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Parent Free Holiday!

Our name's our Lauren and Georgia and we have set off to explore Kuala Lumpur, Thailand & Singapore parent free!

Diary Entries

Wednesday, 09 July 2008

Location: Singapore, Singapore

Today we went to the Singapore Zoo. We caught the MTR and once we arrived at the train station there was a free bus outside to the zoo which was a surprise as we thought we would have to catch a public train and get totally lost and end back up in Malaysia. The zoo was interesting seeing all the animals. I took loads of photos and wish I could upload some more for everyone to see. I espically liked the Bamboons. We thought we would of spent the whole day there but we only ended up staying until about lunch as we had seen everything already. We found the public bus and caught it back to the train station then MTR home. We thought we would try a Soya Iceceam. They have a shop in the train station called Mr Bean and everything is made from soy. I thought it tasted like Tofu in a Cone but Georgia seemed to enjoy it. We were walking through the park on the way back to the hotel and it started raining so we are not sure what we will be doing for the rest of the day. I will try update again soon else I may have to wait until Darwin and I should be able to upload some photos. Miss you all x

Tuesday, 08 July 2008

Location: Singapore, Singapore

Well we woke up early and had breakfast and got a taxi to the airport. We had to wait for about two hours before we could board our flight. The flight to Singapore was pretty rough as there was alot of torbulence. We arrived in Singapore and went and had some lunch and stopped into the bakery which makes these weird cakes - i can't really explain them. But they are so good and I could finally cure my cravings that I have had for the past year for them. We then caught the MTR (train) near the hotel and caught a taxi. We are staying at the YWCA and I have drove Gerogia mad by singing and dancing with my own actions everytime we see a sign. Our room is simple yet very big. We had a rest for a few hours then headed out to Orchard Rd to see the sights. We grabbed some dinner and came home for bed as we were pretty tired from all our travelling. x

Monday, 07 July 2008

Location: Patong Beach, Thailand

Well we had a nice sleep in today. We finally got out of bed and had breakfast then went and picked up our washing. We then came back and got a tuk tuk into Phuket Town. We went to their department store Robinsons and the big market. I stocked up on work clothes as everything is about $5 a piece - work shirts, skirts, pants. I have hardly bought any work clothes for the last six months cause i knew i would be coming back here! We didn't have much time as our tuk tuk driver was waiting for us so we raced back. We went home and relaxed for a little bit. We then went for a walk through the streets yet again and bought a few more cd's and dvd's. I had a head, sholder & hand massage while Georgia had a manicure & pedicure. We then got another tuk tuk to Jucyelong - another big shopping centre that we had already been too. We had to buy a lock for my suitcase as someone had broken it off and gone through my stuff on the way to Phuket from Kuala Lumpur which I was to happy about. We bought a few little extra pieces of rubbish then had some dinner. We got a tuk tuk home - except this time we did it with class. Our tuk tuk was fitted with neon lights & subs so I asked the driver to play some music and of course he had to play no other then Dido. It was an embarrassment as everyone hears loud music and stares and can see you sitting in the back. Well we went back and spent a few hours packing everything as we had alot of extra luggage as we had to buy another suitcase and it is $5 extra per kilo. I think my carry on backpack would have to come close to 20kg! I have shoes, clothes, makeup, everything that weighs a tonne! Well we have to go speak later. Miss you all x

Sunday, 06 July 2008

Location: Patong Beach, Thailand

Well we woke up and had a nice shower and cleaned ourselves up from camping. We could only have a very quick cold shower last night due to the extent of our sunburn. We went for a wonder and found somewhere that we can get our laundry done, we have been wearing the same clothes for 9 days now! We came back to the hotel and had breakfast, it was nice to have the usual. We then hit the streets of Patong Beach in Phuket. We got a tuk tuk to Jucyelong - a big shopping centre. We browsed the shops and went and stocked up on dvd's. I think we are up to about 100 from today. We walked through a few markets which would of had to be at least 6000000 degrees celsius. We came back and Lauren had a jacuzzi. We then went and had a game of pool and Georgia won. We have played another two tonight and she has won again both times. We then decided that we deserved a facial since we had worked so hard today. The day spa is wonderful and very modern unlike some you come across. It costs 300 baht which equals approx $9! So we were having a luxury facial in a day spa that lasted 45 minutes for under $10! We were in heaven! We have planned to go again tomorrow. Anyway we went for another wonder around the streets to find some more dvd's and cd's. We bought a few more things we most likely don't need and decided to come home. We were looking forward to having a nice cool jacuzzi but they were cleaning it so we set off to get our nails done at the nail spa. They had closed early so we are going back tomorrow. Well we are dying of heat in the lobby as i type this and am looking forward to our long awaited jacuzzi. I will take some photos and upload them ASAP! Hopefully tomorrow if i get a chance but it just takes a very long time to upload on Plante Ranger. Well that's it for today. xx

