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G Money's Hairy Lip and Yellow Teeth Tour

Well here is a mini log that i will document on the trip to a portion of Europa!!! I'll give this a crack at leaving some snippeys from the trip that involves me checking out Italy and Geezerland itself the UK... cold weather awaits - Im hoping to be able to update this now and then, im not armed with a laptop during the journey - but i have a camera and am capable of taking snaps....

Diary Entries

Thursday, 24 March 2005

Location: Computer, England

Trip wraps up now, the past few days were spent catching up with John Carney and co. I was a bit nervous i wouldnt get to experience a boozy night in the uk, and it delievered.. We managed also to take in a sights tour of Stonehenge and Bath - Stonehenge was a trip - its in the middle of no-where and what remains anyway of the original rock formation is impressive..even though you are about 15 mtrs away from the landmark its cool to check out - you walk around doing a corny audio tour that basically ruins all the coolness you used to think of it.."this wasnt a devil worship aliens... " it was made by heaps of blokes who carted the rocks around and dug trenches with elk horns...i could think of better things to have done but oh well - on a side note it was interesting to be told that the mounds around us are actually old burial mounds - they would just bury people and possessions and fill over the top - not a hole dug...of course the grass grows well there - nice to dig up ol' hank n his dog with his trusty rocking chair - ewww

anyways that was the henge - bath was outstanding - it was built around the old roman baths - those dudes knew a good time, essentially they came across a natural spring and like all good minded folk decided to get the slaves to build them a big ol' spa centre where they could unwind from a tardy battle... huge - well bath was memorable, an old town white buildings tiptop - that'll do, its like an city really but had a good feel to it... quick (2hrs) bus ride home after waiting for dumb yanks to get back on the bus and we're home to meet jc and hit the pub - bewdy, i cant remember where we went - hang on yeah - the OXO building on the thames - and yes its oxo the gravy/stock company, see there is a law that you cant advertise on the thames, these crafty blighters decided to build an apartment/office building and call it the oxo,..touche' - so yeah riddles... we went to this lavish bar up the top with an amazing view of the thames..on one side, ghetto the other - guess which way yours truly faced. From there it was off to punch n judy's bar - your typical geezer pub, i was getting pissy by now so it was just about the pints, i could tell because i wrapped up the night with KFC a tried n true london cuisine involving some kind of fried chicken, i must investigate in australia as i hear these places are there too... anyways, from there it was basically a shoparound today the last day and wrapped up at a pub w/ jc rob and robs gf ash... yes drunk i was - thats all trip done... i'll put snaps up for god knows why..

Tuesday, 22 March 2005

Location: London, UK

Well its raining, our massive fortune in good weather has come crashing down, not a worry though.. Its been great in London so far, did a tour yesterday that took us through london and saw some landmarks etc... The night before though was great fun, we took in the Jack the Ripper tour - we hopped on the tour bus and basically the guide got us down to Whitechapel where the murders took place. From there we set out on foot retracing the steps of the killer - it was frickin spunout man to walk through the trail, it was only a small area in which he operated, the guide proceeded to give us details on the top 10 suspects (as its never been solved, hence its appeal) and displayed photo evidence of what the bodies looked like, gruesome - obviously since the fires in london etc, some of the buildings are no longer there - part of this to do with locals how heckle people on the tour - we saw like 4 other ripper tours on that night!!! we couldnt actually visit one of the murder sites too because local gangs hang out there and people have been known to be pelted with bottles etc... cool - funnily enough though as weird as the night felt, there were all these lebbos cruising around yellin loudly on their phones as they cruised around in packs - apparently there was a gang fight appenin' that night!! a bonus?

