in Alice to hot sunshine....apparently the hottest day in a while at 24 degrees! got to the hostel the Manuka right in the centre of the town and went straight out exploring. first thing was first......the flying doctor museum!!! oh yes and actually very interesting and informative. its very important that this service is kept going and benefits from donations cos central australia and the northern territories have so many isolated areas that people can only get help from this service.

then we went off to the reptile centre.. where i met my new best freind the puffing dragon lizard. i got to hold one and nearly slipped it into my bag!! they are so cute and eat all the bugs and spiders i hate... so ideal! found out australia houses 18 of the top 20 worlds poisoness snakes! saw a blue tongue lizard and a lizard that has a tail that looks like its head and its main defence is to confuse the preditor making it think its tail is its head and then poos in its mouth when it attacks!! lovely hey!! hehehe!
ooh saw a croc too!!

the next day we got ourselves on a tour around alice springs. it was a really really good tour with an aboriginal guide. they took us to the telegraph station, past the Todd river (which is dry), to the alice springs which is dry, but if u dig a little u can find fresh water. we got to see euros, these are a type of kangaroo and black footed wallabies too. they showed us a number of different types of plants that the aboriginals used to and still use for medicinal purposes, food and shelters. we were told all about what the areas of land mean in the dreamlands tales and how each aboriginal lives through the spirit in their type of land. we were then taken to a cultural centre where we watched an aborignal show which was awesome! billy got to try out the didgerydoo and i got to dance like an emu!! honestly!! was very funny! hehe! finally we were introduced to the aboriginal dot paintings. all in all a very busy and informative morning!
the afternoon we spent walking, walking and the very hot sunshine. we did 4 different walks through the bush totalling about 12km. we saw kangaroos about 5ft away and luckily didnt come across any snakes!
final thing to do was visit the baby kangaroo sanctury, where we got to hold these adorable things. they are so soft and cute a bit like rabbits but with longer legs!

well alice springs was just lovely but we had to move on to ayres rock next!


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From Jason
My phone is empty but hopefully see you on saturday!!! be good!!
Response: was very good to see you and had an awesome day in san fran today...look forward to the next catch up!!

From Lydia x
Hello Little One,

I Can't wait for you to come home!
I'll try and book some days off when your back- can't beleive your only gonna be back for a few weeks though! Will def be visiting the 23rd Feb wkend! Your Photo's are amazing and I want to come back with you! Love you loads and loads Lxx

p.s all ok over here- mad weather though- 13 ppl died on thursday! Cricke- v windy!
- Jade Goody is a worldwide scandal cos of her 'racist' comments on CBigBrother to a Bollywood actress!
- Pauline Fowler died over xmas- very sad!! haha
- I can't stop wearing leggings!
- We celebrated Joey's bDay last wk/end and went out in London- Dunc came and it was lovely- although we missed you little Pickle.
- I'm moving in w/Helen Melon in April :o)
Yay....come home now! xxxx
Response: well miss cotterill how super duper to hear from u! and what a message...excellent update lady!! miss u sooooooo much too but dont u worry miss i'll be home v.v.v.v.v. soon and cant wait!!! even if it isnt for long it will be great seeing u. i'm intregued by the it that cold?? its been soo hotout here it will be so odd being cold again damn it!!
well its not long now chickety and i simply cant u millions my darling xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Salut mon petit chou-fleur ..... HOW YA BEEN??? I checked you out on facebook but that doesnt seem to be ur kinda thing right now so send me an e-mail just so that i know ur still alive and doin well ........ GIMME A GOOD UPDATE too
Response: bonjour curly!!!! i've been great thanks and missing u lots and lots! i'm just stupidly busy of late so i'll check face book but not much time to actually do nething on it. but soooo lovely u leaving me a message. well might make a little trip to canada at some point so u boys watch out.....! hehe! how have u been? hope u boys are behaving urselves!
well much love treacle....xxxxx
From Joe
Hi Lauz

Your trip sounds so amazing, thanks for all the wicked updates. Sorry about the lack of replies though - i promise to write to you soon for an update on life in sunny Chichester.