Saturday, 05 July 2008

Location: Bamboo Island, Thailand

We woke up early and had some breakfast. Sun made a nice omlette but I found it quite difficult to eat as there were chickens running around everywhere and anything like that puts me off straight away. We packed up and set off to a few of the islands around Ao Nang. We went to one called Chicken Island. There were lots of speed boats there but they cleared off quickly. We went for a swim then set of to Poda Island. We had lunch there and just relaxed in the sun. We didn't want to spend to much time out on the boat as we would get to Patong very late. We went back to Ao Nang and got changed and said goodbye to everyone. Eh and one of his sons drove us to Patong. It took about 2.5 hours and we arrived here about 6pm our time. We checked into our hotel and went and had a swim in our private jacuzzi! We had a shower and set off to wonder the streets. We checked out some of the shops and found where we can stock up on cheap dvd's. We came back to the hotel and had pizza for dinner as that was all I wanted after eating only Thai food for three days straight! We had a shower and soaked ourselves in aftersun cream as we were pretty burnt from the past few days. x

Friday, 04 July 2008

Location: Bamboo Island, Thailand

We woke up early to pack our backpacks for camping. I decided to reorganise my bag as I had spent at least an hour organising it perfectly in Kuala Lumpur only to have some stupid guard in Kuala Lumpur go through it and mess everything up. I thought there must of been a reason he searched my bag so I looked in one of the bags I had bought in Chinatown. I put my hand in it then thought to myself 'What was that?' I pulled my hand back out and there was a toad the size of two fists. I screamed and through the bag on the floor. I told Georgia she had to get rid of it. So she stood out on the balcony and shook the bag until it fell out. The toad must of got into my bag during the night. I think it freaked me out as when we went to the aquarium there was a section on Reptiles and I saw toads that looked the same and they were so disgusting. I just hope it didn't cone to Thailand with me from Kuala Lumpur! Well we set off down to the shed for breakfast again. It was a little different today - some spicy rice, steamed custard puddings, etc. We were then greeted by Sun, Elizabeth and Noah. We drove down to the boat harbor and loaded the boat up. It took about an hour in the long tail boat to reach Bamboo Island. It was so beautiful. White sands and turquoise waters. We had lunch and then went for a snorkel. We swam for most of the day. That night we got to cook dinner with Sun which was interesting. He used alot of ingredients that we don't have in Australia. We had a pretty early night as we had had a big day and were ready for bed. Bed hmmm that was interesting. Imagine a tent with nothing in it - maybe a very thing foam mattress like the army style sleeping bags. That was our bed. Most likely the worst nights sleep I have every had - sleeping on hard floor with little prickles. Very interesting. (Sorry these entries aren't in very much detail I am trying to catch up from the past few days and my eyes are killing me as I don't have my glasses with me) x

Wednesday, 02 July 2008

Location: Ao Nang, Thailand

We woke up and were told to go down to the little shed along the road - also known as a gas station to them - where we would be having breakfast. We were served sticky rice, egg, tempura banana and a few other things. We were quite nervous about eating it but we thought we would give it a go. Everything is OK but nothing I would ever consider eating for breakfast in Australia. We finished breakfast and waited for Eh's sons to come meet us. Eh informed us that we would be going to the Tiger Temple. It was about a 15 minute drive. There were many monkeys running around and fighting with each other which worried me a bit. Eh then told us we would walk to the top of the mountain - it was only a 1500 stair walk - "no worry everything ok" Eh said. Eh's sons thought it would be more fun if they ran up the stairs. We were trying to keep up but ended up giving up at the 500th step and turning back around. Just as his two sons did so we didn't feel as guilty. Eh then decided he would take us to the Hot Springs. It was about an hours drive from where we were. We had to go for a bit of a hike through the bush to reach the spings. It was more like a rock pool with hot water. It was pretty relaxing though. We stayed there for about an hour then we set off for the Emerald Pond. Eh bought us lunch at a little resturant and we then set off for the '800m' walk to the pond. More like 1600m! If we have learnt one thing from this holiday is that Thai people can't measure anything. We finally reached the pond. It was pretty amazing. It was a big lake that had crystal clear water. We had a nice refreshing swim then decided we would go back. On the way back we went to another waterfall which we just walked to the top of and took some nice photos. On the way home we stopped at 'Tesco Lotus' one of there few shopping centres in the area. We waited in the back of the truck for about an hour while the boys went missing in the shopping centre. Obviously they don't get to go there often. It was cute to see how something so little and cheap (like a watch) would make them so happy. We then went to Krabi and had some dinner from the stalls down near the river. By this stage we were absolutly exhausted and decided we would go home to bed. x