Anyways that was shizzhot fun n the tour finished up at one of the oldest pubs in london on the docks, it has been there since 1500's..the prospect - made out of old boat masts etc...a few ales n off we go, Yesterdays touring took us to Westminster abbey - a massive church in which past kings/queens have been corronated in, and the church itself is a tomb for many a great king/queen/knight writers, musicians etc.. it was massive, you were literally walking on the tomb faces as the guide goes - "and under your are standing on the grave of.." huge.. more on that another time, we also took in the changing of the guards at buckingham palace where the queen resides, big show i tell you and i was stunned at the masses that hang out the front of the palace for a glimpse of anything, celebrities should wipe their eyes with their exploding wallets and check her scene out man.. from there it was a driving tour the guide would explain landmarks buildings etc.. good shizz, from there we went to the tower of london to scope out the old war weapons armour, where henry the 8th necked his birds and saw the crown jewels - rappers aint got no bling on the king man!!! and queen for that matter - fark me... from there it was a ride on the thames where we got off at big ben, which for those funnily enough isnt the tower itself but the bell named after a pugilist of the early times... just incase i through some fact in there..booosss oh well, its raining n pouring my time is out - all is good, the beard is about to come off as its giving me the shids - i'll see some of you lads on satdee for the foozeball - til then, or when i post next, im catching up with jc the next few so we'll see what this presents


Saturday, 19 March 2005

Location: Kensington, UK

Well here we are, England - Geezerville... I tell you what its very liberating to come somewhat to a place where english is a staple speaking language... Italy was fantastic, we wrapped things up there yesterday - so in all it meant Roma 2 days, Florence 2 days, then to Venice for 1 then off to Rome again for the final evening.. Italy was awesome fun, Venice itself was a site to see - we arrived off our train ride from Florence at the terminal - hopping off an immediately going on the WATER bus, this was a cheaper alternative to taking a WATER taxi, see the see just incase venice is a mass of canals - it was way cool hopping onto the bus taking it up a few stops and jumping off right at Rialto where we were staying, the night there was probably enough - picture laneways n so forth between buildings, a vertiable labyrinth of streets, no car just boats... it was very relaxing i took some snaps to show - we went on a gondola ride, the guy looked like a rough cabbie man, not your typical gondola fella that is in his black n white striped top... i expected him to spring out a smoke mid ride, he spoke little only to say "ci ci, cassa nova" or something else like "balance" as we were moving round in the boating mechanism...i think girls appreciate it more than theres no motor ---- i was just chuffed to see some water, our last moments were spent getting pissed having a lunch on the canal we then grabbed our bags n jumped on the rail back to roma, 4.5hrs later we were there, rail travel in europe is the doesnt seem to take as much out of you as a plane, mostly due to the chairs having room... well the last moments in Roma were spent having some Guinesses in an irish pub celebrating? st pats day with some americanos - as the italians dont give a rats... and walking around ancient rome ruins, mindblowing just trying to fathom how long it would have taken to create - destroy..tip top

Now too England, were staying in a nice old area called Kensington we had our first food of non-italian last night n it was a godsend, no tomato base, cheese pizza n simple pastas, we went straight for the curry - n i felt it this morning, whoever was in the maccas toilet on oxford st today after me im sorry, but it had to be done..acid guts truly... yeah anyways, we caught the tube from Gloucester out to Oxford/fark i cant remember it oh well... in any case the tube rocks, its no wonder so many can go without using cars drink driving either touche'..hustle n bustle the place was packed, checked out mainly shops today as we've got several sightseeings lined up over the next few...which of course i cant show anyone which makes it annoying but oh well...

im off this evening to catch up with Mr Whiteways bro Rob, should promise to be interesting as im hanging to have a night out proper... thanks again sorry about the photos i will update now as there is a computer here.. all is well its not cold here and there is heaps to be done.. peace

Wednesday, 16 March 2005

Location: Still in Venice, Italy

Yo, back we go - so anyways, Roma - hugely historic area, the first day was a hike around general looking at tourist areas and trying the local foods, the second day we decided to hit it early as there was really no point in hanging at hotel ceci... We walked to the St Peters/Vaticano church, fark me... oh yeah the Italian marathon was on that day so if you watched it on tv you may have seen some aussies running across the road amidst runners... yeah that was us.. enough, the Church was once again - unbelievable, marble n gold baby all the way through, words cannot describe the awe you feel upon entering the place. Tombs of St Peter himself were there, everybody kisses/touches his feet on the statue above his tomb, its spun out because people have kissed it so much that the feet themselves are wearing away - think of the coodies there my friends and hope that if you go one fine day to kiss these feet of power that you arent following somebody with herpes.. we spent around 40mins checkin out the church and its holy being, and as i am always cynical to these things - i also could imagine how many donation plates have gone to decking this place out, seeing as it had been torn down by julius the 2nd n all... still good to see money well spent on the place. From there we went to check out the vatican but it was closed, sundays and the pope was in hospital - it did make me laugh abit later in the day when all the news crews were showing the pope returning from hospital - around 80 camera angles of a car driving down the street with the bigman himself in it.. it was essentially like a reality tv show, because they had a camera guy in the back seat filming the popes head (back of) driving through the street also,.. I cant remember what else we looked at in Roma, we boarded a train to head to the next destination - Florence

