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hi all, this is my travel page. Aspects which shall appear on my uber travel page include me ranting about whatever is buggin me at the present time in ireland/ wherever i may be, so please enjoy.
make sure you check this page regularly as i will have little to no money and as a result will not be able to send emails/letters as often as i would like. this is your substitute people so be grateful!!!
peace out,

Diary Entries

Thursday, 05 February 2009

Location: Australia

James has decided to take me on in 'who can get the most tanned' competition- MISTAKE. Obviously i am going to win this, other then the fact that i live in Australia and he is currently in the US (and i believe it is winter or snowing or something there), I plan on going to the beach every weekend till it gets too cold to wear a bikini. Actually i may just wear a bikini at all times, quit my job and take up surfing as an occupation. Game freaking on James.

So that's pretty much all the exciting stuff going on atm. This weekend i am staying in a penthouse apartment at the beach for my friends b'day which will be rad.
I'm still working at queensland fire and rescue, i have 3 more weeks of work left and then i have to get a part time job. Uni starts in March, i've chosen all my subjects and hopfully i will only have to go 1.5days a week. Can't wait to be a uni bum again. arrgh yeh.

well i should do some work seeign as i've spent my morning reading James planet ranger, drinking coffee and planning my uni subjects.

Friday, 16 January 2009

Location: Australia

My favourite Irish guy (James) is leaving today for his world trip! He arrives in Australia in April! Which is amazing because i'm def lacking irishness in my life.

I've decided to come back to Europe in 2010! My bank account says otherwise but I've never let that stop me before. So i baiscally have 12months to pay back the parentals and save enough to get me to England. Then the plan is to mooch of my awesome, uber generous friends ( which they will love). so now I have 2 awesome things to look forward to.

So right now i'm at work, eating nutrigrain for breakfast out of those zip lock plastic bags...classy. I'm having serious probolems with my coffee this morning. i can not seem to get it the way that i like it. I've had 3 attemps, but now i've accepted that for today my coffee is just going to taste mediocre.

Well i better go do some work, apparently that's what i woke up at 6am to do.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Location: Australia

One of my favourite bands- Stars, is coming Brissy in January! Naturally i have already bought 2 tickets, the only problem is finding someone to come with me because none of my friends know them. I'm not going to ask just anyone because i refuse to go with someone who will not fully appreciate the raddness that is Stars. Not to worry i have several months to screen people.

So all of my Germans (including james) are together in Gottingen at the moment for Kathi's house party last weekend. It sucks so much that i can't be in Germany with them...sigh. I'm hoping that if i can keep my temp office job for a while longer i'll be able to save enough money to go back over in 2010. James will be in Aus next April and Kathi and Fabi may be able to afford to come over next year as well!

Nothing noteworthy is happening here atm. I've got an insane amount of work hours for the next 2 weeks, i have no idea why i have 2 jobs. And on that note i'm going on a lunch break.

Friday, 17 October 2008

Location: Australia


I'm at work trying to find various ways to occupy my time. I never seem to have much work to do on a friday, i may have about 2 hours worth, so i basically have 5 hrs to kill. So far this morning i have read a magazine, checked some reports, went to Gj's to get a soy chai tea, sat around drinking my tea while looking busy but in reality i was on the frankie website and now i am writing a much anticipated entry on planetranger.

Things have been uber busy for me latley. I started a new job at Queensland Fire and rescure in the city. It's full time mon-fri, the early mornings are a killer! I started 3 weeks ago and still haven't been paid because of accounting stuff, so i'm living off $15 till next weds which is not fun. First thing i'm going to do when i get paid is get a hair cut- i have the whole birds nest look happening at the moment. The parentals have been in Europe for a month so i've been driving around my little brother to work and school everyday.
I went to the races last weekend for my friends b'day. I bought a really pretty dress for it so i'll put some pictures up tomorrow. Dave got his new tattoo on weds- it's around his upper arm (where his bicep would be if he had them, hehe) of 3 charaters fromt eh cartoon 'Tin Tin'. I put some pictures up of the characters because i have no idea if the Germans would have even heard of Tin Tin, so they're especially for Fabi and Kathi. Oh and i forgot to take pics of me at my touch game on monday so i'll try to remember this week.