Tuesday, 01 July 2008

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Well we decided that we would give lining up for approx two hours at 6.30 in the morning a miss just to get some free tickets to stand on a bridge at 44 levels high for about two minutes. We woke up about nine and went down for breakfast. We went for a walk to try and find a laundry to do our washing. We finally found one after approx one hour of searching and we were informed we wouldnt get our clothes back for four days so we would have to give it a miss unless we could express post them to thailand and we were willing to live in the same clothes for another four days, i think not. We came back to the hotel and decided to head off to the aquarium we saw in the convention centre as we didnt have any plans for today. It was a nice way to waste an hour or so. We even got to pat sharks in a petting enclosure. We then had some lunch and are now back at the hotel. We only get free Wifi Internet in the lobby so I (lauren) have been sitting here for about an hour now looking like a complete loser with my laptop on my lap. I am not sure what this evening holds for us but I dont think we will be getting up to much as we have to get up early and make our way to the airport where we will set off for THAILAND! I don't think we will be posting any blog entries for the next few days as i don't think we will have internet access unless we go into town. Take care and please continue sending us messages, we enjoy it x

Ok I am updating our blog. This is a few days after all these events occured so my memory is fading a little. Well we arrived at the airport and were ready to board. This flight didn't have allocated seating so we managed to get emergency exit seats as they have the most leg room. We are all comfy and getting ready to taxi and then we were informed by the captain that the aircraft was experiencing technical difficulties and everyone was to disembark immediately. That went down really well with me since I am already horrifed of flying without there being technical difficulties. Anyways we thought we would be sitting in the airport for a few hours but I would say it wasn't more then half an hour before they found another plane which I was very surprised about. We happened to sit next to a very sexy swedish boy who was just as terrifed as I was so we were freaking out together which made things a bit more interesting. I tried to sleep the whole time so at least if we were to crash I wouldn't know. We finally arrived in Phuket and Eh picked us up from the airport. It was about a two hour drive back to Ao Nang since he likes to drive about 30km under the speed limit. We were quite surprised with our accommodation. We knew it was home stay but not a tree house. It was a little room with two mattresses on the floor. We settled in and Eh took us for a ride on the motorbike through his village. We went back to have dinner, lucky for me I had informed them I was vegetarian before we left. Eh's sister prepared a whole fish for dinner. You should of seen the look on Georgia's face knowing she would have to eat it. She tried to eat some but it didn't really work out well. We gave in and told them that she doesn't eat whole fish but they didn't really seem to mind. The set out a massive banquet on the floor for us. There were curries, fish, rice and so much more. We ate our dinner then decided to go to bed since there wasn't much else to do in our tree house. x

Monday, 30 June 2008

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Well last night was our last stay at Dorsett Regency. We were getting excited to going to Traders for the last two nights of our stay in Kuala Lumpur. We didnt have to check out until 2pm so we decided we would go to the KL Communication Tower (similar to the Sydney Tower) as it was a nice day. We were there for a while then headed back to the hotel to pack. We arrived at Traders around 2.30pm and felt very under dressed. I was wearing boardshorts and a bright blue singlet whilst everyone else is wearing suits & dresses. Oh well. We checked into our hotel and decided to hit the gym. Traders have one of the most technology advancded gyms i have ever been too. We spent about two hours working out and pumping a bit of iron. We then got dressed up and went out for the night. We walked through a very nice park outside our hotel that leads to the Petronas Towers. We walked over there and browsed the shops for a while. The shopping centre is called Suria KLCC and it is quite large. Like usual at most of the shopping centres everything was out of our price range as it is all designer - guess, gucci, chanel. We came back to the hotel and went up to the skybar and had some dinner. The skybar is on the 33th floor of the hotel and faces the petrona towers so the view was breathtaking. We went to bed quite early as we were planning to get up in the morning to go get our free tickets so we could go on the sky bridge the next day. x