Now this is more like it, Florence has blown Roma away in terms of the city being a lively mofo - Florence has a life of its own, many tourists the people the city itself was uplifting. We were there for a coupla days, n scoped out the Domo there... all i have to say is i took photos and it was 463 steps upwards, for those that think thats nothing - i shall boot you in the junk, small narrow corridors, stone steps that go from spiral to straight to about dead straight up, it was funny.. the view from the top was again magnificent - the outlook of the whole city, not too mention a abstract roof painting that covers the whole roof, depicting hell at the base with devils either a) eating people b) sticking fire spears up there ass or c) general devil stuff.. to angels in heaven up the top sitting by jc - wacky italians and their paintings, i shall have to show you some upon return, which reminds me sorry i cant upload any pics because none of the internet stations will allow me to install software etc - i apologise

We also made the hike up to see the statue of David atop a massive massive hill, whats with Italian artists and showing dudes penises all the time??? thats all i can say - Florence was the bomb, and oh yeah the coffee here shitz all over anything else i have ever had, the gelare too is the same as mentioned about coffee, everything else meh!!! i also love the idea here that at mcdonalds hungry jacks etc you can purchase a birre (beer) with your meal..touche

Wednesday, 16 March 2005

Location: Veniza, Italy

Hello anyone who has checked back here, im terribly sorry for not being more prompt in actually writing anything, its just that there has been no computers anywhere really in the travels... Im now in the hotel lobby in Venice - Hotel Rialto, its on the canal here, pretty sweet - So far in my journey i have been fortunate to explore Roma, Firenze (Florence), Pisa and now here... We stayed in Roma for 2 nights, the place is quite spectacular - somewhat overrated though, the colleseum was a sight to behold - i have taken some snaps but it just doesnt do any justice to it... it was truly something to behold - its gigantic, just thinking about how many people/slaves it would have taken to create was mindboggling, not to mention all the blood spilt.

So on the first day in roma, after being boxed in like sardines to our flight from Hong Kong it was great to stretch out - hotels in Roma are something to themselves, compact i think would be an apt desription, there was nothing better than coming in from the freezing cold to a nice draughty room with sweet sweet ice cold floor tiles..mmm hmmm bellisimo..ahem back we go - we took in the spanish steps, the trivi fountain, colleseum and general sights of the lovely roma..the history behind the city itself was amazing, every building - old, cobble stone roads huge... we sat down at one of the sixty million cafe places to have lunch, one thing... its all about pizza n pasta here, i never thought i would say it but i have been craving anything apart from italian food, italy is about tradition and it seems they are loathe to try anything else apart from their foods, as to the fact we havent really come across anything else.. so pizza n pasta it was, food is heavy tomato based and basic. Its amazing how you take the contrast from the freo italian culture to here, in terms of culinary delight. But enough of that..

Friday, 11 March 2005

Location: Honkers airport, Hong Kong

Well im sitting here at HongKong airport drinking some beers in the Qantas Club awaiting my plane that will take us to Rome... its about 5 hrs from now so i'll just drink some more have a shower and look at the gazillion shops here... not too bad to start off with - Slight problem with the digicam - im not sure if the net cafes will support my snaps.. we shall find out soon enough

The first stop will be Rome itself - i've decided to make things interesting and i've taken the liberty of having photos taken with the dicky sipper at various destinations - i've already copped a glance drinking a heineken with a set of balls poking out the top...

Hoping all is well - i gots to go

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