So i better get back to giving the illusion that i'm actually doing work. I'm thinking i'll just move stuff around my desk for awhile, and then walk around the office at a fast pace.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

So went to Death Cab for Cutie concert on friday night, was pretty great, but naturally i have aspects in which to rant about. For instance i couldn't see the stage for more then 2 secs before some tall guy or uptight chick in heels put their head in my way. If i owned the tivoli i would def have 2 sections- one up the front for chicks in flats and those which are vertically challenged. Then all the tall dudes and annoying chicks that feel the need to wear uber high heels to a freaking death cab gig can sod off down the back.
ohh and i had the unfotunate experience of having to stand next to the most annoying person in the world. First of all she was trying to dance, i can't even begin to fully describe how irritating that is. ok, despite the fact that everyone had about 1mm of space to move making it impossible for you to breath properly let alone any sort of normal movment, you DO NOT dance to Death Cab, frankly it just should not be done. You can nod, or bop, maybe a double bop to mix it up but the feet should remain stationary. What really got me ticked off was that everytime she attempted this lame form of 'dancing' her bag would hit my arm. And this was no normal bag, half of it was metal. You probably think i'm just whinging for the sake of it (and sometimes i do, i find it soothing) but her bag was hitting me continuously for a good 2 hrs, and i couldn't freaking get away. It was like what they do to torture people where they drip water on your forehead every 3secs and after a few hrs it sends the victim crazy. That may be an extreme example but it think it fits.

Ummm so other then that i haven't done much. I've got an interview on thursday, applied for 3 more jobs this week which brings the total jobs i've applied for in the last 2.5 weeks up to 16. And I've heard back from 2, gee it's great to be home. In York it took me a month to find a job, but at least everyone would send me an email saying that they recieved my application. I can't even remeber half the places i've applied to. I've decided to re-apply to uni, i just have no idea how to do it. I've been on every web site i can think of, they make it so hard. I have some number to call so i'll do that on monday and i'm also going to a university expo thing on weds so i hope that will help as well.


Thursday, 14 August 2008


Yeh i still have my travel page going. Sorry i havn't got around to writing anything new lately- not alot has been happening. But Fabi is tired of seeing the same entry from 5 weeks ago, so i thought i would do something interesting on a mediocure scale.

So yesterday i went to the Brisbane Ekka Races. So for those internationals reading this the Ekka is this crazy festival show brissy puts on every year. Basically is uber Australian- i mean we actually have competitons where guys compete to see who can chop wood the fastest, or make a railway track and pretty sure there's spitting competitons. And we call this entertainment, what can i say we're a simple kind of folk in Aus. Oh and don't ask me why the freak we call it the Ekka, i have no idea, guess it stands for something.
Anyways so the races where really cool. Everyone got really dressed up and wore hats and those other random things girls put int he side of their hair. Had breakfast with some friends before we left (a good excuse to drink champas at half 8 in the morning) and then drank continuously throughout the day. Was ment to meet my boyfriend at the race track, turns out that at 11am he decided he was tired so fell asleep under a parked you do. So the police found him and told him to go home...true story. I have no idea how these things happen to him, he must possess some gift that im obviously lacking. i say that with love webber.

My English lingo is basically gone, it's killing me! I've gone from say 'oi' and 'naturally' in every sentence to saying it only when it is called for in a coversation. It's ruining my freaking life.

Ok we'll i just got a msg from my favourite German boy and i feel the need to share-

Well, I took a stroll on the old long walk
Of a day -I-ay-I-ay
I met a little girl and we stopped to talk
Of a fine soft day -I-ay-I-ay
And I ask you, friend, what's a fella to do
'Cause her hair was black and her eyes were blue
And I knew right then I'd be takin' a whirl
'Round the Salthill Prom with a Galway girl

We were halfway there when the rain came down
Of a day -I-ay-I-ay
And she asked me up to her flat downtown
Of a fine soft day -I-ay-I-ay
And I ask you, friend, what's a fella to do
'Cause her hair was black and her eyes were blue
So I took her hand and I gave her a twirl
And I lost my heart to a Galway girl

When I woke up I was all alone
With a broken heart and a ticket home
And I ask you now, tell me what would you do
If her hair was black and her eyes were blue
I've traveled around I've been all over this world
Boys I ain't never seen nothin' like a Galway girl

Thats right people it is the greatest song about the greatest Irish town that ever existed...Galway Girl. It's nearly been a year since i arrived in Galway and met Kathi for the first time in my hostel room. And then Fabi the next day in the Galway Advertiser line...good times. This time last year i was in Prague with Shan! And this year im watching the olympics in my tv room- which ok, is ALOT lamer then being in Prague but OMGosh its so freaking cool. I was watching the mens diving the other day, pretty sure those guys have more muscles in their stomachs then i do my enitre body! Note to self: get dave to take up diving.

k well the gymnastics is on so naturally i must go.