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

So far today we slept in so it was peak hour in the restuaurant for breakfast when we finally made it there. We had a quick feed then came down to Starbucks to update the blog. It is quite windy and cool today which is a nice change since it has been around 35 degrees every other day. We don't know what we are going to do yet. Most likely continue shopping. Well we miss everyone and will continue to keep you updated. Mum - Can you please tell the family about our blog.
Love you, Love Lauren and Georgia x

Ok well we went back to our hotel after spending about three hours at starbucks on the interent. We headed off to time square. It is a shopping centre, theme park & hotel in one. We spent a bit of time shopping there then came back to the hotel. Had a pretty relaxed day. x

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Recent Messages

From Mum and Dad
Hi girls. If I remember correctly from last year, there is free internet access in the Budget Terminal at Singapore airport. Hopefully you will get to read this before your flight if you have time to check your messages. Have a safe trip and enjoy Darwin. We are very proud of you and although we took a risk in letting you go on such a big adventure, I am sure it will pay off in the future. Looking forward to seeing you back home on Monday. xxxx Friday 10/7/08 5.30pm Qld time
Response: hi Mum. Yes there is internet access we got fine and are about to board talk to you when we get to Darwin. Love you love lauren and Georgia xoxo
From Mum and Dad
Hi girls. If I remember correctly from last year, there is free internet access in the Budget Terminal at Singapore airport. Hopefully you will get to read this before your flight if you have time to check your messages. Have a safe trip and enjoy Darwin. We are very proud of you and although we took a risk in letting you go on such a big adventure, I am sure it will pay off in the future. Looking forward to seeing you back home on Monday. xxxx Friday 10/7/08 5.30pm Qld time
From Jillian
Hey Critters!

sounds like you are having a ton of fun! Hope you're really enjoying your trip and take care! See you soon!

From Mum and Dad
Only 2 more sleeps until you get back to the land of Oz (who's counting?) Glad you both arrived safely in Singapore. I checked on the internet and knew your plane had landed before I received your text message. Enjoy the heat as it is pretty chilly here at the moment.
Love you both. Rouge will be happy to see you too. xxxxx
who could this wonderful person be thats writing a message???????????

why its kristy the pruple elephant!! ohh my gosh how did you no.

miss you girls like crazy wazzy wazzy!!!

i miss my work buddy :( :( and my bestest friend, cant wait to see you girlies

love you both

From Carmel and Rod
Hi Lauren and Georgia
Have finally had a chance to read your blog. How exciting for you both. I guess the jacuzzi and the beauty spa treatment made up for camping on the hard floor in your tree house. I would love to have seen you guys with that toad. I can't believe it and still wonder how it got in there. Rod had to work in Parkes NSW so I went with him and we had a great time. What a wonderful experience for you both. You obviously have your mother's energy writing the blog and squeezing as much as possible into your days while you are travelling. Stay safe, we love you both and love reading your blog. Rod and Carmel
From Yvonne
If you read this message Josie, the email I sent you has bounced back. Can you please send me your correct email address? Thanks
From Mum and Dad
Thanks for keeping us up to date via text messages. It was especially good to receive one from Bamboo Island where you camped. Who would have thought you would have mobile reception in the National Park in the middle of the Andaman Sea? Glad you enjoyed catching up with the friends we made last year! I am sure your experience this year will be one you will always treasure. We are off tomorrow to visit Michael and to share in his 50th birthday celebration. Ma and Pa and Danny send their love - I know Ma will be relieved when you get home again. We are taking them with us to Brisbane to visit Maureen and Gerry for the afternoon. Take care and look forward to hearing more about your adventures in Thailand. Love you xxxx
From Graham & Kay
Hi Girls,
We simply love reading your diary and looking at the photos, can't wait for the next lot to appear.
For a joke we should tell your Mum and Dad there are visitors arriving for a few days, that would test the friendship wouldn's it?
Lyn Griffin heads off for England on 10th July. She is meeting up with her daughter Kristen and they are going to do a couple of European country hops, how small our world is becoming. If we could get wings on Graham's wheelchair we'd be there with you all, instead, I'm now the driver of an old Toyota Hi ace bus; very reliable and well looked after; (the bus is). Maybe our trips will now take on a different genre.
Love to you both, take care, enjoy everything and come home safe.
Kay and Graham
From Josie & Tony (UK)
Hi Lauren & Georgia