Really proud of how your getting on, you must be smiling everyday with the amount of stuff you have achieved, hows the money situation going?

Alix and i have just got back from our very own brief hols - went to Portugal for a week near the algarve. Very hot and we eat like kings every night. Only bad thing is that i have gotta go back to work in the morning, arghhhh.

Take carer honey and enjoy Auz. I will be emailing you soon...promise.

Lots of love
Response: Hello Joe!

lovely to hear from u and very nice to hear u and alix had a good holiday. yep well travelling gets better and better every week, i still cant believe how much i've seen and done its crazy! but its going too fast, i've been away nearly 6 months - unreal hey! but it def was the best decision and i have all of u guys to thank for encouraging me to go and giving me lots of support - so thanks a million!
well i'm currently at surfers paradise on the Gold coast - just a massive gorgeous beach.....awesome!
well hopefully hear from u again soon

lots of love xxxxxxxxxx
From Neil
Heh Laura.
As an ex traveller to thailand, i want to wish you all the best!
Enjoy the koh san road when you hit bangkok, plenty of shopping oportunities there and more importantly bars to meet other random travellers in! Good bars i went in were the irish one right in the middle of the street, name i cant remember and some bar called silk i think!
when you get to samui, make sure you go to the main presinct and check a really cool bar called the pharmacy. in terms of action in koh phangan - you have to try and see a full moon party!

finally as a general recconmendation, watch out for the redbull! that stuff is mental!

have fun

Response: aww bless u neil! hehe! yep i've heard the red bull is a little crazy, everyone seems to have had quite bad memory loss if they drink it!
missed the full moon but kind of witnessed part of the half moon crazyness! think they just celebrate everything about the moon over here!

thanks for the bar advice i will take note!

miss the LM vibes!
lots of love
laura xxxxxx
From Mum
Thank you darling, I'll do my best. Weather forecast is rain and blustery wind so that will make us go faster! Just hope we get round in @ 7 hours, that would be good. Anyway, you seem to be doing everything and more, just go carefully with the kick boxing please. Keep having fun. Love you heaps.xxxxxxxxxxxxX
PS Billy says his exams start on Thursday.
Response: well done mum! very very proud of u! got ur message earlier that u made it go rest ur feet and get dad and billy to look after u!

love u millions
From Sare Pot :)
Laura Pourer!!!

WOOWOOO!!! Hello pickle!!! How the devil are thee??? Fabulous i do hope!?!?! My gosh just read a couple of your diary extracts and seen your piccys, OMG where you've been looks just bewdieful!!!! Good to see you've still got those excellent camera action skills!!! hehe!!!! So wish i was still travelling...honestly the more time im here the more i'm getting the 'end of travelling blues' and just can't wait to leave england again!!! And OMG that is such super duper news that you're def going to come to visit me in Sydney!! YEY!!!!! Bring on the food time reunion, horray!!!!!!!!!! :):):) hehehe!!!

Well my lovely, thank you for your email, i will get a wee reply to you over the weekend! Keep having an awesome time and ilving the dream darling!
Love you more than i love carrots! Potpiece!! :) xxxxx
Response: hello lovely!

just read ur email - what a chatty writer u are, but love it still! yep bring on sydney can't wait. looks like i'll head back to nz or the uk between when the others leave and u arrive, more likely nz as that will be heaps cheaper, but will def be having salad nites from mid sept!! hehe!! cant wait!!
the east was just gorgeous, miss hudd is still out there she loved it that much - it really was amazing.
wil get pics of thai up soon