Sunday, 06 July 2008


This is my new Aussie phone number if anyone needs it that dosen't already have it.


So i've been home now for 2 weeks. Its slightly more normal now but none the less boring. seriously my life has gone from freaking awesome to mediocore at best. ohh no. Its my own fault because im not really doing anything right now other then seeing friends -and watching Miami Ink and Gilmore Girls which just makes me want to become a tattoo artist so i could get stars tattooed to my face liek KatVonD and no one could judge me.

So right now im trying to load some photos on face book from Thailand. I'll start doing it on my travel page as well but its taking me forever! I have 4 disc of phots just from Thailand, and thats not including Holly, Wes and Tom's photos which naturally im going to steal from their facebook. Tom and wes got back from Thailand this week and instead of having to go straight back to work like a normal people they're going sailing around Spain or something on Tom's dad's freaking boat. They are ruining my life.

I went to stay with my older bro up the coast last week which was great. Need to get away from Brissy, it does my head in. Was talking to Shan today and pretty sure we've both agreed to catch a flight to any other country asap. I suggested tomorrow but we'll see how that goes.

Just talked to kathi on skype! wheeyo. I miss my Germans.

peace. xoxo

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Im back in Aus!

It's alrgiht, just getting used to being back and not having Katie, Holly,Wes and Tom around 24/7 to entertain me with their antics. Still can't look at my photos without tearing up, miss them an unhealthy amount at teh moment.

Thailand was flilpping amazing! Im going to go as far to say it's been the best month of my life so far. My flight home was depressing because i had to say bye to the girls, and i wsa alone for over 14hrs and was bored out of my brain. Even called the parentals house at 12pm their time cuz i needed some coversation in my life! haha greatest daughter ever.

Basically today has been a success becuase i bought 2 issues of the best Ausse mag 'Frankie', so that made my life. Hung out with some friends and did some shopping because i realised i didn't have any shoes other then a pair of cons and green flip flops. The coming week will include seeing more ppl (mainly thise who've had to work while ive bee here, unlike myself) chilling a bbq's, visiting the bro up the coast and laying on the beach (whihc is something i've actually perfected wihle in Thailand, i'd call me a profess).

Ok so the one thing i can't get over and was not prepared for when i decided to come back to Aus- there is no flipping Quorn in this country!!! (for those aussies reading this and meateaters not educated in the vegetarian life style, Quorn is the leading brand of mycoprotein food product and is sold as a health food and an alternative to meat). What kind of country am i living in?? I was actually shattered when i went into the supermarket and health food stores which both failed to stock this product which is not only awesome but basically has been sustaining me since i moved to england. What the flip and i ment to eat now. Basically my life is in ruins. Im not sure how long i'll be able to survive in a country which is obviously completely naive when it comes to the dietary needs of vegetarians. It hurts to even talk about, so im going to go.

great to be back! (minus the Quorn issue)


Saturday, 21 June 2008

Location: Bangkok

"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page."

-- Saint Augustine

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Location: Koh Phi Phi

Went kayaking yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately we overestimated our upper body strength (vital error). We got out to sea ok by getting back to the shore was so hard, and ths time Tom wasn't there to pull us back in.

We walked up to the view point to watch the sunset the last couple of afternoons. Phi PHi has the most amazing sunsets ive ever seen. We moved byungalows yesterday as well. We decided that since it was our last night on the island we would check into somewhere lush. We were a bungalow on the hillside and had a view over 2 bays and the mountians so it was pretty awesome- i have pics to back me up, prepare to be amazed.

Today we're catching a ferry to the mainland and staying the night in Krabi. Its our last day with the boys so it'll be uber lame having to say bye to them.
Catching a flight to Bangkok on Friday, checking into a hotel and going straight to a spa- naturally.

So this might be my last entry before i come home, not sure if i'll be on the internet again before sat. When i get back im hoping to see everyone as soon as i can. I'm not going to have a phone because mines an English mobile and has no credit anyway, and i can't affors to buy anouther till i start working again (which naturally i hope to avoid for as long as possible). So yeh i'll try to see everyone eventually.


Saturday, 14 June 2008

Have spent the day traveling. We're on anouther island now but on the other side of Thailand, near Phuket. Its a pretty nice island, i think we'll be here for the next 4 nights and then we have a flight from the mainland back to Bangkok because we refuse to get anouther 12hr bus, once in a lifetime is enough.