Have a fab time with wonderful memories to last a lifetime!
From Mum and Dad
Hi Girls,
Glad to know you arrived safely in Phuket. Hope you are having fun and look forward to reading the next part of the blog. I know you have some things to report.
Still missing you both.
From Maureen
hope all is well. your blog is so iteresting. Happy time in Thailand for you both. xx
From Cassandra
Sounds like your having a ball. Take care and can't wait to see you when you get back. Love Cass
Response: Aww I miss you Cass. How is my job coming along? Well I hope. x
From Ellle-raeee
Hahahaha looks lyk fun girlies..

haha lauren holding the snkae funy..cnt belive you got to hold a yellow python:D

Dont Miss Me To Much


Response: That was one of the scariest things i have done. We got to touch sharks today at the aqaruim, that was pretty freaky too. Miss you x
From Kay & Graham
Good on you girls, see and do all you can and stay safe. Make lots of memories and then no one can take them off you.
Love reading your adventures, it's as good as being there ourselves.
Take care, lots of love,
Graham and Kay
Tuesday 1st July 08
From ichelle Lavin
Hey Girls you are very brave..but your parents are braver letting you loose. hope you manage to overcome the bank excess transactions would be awful to be stranded with no money in the cheapest shopping place on earth...only females would understand that one.
God bless you both and keep you safe on your journey....HAVE FUN XX
From Anne
Hi Lauren and Georgia
Aren't you two very clever getting your way around Malaysia. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Hope all the money problems sort out for you. Can be stressful when that happens. Have not long come home from work and have just read the blogs so thought I'd say hello. Not sure when you are due home so have a great rest of your stay. You will have to come to Sydney some time and have a few days down here at my house. Couldn't open the photos. Lots of love, Anne
From Anne Vetter
I haven't read all of your diary entries. You girls are so bloody savvy (technology and travel) I'm amazed. So gutsy too. Look forward to reading it when I get a chance.

Best wishes for a great adventure.

how long are you away for?

Anne, John, Maree, Joe and Tim
Response: Hi Anne. We are away for 18 days in total. We started in Kuala Lumpur, then off to Thailand for 6 days, then Singapore for 2 then Darwin for 3 I think. Nice to receive a message from you. Hope everyone is well. Take care x
From kristy
i just sore were all the pics are i have been wondering were to find them, gota love your face with the snake lauren
Response: I know. It's not my fault I was born with good looks and you weren't.
From Aunty Maureen
Dear Lauren and Georgia,
What an adventure you're having. It's almost like a movie at this end, reading all the news. I'm picturing you both in the Merc with Mr Sing and him probably disappointed you couldn't drink his treat. ha ha. You both tell a great story, and I love the bit about having no money. Nothing like a challenge, hey? Well, it all worked out otherwise you'd be washing dishes or something.
So great to read, girls. Keep well and stay focused. They said on the today show that women love shopping so much they think of it every minute, or something to that effect. Is that true?
I'll let the girls know about your blog and see if they can send a message. Have fun! Love and blessings from Maureen.xx
From kristy
of couse it would be you guys to buy a bloody australian jersey when your in another country! you better be wearing it everyday lol
miss you both dearly, good to hear your having a wonderful time. love you both xxxx
Response: I only bought it so next time we go out I have something to support my team and don't have to turn to Nerang for help. Loser.
From Aimee
Hey Lauren and Georgia, just wanted to say how completely jealous I am of you guys over there. Talk about travelling the world! Love the snake photos. Don't know if I'd be game to put it round my neck. Anyways, hope you're having an awesome time! Aimee xx
From Mum and Dad
Hi girls, It is great to see what you two are getting up to. The photos are great. Hope you have sorted the credit card problem. We will ring you tonight. Love you and miss you. Love Mum and Dad and Rouge xxxx
From Yvonne Maher
Hi Girls,
Glad you are enjoying Kuala Lumpur. Thanks for the update. Keep them coming! It was good to speak to you both last night and to know that you arrived safely. I will alert everyone of your blog if you still want me to. We will ring you tonight. Love Mum and Dad 6.10 pm 27/6/08 (Australian time)