speak soon chick
lots of love
laura xxxxx
From melon
thats a bugger we cant meet, oh well, as long as you DO come back eventually! anyway, this is just a quicky but i HAD to tell you....ANNA C is OFFICIALLY getting married!got home from work today to AN INVITE TO HER WEDDING, YES WEDDING reception!oh MY god! its on 9th sep inringwood!can you BELIEVE IT!I felt old enough being at work but now a leisure marketer is blimmin getting hitched!FOOOOOK me! (eister!) anyway, im off out so GOT TO GO! WILL email properly soon!BIG love! keephaving a FAB trip!im still vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv jeALOUS! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Response: omg! no way! wow! thats pretty big stuff! will be weird going to a leisure marketing reunion at a wedding! blimey! - i'm shocked hehe!! but thats v cool!
finished my padi woohoo, officially a diver! yay! sun has come out breifly today too which is nice to have no rain! yay!
speak soon chick, looking forward to a big email!
lots of lovexxxxxxxxxx
From Melon
Hey Keates!

Soz ive been lame with the emails..ive not been getting yours tho? Anyway, it ACTUALLY sickens me to read your posts, im SO SO SOOOOOOOO unbelievably jealous!can't believe you may stay away till NEXT YEAR?!and to think you were having 2nd thoughts about going eh!oh yeah, and does that mean you wont be able to make the leasure marketing marathon team?!ya freak!only you keates!I'm off backpacking to 'the narm' next monday (22nd)so shouldnt really complain, but its for 2 weeks, NOT long enough!MAN! Just cant explain my jealousy!well done though chick, im most proud of you for making the most of your trip!if you ARE still away next year maybe i can visit!Hope you're enjoying thailand, cant beieve you fly back to nz on 2nd June, im in bangkok for 12 hours on the 6th!cant you go a BIT later!how cool would that be to meet up randomly!

lots of love missy!
your most INCREDIBLY jealous buddy Melon'meistuuuur! xxxxmwah!xx

ps, hello bell and ryman, nice to see some familliar names on this board!other than the travellers who i officially hate! :-)
Response: yay the hel meistuuur!
thought of u on my travels cos i kept seeing meister drinks everywhere!
thats great about vietnam u will love it, the girls i'm with now have just been there and had a great time, make sure u visit a tailor and get loads of clothes made, its silly cheap! u probably know all this neway as the advanced traveller u already r!
hows the job going? feeling settled??
the marathon is not a silly idea melon! u are def part of the team! and yes i will be back for it, planning at the mo to return in Jan next yr if i dont in august this yr, but i'll be back, better than ever when i do - i know uve missed me! hehe!
that would be sooo good to see u in bangkok but i have to get back to nz to find work plus i'm already spending 4 days there and i'm not sure i could handle any more than that.
have the bestest time ever with ur backpack and keep me updated on ur trip.

lots of love hun and a big hug
From Hatty
Hey Laura,
Just thought I'd post another message to say I'm really pleased you might stay out there next year too - and this is the girl who was sending wobbly homesick emails home in the first week! Thailand sounds amazing, I've always wanted to go. Tell me, have you ridden on an elephant yet? :)
You're certainly not missing anything back here at home, everyone's snowed under with work and it's just rubbish. Anyway darling take care of yourself and keep enjoying the sun and fun! Lots and lots of love, Hats xxxxxxxxxx
Response: hey hats!

homesickness has completely disapeared probs cos i think of nz as home now. being in thailand is like a holiday from nz its really weird but sooo nice to be so comfortable there.
thailand is great so far, tho i've only really seen a classroom and the bottom of the sea doing my diving but i finish that tomorrow so can get to sunbathing tho there isnt much sun but its great being here neway.
hope the studying is ok, keep going and a massive good luck.

lots of love xxxxx
From Ags
Hey you,
Sounds like you have had an amazing time!! Funny that spinning doesn't help with cycling and balance doesn't help with balancing in the real world - have to have a word with Amida!!
Response: I know hun! whats it all about hey. these gym classes do not prepare u for the real thing!
quite funny tho, i seem to have lost all coordination and become really clumsy. even walked into a display in a supermarket the other day and ended up with a huge bruise on my leg! useless!!

take care sweetie and i have my fingers crossed for u while i'm away - good luck!