We went Jet skiing on Thursday which was amazing. Pretty sure i need to invest in a jet ski-best 60mins of my life. Yesterday was equally as rad- sun bakthing, freesbie icecream and a near death experience involving a rubber dingy, the ocean, me, katie, a Thai guy and the heroic Tom who had to swim in and tow us back to safety. Nice one Tom.

So basically i'll just be on the beach (if the weather permits) for the next 5days, then in Bangkok to catch the flight home. Still planning on spending the last day in Bangkok in a day spa with the girls, can't wait for it! Still having an awesome time here, wish i could stay for anouther month. Katie and Holly are trying to changer their flights so they ca fly out a week later and go to Hong Kong instead.


Thursday, 12 June 2008

Just been sitting on the beach listening to Jack Johnson -naturally. We moved bungalows the other day. we're now in these really pretty ones right on the best beach in Thailand- proper white soft sand and clear water.
Just about to go out on some jet skis because we feel like we should actually do something today. i think tomorrow we're planning to hire quad bikes so we can see the island. Def rad.

We're changing island in a few days, going to a smaller island called Koh Tao, its really pretty and great for diving.

ok peace people.

Ps. Happy B'day for yesterday Shan!
Pps. Lainey's getting MARRIED!!!!! nice work BB. xoxox

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From Kathi
Hi Lauren-sweety,
how cool that you are still writing on your page. so here is again a message from me.
its only 4 more days , turning 24. oh I feel old :D
but...I am so excited...

kisses Kathi

Response: Honey you are are the youngest 24year old i've ever met! I think 24 is a a feaking awesome age.
My planet ranger is about to expire and i'm not sure if i should keep it going or not? what do you think? Maybe i should kee it for anouther 6 months so I can write all about our travels when you get here!
miss you. I hope your b'day present arrives soon. I finished it a few days ago, it's very Kathi so i hope you like it.
From James
Hey Lauren,
Didnt know you were still updating your Blogg, glad to see your keeping busy as always its definitely mad to think of what we all were up to only a year ago ;-( cant believe im leaving in 7 wks, cant wait to see you in lovely Oz !! oo and tell Dave that is the coolest tatoo ive heard of in a while, dam why didnt i think of it!.
Cant wait to speak soon
Irish Hugs
x x
Response: Yeah for bringing your irishness to Aus.
Can't wait to see you, i have so many things that we should do when your living here. It's so cool i actually get to hang out with my awesome friends again. xoxo
From Kathi
dear lauren honey,
it was agan awesome to talk to you today!
I just had a look on your awesome pics...nice one!
At the moment it is raining in Munich! damn, I really wanted to spend the day outside in the sun!
Your letter is still here, it is already with your adress on it I just have to find a post box and then finally you receive it in the next weeks!
Wow one year. It feels like forever!
But I can still remember how we met!
Best day ever!
Kisses from Munich, hugs and more kisses!
From Fabi
Hey honey,
thanks a million for the entry! i cant believe that its one year ago. I'm still grateful for this moment. Cant wait for the conference 2morrow.

Greats from göttingen!

kisses hugs and all this stuff ;-)
Response: On weds it will be exactly one year since i first arrived in Galway! how weird and sad.
Talk to you tonight/your morning.
kisses dude. xo
From james
Hey Lauren, so sorry we didnt get to skype last week but i was in Germany,, with half of your awesome Germans... thanx for the awesome Irish comment NOT!!! hope its great being back am back in Ireland Working away as always counting my days til travelling... We have to skype soon, PS check out my new pics on Facebook!!

European Five!!
x x
Response: I'll second that European Five. Actually i'll give you a European Ten. yeh thats right.
Oi not sure what awesome irish comment your talking about..hmmm but i'll fix it by saying that Ireland is the most amazing country ive been to and the Irish are the raddest people ever. nice one.
will skype today i hope or whenever your free dude. i have no job so i'm always free for a chat. naturally.
From Kathi
Hi Sweet little taned girl!
Greetings from Munich.
WOW nice pics. I just moved to another appartment here in munich.As usual hate packing and unpackiung my big big big and much too heavy suitcase. Miss everyone sooooooo much. I am watching football all the time and cheer for the GERMANS!
Cant believe your journey will finish soon.
Cant wait to talk to you on skype. from today on i have inet :D
kisses hugs and a bavarian busserl! :*
btw: cute culs :p
Lauren Club high five!
Response: Yo Kathi. Munich sounds great, can't wait to hear all about it. I'll let you know when i get skype set up, just need to get my camera and i'll be set. I have some awesome news-my parents are coming to Munich! They'll be there in September i think and they want to come to BMW to see you! how cool is that. But i'll send you an email with the dates and stuff because i thought maybe you'd be back at uni by then.

It's weird being back in my house, wish i could have come to Munich with you! Can you send me you ad, cuz i have a postcard waiting with your name on it.

I second that Lauren Club High Five!!
From Uber Dad
I know you are having a great time, but I can't wait for you to come home!
See you Sunday.
Love Dad
Response: Can't ait to see you! Thailand has gone so quickly i can't believe im leaving in a few days. I've already decided to come back, add that one to my list of countries to revisit-it's a very long list.
Anyway if you can't fins me on Sunday i'll be in a white hoodie looking haggered but tanned.
From dw
i found a computer! dude if u think thailand is cool then u need to come chill in normanton, its totaly rad :) cya soon xo
Response: Pretty sure a road trip is in order when i get back cuz id be loving playing touch footy with all the little kids. nice one.
i just emailed you. talk to you soon. xo
From Nana
You looked quite at home on that elephant -what a thrill! Look forward to hearing some more of your adventures soon. Learn the difference between " then" and "than". Sorry, bad habits are hard to break. Enjoy your freedom while you can. I'm envious of your chaances. Love, Nana.
Response: haha sorry nana seems my english skills have deteriorated since leaving uni.
Thailand is rad, have soo many photos to show everyone when i get back.
see you soon. xo
From Elston
Look at those curls! I was starting to wonder if they'd ever make it out again.

The pictures look great. I'm gonna have to pencil in Thailand on places to go in my future excursions.

Have heaps of fun!
Response: Haha, as soon as looked through my pics i though Elston will be loving this! Im basically too lazy at the moment to be worried about straightening my uber insane curly hair seeing as im in the beach every 2 secs.
Oi go to Thialnd on the way to Aus this chrissy, do it, do it, do it. If i have money i'll meet you there-it will be legen...wait for it....dary. oi watch 'how i met your mother', hilarious stuff. oi hows the work stuff going? Anyway will send an email when im bored and settled in Aus.
OMG honey these pics are amazing.

Wanna here all about the trip asap. Germany is starting at the European Championship today and I can't wait. So i think maybe you have the better place to be at the moment but we're very close ;-)

Hope you're still fine and awesome :-)

Germany is missing you sooo much!

Kisses, hugs and all this stuff!

First Lauren's Irish Travel Page - High-five!!!!
Response: oi i am missing my Germans so much. i dont think its actually sunk in that im not coming back to Europe. You better start saving for your awesome Aussie trip and i'll start saving for my trip back. European Champinonship sounds great, although i wouldn't want to be there if Germany loses a game- not that it will ever happen cuz Germany is the awesomess in the history of awesome football teams.
miss you high five. xoxox
From Kathi
Oh honey, that sounds pretty amazing. cant wait to see some pictures of my super tanned ausie girl!I am happy that you enjoy your trip. Now you have travelled the world!wohooooo!
1000 kisses from hot and sunny Germany!
much luv Kathi xoxox
Response: Im am uber tanned right now! Basicaly Jamacian!
Hows the internship going, i cant believe your working at BMW-impressive. As soon as im home we'll be skyping so you can tell me all about it. Should also talk to Paul about these wedding plans, haha we'll be the best sisters in law ever!
miss you. xoxox
Hey lauren sounds like thailand is pretty interesting cant wait to get all the travel hints off you,, galway misses its true galway girl ;-(
write me soon,
you rock you rule,
love James x
Response: hey james. oi Thailand is proper awesome, i have so many travel tips to give you, you'll be loving me. you have to come tot the island im on now, its amazing and you get to meet alot od ppl. We meet 2 guys on the bus who are cool so we're staying with them for a few days i think- mchillingout on the beach and stuff.
i miss galway just as much as galway misses me! i bet is awesome weather there at thye moment and all the buskers are out and the dock is looking amazing. i want to come back. sigh.
From Uber Dad
Happy B/day Gorge, I'm saying that with an Aussie, Irish, Pommie accent! Can you tell??
Love Dad
Response: cant wait to hear your aussie/irish/pommie accent- be its not as good as mine though. oh aye its well good mate.
From Lainey
Happy Birthday La la hope you have a great day! xx
Response: Thanks, my day was rad. See yo in a few weeks. will email from Thailand. xo
From gem