From Bell

A warm welcome from Blighty!! The old man's disappointed that you haven't been emailing him...He has requested tickets for the Rugby World Cup next year...Can you help him out? Only joking!!

Hope your'e well and behaving yourself!?! I have to say that your one of my least favourite people at the moment...Only because I am completely jealous of your escapades.

Speak to you soon

Bell x
Response: aww bell
bless u and ur dad! not sure i can do a lot about rugby tickets but say hi to mr and mrs bell for me!
at the moment i'm on the east coast in the middle of nowhere having just the bestest time (sorry to make u jealous again!) but really NZ is brilliant. off to thai soon tho! woohoo.
hope the job is going well and say a big hi to stacey!

love u lots bell
From Agatha
So I had oysters last night and they are really quite odd... they are food but because you don't actually chew them they are like invisible food because you don't feel like you have eaten anything. Think they should serve them with chewing gum so u get some chewing action too. Think you should try an oyster and let me know what you think! xxx (PS I think revision is making me go crazy)
Response: oh deary me!! hehe!
i have to say i have tried oysters and i'm not a fan as they didnt seem to like me very much but i know what u mean! there's a time over here when oysters are really popular and ppl go a bit nuts for them but nope not for me.
yes i think revision has made u go a little crazy!!
been talking to soooo many ppl bout oz and they make it sound better each time - simply cannot wait!

keep going chick - it will all be worth it in the end!

lots of love
laura xxxxx
From Ryan
i swear i saw jeff brazier (jade goody's ex) in one of your pics

Response: hehehe - i'm afraid not ryman! slightly weird that u know jade goody's ex's full name tho - have u been reading heat again!?! hows it going back in London? i have to say i dont really miss it as a place. but looking forward to moving more central when i'm back. hows the work too?

miss u ry and dissapointed there have been no desperate housewives updates from u!!!

lots of love
hi sausage,
looks like you havingfun. kingston isn't the same without you.
i became an uncle 3 weeks ago. awesome.
love you loads jim
Response: hello jim!
having just the best time, wow! an uncle hey, bless u uncle jim. hows the cycling going? any more races recently?
hope u are well

lots of love
little laura
From emma
hello its emma hope your having an amazing time.speak to you soon love you xxx
Response: hello chick! check out some of the photos, hopefully when u come over in Oct u'll get to see some of the same things! u'll love it.

speak soon hun
lots of love to ur mum, dad and bro (is he still in Canada?)

From Titchy
Hello sugar plum, just thought you should know that you might be chilly in NZ but im in Laos and im melting! Its like 37!!

ARGH..... Get ready for Bangkok :)

hehe love u lots, me xx
Response: hehe cant wait my lovely - bring on the suntan!! woop woop! v v v v excited!

love u lots, stay safe in Laos

From Hatty
Wow wow wow!! What beautiful and exciting photos! I'm talking to you on MSN at the moment but just wanted to leave a post to say I hope you continue to have as much fun as you appear to be having at the moment - it looks absolutely fantastic and I'm so jealous! I'm not really the travelling type but your photos and emails have inspired me... I may convert! Lots of love to you darling and look after yourself! Hats xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: Aww bless u hats! there are soooo many more photos than the ones on here! these are just a taster! yep having a great time out here, soo much to do and see - def go travelling cos its brilliant and loads of fun! every day has something new and exciting to experience!
good luck with the uni work hun!!

speak soon
lots of love
Laura xxxx
From Agatha
Wooo! I'm taking your message board virginity!! xxx
From Sara Potter :)
WOOOO!!! Laura!!!!!
I know I am currently sitting next to you in an internet cafe in Auckland BUT I just wanted to leave you a message to say such a massive thank you to you for being such a A class person and such a fantastic friends and travel buddy!!! You have really enhanced by whole Kiwi trip and I truly am so glad to have met someone so kind hearted and genuinely lovely as you!!
I am honestly going to miss you soo much, especailly at meal times!!! hehehe!!!
Thanks for eveything sweetie, Good luck rest of travels!!!!
Love you loads, Sare Bear xxxxxx