xoxoxo : )
Response: Oi you are making my life Whittle with all these b'day wishes from every communication device possible!!!! nice one.
From Gem
It's State of origrin on wednesday night!!!!! ahhhh yeah! can't wait! u have to make sure u are cheering for us Queeslanders over there! hahahaha!
Response: Think i missed it. Sucks that lame NSW won. ill miss the next game but pretty sure QLD will be the victor so i'll be there with for the decider!!!xo
From Uber Dad
If you are going to have a gut, you may as well have a tanned one!!! "Old Aussie saying"
Response: gee thanks a million dad! arrrgh but pretty sure im not going to have gut cuz thats gorss, even a tanned one.
germany rocks.
From Nana
I'll bet you're excited about upcoming events. Once the ball starts rolling, it's all go from then on. Only hope you don't feel down once you are back in the real world, where holidays are a long-awaited for happening. I'm sure the rest of your time away will be an adventure, so enjoy it while you can. Happy birthday for the end of the month. Love, Nana & Pop.
Response: Thanks guys. I keep forgetting my birthday is coming up, have too many other things to think about right now! Im well looking forward to Thailand, although we still have to organised alot before we go.

see you in 2 months,
kisses, lauren.xo
From James
Hey Lauren, had a brilliant weekend in York with you and Kathi, thanks soo much, cant wait till we see each other again in Galway, Tell all the Girls I said thank you especially Kathi who is rad, see you and talk to you soon,
x x
Response: Thanks for coming James, i had so much fun. Can't believe i saw the crazy bus lady last night! still ranting about the buses. haha. I'll be seeing you in about 2.5weeks-im just booking my flight to Germany now.
talk to you tomorrow? or the next day just to make sure we're alright with flights. have a meat free day at work.
From Nana
G'day,love.sory to har of your problems with buses- of course our buses always run on time-not that I've ever caught one, but I know they'll be reliable. It's turned almost winter here, and we've had quite a few days without rain. I've actually been able to mow down the back of the land. Haven't been able to get near it since New Year.Hope you enjoy your trip to Thailand and we look forward to seeing you after that. Love,nana & Pop.
Response: Can't wait to see you either! Im looking forward to coming home, but am so sad to leave everything here.
looking forward to Thailand, it will be amazing. planning our 3 day trek through the forest right now!
See you in 61 days and talk to you soon. love lauren.xoxox
From Elston
I'm actually doing it...that's right, planning the trip to Aus. I figure Winter in the good ol' KY is pretty much as horrid as it comes, so I'll spend my xmas break in Aus where it's summer! I figure a few extra thousand bucks for a vacation is just a drop in the bucket when you're taking out as much as I am for med school.

How dorky am I? Typing this while I'm wearing my lab goggles...yep, that dorky.

I can tell from your writing that you're slowly becoming a melting pot of Aussie, Irish, English, and - dare I say - Kentucky slang?? If someone had never met you before, they may just think you're crazy.

Send me an email sometime soon! Oh, and if you don't like the buses, maybe you could finally get your license? =)
Response: hey. Xmas in Aus could be the greatest idea you've ever had. It would be sooo weird seeing in you Australia, weird but freaking awesome. oi i dont think anyones ever sent me a msg whilist wearing lab goggles before, so youve officially become my geekiest friend-congrats.
my language is going crazy, i have no nationality, im just a mixed of random cultures with an aussie sense of humor-its mint.
ill write you an email later. oi, btw i have my licence, the problem is the lack of car and shortage of money for petrol-its a £1 per litre here-freak. its all good, only a month of work left. woot.
From Gem
Can i come live over there with u again? i'm bored with everything here and i need another holiday! i'll be there in like 4 days! see u soon!
Response: sounds great. see you in York, you can stay in my room. james will be here on convienent for you!xoxox
From Katie
Oi, Lozza! Wheeeeey, aren't you glad that you'll be gone by the time she moves in?! BUT, she really reminds me of you-so it's semi ok!
Basically, 48 days till we hit Thailand... wheeeeeeyO!!!
This vegitarian diet I'm on had better make me a size 0 by next month... I think it's pretty possible... And what even were those hard bits in the meat free burgers?! Ah mate... I'm about to go to bed, but I shall miss you! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Response: Call me paramedic cuz im Aaaaaaambulance material...................
oi get off my travel page and do some uni work. Going vege is the best decision you've ever made, im going to cook you the best vego meal youve ever had tonight-its going to make your life.
44 days mate. xoxox
From Midget
Do the bus Stop Oooo OoooO
Response: dont even start....freaking buses dude.